MKW Chapter 638

Chapter 638   [Take it off]


At this moment Liu Yi sees that Liu Hongxian had not only completely dirtied her clothing, one of her hand had turned red from being scalded.

Luckily Liu Hongxian is not like a small girl. She is a   female hero, otherwise, she would have started crying loudly.

“My right hand is quite badly scalded.”

Liu Hongxian sits there wretchedly as she blows on her slightly red and swollen right hand, “Really is unlucky all the way to home!”

“Take off your clothing.”

Seeing Liu Hongxian completely wet appearances, Liu Yi feels that the atmosphere is slightly charming. “Let me help you wash your clothing. You go and take a bath first.”

Currently, Liu Hongxian’s body is covered with the smell of the hot pot. She is almost about to disdain herself.

“How can I take off my clothing! My right hand has no feeling!”

While speaking, Liu Hongxian’s works carry a trace of anger, “Why is it that after meeting you I became so unlucky, unhappy, damn unhappy ah!”

“Then let me go then….”

Liu Yi can only dejectedly turn around and walks away.

Liu Hongxian shouts behind him, “You scumbag, you made me so miserable and you are going to not care about me? Heartless rat! Chen Shimei!”

“What the heck, why does your scolding sound a bit wrong ah!”

Hearing this Liu Yi retorts, “What is the heck with Heartless rat and Chen Shimei ah? You say it like I did something to you!”

Liu Hongxian asks, “You made me so wet, is there anything wrong with making you responsible?”

Liu Yi nearly collapses, is this lass doing it on purpose or not, what she says really want my life ah…

Really make me unable to look at her in the face. it really makes people think wrongly ah…

“What do you mean….by making you so wet ah?”

Liu Yi can only turn around and looks at Liu Hongxian who is sitting there speechlessly.

“You irresponsible scumbag!”

Liu Hongxian sits there as she points at Liu Yi and scolds, “Didn’t you make me like this, could it be that I cause it on my own?”

You yourself caused it, would it be….self….coughs already….

Liu Yi’s heart turns wicked a bit as he coughs and shrugs his shoulders asking, “Then what do you want me to do?”

“You….today I’ll let you take advantage!”

Liu Hongxian lets out a breath, blowing away the bangs on her forehead, “You help me fill the bathtub with water!”

“Oh, okay.”

Liu Yi nods his head, this is not a bard thing to so.

He immediately walks to the bathroom and starts filling the bathtub with warm water.

The water heater in Liu Hongxian’s house had always been turned on. Thus there is no need to first heat the water which is rather convenient.

From outside comes Liu Hongxian’s shout, “Are you done already, it is damn difficult to bear!”

“Okay, okay, it is done now.”

Liu Yi swings away the water droplets on his hand before walking to the living room.

Liu Hongxian is still sitting there not moving. The expression on her face is very twisted.

“Water is done, you can go and bathe.”

“Have you seen before people wearing clothing and bathing?”

Liu Hongxian glares at Liu Yi fiercely.

Liu Yi says jokingly, “Then what yo do…could it be that you want me to help you take off my clothing?”

“You….you are not allowed to secretly look….”

Out of his expectations, Liu Hongxian actually agree to it!

What the heck!

She agreed to it?!

She actually agreed?!

Since she agrees then what do I do ah?

Liu Yi’s mind is very confused.

Am, am I really going to help her take it off?

Gods….I am such an honest person how can I take the opportunity to do such a shameless matter!

It is completely opposite of my principles, Liu Yi ah, you cannot be like this. You must control yourself ah…

“You…hurry up!”

Liu Hongxian is feeling very uncomfortable, “It is not like I am not wearing underwear inside! I can take off the underwear myself!”

It is not a problem taking off underwear with one hand. Thus Liu Hongxian is at ease to let Liu Yi take off her outerwear.

“Then, fine then….this is what you ask me to do ah!”

Liu Yi looks at Liu Hongxian who is sitting there and swallows his saliva.

Liu Hongxian warns Liu Yi, “I am only letting you take off my outerwear that’s all! You stop thinking of wicked thoughts!”

“I will do my best not to think wickedly…”

“Why is it do your best?”

“Because I am a normal male okay? I do have desires when I am going to help a beauty undress okay?”

Liu Hongxian suddenly asks, “Then in your heart am I a beauty?”


“Quickly, say! How can a guy dilly dally!”

“Yes….of course….”

Liu Yi nods his head and did not refute, “Indeed you are a very beautiful beauty. Although you are slightly ferocious…but this can also be considered as your unique trait…”

“Is what you say from your heart?”

Slight delight appears in Liu Hongxian’s eyes, but it only flashes and disappears making Liu Yi thought that he had seen wrongly.

“Why would I lie.”

Liu Yi says honestly, “Your attractiveness to guys is indeed very big,”

“Hehe…quickly help me take off my clothing then.”

Liu Hongxian suddenly becomes happy and hooks her finger at Liu Yi.

Damn it….this is a bit too seductive already ah!

Liu Yi can only bear with his slightly abnormal longing. He squats down and helps Liu Hongxian unbutton the buttons of her outer garment.

