MKW Chapter 640

Chapter 640   [Got recognized]


“Teacher….am, am I disturbing you?”

From the phone comes the weak voice of Yunsen Ameki.

“Not at all, I still have not gone to sleep.”

“Then just now….why did you not pick up the phone call….”

[TL: please don’t tell me she is a yandere….]

“I was bathing.”

Right now when Liu Yi lies, his face will not turn red nor his heartbeat increase. He is about to become a qualified old hand.

“This way ah…”

“Oh, what is the matter Student Yunsen for calling me at such a late time?”

Liu Yi feels that his attitude towards Yunsen Ameki cannot be too intimate. After all, there are a large number of people who are like that towards her!

The reason why Yunsen Ameki has goodwill towards me is that I am different from the mass.

Thus he keeps a bit of arrogance. When he speaks, his tone carries a sense of distance between students and teachers.

Indeed when Yunsen Ameki hears this she immediately says, “Teacher….you, you just called me by my name…”

“That does not seem right, Student Yunsen…”

“No, no worries, there is no need for teacher to be so polite to me…”

“Fine then, Student Ameki, what do you find me for?”

“No, nothing much…”

Yunsen Ameki’s voice becomes slightly nervous, “Just that…I had sent teacher a lot of SMS…but teacher did not reply..”

“Ah, just now I was bathing so I did not see it.”

So this lass is thinking about me eh. Just now I   too passionate with Liu Hongxian in the bathroom and did not notice the alert sound that I receive an SMS.

“Oh….that teacher you remember to take a look….after reading, reply me….I will not disturb teacher from your rest….teacher….good night…”

Yunsen Ameki immediately hangs up.

This lass is quite bashful ah.

Liu Yi shakes his head before picking up the handphone and opens the SMS inside.

Indeed, in the originally clean inbox, there is currently sitting a number of SMS from Yunsen Ameki.

Most of the SMS is asking what is he doing and why is he not replying.

Only one is different from the rest. Inside ask him a question.

-Teacher do you like to eat Jianbing?-

Why did this lass ask such a question? The Jianbing in Japan and China are different. The two of them cannot be compared to each other.

Liu Yi presses out -Still okay, what is the matter. Is the chef in your family very good at making Jianbing?- and sends it to Yunsen Ameki.

Almost within a second, an SMS comes back from the other side.

-Really? Hehe, then tomorrow teacher shall have to try the lunch that I’ll bring! Teacher good night, good night! See you tomorrow!-

At the back, there are also some cute expressions causing Liu Yi to be moved.

Damn it, in the past I also seemed to harass Ma Yixuan like this.

Back then Ma Yixuan was also neutral to me. Goddess what, aren’t they all the same.

Every day I sent her all kind of SMS and pampers her. When the goddess is happy she will reply, ‘Hehe, taking a shower’.

When not happy she will ignore me….when I call, she either doesn’t pick up or hang up.

Back then I do not believe that she will be able to turn off her phone daily!

It is a loser’s pain, I love the goddess, but the goddess likes other people.

Every single Mr. Perfect, their lifestyle is perhaps exciting and different. But every single loser’s tragedy is forever that sad.

When Liu Yi recalls this period of history, he cannot help but cry until his face is covered in tears.

[TL: ah, so that is why she hates you so much….now all of us know the reason. Serves you right!!!]

Did not expect that I, Liu Yi will also have today. It is really is fortune rises and falls ah…

Everything about Yunsen Ameki is a lot better than Ma Yixuan by countless of times!

It is a pity that Ma Yixuan did not engage in proper work and fell into the demon path. Right now I don’t know where she is hiding, prepared to do evil.

“A call from Yunsen Ameki?”

From the bathroom comes the voice of Liu Hongxian. Liu Yi turns around to see Liu Hongxian who is currently soaking in the warm water and smiles and says, “That’s right. The fish is hooked and the angler is currently completely covered with sin ah.”

“That’s right, you are a big scumbag!”

Liu Hongxian teases, “But a scumbag who is full of charms.”

“What is the goal of praising me?”

Liu Yi becomes cautious. Although the two of them nearly did it, Liu Hongxian is definitely not that kind of girl that betrays her principles for her body!

“Oh, comrade big scumbag, help me with my clothing.”

“Damn it!”

“What are you angry for, the washing machine is just over there.”

“That is more like it.”

Liu Yi had never washed his clothing before. His current clothing were all created by Little Jade. If it is dirty he just needs to change it.

He obediently takes Liu Hongxian’s dirty outer clothing and turns on the washing machine.

At this moment Yunsen Ameki is lying down on a velvet bed in her home. Her face is crimson as she holds her handphone in her hands

This is the first time I….am so concern about a boy…ah no…he cannot be called a boy anymore…he is a guy.

I am only in second senior high ….teacher Liu should be an uncle level already…I always saw those romantic stories on tv about those uncles and lolis…did not expect that there will come a day that I would fall in love with an uncle….

I remember I read before in a Chinese book that for a girl to capture the heart of a guy, she must first capture his stomach!

Yunsen Ameki, although you from a rich family but you are also a girl! Especially there are those master chefs in your family, you must learn from them properly!

Hehe….teacher Liu, prepare to be captive by my love breakfast!

[TL: errrr hopefully it will turn out edible…]

She hugs her handphone while fantasizing about her tomorrow lunch how Liu Yi will hold her lunchbox and eat happily…

Which young girl does not yearn for love, even the big missy of Glorious Sun Cologemerate is also the same.

