MKW Chapter 634

Chapter 634   [Excessive teasing]


A lot of people look at Liu Hongxian in worry. Especially Fujimino and Choshunior Susukino who are in heartache.

Looks like this kind of beauty is going to be defiled by Hiroshi Nogami.

But seeing such a beauty….kneeling down and licking Hiroshi Nogami….there is a kind of aroused feeling.

The Japanese people have some perverted thoughts in their heart. Otherwise, they will not have so many perverted movies and variety shows.

Currently, Liu Hongxian had already walked in front of Hiroshi Nogami. As Hiroshi Nogami smiles in delight, she holds the wine cup with one hand while her other hand suddenly grabs hold of his hair, his that long fringe and smashes his head into the table.

At the same time, she pour the sake onto his head and says loudly, “Who cares what young master you are, let me tell you that China women are not that easy to bully!”

She raises her leg. It is a pity that she is wearing white long pants thus no one is able to see the scene under her skirt.

While this raised leg kicks Hiroshi Nogami in his head and sends him flying away. He collapses onto the ground seeing stars in front of him.

It seems like this Liu Hongxian did not kick lightly as he is having a nosebleed

It causes the rest of the people in the pub to be a shock as they did not expect Liu Hongxian who had been gentle and sweet-tempered would actually be so violent!

“Really sorry, just now I was a bit not lady-like.”

Liu Hongxian turns around and rearranges her slightly messy hair and says, “Actually I am very lady-like, just now I was careless…”

No matter what those people would not believe, still lady-like….in the future must not tease her. It is too dangerous.

Liu Yi clucks in his heart, perhaps only I dare to tease Liu Hongxian.

Don’t know if I should feel proud?

After knocking down Hiroshi Nogami it is no longer possible to continue the welcoming party.

A lot of people are busy sending Hiroshi Nogami to the hospital but Liu Hongxian did not overdo it with her kick. Although she knocks out Hiroshi Nogami it did not do any serious injury to him.

If something really happens, it will be difficult for them to be teachers in the school.

Liu Hongxian is not an impulsive woman. She who is able to become the youngest department chief of the 12th Intelligence department is definitely not a stupid person.

A fine and well welcoming party, in the end, ends in bad terms. Liu Yi and Liu Hongxian say goodbye to the rest before walking out of the pub together.

It is already very dark outside as the two of them walk out of the bar towards the train station.

As it is already so late, there is basically no one else outside. Occasionally they would see some drunk people swaying on the street.

While walking Liu Hongxian asks, “How did the pick up go?”

“Not bad. The young lady’s goodwill has increased.”

Liu Yi stuffs his hands into the windbreaker. He is also wearing the hat that Yunsen Akemi had given him to try.

With Little Jade this super AI help, it is just a thought for him to wear any clothing that he wants.

Liu Yi finds the hat rather nice to wear. At the very least it can block the night wind.

“Don’t be too confident. It will be very hard for you to pick up a girl.”

Liu Hongxian sneers and pours cold water over Liu Yi, “Whichever girl likes you definitely must be blind.”

[TL: well he already have more then 6 already….]

“What the! Just how much hatred do you have for you!”

Liu Yi starts sweating, “Am I that much of a scum?”

“Of course, Scum Yi”

Liu Hongxian says very positively, “The number one scum of the world is you!”

“Actually I am very curious, leader…no…Hongxian…you tell me. Am I really very bad?”

Liu Yi suddenly stops moving as he stands in front of Liu Hongxian. A pair of black eyes look at Liu Hongxian very serious and ask, “Do you….really hate me that much?”


Seeing Liu Yi’s serious eyes as well as his slightly bitter voice, Liu Hongxian instantly feels her heartbeat increasing.

For a moment she is unable to say out those sharp and unkind words

“I know that the first time we met each other, it is very unpleasant.”

Liu Yi’s face carries regret, “But I also did not do it on purpose. Don’t you know a guy’s heart? When a guy likes a girl, he will think of bullying her to attract her attention…”

“Where, where is this kind of saying…”

“Why is there not!”

Liu Yi is slightly emotional, “Hongxian you are so beautiful and have such good circumstances, furthermore, on the surface, you are also a chairperson of a company, will there be very few people chasing you? They will definitely be very concerned about you, flattering you and dote as well as cherish you. While I this kind of ordinary person how else can I attract your attention? Really, I do not have any other methods other than angering you…”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Liu Hongxian suddenly is shy.

“Real, really?”

So he is only doing it to attract my attention that’s all?

Then the way I treat him…isn’t it a bit too harsh?

“Hongxian, I know, I don’t have any ability and not handsome and also a bad person…I cannot match up to you.”

“No…Liu Yi…you…”

“No worries, there is no need for you to comfort me, I understand everything.”

Liu Yi sighs gently. Hearing him sighing, Liu Hongxian feels like her heart had scattered at that instant.

“Forget it, Hongxian. In the future, I will maintain my distance from you.”