That button had also become wet. Ever time he opens a button the breasts inside will be revealed, even more, attacking the eyes of Liu Yi.

This lass….her breasts are indeed really nice to look at….not only is it very big, furthermore, her breast shape is also not bad.

While Liu Yi is unbuttoning the buttons, occasionally his fingers will accidentally gently touch her breasts.

Very silky and soft…also very bouncy…

This causes Liu Yi’s heart to be uncomfortable. While Liu Hongxian’s face also turns red while her breathing becomes slightly faster.

This is the first time….she let a guy do this thing for her…

Although it is only taking off clothing only…., it is really very shameful ah…

Especially that evil Liu Yi….his eyeballs are about to drop into my breasts….

Is it really that nice to look at? Why do guys like this place ah…

Liu Hongxian really is slightly unable to comprehend. This is why guys are really a kind of strange creature ah…

Very quickly Liu Hongxian’s shirt is taken off, leaving behind a gray bra.

Good ah….on the bra is the image of two little elephants….

While Liu Yi is deeply moved by Liu Hongxian’s ample assets, he is helpless about her taste.

You are obviously an imperial sister ah…but why do you have this kind of taste…

Who can stop her ah!

Liu Hongxian noticed Liu Yi’s strange expression and immediately knows what he is thinking of. Thus her face turns red as she says, “This….this….don’t you feel that this is very cute….”

Liu Yi’s eyes are fixed as he swallows and says, “This…cute on the contrariwise is out of the question…”

“Then what is the feeling?”

“Very big…very white….very firm…”

Liu Yi’s words nearly cause Liu Hongxian to vomit out blood.

“I asked you to look at the bra! Not asking you to look inside!”

“So, sorry…can not help but be attracted by the things inside…”

Liu Yi keeps apologizing as he strenuously recalls his gaze from the deep gouge.

Amitabha…really sinful ah…

No wonder they say that this thing is to call a lethal weapon…indeed the killing power is very powerful.

“Damn it…quickly help me take off my pants!”

Liu Hongxian’s face turns redder.

Really feels wicked ah!

Why would I say such kind of words to this fellow…

It definitely….definitely must be because my paths are too dirty to the point that it makes me feel too uncomfortable….that’s right, it definitely must be like this…

Liu Hongxian comforts herself in her heart before closing her eyes allowing Liu Yi to ‘grope’ her.

Liu Yi controls his no good desires before placing his hands on Liu Hongxian’s belt.

Liu Hongxian is wearing white skinny jeans. The belt is slightly narrower furthermore the button is a bit weird. Liu Yi fumbles around for a while but is still unable to open it.

“Can you do it or not, you can’t even take off a girl’s pants are you a guy or not?”

After waiting for a while Liu Yi is still unable to successfully open her belt, Liu Hongxian finally cannot bear it and opens her eyes and glares at Liu Yi.

“What the! It is you forcing me!”

Liu Yi got provoked by Liu Hongxian’s words as anger flames of anger appears in his eyes!

He grabs the two sides of the pretty waistband and exerts strength.

Liu Yi who is a cultivator, normal people are unable to compare to his strength! This sturdy belt instantly snaps into two with a pa!

The copper button of the belt instantly shoots out causing Liu Hongxian to be stunned.

“You this fellow….this is my most favorite belt! It is from Hermes ah…”

“Don’t blame me! It is you who provoked me one!”

Liu Yi snorts before saying, “If you force me anymore then I also rip apart your jeans!”

“Don’t ah! Sister ah, I only have these two pieces of branded items. You let me off ah!”

Liu Hongxian immediately waves her hand, “Leave me my pants, help me take it of gentler…”

Looking at her belt Liu Hongxian feels heart pain. But also cannot blame Liu Yi, the words that I say indeed are rather provoking to guys…

Only then did Liu Yi undo Liu Hongxian’s trouser button before pulling down the zipper, immediately revealing that little elephant panties inside.

The waistband is also covered with all kinds of little elephants….Liu Hongxian really has a single like…

This style is too unique, why can’t she wear more lace? That black one hangs at the edge is not bad…mm…

But the little grey elephant is rather erotic, also a bit thin. Under that nose, seems to have some black thing.

This is not the first time Liu Yi sees a female body. Naturally, he immediately understands what is he looking at.

Liu Hongxian’s face is extremely red. The only hand that is not scalded slaps Liu Yi’s face.

“Sto, stop looking already….if you look anymore I will dig out your eyes…”

“Coughs…that, the weather is not bad, the weather is not bad…the scenery is also very good….”

Liu Yi originally wishes to divert the topic but it seems like it caused the atmosphere between them to become even more wicked!

He coughs drily not knowing what to say.

“You….help me take finish ah…”

Liu Hongxian is biting her lips as she spits out this few words.

That’s right! As a good guy, I must finish what I started!

Liu Yi immediately pulls Liu Hongxian’s trouser leg and pulls off the stained white trousers.

A completely delicate looking beauty appears in front of Liu Yi like this.


Chapter 638  [Take it off]

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