MKW Chapter 635

Chapter 635   [Lousy quality high heels]


“Who would stay together with you!”

Liu Hongxian rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “We are neighbors okay? We live separately okay?”

“What leader says is right!”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Indeed we do not sleep together but at night we still need to go back to our own beds.”

“Get lost! Why is it that every sentence that comes out from your mouth sound so bad!”

Liu Hongxian rolls her eyes again, “Stay further away from me. I can smell your stink!”

“Where is there any stink coming from me?”

Liu Yi smells himself, “Leader you really know how to joke! I, Liu Yi am really good person ah, I am called Lei Feng Liu by others ah!”

“I see that you more like a big drifter!”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Liu Hongxian becomes even angrier, is this fellow’s face made from castle walls?

Since he is not hiding away then I shall avoid him instead!

Liu Hongxian walks to the side to stand, maintaining a distance from Liu Yi.

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders. Since the other person does not like me then I would not keep so close to her like a dog.

He holds onto a handrail by the side and maintains a 2-meter distance from Liu Hongxian. The two of them stand in the center of the train like they do not know each other.

Currently, there are not many people on the train. They are sitting in threes and twos, wearing a western suit, like office workers.

The moment the train starts moving, these guys suddenly stand up.

After which the door to the other carriage open as rows of guys in black western suits enters.

Liu Hongxian and Liu Yi cannot help but looks over. Liu Hongxian knit her eyebrows and says softly, “They do not come with good intent.”

“Seeing their attire, they seem to be people from Yamaguchi Group.”

Before coming to Japan Liu Yi had done his homework and recognizes them just by seeing their attire.

“Baka Yarou!”

A guy who had lost sight of one of his eye pulls open his suit and glares at Liu Yi fiercely as he says, “It must be you, this stinky fellow, right! To actually dare to snatch my young master’s woman! Today if I do not make you bleed then you would not know who you cannot provoke!”

“Don’t make it too messy.”

Liu Hongxian infers what had happened thus she orders Liu Yi, “If it gets too messy it will be hard to conclude it.”

“I know leader. Leave it to me!”

Liu Yi nods his head and flips his hand revealing a black dagger and points at those Yamaguchi people fiercely.

“All of you don’t come over, I have a knife! Whoever who comes over shall bleed!”

The moment he speaks the people from Yamaguchi Group start moving. The one at the back opens his suitcase and pulls out katanas and tossed to his people.

Very quickly every single one of the Yamaguchi Group people is holding a katana each as they sneer at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi looks at those katana before looking at his own finger long dagger. He suddenly feels like he got bullied!

“Baka, what an idiot!”

The one eye guy laughs, “Do you think that this small fellow would be able to scare us from Yamaguchi Group? Let me show you what is called the number 1 power in Japan!”

“Idiot…you actually got defeated by others!”

Liu Hongxian is also mad, “Go and win it back!”

At this moment she is also no longer calm. How can us China people be looked down by the Japanese!

“Relax leader!”

Liu Yi also understands what does Liu Hongxian mean. He immediately grabs the steel pipe at the side and holds it in his hand.

“What does this fellow want to do?”

“Why did he grab the steel pipe for?”

The Yamaguchi group of people does not understand what Liu Yi is trying to do. At this moment Liu Yi let out a weird cry and his hand trembles. With a dang, he snapped the steel pipe into two!

“What the!”

“This….this is not possible right…”

The people from Yamaguchi Group are shocked as their eyes nearly pop out.

Even Liu Hongxian herself also swallows her saliva.

This Liu Yi….his strength is really damn scary!

She suddenly recalls back then how Liu Yi himself beat up all of the robots at the factory…

This fellow is too fierce already….just what on earth is this No 7 department ah, to actually have such a monster!

Liu Yi’s might scared those Yamaguchi people.

A little brother says with a slight tremble, “Big, big brother, what to do?”

“What, what else can we do, attack!”

The one eye guy thicken his face and says, “Cannot throw away the face of our Yamaguchi Group!”


The Yamaguchi Group people turn fierce as they shout while charging towards Liu Yi with their katana.

Liu Yi smiles as he starts swinging the nearly two-meter steel pipe around.

From far away it is like Liu Yi is waving about a steel dragon!


Two of the Yamaguchi Group people had already charged in front of Liu Yi. Their raised katana chops down towards Liu Yi.

“Hundred loopholes!”

Liu Yi directly tossed the steel pipe in his hands out smashing into those two guys’ nose.

Instantly the two of them start bleeding from their nose and collapse onto the ground.

At the same time, Liu Yi takes a step forward and grab the steel pipes and block the katanas of those people behind.