Liu Yi retreats a few steps, moving away from Liu Hongxian, “In the future, I will treat you like I treat a real leader. I will not have any more improper thoughts about you, you can be a relief.”

“Liu Yi I do not mean that.”

“When we go outside, please call me Dabo-san”

“Fine, fine, fine, Dabo-san, I really do not mean that. Fine, then I will not mock you anymore in the future okay? I only have a slightly bad temper that’s all but in my eyes, you are not that bad. You are actually quite outstanding.”


“It is real, I am not lying to you.”

Liu Hongxian comforts Liu Yi. Currently, she feels like what she had done in the past is slightly too much.

Alas, this temper of mine really needs to change already.

“Then in future…you will no longer scold me anymore?”

“Will not, you are quite good…”

Liu Hongxian is slightly bashful. Recalling Liu Yi’s earlier almost confession like words her heartbeat increases slightly.

Did not expect that this fellow would actually like me….this, is really out of my expectations…

Aiyah…but he is my underling ah….the higher ups and underlings cannot have any romantic love….otherwise, it will interfere with the missions…

Furthermore, furthermore, if the two of us really start dating and accidentally show it in school and allow Yunsen Akemi notice it what to do….perhaps the task might fail. Right now we must place the task before everything else…

Liu Hongxian ah Liu Hongxian, you cannot be trapped in the romantic emotions!

Although this guy is quite outstanding….but…now is not the time to date…

“Liu Yi…actually….”

Liu Hongxian thinks for a long time and her heart is in a complete mess as she considers what she should say to Liu Yi.

“Actually I also have a bit of….”

“Oh yes! Complete victory!”

Unexpectedly at this moment Liu Yi suddenly raises his right hand and says happily, “The pickup girls method that the higher-ups gave me is rather effective! Leader, you are defeated!”

What the!!! Bullshit!!!!!  @#$@%$#@%$!!!!!!!!!!

Liu Hongxian stares at Liu Yi who is celebrating and only feels her anger rising!

If she has a chance, she wishes to immediately transform into a Super Saiyan and exterminate the evil being in front of her, this damn scumbag!!!!!

“Did not think that leader’s impression of me is really not bad eh, I really did not expect that at all! Since that is the case, leader why don’t I invite you out for a meal and let us get to know each other once again? Let those past misunderstandings disperse like clouds!”

“Disperse like clouds your grandpa! Liu Yi! I will definitely remember you!”

Liu Hongxian glares at Liu Yi fiercely before turning around and walks off.

“Eh, eh? Leader, what is the matter with you, aren’t we still okay earlier? Leader?”

Liu Yi only wished to joke around with Liu Hongxian earlier and did not expect that she would become so angry!

Shouldn’t be ah, in the past didn’t we frequently joked around, this is the first time Liu Hongxian actually exploded out in such a huge temper ah!

He shouts behind for a while but Liu Hongxian did not care about him and keeps walking on.

Liu Yi walks at the back as he scratches his head.

Just where did I go wrong?

Liu Yi thinks for a long time but still does not understand. The two of them keeps walking on without talking to each other until they walk to the train station.

There is no one at the train station. The current time is indeed quite late already. Perhaps they are taking the last train already.

While waiting for the train, Liu Hongxian did not say anything nor did she even look at Liu Yi like he looks very nauseous.

Liu Yi glances at a mirror by the side, there are no changes ah, why is Liu Hongxian not willing to look at me?

Could it be….my earlier words made her mad?

Couldn’t be ah….unless….Liu Hongxian really likes me?

What the, how is that possible! The two of us are more like foes! The moment we meet each other we start quarreling!

Didn’t she always hate me, why would she suddenly like me?

This is really incomprehensible ah!

Liu Yi also does not know how to talk to Liu Hongxian at all. The two of them once again sinks into an impasse.

Liu Yi can only stand by the side while appreciating Liu Hongxian’s back view.

Today Liu Hongxian is wearing a white blouse as well as skin-tight pants.

This skin-tight pants completely encase her thighs and full butt.

Alas…such a peak grade higher up, it seems like it is not bad if I am really able to accept her into my harem…

Thinking to here, Liu Yi’s perverted thoughts start to emerge as he licks his lips.

Before his fantasies finish the sound of the train comes as a white train stops in front of them.

Liu Hongxian walks up the train while Liu Yi hurries behind and boards as well.

Liu Hongxian berates unhappily, “What are you follow me for? Are you a stalker?”

“What the leader, we are living together okay!”


Chapter 634  [Excessive teasing]

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  1. Otherwise, they will not have so many perverted movies and variety shows. <- more like scale of production and confirmation bias: if, let’s say, one out of ten shows can be described as “saucy” and you make one thousand of them, you have one hundred saucy shows, and if someone imports part of them giving preference to those ones, the ratio becomes unbalance. I.e. the notion of the japanese having a lot of “perverted” media stems partly from the sheer volume of their production and from the people who have said perception being quite the perverts.


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