MKW Chapter 631

Chapter 631   [Reunion]


Yunsen Akemi’s face is getting closer and closer to his, her breathing is blowing against his face.

Even after a month of picking up girl’s practice, at this moment Liu Yi also starts to be slightly nervous.

To be able to let Liu Yi perfectly complete the task, not only did they teach him Japanese, Japanese traditions, there is also professional psychology master, emotion master, so much so that even a constellation master also came and taught him the methods of picking up a girl!

This one month allowed Liu Yi to have an abundant harvest. He feels that right now even if he faces pretty girls, he will not be tongue-tied. Otherwise, how would he so casually tease his beautiful leader Liu Hongxian.

While at this moment, Yunsen Akemi scooting over actually causes Liu Yi to faintly feel his heartbeat increase.

After all this lass is also a beauty…and she smells so nice, although she cannot be compared to Liu Hongxian the fragrance is also from her body.

Yunsen Akemi’s red lips are getting closer and closer to him like she is going to kiss in the next second.

Just as their lips are about to touch, Yunsen Akemi unexpectedly takes off a rice grain from Liu Yi’s mouth edge.

“The way teacher eats things is very cute.”

Seeing how Liu Yi’s face actually becomes red, Yunsen Akemi thought that it is because he is shy about that rice grain.


Liu Yi immediately coughs drying before saying, “The way I eat is too ugly, really sorry.”

“Not at all, it allows me to see teacher’s cute side.”

Yunsen Akemi smiles faintly, “I thought that teacher will always have a cool looking appearance…ah right!”

She suddenly thinks of something and pulls out a spectacles case from her school bag and then takes out a ray-ban sunglasses and pass it to Liu Yi.

“Teacher, put it on and see if you look handsome or not!”

Yunsen Akemi acts like a spoilt child as she passes the sunglass to Liu Yi.

“This…fine then…”

Seeing how coquettish Yunsen Akemi acts like, he is unable to resist. He picks up the ray-ban sunglasses and takes off his spectacles and place by the side before putting on the sunglasses.

Liu Yi is originally wearing a yellow windbreaker as well as wearing a necktie and black leather shoes.

Current he puts on a sunglass as well, he is basically like a detective. Along with the slight stubble under his chin along with a bit of mature temperament, it causes Yunsen Akemi to be dazed for a while.

“Cough…that….can I take it off?”

Seeing Yunsen Akemi’s expression, Liu Yi is suddenly slightly embarrassed.

He does not like to rely on his face to obtain a girl’s liking. A guy should rely on his strength.

“Right! Right! I remember that Kawaguchi downstairs has a rather handsome small western hat! Teacher wait a bit. I’ll go and take it, it matches your clothing very well!”

She delightfully rushes downstairs.

Liu Yi cannot help but shake his head, alas when this lass is occasionally mischievous, it is indeed hard to stop her.

A little girl what…more or less has a bit of this strong will.

Liu Yi can only sit on the long bench wearing the sunglass like a bodyguard, waiting for Yunsen Akemi to come back up.

Just as Liu Yi is bored of waiting, a black figure suddenly flashes over from the right building. Following which a girl wearing completely black attire and a black mask. She leaps from downstair and descends towards Liu Yi.

Seeing the blades tied to the bottom of her feet, Liu Yi immediately shoots off from the chair and does a flip in the sky before landing on the terrace opposite.


The blades on the girl’s feet instantly cut through the cement floor and cut out two blade scars on the ground. At the same time, it causes eye-catching sparks!

Liu Yi immediately identifies that girls, thus he frowns and ask, “Kunoichi?”


The female snorts coldly saying in her heart, this person is indeed fishy!

She immediately jumps up again, at the same time she tosses out a few ninja stars.

Those ninja stars immediately shoot out shrouding towards Liu Yi’s head.


Liu Yi snorts as he raises his hand. A pair of black short blade appears in his hands and he starts waving them.

Those ninja stars were all knocked away by Liu Yi and pierce into the wall and ground by the side.

While the kunoichi falls back a few steps and slightly pulls up her mask revealing a delicate lower jaw. She opens her small mouth as her hands form a seal before aiming at Liu Yi and spit out an enormous waterfall!

This waterfall is around 1 meter in radius, carrying a white water wave, it reaches Liu Yi.

“Blade, come!”

But Liu Yi is calm as his hand trembles and the two black blades immediately merge together and transform into a two-meter-long guandao!


Liu Yi waves the black guandao with both hands heavily. Instantly the waterball is sliced into two by Liu Yi’s guandao and exploded in midair turning into water droplets and disappears.

While at this moment the kunoichi had disappeared.

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow slightly. The opponent’s aura also starts to disappear. His strength still has not completely recovered, thus his Black and White world’s ability is not strong enough!

But the danger sense of an expert is still there! Suddenly Liu Yi senses his scalp turning numb. He immediately retreats a few steps while in front of him a female figure flies out as the katana in her hand slash towards Liu Yi’s neck!


