MKW Chapter 639

Chapter 639   [Attend to you while you bath]


A person can be so beautiful?

In the past, Liu Yi finds it very hard to have this concept. Because he is already used to seeing all kind of beauties.

Tsundere type Murong Die, obedient kind ones like Wang Yuzheng. Lively ones like Ai Ling, yandere kind like Zhang Yunyun….

You can say that Liu Yi had basically seen before every kind of beauty. There is also the queen type Ye Hanshuang, loli type Ma Yuanyuan, and Ao Susu….

But at this moment looking at Liu Hongxian sitting in front of him bending her legs as she uses her arms to block in front of her breasts, Liu Yi feels that…he once again has a higher assessment of beauties.

Liu Hongxian is indeed a 100% beauty. Her figure is perfect, her skin is fair and tender. There is also that alluring fragrance from her body, making there nothing to be picky about!

Especially her breasts that is slightly squeezed together by her arms, squeezing out a ravine! Along with her legs being bend and her panty revealing that slight depression…it is basically…. a devil’s snare! Making people not take it and want to jump in.

“Still….still not carrying me to the bathtub….”

Liu Hongxian also takes a while to break out from her daze. Her voice is a lot softer than usual, gently entering Liu Yi’s ear.


Liu Yi also immediately breaks out from his daze and puts away his wicked thoughts. He stretches out his hands and princess carries Liu Hongxian up.

At this moment other than her underwear, Liu Hongxian is not wearing anything else. Liu Yi’s hand is directly touching her fair skin. That astonishing feeling causes his lower body to start standing up.

They already say that a tender village is a hero’s mound. Today Liu Yi completely understands this statement.

Liu Hongxian had lost her usual calm and aura. Currently, in Liu Yi’s embrace, she is trembling slightly like a startled little doe.

I am nearly naked and in the embrace of a guy, it would be weird if I am not afraid!

Alas? Why would it become like this ah?

Earlier aren’t we happily eating hot pot together? Ahhhh! Why did I go and eat hot pot earlier! In the end, it became like this!

Right now I am only wearing my underwear. If Liu Yi becomes a beast….and push me down what to do?

Originally I am already not his opponent…right now my hand and leg are both injured, making me weaker!

What to do ah….

Cannot…Liu Hongxian, you must stay calm…you are the youngest female in-charge of the 12th military intelligence department….how can you be frenetic at this kind of moment!

Stay calm…you must calm down your emotions….

If Liu Yi dares to do anything to me…I…will bite off his bird!

That’s right! That is the way, right…

Liu Hongxian seems to find her path in life and lets out a delighted smile.

From the bathroom, Liu Hongxian’s weird laughter echoes around causing Liu Yi to shiver.

“Leader what are you laughing about?”

“Ah…nothing, nothing much. Just that I suddenly recalled a joke!”

Just as Liu Yi wish to find a subject to break the ice with her, he asks, “What joke, why don’t you say it and let me enjoy as well?”

“This…this is a female joke. Males don’t understand…”

How would Liu Hongxian be able to find a joke to tell Liu Yi in such a short period of time. Sometimes it is like this. Although everyone had seen countless jokes and laughs a lot of times, but to immediately make him say a joke or two, it is impossible for him to remember any at all.

Liu Hongxian is also the case. A lot of jokes are about to leave her mouth when she suddenly is unable to remember them at all.

Those that she can remember does not seem to be funny at all….

“Fine then. I’ll put you in the tub.”

Liu Yi walks steadily to the bathtub.

The bath water in the bathtub emitting steam. The steam fumigates two of them causing the atmosphere between them to becomes very gentle.

Liu Hongxian realizes that Liu Yi did not place her into the bathtub after a while and raises her head and is about to ask.

Her gaze collides into Liu Yi’s. It is like sparks fly out when their gaze matches.

Liu Hongxian’s smell is like a poison which Liu Yi keeps breathing in.

While her gaze is like tassels transforming at the bottom of Liu Yi’s heart.

That rosy lips of here are even more plump and alluring…making people wish to have a taste…

Liu Hongxian herself also that her lips are slightly dry and subconsciously licks her lips.

This lick is fine but it is like it is luring Liu Yi. As a fine male specimen, how can he take such a cruel test!

He is no longer able to control the beast in his heart and immediately lowers his head and heavily kissed her on the lips.


Liu Hongxian only has enough time to let out half a moan before her plump lips got wantonly collected by Liu Yi!

She feels like all of her strength have been sucked away and she does not have any strength to resist. It is to the point where she does not even have the thought of resisting!

Gods….this Liu Yi…what, what devil spell did he cast on me ah….

Before Liu Hongxian is able to comprehend this question, Liu Yi had already pried open her teeth and is sucking on her little tongue.

“Wu wuu…”

Liu Hongxian lets out two lamented calls saying in her heart, I am too weak already to actually be bullied by this guy in this manner!

