MKW Chapter 633

Chapter 633   [Kneel and lick]


Liu Yi does not know that the threat behind him has changed. Currently, he is preparing to keep his things with Liu Hongxian and prepares to go home.

The two of them are going to the dorm that the group had organized for them. It is those kinds of apartment-like dormitory in the mangas.

The two of them are neighbors which allows them to be able to conveniently transfer intelligence.

Although they did not meet up, by knocking on the wall, they are able to transmit intelligence. They do not dare to use the internet or phone, otherwise, if they got discovered midway, it will definitely spoil everything.

Just as the two of them are about to keep everything and leave, the teachers in the office gather around.

“Aiyah, Teacher Liu don’t be so anxious to leave. Today it is the first time you guys joined us, let us go hold a welcoming party for you guys!”

Fujimino pats his chest and laughs loudly, “Let you take a look at the drinking capability of us Japanese men, hahaha.”

“Don’t tell me you want to take advantage and get Teacher Anui drunk?”

By the side, Choshunior Susukino glances at Fujimino coldly.

“Rubbish, only you would think of such things!”

“Hmph, I am very respectful of Teacher Anui!”

“You? You have a belly of dirty water! Some more, how can you call her by her name Anui!”

The two of them start quarreling again while the rest of the teacher choose to ignore them. A few of the female teachers start gathering around Liu Hongxian and warmly pull her arm.

“Teacher Liu ah, don’t regard us as outsiders. Every time a new teacher joins us, we will welcome them one.”

“That’s right, that’s right, let’s go together.”

“Ah, this….”

Liu Hongxian is slightly hesitant while Liu Yi is shocked in his heart, did not think that not only did this group of people not reject people from China, they are instead very passionate.

Although it is also because Liu Hongxian is very pretty…. the passion in their bones is not fake.

In Japan this place, the public is split into a few types. One is the passionate group, one is a neutral party, the other is enmity group.

The teaching director rubs his bald head and says, “Let us go together and have a few cups. This way there will no longer be anymore misunderstanding hahaha…..”

“Since that is the case then let us go.”

Liu Yi secretly pulls Liu Hongxian. It is not bad for the task if we create a good relationship with this group of people. Instead, if we are too isolated it will attract the suspicion of others.

“Fine then, but my drinking capacity is very bad…”

“No worries, no worries, as long as everyone has fun drinking!”

Seeing that the two of them finally agree, the office becomes rowdy,

At this moment from the corner comes an unharmonious voice.

“Hmph, what is the point of being so warm to this two shinas, still want to have a welcoming party. You guys are basically throwing away the face of the Yamato ethnic group!”

When everyone hears this, they start to feel awkward.

Everyone turns their head over to see a guy with a crew cut, staring at them coldly with his arms crossed.

Liu Yi knows this guy. Before entering this school, they had already done their homework.

This guy is called Hiroshi Nogami, he is the son of a large shareholder of the school. Currently, he is the karate adviser of the school. He is classified under the kind of rich second generation who does not frequently comes to school and is a standard right-wing member.

“That….Young master Nogami….what you say is a bit too much…”

The teaching director feels that the atmosphere is too awkward already, thus he rubs his bald head and says, “After all they are also teachers from our school.”

“Talking about this, this is such a joke. Why would our noble Yamato ethnic group need to learn shina language? Truly preposterous.”

Hiroshi Nogami sneers causing the office atmosphere to become even more awkward.

“If you say it this way, then your country had already learned culture from my china a thousand years ago.”

Before Liu Yi is able to speak, Liu Hongxian had already crossed her arm as she counterattacks Hiroshi Nogami.

“Wouldn’t what your distinguished self said earlier insulting your ancestors?”

“Shina woman, you have a rather sharp mouth!”

Hiroshi Nogami did not expect that Liu Hongxian would retort back and immediately becomes mad.

“Hmph, it is you who is slapping your own face that’s all.”

Liu Hongxian crosses her arms and continues saying impolitely, “Although we china people had come to Japan we are still able to feel how warm-hearted the people here are. But as for those people who are impolite to us, there is no need for us to be polite back.”

“Aiyah, aiyah…everyone don’t quarrel ah…..let us go and drink together instead!”

The teaching director promptly smooths things over.

Hiroshi Nogami who keeps rejecting in the past suddenly for an unknown reason actually picks up his shirt and stands up.

“Okay, let me go along with you guys.”

“Young master Nogami is also coming? Then that is really great, hahaha, I said before that, that there are no misunderstandings that cannot be resolved. All of us are colleagues, in the future let us get along amicably!”

The atmosphere in the office becomes better but Liu Yi senses a trace of coldness in the gaze of that Hiroshi Nogami.

Liu Yi walks behind Liu Hongxian and says softly, “Be careful, he does not have good intentions.”

“Mm, I know.”

Liu Hongxian nods her head, “Don’t look down on me so much. My champion title for mix-martial arts is not for show only.”

“Yeah, a mix martial arts champion who got defeated by pepper spray.”

