MKW Chapter 637

Chapter 637   [Using body to eat hotpot]


When Liu Yi was in senior high, his mother was usually working overtime and is unable to return home, thus he learned how to cook his own food.

His workmanship back then was rather unpresentable.

But now it is not a problem. Especially during the one month of training, Liu Yi also self-learned some dishes. It is very easy for him to learn anything with his breathing technique. Along with Little Jade’s support, he is like a tiger that had grown wings.

“Liu Yi…that….”

Liu Hongxian grabs Liu Yi’s arm before asking with some hesitation, “Could it be that….because I am very fierce towards you usually….you wish to take this opportunity….and poison me to death…”

“What the, what are you joking about!”

This beautiful leader is way too suspicious of things!

How malicious am I to poison her to death!

Liu Yi glares at Liu Hongxian, “Are you going to eat or not?”

At this moment Liu Hongxian no longer has the attitude of a leader as she says weakly, “Eat….”

“If you want to eat then wait here obediently!”

Liu Yi turns around and walks out of the bedroom and went to the kitchen.

For this kind of apartment, the kitchen and living room are combined together.

Liu Yi walks to the fridge and takes a look. There are quite a bit of ingredient inside.

Beef, mutton, vegetables all is enough. He chooses a few and walks over to the cupboard and got stunned.

Bullshit….there are ingredients but there is no oil!

The proverb is good, the cleverest housewife cannot cook without rice ah.

“Leader ah, does your house have oil?”

“Ah….forgot to buy….does your house have oil?”

“What the, I also did not buy!”

Liu Yi does not need to eat, naturally, he did not buy oil. In the fridge other than coke and the like, there is basically nothing.

Currently, Liu Hongxian had transformed into a little girl as she acts like a spoilt girl and says, “What to do ah….I am very hungry….”

“I see….why don’t we eat hotpot.”

Liu YI also does not have any other idea and hotpot is a rather good choice.

He placed the electromagnetic stove on the table before washing the ingredients and cut them. After mixing the seasoning, he places the things on the sides of the table before walking to the bedroom.

“Leader, its done. We can eat.”

Liu Hongxian pouts in dissatisfaction and says, “Why did it take so long ah…my stomach is about to shrink from hunger…”

Liu Yi sweats, “What the, you think I am a magic dining table that is able to make food appear out of nowhere?”

“A big guy needs to be swift….you see I am about to become skinny from hunger.”

Liu Hongxian seems to be really badly starved and starts to loosen up as she talks to Liu Yi.

“Really become skinny?”

“Really become skinny!”

“I do not believe, let me help you touch and check.”

Liu Yi lets out an evil smile as he walks over scaring Liu Hongxian into shrieking, “Ahhhh, shameless scum! What do you want!”

“Carrying you to eat, idiot.”

Liu Yi princess carries Liu Hongxian and walks to the living room.

In Liu Yi’s embrace, Liu Hongxian feels her heartbeat speed up.

Why, why am I suddenly such a disappointment….

Liu Hongxian you are a hero among women how can you be mesmerized by a guy!

Clear your mind, you must keep your mind clear! You definitely must not be tricked by this damn fellow’s handsome guy tricks!

Furthermore, he….he is also not a handsome guy!

Liu Hongxian feels that the current her is completely confused.

Furthermore, Liu Yi also feels that it is strange, why is Liu Hongxian so obedient now? Could it be that she became strengthless from hunger?

He carries Liu Hongxian to the living room and places her on the small sofa.

“It smells so good ah…”

Seeing the boiling hot pot, she cannot help but sniff, “What base ingredient did you use?”

“Just some normal family ingredients.”

Liu Yi starts to place some mutton into the hot pot.

“So hungry….quickly cook it…”

Liu Hongxian licks her lips. That appearance is slightly mesmerizing and causes Liu Yi to forget about putting in the meat.

“Add the meat ah! What you are thinking about! You want to starve me to death!”

Liu Hongxian snatches over Liu Yi’s chopsticks and starts adding the meat into the hot pot. As well as the vegetables that she likes. In one breath she added a lot.

Liu Yi immediately says, “Put less in, adding too much will make it boil very slowly!”

“Just cover it with the pot lid and it will be fine!”

At this moment Liu Hongxian had already turned into a complete foodie making Liu Yi helpless.

“Quickly go, my fridge has some beer, quickly go and take it out!”

“My big sister ah, didn’t we just drink sake?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, don’t tell me that you are an alcoholic?

“How much did we drink only earlier! It is still not enough, my tolerance is very high!”

Liu Hongxian is slightly excited as she waves Liu Yi to get the beer.

“Quickly, I use my leader identity to order you to bring the beer!”

“What the, isn’t this an abuse of power?”

“What, you are going to report me!”

Liu Hongxian looks at Liu Yi in delight.

“You win.”

Liu Yi does not have any other choice and can only stand up and take the beer.

When he had returned, Liu Hongxian had already impatiently started to gorge herself on the meat.

“Eat slower, it is still not yet cooked!”

“Who cares, mutton is cooked the moment it enters the pot!”

[TL: only if the water in the pot boiling]

Liu Hongxian starts to eat like she is a hungry ghost. Her eating manner shocked Liu Yi.

Is this is Liu Hongxian that I see usually? Did she get possessed by second senior bother!

