MKW Chapter 632

Chapter 632   [The boundless scene is good]


Yoko Nishikawa asks, “What method?”

Liu Yi says with killing intent, “I’ll directly go to Glorious Sun Conglomerate and kill Yunsen Akemi’s father!”

“Ah…Liu Yi….you….”

Seeing Liu Yi who is filled with killing intent, Yoko Nishikawa is shocked.

In the past, she had hardly seen Liu Yi being so fierce. In the past when she saw Liu Yi he was very warm and very close.

But now…two of us had separated for too long already….Liu Yi also changed.

It seems like….I also changed as well…alas…

“Nothing much, I am only joking that’s all.”

Liu Yi suddenly withdraws his killing intent making Yoko Nishikawa feels like Liu Yi is like two people.

“How can I randomly kill people, I am only saying it casually.”

Liu Yi suddenly recalls, right now I still cannot kill Yunsen Akemi’s father. This guy definitely holds some secret regarding that secret experiment. But the top said that Yunsen Akemi’s father, Yunsen Oishi has gone through professional training. If I use torture on him, he will definitely not say anything. Instead, some poison in his body will activate. Most importantly, Yunsen Oishi, this person seems to have vanished off the surface of the earth. No one knows where he is or where he is hidden.

Thus forceful methods are useless against them. He can only think of a method of dig out information bit by bit.

Forcefully killing is useless….I can only face a thousand changes with unchanging, and see who each step go with each step.

“Anyway…if you wish to be saved, it is best to have less contact with the big miss…”

Yoko Nishikawa still warns, “Big miss is coming…I need to go first. Next time we meet…don’t beat your own woman ah…”

Liu Yi smiles from anger, “It is you who attacked me first okay!”

Yoko Nishikawa’s figure had already turned into a black figure and disappeared from the terrace.

From the corridor behind comes a series of footsteps. In a bit, Yunsen Akemi this beauty takes a similar looking yellow western hat and runs up.

Yunsen Akemi excitedly lift up the western hat in her hand and says, “Teacher! Teacher, I am back! You, put this on okay!”


Seeing how excited Yunsen Akemi is, Liu Yi does not wish to spoil her excitement. Right now it is important to raise her goodwill towards me!

As long as her goodwill towards me increases, it will be easier to continue with the later task.

What Liu Yi needs to do first is to make Yunsen Akemi fall in love with him. This way she will bring him back home to show her father Yunsen Oishi.

Afterward, it is to obtain the trust of Yunsen Oishi and see if he is able to dig out some information.

Liu Yi gives in to Yunsen Oishi and picks up the hat and puts it on.

“Hehe….teacher is really handsome ah! Just like a great detective!”

Yunsen Akemi’s gaze towards Liu Yi carries a bit of happiness.

Liu Yi knows that this lass definitely have some thoughts about him, but it is a rather good beginning.

Yunsen Akemi suddenly asks as she looks at Liu Yi, “Teacher…do you have a girlfriend?”


Liu Yi says in his heart, I not only have a girlfriend…. I have a lot of them….

But, I definitely cannot tell her.

Thus when Liu Yi speaks, it changes, “Still do not have. This year I have been running all over the place how would there be any woman who wants to follow me ah.”

Lin Tong, who is on Liu Yi’s shoulders, upon hearing this, her mouth twitches.

{Tsk, indeed is different now. Our Young master Liu right now can lie without blinking your eyes ah.}

This voice is filled with sarcasm making Liu Yi cough a few times.

But thinking about it, really did not know that I had changed like this. Don’t know if it is good or bad.

Forget it…everything id for the task….

Yunsen Akemi shakes her head, indicating her “How is that possible for a guy as outstanding as teacher to not have a girlfriend. I do not believe you.”

“In the past I had. But because I wanted to come to Japan, we broke up.”

Liu Yi’s thought process is very rapid as he immediately quick-wittedly reply, “After all we be very far apart, she was not willing to wait for me.”

“This kind of woman is too much.”

Yunsen Akemi pouts and says, “Furthermore giving up on teacher, such an excellent boyfriend, it is definitely her loss!”

Liu Yi is slightly ashamed as he lies. He clucks and says, “It is not that exaggerated. Perhaps the two of us were really not that compatible.”

“Teacher is really a good guy ah. Even at this point, you are still speaking up for her.”

“Don’t have ah….”

Liu Yi senses that she is falling into Mara. No matter what he says now, she will feel that he is good.

[TL: Mara, the demon of temptation]

Yunsen Akemi looks at her watch and suddenly exclaim, “Ah, teacher class is starting soon. I cannot accompany you anymore.”

“Let us eat together again tomorrow okay?”

“Of course okay.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “After all in this school, I don’t have any other friends. Furthermore today I still haven’t taught you anything. I can only continue to teach you tomorrow.”

“Mhmm, thank you teacher…right, teacher what do you like to eat. Tomorrow I’ll ask my chef to prepare.”