Sparks immediately fly out from steel pipes.

Liu Yi raises a leg and kicks one of them, sending him crashing into two other people.

The silver steel pipes in his hands are utilized like a silver barrier as it keeps crashing into the people in front.

At that instant, he is like a war god and no one is able to get a meter within him.

A little brother had withdrawn to the side of the one eye guy. Seeing how his buddies got put down by Liu Yi and lying on the ground, he starts saying with fear, “Big brother….this, this fellow got training before!”

“What are you afraid of, attack!”

The one-eyed guy kicks him in his butt, sending him forward. That little brother lets out a weird cry and charges at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi placed the steel pipe on the ground before supporting himself with the pipe. His body flies up as his legs kick that little brother in his face causing him to collapse.

“You, you fellow….just who on earth are you…”

Seeing how fierce Liu Yi is, the one eye guy finally knows fear as he starts trembling. He is almost unable to hold the katana in his hand properly.

“I am only a teacher.”

Liu Yi swings out with the steel pipe in his hand and knocks out a person who is lying on the ground preparing to sneak attack him. After which he narrows his eyes and looks at the one eye guy and says, “But do not look down on teacher.”

“Teacher, bullshit ah! Ahhh!!”

The one eye guy knows that if he goes back like this, he will definitely be scolded by the higher-ups.

He turns ruthless and clenches his teeth before charging towards Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi raises his leg and kicks the steel pipe in his hand up.

The steel pipe shoots upwards and knocks out the one-eyed guy.


Liu Yi dust off his hands before turning around, preparing to give Liu Hongxian a victory sign.

At this moment he is shocked to realize that a few Yamaguchi members had actually climbed to their feet and charge towards Liu Hongxian shamelessly.

Not only is it shameless….furthermore it like they don’t want life…

Liu Hongxian snorts and raises her legs before kicking out a few times and easily kicks them down onto the ground.

Her actions are very clean and beautiful. Furthermore, she is a beauty as well as possess a graceful sense of beauty.

Especially when her tights open up, this kind of beautiful legs turn into a weapon. Very beautiful and ample!

That pair of high heels are like weapons causing those that were kicked to cry out in pain.

One of the guys kneel down on the ground and plans to grab a fallen katana.

Liu Hongxian raises her leg and fiercely stomp down on that guy’s hand. Her high heels basically pierce through that guy’s palm.


As the eye-piercing shriek resounds throughout the carriage, Liu Yi hears the sound of bones breaking.

He silently observed a moment of silence for that fellow, Liu Hongxian this girl….she is the one who asks me not to make it into a big problem but her actions are even more ruthless than mine!

“Hmph, this is the result of looking down on women.”

Liu Hongxian withdraws her leg and placed it back down. Suddenly her leg trembles and let out a shriek and nearly collapsed onto the ground.

“What is the matter?”

Liu Yi god a shock, could it be that got secretly injured during the fight?

“I….I sprained my leg…”

Liu Hongxian scowls miserably and points at her right leg.

What the, that high seems does not seem to be good quality goods. Currently, it is already snapped!

Perhaps it is this fellow who caused her to sprain her legs.

“So painful….”

Although I really do not wish to be weak in front of him, but currently it is really painful. Perhaps I had sprained my bones as my ankle is already swollen.

“I say ah you, you are wearing high heels what are you fighting for. You think that you are a Hollywood female star, is it!”

Liu Yi is very helpless as he walks over and supports Liu Hongxian to a seat nearby.

He also squats down and touches her ankle.

“What, what are you doing, you pervert!”

“Less nonsense, I am checking your injury!”

Liu Yi berates making Liu Hongxian who still wish to scold a few sentences obediently shut up.

When this guy become angry….he is rather manly…

Liu Yi does not know that his beautiful superior is currently having strange thoughts. He checks her ankle injury and lets out a breath of relief before saying, “Nothing major, you only sprained your ankle. Perhaps it will be swollen for a few days.”

“Damn it…I bought these high heels from Taobao… definitely must be a fake good! I am going to give it a poor evaluation!”

“Sweat, in the future wear lesser high heels. It is not like you are short so there is no need for you to wear high heels.”

“What do you know, girls do not wear high heels just to be tall.”

“Then what is it for?”

“For beauty and for more self-confidence!”

Liu Yi becomes speechless, a pair of high heels is actually able to give female confidence…really is nonsense!

Sometimes, I am really unable to understand what a girl is thinking!

Liu Hongxian who originally wish to say something suddenly trembles and shout out in shock, “Ah, ah….ah….what, what do you want to do….”


Chapter 635  [Lousy quality high heels]

Anyways steamy scene coming up soon hehe

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