“This is the most delicious hot pot that I had ever eaten in this lifetime…”

As Liu Hongxian eats the hotpot, she starts opening the beer and starts drinking carefreely. “Indeed drinking beer while eating hot pot is the best!”

“Eat slower…no one is snatching from you…”

While Liu Yi watches Liu Hongxian eats he is actually thinking of other things.

While Liu Yi helps Liu Hongxian continue to add meat into the pot, he asks, “Leader you say, why did the Yamaguchi Group people come and find trouble for us?”

“Is there even a need to say. When you are chasing Yunsen Akemi did Wakabayashi Ryo see it?”

As Liu Hongxian drinks her beer, she drawls, “That Wakabayashi Ryo chases after Yunsen Akemi crazily. Furthermore, he is the son of the current head of the Yamaguchi Group. I guess that it is he who is finding trouble for you.”

“What the, this fellow is from the Yamaguchi Group?! What an asshole ah!”

Liu Yi’s mouth twitches, “This task is too fraudulent already! So be it if I have to pick up the daughter of the big missy of Glorious Sun Conglomerate, I still need to become enemy of Yamaguchi Group! What kind of strategy is this ah, this is also too difficult already…”

“No choice. Do you think that it is that easy to save China?”

Liu Hongxian shrugs her shoulder, “For this task, I already prepared myself to die. Liu Yi, you also should have this awareness.”

“I am not afraid of dying.”

Liu Yi tells Liu Hongxian, “I only feel that this task is too fraudulent that’s all. Picking up girls is originally not my forte. If you let me go and deal with Glorious Sun Conglomerate or Yamaguchi Group, I would not say anything and immediately slaughter my way over. But making me cheat the feelings of a girl, alas…”

“Forget it, do you think that you are Ultraman, still want to flip over two major groups.”

Liu Hongxian rolls her eyes, “Even if you are really an Ultraman after you had flipped over the two groups, you might not even find where the laboratory is. The moment they bring the virus source to our country, it will be the doomsday of our china. Picking up a girl is not the main point. The main point is to find the location of the virus source. You can only get close to Yunsen Oishi through Yunsen Akemi. There is no other way.”

They do not know where Yunsen Oishi is hidden now. Not even the 12th military intelligence department is able to find his location.

The breakthrough method is Yunsen Akemi, this girl.

Alas…even if I cannot bear it, Yunsen Akemi will still become a sacrifice victim.

If she wants to blame, she can only blame that she was born in the wrong family.

“You actually have protective feelings for the fairer sex?”

While Liu Hongxian eats she criticizes Liu Yi.

“I am not cold blooded okay!”

Liu Yi is rather helpless, “I feel like doing this thing, in the end, I will definitely enter hell.”

“You stinky scumbag originally was already unable to enter heaven!”

“Luckily I do not believe in god….”

Liu Yi lets out a sigh of relief making Liu Hongxian rolls her eyes.

“Anyways, this task is definitely not that easy. We need to make surefire preparations.”

Liu Hongxian suddenly claps her hands in delight, “Gods, I suddenly forgot a matter! Such an important matter I actually forget about it! Too scary already!”

“What matter?”

Liu Yi also becomes anxious as he stares at Liu Hongxian.

Liu Hongxian says in annoy, “I actually forgot to add hot pepper oil!”

“No wonder there is no taste after eating for a while! Quickly, Liu Yi! Go and take for me, no spice is not joyous!”

“What the….you are tricking me!”

Liu Yi got emotional earlier, these are emotions.

“Isn’t eating spiciness a big matter? Don’t you know that I am a Sichuan person?”

“What the…boss I’ll go and take it for you!”

Liu Yi can only stand up, “Where did you place it?”

“The third door of the cupboard, it is inside there!”


Liu Yi searches around for a while but is unable to find the hot pepper oil.

“Don’t have ah, did you forget it?”

“Not possible! My memory is perfect!”

“Sometimes there might also have errors, it is really not here!”

“Not possible, it is definitely there! You are too trashy already, let me go and find…”

Liu Hongxian stands up.

But her leg is quite swollen. The moment she stands up, her leg is unable to support herself and causes her to topple.


She lets out a shriek but she is quite agile and her reactions are rather quick. She immediately grabs hold of the table in front to support her body.

But her hand actually press against the side of the pot, causing the hot pot to flip over and all of the soup water inside slashes on to Liu Hongxian’s body.


Liu Hongxian lets out a shriek and falls on her butt, “Scalded me ah!”

The water in the hot pot is already quite scalding. Luckily Liu Hongxian is wearing clothing…otherwise, she would have been scalded!

But her situation is nowhere good. Currently, her body is completely covered with hot pot soup. Her shirt and pants are dripping wet. There is also a piece of mutton, vermicelli and the likes covering it!

A crab is also hanging from the top of her pants, swaying around.

“My leader ah….you, you did not get scalded right?”

“Wuwuwuwu…why am I so unlucky today ah…”

Liu Hongxian is about to cry, “My clothing is completely dirty and I need to immediately wash it…..gods……how, how am I able to wash ah…..”


Chapter 637  [Using body to eat hotpot]

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  1. So Wakabayashi Ryo is the son of the head of the Yamaguchi group? That’s weird. Japanese people put a lot of importance on surnames, and rich families make the grooms of their daughters (in absence of a male heir or when determined to be more capable heirs) throw away their bachelor surnames and marry into the family, so the head of the Yamaguchi group should be Yamaguchi…


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