Liu Yi sighs, The benefits of a big miss is very good ah…what she wants to eat she just have to tell the chef…

“I am fine with anything… anything is fine. These are too expensive already, I am not used to eating them.”

Liu Yi says casually while Yunsen Akemi nods her head like she had made a decision.

“Teacher then let us meet tomorrow!”

“Mm, tomorrow meet….right, the hat, and sunglasses here.”

Liu Yi does not wish to wear this to go and teach a lesson. Those who do not know will think that he is here to kill people.

“Hehe….teacher looks very suitable for your current appearance…”

Yunsen Akemi is slightly reluctant to see Liu Yi takes off the hat and sunglasses. Just as he is about to take them, a cold wind suddenly blows over and once again blows Yunsen Akemi’s skirt up.

This time round Yunsen Akemi will know that she got completely revealed.

Even the little bear printed on to the white panty can be seen clearly, looking at it…mm, it is that alluring.

Their expression is slightly stunning. Especially Yunsen Akemi who is standing there, her face suddenly turns red as her mind become blank. It seems like she had forgotten about pressing down her skirt.

Luckily the wind comes quickly and passes quickly. Her skirt finally drops down and blocks the scene.

Although her skirt had fallen, the awkwardness remains.

Yunsen Akemi stands there blankly with her red face staring at Liu Yi. Her eyes are slightly moist.

Liu Yi instantly wakes up, what the heck, this…is definitely not me who play a hooligan ah!

It is the wind! It is the wind who plays hooligan!

I, I only incidentally saw some benefits …

At this instance, Liu Yi recalls about Chen Cai that monkey….that monkey ability is a specialist in lifting the skirts of a girl….

That is Chen Cai’s true nature…I, I am definitely not a pervert like him!


Liu Yi does not know how to comfort Yunsen Akemi. While Yunsen Akemi actually lets out a shriek and escapes in a blink of an eye like she is a startled little rabbit.

There is only wind blowing.

Although she runs off, Yunsen Akemi still pops her head out from the staircase and shout towards Liu Yi, “Teacher! Tomorrow…wait, wait for me…”


This lass ah….she is way too cute already.

Liu Yi looks at lunchbox she left with him and smiles. There are still lessons in the afternoon, tomorrow I’ll continue to guide Yunsen Akemi then.

While Yunsen Akemi runs back to her classroom in one go and sits back into her seat. She takes a deep breath as her face turns completely red.

She covers her face feeling that it is very warm. Thinking back then how she got completely revealed, as well as that stunned eyes of teacher, she immediately feels very ashamed…

Gods…in future how can I meet teacher…

Wuwuwu….this time …. so ashamed ah…

When the students by the side see Yunsen Akemi running in like this and then sit down not speaking as well as her faintly trembling body, they thought that she got bullied and immediately ask what had happened.

“Akemi what is the matter with you?”

“Is it someone bullying you? Tell elder sister, elder sister will help you get revenge!”

A group of girls surround Yunsen Akemi as they question her, but Yunsen Akemi sits there not saying anything, no matter who asked she did not reply.

The students start to become anxious while the most anxious person is Wakabayashi Ryo who almost clenched his teeth into pieces.

Just now Yunsen Akemi obviously went somewhere with that shina teacher!

She definitely must be bullied by that damn shina! Damn it, daring to touch my Wakabayashi Ryo’s woman, that shina is seeking death!

Wakabayashi Ryo decided not to take action himself, instead, he borrows his family to find trouble for that shina.

Thus he pulls out his handphone and secretly makes a phone call.


“Yoko Nishikawa, you made me very disappointed.”

In a room in the Glorious Sun Conglomerate, a short guy in kimono sits there and looks at Yoko Nishikawa who is kneeling in front of him calmly.

“You are the most outstanding kunoichi of my Glorious Sun Conglomerate. But right now you actually failed twice, Lord Director is very disappointed with you.”

“Your servant is incapable.”

Yoko Nishikawa kneels there without any expression, “General please punish.”

“Hmph, if it is not because we need more hands right now, I would have definitely made you commit seppuku!”

“Thank you generally for not killing. But general, as for that teacher being by Big miss’s side, how do we deal with him?”

“There is no need for you to take action against that guy.”

The short guy waves his hand, “We have received news that the people from Yamaguchi Group are eyeing him. Hmph, leaving this matter to Yamaguchi Group to deal with it is not bad. We can take this opportunity to find the weakness of Yamaguchi Group! For this plan, Yamaguchi Group people actually also wished to obtain some soup, that is basically lunatic raving! Yoko Nishikawa, you first watch that male teacher in secret. If there are any movements immediately inform me!”


Yoko Nishikawa nods her head before her body turns into a black shadow and disappears.


Chapter 632  [The boundless scene is good]

Sad nothing at all…well at least a fight will happen soon

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