“Damn it how dare you tease me!”

“Oi, oi, I am saying the truth…”

“Are you an alien that will die if you don’t roast people?”

“Yes, I hid on earth for a very long time.”


The two of them are chatting in Chinese thus the rest does not understand their conversation. But their intimate manner makes a lot of guys jealous.

“Dabo-san, the two of you are very class ah.”

Fujimino says sourly, “Are you and teacher Liu lovers?”

“With him? Lovers? What are you joking about!”

Liu Hongxian instantly rolls her eyes, “Even if all the guys in the world died I will not be together with him!”

“That’s right, that’s right. We are only colleagues.”

Liu Yi explains, “Both of us are from China, naturally we will feel closer.”

Definitely cannot let there be rumors about me and Liu Hongxian. Otherwise with how big the school is, if the rumors reach Yunsen Akemi’s ears then all of my earlier efforts will be wasted.

“To be honest Dabo-san is actually quite good. Maybe someday I will introduce my younger sister to you, hahahaha.”

Hearing that there is nothing between the two of them a lot of male colleagues let out a sigh of relief before becoming warm to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi says in his heart, what the hell, they are a group of wolves!

This difference is too serious already!

After the group of people packs up in the office, they went to the nearby pub near the school.

The entire table is covered with Japanese cuisine. From the looks of it, the price is not cheap at all.

Liu Yi drinks the mouth of this sake and only feels that there is not much difference in the alcohol degree in comparison to the white wine of China.

Now that he had cultivated in Wine Sword Technique, Liu Yi can also start to drink wine again.

Otherwise, if I drink too much, where is there any girls to papapa, that would have been bad…

If I did it with Liu Hongxian, so be it if she takes a bit of advantage. But with the other female teachers…..all of them are at least 30 years of age….my god, that is unimaginable!

The male colleagues start toasting to Liu Hongxian like they have the intentions of making her drunk.

Liu Yi sneers in his heart, just based on you guys and you wish to make Liu Hongxian drunk?

As an agent of the 12 intelligence department, she has went through special training for drinking capacity!

You can say that her drinking capacity is not weaker than mine.

Furthermore, Liu Hongxian is very cunning. She says that she is a girl and is not suitable to be adventurous drinking. Thus she set a rule with the guys. For every cup, she drinks the guys must drink 2 cups.

Very soon those guys start to become drunk and lisp when speaking.

Fujimino also takes off his outer shirt revealing his body as he laughs and says, “Teacher Anui ah, you do not know, during the earlier period that whatever island say that your 100 warships are pressuring over nearly scared me badly!”

He drinks a cup of sake and says, “To be honest we also do not wish to fight a war ah, our military is not strong enough!”

The teaching director also had drunk quite a bit, his head is completely red as he says with a lisp, “That’s right, from what I see, how about our two countries stop fighting. Why don’t I sing a song for you guys, do smile after I finish okay?”

Liu Yi sits there not speaking.

After drinking with them so a while and hearing them say so much, he had understood. All the commoners do not wish to fight a war, but there is always that group of people who actually want to go against China. No matter if it is to protect China or to protect the small happiness of this people, I must personally destroy that scary plan!

“Come, come, come, let uncle sing for you guys!”

The teaching director had drunk quite a bit as he becomes delighted. He picks up two chopsticks and starts hitting the plate as he prepares to howl.

While at this moment Hiroshi Nogami who is sitting by the side and had not touched a single bit of sake suddenly made his move.

He snorts before slapping the table fiercely.

“What a joke. It is all because of you weak-bone fellows we will be defeated! This shinas they are all our enemies!”

The moment Hiroshi Nogami speaks, the originally lively dinner party turns stiff again.

Liu Yi immediately understands that this guy is here to destroy the atmosphere.

“Let me honestly tell you guys, we do not welcome you guys here. For your own safety, you better scram out from this place and return back to your shina. Otherwise, don’t blame me for beating you up every time I see you guys. Oh right, that shina girl can stay behind. If you are willing to kneel down and lick me then perhaps I will let you continue working here, hahaha….”

“Young master Nogami, what you say is too much!”

“That’s right, that’s right, how can you speak like this…”

A lot of people immediately protest but no one dares to really go against Hiroshi Nogami. After all, he knows karate and his father is also a shareholder of the school.

“How is it, do you want to kneel down and lick me, there is only one chance ah!”

Seeing Liu Hongxian turn pale Hiroshi Nogami laughs even more happily.

“Before that let me toast Young master Nogami first.”

Liu Hongxian only smiles as she picks up her wine cup and walks over to Hiroshi Nogami.


Chapter 634  [Kneel and lick]

Any guess on what Liu Hongxian will do?

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  1. What is Liu Yi talking about? 30 is no good? Isn’t he around 20-22 in the story? And let me say another thing! Women are like wine, you don’t truly appreciate how amazing they are until they age to between 30-40 years. Sure they become pretty at a young age, but there is so much more to them.

    To all you perverts reading this, I do NOT means this in a rude or creepy way.

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