But….kissing this way, it seems to be slightly comfortable…

Almost subconsciously, Liu Hongxian hooks her arm around Liu Yi’s neck.

While one of Liu Yi’s hand is embracing Liu Hongxian’s waist. He places her on the edge of the bathtub while his other hand directly pushes up her bra.

Every year after the 31st of 7th month, it is a delightful festival and that is Take-off Clothing and seeing monarch festival.

[TL: also known as the birthday of Chinese People’s Liberation Army]

Currently, Liu Hongxian is also the same. Her bra is pushed up as a pair of shockingly abundance pop out, luring his gaze.

Liu Yi’s wicked right-hand grabs one of the soft dumplings. It shocks Liu Hongxian so much that she finally regains strength to struggle free of Liu Yi’s wolf-like kiss and says softly, “Don’t ….I am your leader ah…”

Unexpectedly before she finished Liu Yi once against kisses her and once again take back her speaking rights.

Being kissed again, Liu Hongxian can only let out a whimpering sound.

It had been several years since Liu Yi had done any lower body exercise. Since he had come back from the past, Xuefeng had returned back to Netherworld due to some matters thus no chance to be intimate with him.

After being thirsty for so long, wanting to make Liu Yi lock back up the beast that is released is really too hard.

At this moment it is like flames of desire burning on Liu Yi’s body. He is itching to swallow Liu Hongxian this kind of beauty into his stomach!

He suddenly lowers his head and releases Liu Hongxian’s lips.

Liu Hongxian is finally able to speak. Just as she lets out a sigh of relief and is about to say something, she suddenly takes a deep breath before hugging Liu Yi’s head tightly.

Liu Yi’s mouth sucking on one of Liu Hongxian’s nipple causing her to lose her mind.

What a scary guy….how….does he know so many weak spots on my body…

While her panty that was dirtied had already unknowingly taken off by Liu Yi.

Liu Yi lets out a deep roar like he is planning to go on the offensive….

At this moment all kinds of feelings well up in her heart…but Liu Hongxian does that she is unable to resist Liu Yi, thus she can only close her eyes and wait for the most special moment of her life to arrive.

But just as Liu Yi’s firm and upright lower part is about to press into Liu Hongxian’s moist gate, the sound of a handphone ringing comes from the living room.

This ringing sound is very happy. For a moment it causes Liu Yi and Liu Hongxian to pull out from their lust.

This is division handphone that Liu Yi is using in Japan. To make him look like a ‘normal person’, the top, issued this handphone to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not take this thing seriously and did not expect that it would spoil his good matter at this moment of time!

“That….that….we….for now, don’t….”

Liu Hongxian opens her eyes as her damp eyelashes blink as she looks at Liu Yi and says, “I….I still have not done my preparation…”

“Already at this time….what is there to prepare for?”

Liu Yi’s lower body is incomparably solid currently, pressing against that soft place, he finds it hard to control himself.

“Let’s not do it now…I beg you…”

Liu Hongxian clamps her legs as her hand that is not scalded presses pushes against Liu Yi’s stomach.

“I….right now I am injured all over the place…if, if you do it as well….tomorrow I will be unable to go and work….”

Liu Hongxian says with a red face, “If you wish to do it…..wait for my injuries to heal okay?”

Since the beauty in his embrace makes such a request if Liu Yi does not agree that he will feel that he is too sex crazed already.

“Fine then…leader, I will listen you to.”

Although Liu Yi says so, his lower body rubs against Liu Hongxian’s moist area a few times.


Liu Hongxian’s face is red as she says with both shyness and anger, “Will you still listen to me! You are the nastiest, nastiest underling that I had ever seen before!”

“But you are the cutest, cutest leader that I had ever seen before.”

Liu Yi swoops down and kisses Liu Hongxian again.

This time around he received Liu Hongxian’s passionate reply.

The two of them French kiss for a while. Just as they are about to lose themselves within, that handphone starts ringing loudly again like an annoying fellow with lack of understanding!

“Damn it!”

Liu Yi stands up and turns around to walks to the living room.

“Hehe….what are you going to do?”

Seeing Liu Yi’s unhappy look, Liu Hongxian is delighted.

“I am going to smash that handphone!”

Liu Yi is unhappy as he walks to the table and looks at the vibrating handphone.

On the screen, it is a recorded number.

Yunsen Ameki?

Although the two of us did not exchange phone number before but being a stockholder of the school, it is not that strange for her to know my number.

Furthermore, I had also obtained her number from the school’s database. Sometimes it is really that convenient to make use of a teacher’s position.

But why did she call me so late at night? Could it be that she is unable to fall asleep and is calling me to ask me to tell her stories?

But she is the task target…I must pick up this phone call.

Looks like it is really impossible to eat a beauty banquet tonight.

Liu Yi does not have any other choice but to press the receive call button and placed the phone on his ear.



Chapter 639  [Attend to you while you bath]

Oh blue balls Liu Yi hahaha

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