MKW Chapter 641

Chapter 641   [Covert lover]


“Ah? Real, really?”

This is indeed good news!

When Liu Yi hears Lin Tong saying out this news, his blood instantly starts boiling!

Especially at this moment, Lin Tong is sprawling in front of him, that almost perfect figure is right in front of him.

That abundance breast and slim waist, as well as that perky butt…it,  is basically killer weapons that can take the lives of men…

Furthermore, Lin Tong is very seductive. Although she is a Heaven Fox, she had cultivated charm techniques from the charm fox race leader for so long. Her charming fox eyes carries even more electricity as she stares at Liu Yi.

Yesterday night Liu Yi had to stop midway but the lust in his body is still there.

Seeing Lin Tong’s beautiful and alluring appearance, Liu Yi cannot help but want to eat her up immediately.

He stretches out his hand and hooks around her neck and starts kissing her.

When the two of them kiss, because Lin Tong is a spiritual body, it is slightly chilly.

Although the body is not corporal, the emotions are real.

The two of them kiss each other and it is like taking drugs.

A pair of tongues duel each other while the two of them feel that their body is becoming hotter and hotter.

Liu Yi cannot take it as he pushes forward and presses Lin Tong under him.


Lin Tong immediately pushes Liu Yi away, “Big idiot, now is still not time….the time to dual cultivate…”

“Why not ah. I am already badly stifled okay?”

Liu Yi only feels like his lower abdomen is burning with flames. Little Liu Yi is already upright preparing for a battle!

“Big idiot…you just bear with it a while more…”

Lin Tong’s face is very red as her eyes are almost tearing. She bears with her desires and says, “Now is still not the time…at the very least before I reconstruct my real body….we cannot do it…”


“Idiot! Your cultivation is so high and you are also a fake spiritual vein! My fire spiritual body does not have a real body, the moment we dual cultivate wouldn’t it be completely absorbed by you?! At that time even my soul might not be retained!”

“Then you hurry up and reconstruct your real body ah….”

Liu Yi finds it hard to bear in his heart and only feels like there over millions of ants biting his body.

“You think that it is a matter of just a sentence?!”

Lin Tong rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Reconstructing my real body is not that simple. Furthermore, I had already reconstructed my body once before already. As long as I absorb some more Nine Yang God Qi while you are cultivating it will be okay. But this way will cause your cultivation speed to be slower. Do you mind?”

“Of course, do not mind! I will be the happiest when your cultivation becoming stronger and reconstruct a real body sooner.”

“Tsk, seeing how anxious you are for sex….are you really…that wishing for dual cultivation?”

“Hehe, aren’t I thinking about Immortal Fox sister’s cultivation!”

Liu Yi clucks before pinching Lin Tong’s nose and says, “When your cultivation increases wouldn’t you be able to help me even more?”

“Anyways you do not have any good intentions!”

Lin Tong knows Liu Yi too well already. She snorts, “Hurry and tidy up. Your little lover is coming to look for you.”

After she speaks, someone knocks on the front door.

Lin Tong transform into a red light and disappears into Liu Yi’s body.

Only then did Liu Yi stands up and pat his face.

After which Little Jade activates his cloth changing ability and Liu Yi’s yellow color clothing changes into a black windbreaker. Inside is a black shirt and black pants. He is also wearing nice leather shoes.

He feels that Yunsen Ameki seems to like this style, thus he pains to attire.

He opens the door and walks outside and sees Liu Hongxian standing outside.

After applying the pain medicine, Liu Hongxian’s swelling reduces. At the very least she is able to walk on her own with the support of the walls.

Today Liu Hongxian is wearing grey office attire, but it looks very enticing. It is nothing else but her figure is too good. It is basically the legendary head turning figure!

No matter if it is the breasts, waist or legs, they are perfect to the point where there are no flaws!

Recalling how he had nearly pushed her down, Liu Yi’s heartbeat increases.

Although I did not manage to push her turn, Liu Hongxian had said….after her injuries had healed…I can push her down…

Liu Yi swallows his saliva and bears with the lust in his heart.

These two days can be said…a lot of romance.

For me this kind of person who lacks principle it is really hard to control myself ah.

“Why did you wear such clothing today? Are you going to take a secret service movie?”

Seeing Liu Yi’s entirely black attire, Liu Hongxian laughs, “Not to mention when you dress up, you look rather upright.”

“What the, how many times have I said it, I am not scum okay!”

“Then where did that scum stink on your body come from?”

“The smell on my body?”

Liu Yi suddenly smiles before turning around and smiles Liu Hongxian’s ear, “The smell on my body is obviously yours ah….so nice, where did it come from on your body ah? Let me research a bit…”

“Go and die!”

Liu Hongxian pushes Liu Yi, “Be upright! Hurry and carry me to school otherwise, we will be late.”

“Let me research a bit before carrying you to school.”