Moonlight shines into the room, projecting onto Yunsen Ameki’s sleeping face that is smiling.

Kawasaki City is about to start entering a changeable situation.

Liu Yi had already returned back to his own home. He immediately sits in a lotus position on the sofa.

He swiftly enters the cultivation state and behind him, four golden small suns immediately fly out and brighten up the bedroom.

Liu Yi had already pulled the curtains closed but does not mind if the golden light will shine out.

The four little suns revolving behind him keeps spinning around at an axle.

Among which one is very bright and the rest slightly darker.

The brightest one is the sun that Liu Yi had already lit up. As for the other three, Liu Yi still had not restored them yet.

Although it is just the power from just one sun, Liu Yi is already very powerful.

A sun means that he is able to open the first stage of God transformation. With three suns as a layer, when he restored the fourth sun, he will be able to enter the second stage!

The first stage of God transformation is already very heaven-defying! Liu Yi is unable to imagine how powerful the second stage would be!

Perhaps at that time, I might have the strength to go against the Realm Guardian!

Liu Yi still tests out Dragon Transformation. If Nine Yang God Qi is able to mimic Dragon Transformation he will still be able to use it.

But the fourth stage of Dragon Transformation cannot be compared to the first stage of God Transformation.

But there is a good point and that is the qi usage of Dragon Transformation is rather small and is not as horrifying as God Transformation.

Right now Liu Yi’s single sun jade can only support 30 minutes of God Transformation! But if he uses the fourth stage of Dragon Transformation he will be able to support it for around 2 days!

This is the difference!

Right now Liu Yi is fully concentrating on restoring the cultivation of his second sun jade. As long as he fully restores it, he will be able to support his God Transformation for two hours!

I must say that God Transformation is the most valiant fighting method! My enemies are not only just Japanese. There are also Liu Haisheng, Great God Sect Sect Leader and the rest…

If my strength is too weak, there is only one end. And that is being killed!

The four little suns keep revolving behind Liu Yi. The second sun is slowly becoming brighter bit by bit. Although it is still very weak, it is brighter than the other two.

Nine Yang God Qi swiftly cycles within Liu Yi’s body causing his entire body to emit golden light like he is wearing a gold shirt.

His cultivation is slowly improving while time is swiftly passing.

When a person is cultivating, time will pass very quickly.

Liu Yi feels that he had only just started cultivating when Little Jade reminds Liu Yi that it is already 6 am and it is time to go to work.

“Ah! So comfortable!”

Liu Yi recalls his spiritual with slight unwillingness and returns back to the real world.

Lin Tong is currently lying in front of him wagging her tail.

{Big idiot, you woke up already?}

Lin Tong takes a deep breath as her tail stands up straight.

{Immortal Fox sister why did you run out?}

{I am absorbing your Nine Yang God Qi ah.}

As Lin Tong speaks, she suddenly transforms into her human form and squats in front of Liu Yi. She stretches out her right hand and gathers a pretty foxfire in her palm.

She possesses the fire spiritual body, thus she is very swift in cultivating her foxfire.

Currently, her control over the fox fire is even higher than those Ghost Fox race people.

{Absorbing my Nine Yang God Qi?}

When Liu Yi hears this, he is slightly shocked, {Nine Yang God Qi can be absorbed?!}

{Don’t forget that I am from fox race!}

As Lin Tong speak she squats in front of him. Her butt says lightly as a red fox tail emerges.

This foxtail is very pretty and very nice to look at. The red color is like burning fire.

{When you are cultivating, Nine Yang God Qi will fly out from your left nose and absorb the heaven and earth qi. Before returning back from your right nose…}

{Why does it sound so awkward?}

{This is cultivation so what! When your Nine Yang God qi flows out I used my own technique and absorbed a little bit from within to transform myself. Big idiot, if you don’t believe take a look!}

As Lin Tang speaks, her tail behind her sways slightly.

Within that red fox tail, a golden thread is revealed.

Indeed this is the effect of Nine Yang God Qi! Did not expect that Lin Tong would be able to enjoy it as well, this is the best!

“After I had absorbed this kind of Nine Yang God Qi, my cultivation speed will also be able to increase. The day my corporal body recover is almost within reach.”

Lin Tong gives Liu Yi good news, “After I had cultivated out my flesh body…mm, I will be able to do dual cultivate with you…at that time, our Nine Yang God Qi will be able to mutually strengthen…”


Chapter 640  [Got recognized]

Yess!!! Good news finally!!!

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  1. I will admit that, until today, I was reading her name as “Akemi”, which is a relatively common female name (the only “Ameki” I’ve found are two surnames, and “Yunsen” is nothing).

    Of course chinese Jianbing and japanese “Jiangbing” are too different: they are two different dishes with two different names that just so happen to be written with the same characters. Jiangbing is a crêpe-like dish, which is a popular street dish eaten for breakfast, while Japanese Sembei (which it’s how it’s read) is a rice cracker, just a snack. Chinese Jianbings are not sold in Japan, they prefer crêpes, but are sold in the US, the UK and Australia (and regarded as different from crêpes and pancakes).


      • There should be one, but I don’t remember if I ever found it. In japanese it’s relatively simple to find tools like that because some guy called Jim Breen started a project of a free open-source japanese dictionary callect EDICT that includes the kanji dictionary KANJIDICT, the name dictionary ENAMEDICT and some other more, which allowed a lot of tools like online dictionaries, dictionary apps, word processors with automatic correction and so forth to appear.
        I have never heard of a similar project for chinese.

        A quick google search has given me this interesting one:


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