The girl is slightly shocked as she did not seem to expect that the opponent would dodge her sure kill attack!


The girl cries out as her hands form seals again!

After which red and blue ice butterflies appear in the air and start flying towards Liu Yi.

Anything that the ice butterfly bump into, it will start to freeze. It can be seen how powerful these ice butterflies were.

While Liu Yi only snorts, playing ice ability in front of me is basically displaying one’s slight skill in front of an expert.

He did not dodge, instead, he puts on his Monarch Armour and allows those ice butterflies to crash into his body, but they did not leave a single bit of injury on him.


Seeing Liu Yi putting on Monarch Armour, the kunoichi in front suddenly lets out a sound of exclamation.

“Since you already know my real ability, then there is no need to leave you alive!”

Liu Yi sneers as he prepares to kill.

Golden light starts revolving around his right hand as Desolate Flames energy swiftly gathers!

Although the kunoichi’s techniques are weird, the gap between both sides ability is still really big! As long as I take a step forward with Glorious Sun Palm, I will definitely be able to send this fellow to heaven!

“Liu Yi! Wait a minute!”

At this moment the kunoichi pulls off her mask revealing a familiar face!

Seeing this doll-like face Liu Yi is also shocked.

“Yoko! It is actually you!”

He takes off the sunglasses, did not expect that such a big mistake would occur!

“Gods….Liu Yi…how, how come you came to Kawasaki!”

Yoko Nishikawa is very shocked as she covers her mouth in disbelief.

“I am….I am here to relieve my boredom.”

Recalling his task, no matter what I must not say it out.

Even if it is to Yoko Nishikawa I definitely cannot say it out. Even though the two of us have deep relationship…but this matter involves the life and death of china thus I can only hide it from her.

“Relieve boredom? Why did you come here to relieve boredom?”

Yoko Nishikawa is in slight disbelief.

“The main point is that I came to see you…”

Liu Yi is a shame in his heart but his expression is not red nor his heart beat increase, “Didn’t I tell you before, when I am free, I will definitely come and find you.”

“So it is like that…you actually still remembered…”

Yoko Nishikawa’s eyes turn slightly red, “But, why did you come here to be a teacher…”

“I do need to work.”

Liu Yi says, “Otherwise I’ll run over here without any way to get in touch with you, I can only find a job to earn some money while searching for you.”

“Sorry, Liu Yi…”

Yoko Nishikawa is ashamed as she bows lightly to Liu Yi, “I made you suffer…”

“Did not, did not. Being able to see you I am satisfied.”

Liu Yi waves his hand but his heart is feeling very weak.

“But it is you…why would you suddenly abuse me?”

“It is the order from the top.”

Yoko Nishikawa is very worried in her heart as she says, “Liu Yi….why are you involved with big miss….the top have orders, any guys that are too intimate with the big miss…all must be eliminated!”

“What is the reason?”

Liu Yi is instantly shocked, “Could it be that Yunsen Akemi cannot even have a single friend?”

“Because big miss’s identity is very special.”

Yoko Nishikawa says, “The top is worried that big miss would be involved with people with bad intentions. Thus, they might as well pass down a killing order…”

“This is really ridiculous!”

Liu Yi snorts, “People from Glorious Sun Conglomerate are indeed nothing good.”

“That…Liu Yi….I am also a person from Glorious Sun Conglomerate ah….”

Liu Yi immediately smiles apologetically and says, “Ah sorry, sorry, Yoko is the exception!”

“But Yoko, if you do not kill me then how are you going to answer to the top?”

“I will tell the top that big miss was always with you thus I did not have the opportunity to take action.”

Yoko Nishikawa says, “But you must also be careful. Even if I go back the top will definitely send other people to come and kill you….if you do not wish to be hunted by others….then stay away from big miss…”

“She is very lonely and sad.”

Liu Yi nearly says out lonesome, hollow, cold, these kinds of words. But in his heart, he indeed sympathizes with Yunsen Akemi, “If I leave her just like this, I am unable to do it.”

Furthermore, there is also the task, thus no matter what Liu Yi cannot give up on getting close to Yunsen Akemi!

“But are you…not afraid of the people from Glorious Sun Conglomerate?”

“I am not afraid but it is indeed troublesome.”

Liu Yi thinks in his heart, if the Glorious Sun Conglomerate sends assassins and I deal with them, I will definitely expose my identity.

I must think of a long term method ah!

“Looks like…there is only one method left…”


Chapter 631  [Reunion]

Any guesses on what method he is going to use? Thou my main thoughts are when will they start their nighttime activity?

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  1. Meh. Survival of china? You serious? If a country that large got destroyed by a single conglomerate then the people who believe that is stupid.
    Seriously. Also if the country that lsrge got destroyed other nations would make a move on the attacker for the benefits


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