“Dream on!”

Liu Hongxian rolls her eyes at Liu Yi but that coquettish manner makes Liu Yi enjoy it.

He obediently goes downstairs and pushes out the bicycle that he had brought back yesterday night before letting Liu Hongxian sit at the back.

After yesterday night matter, Liu Hongxian had become closer to Liu Yi.

She very naturally hugs Liu Yi’s waist as her face pressed against his back before asking in worry, “You will not let me fall right?”

“Relax leader, believe in my biking technique!”

Liu Yi starts pedaling causing the bicycle to immediately shoot forwards.

Liu Yi’s strength is basically boundless and the bicycle had also being strengthened by Little Jade before. Thus when it moves, it is not slower than the cars on the road. Causing Liu Hongxian to let out a shock, “Liu Yi, your 7th Division…..are all monsters like you?”

“If you ask me like this, I also do not know how to reply.”

As Liu Yi cycles he says, “Because currently there is only me in the 7th Division. But there are a number of people who are as powerful as me, at least there are a few experts in Dragon Group.”

“I do know about Dragon Group…earlier I had found a few people to try out the exams.”

Liu Hongxian shakes her head, “But they were unable to pass the test. The top said that a few powerful Dragon Group members are either temporary deployed out or injured…they say they were injured by someone.”


Liu Yi coughs lightly but does not dare to say that it was he who injured them.

Liu Hongxian suddenly recalls something and says into Liu Yi’s back softly, “Right Liu Yi there is also a matter…”

“What matter?.”

“Our relationship….you definitely must not let outsiders know!”

Liu Hongxian reminds Liu Yi, “Everything with the task is a priority…if you let Yunsen Ameki knows that you are already dating me…that would mean that we are destroying our task! Your most important objective is to pick up Yunsen Ameki!”

“Oh…I know…”

Liu Yi nods his head, he actually does not need Liu Hongxian’s reminder he is aware of the situation in his heart.

Liu Hongxian’s following sentence nearly causes Liu Yi to have a nosebleed.

“Oh that is good then….only with an absolute secret as the main requirement, I can secretly be your lover…”

Good fellow…this sounds….like it is very exciting ah…

Thinking about having a secret relationship with his beautiful leader, it makes his blood boil.

“But…the main requirement is you must keep it an absolute secret! Absolute, absolute, do you understand?”

“Mm, guarantee that I will complete the task!”

“Get lost, is now the time to be upright!”

Liu Hongxian rolls her eyes making Liu Yi cluck as he continues to pedal.

Where they are staying at, it is not that close to the school. But Liu Yi’s cycling speed is very fast. In less than 20 minutes they have arrived in front of the school.

“Stop, stop here!”

Before they reach the school building, at a corner, Liu Hongxian makes Liu Yi stop.

“What is the matter?”

Liu Hongxian pats Liu Yi’s back and says, “There are a lot of students in front. You can put me down here.”

“Ah? Will your leg be fine?”

“Relax. The medicine that I use is very effective. I am able to walk already.”

Liu Hongxian gets off the bicycle before walking a few steps for Liu Yi to see. Although she is slightly hobbling she indeed can walk.

Liu Yi cannot bear it and says, “You, this way…really makes people heart pain…”

“Get lost, I do not need a guy’s sympathy! Go and complete your task properly for me!”

Liu Hongxian throws Liu Yi an eye roll before hobbling with her injured leg towards the school.

Liu Yi knows that Liu Hongxian is a very stubborn girl. What she decided even he is unable to change it. Thus he watches Liu Hongxian walks into the school building before pushing out his bicycle from the corner.

A lot of students by the side greets Liu Yi giving him a feeling like he is a teacher.

In the past when he was studying he only feels that teachers are very annoying. But when he becomes one, he more or less feels that being a teacher is not that easy.

Just as Liu Yi is pondering over today’s course, from the side suddenly comes the running sound of a group of people, each of them is wearing black suits! There are a number of them, around 50 of them. Each of them is also holding katanas in their hand surrounding Liu Yi within!

When this group of people appears it scares the surrounding people.

“Gods…who are these people ah…so scary…”

“Oi…be softer…they are from Yamaguchi Group ah…”

“Yamaguchi Group….let us hide further away then….”

To these people, the reputation of Yamaguchi Group is even higher than the police.

It can be said that they are the ones who maintain the order of the underground in Japan! If a fight occurs somewhere, it had always been the Yamaguchi Group that arrives before the police and settle it even faster!

Currently, these Yamaguchi Group people are surrounding Liu Yi, causing him to frown.

“Why is it you guys again? Are you guys done yet?”

He sees the one-eye guy standing among them. When he sees Liu Yi, his single eye is slightly fearful.

“You, you don’t be arrogant…today it is our big miss who is looking for you for a discussion!”


Chapter 641  [Covert lover]

Yess!!! Good news finally!!!

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