MKW Chapter 630

Chapter 630   [I’ll be counting on you, teacher]


After Wakabayashi Ryo that thorny leader left, Liu Yi’s lesson became smoother.

There is no need for Chinese language pace to be too quick, because they had just started to offer Chinese language courses, thus Liu Yi still has to start to teach from the pinyin.

Firstly letting the Japanese people learn how to intone the words is a very big problem. Because of their grammar habit, they have difficulty in the consonants. As the proverb says, the way they speak is with a Shangdu Lisp.

Thus it is also difficult for Liu Yi to teach in the beginning. In the end, he directly gives up, after all, if they know how to spell it is enough.

When Liu Yi announced their task of copying the phonetic letters, Yunsen Akemi  suddenly raises her hand and ask loudly, “Teacher I have a question that I want to ask you.”

“Oh? Go ahead.”

Liu Yi nods his head, indicating to Yunsen Akemi to continue asking.

“Teacher…I heard that in the textbook of China it is recorded that our country once invaded your country…is this matter real?”

The moment she asks, it attracted the attention of everyone.

Everyone looks at Yunsen Akemi in shock, not knowing why did she suddenly ask this question.

Liu Yi counter-ask, “Is there no such record of the history of your textbook?”

While Yunsen Akemi shakes her head.

“Then I feel that there is no need to discuss this question anymore. This is a very deeply-rooted thinking question. Even if right now I tell you guys that you indeed invade China before you guys will not admit to it. If you guys are really interested in this part of history you can go   Nanjing to have a walk. Take a look at the history left in that city then you guys know. This kind of things even if you guys erase it from the textbooks, or none of you admit to it, but it exists. History is history it cannot be falsified.”

When Liu Yi says this, he suddenly recalls his part in history, he becomes more rueful.

“If there is a chance, I can personally bring you guys to take a look.”

Liu Yi says, “Walking through the memorial hall will allow you guys to understand even more.”

He no longer discusses such heavy questions. Instead, he continues to let the students copy those phonetic letters.

The remaining time passes very quickly. Only then did Liu Yi let out a sigh of relief and walks out.

At this moment Yunsen Akemi  runs over and stands behind Liu Yi and shouts softly, “Teacher wait!”

Liu Yi turns around to looks at this pretty beauty and asks, “Oh? Yunsen Akemi  what is the matter?”

“Teacher…that…are you free in the afternoon?”

Yunsen Akemi suddenly is slightly shy as her expression is filled with a bit of begging.

“What is the matter? I don’t have anything going on.”

“That…in the afternoon, can I have a meal together with teacher?”

“Why would you want to have a meal with me?”

Liu Yi takes a look Yunsen Akemi ’s goodwill. It is already 30points. Looks like my performance in class earlier increased some points for me.

“That….I have a lot of questions that I wish to ask teacher.”

Yunsen Akemi takes a deep breath before looking at Liu Yi seriously and says, “Furthermore didn’t teacher say that you want to teach me other languages? Teacher….would not go back on your words right?”

“How would I…but, we have a teacher’s dining hall, where will you be eating?”

“I brought food in my schoolbag…”

Yunsen Akemi  pulls out her schoolbag from behind her, “Is teacher’s food intake large?”

“Not large, I eat very little.”

Liu Yi smiles, it is also fine if I do not eat.

“Then that is not a problem…let me bring you to a secret place…”

Yunsen Akemi stretches out her hand and pulls Liu Yi’s hand. Suddenly she notices that Liu Yi is a guy and quickly let go of his hand while her face turns slightly red.

This lass…is really interesting ah…

“That….teacher…follow me…”

Yunsen Akemi ’s voice becomes slightly softer as she lowers her head and walks forward.

Liu Yi clucks and follows behind her. Currently, he glimpsed Wakabayashi Ryo watching him from far away, his eyes are filled with anger.

Liu Yi’s heart moves, looks like this fellow thinking of Yunsen Akemi ah.

But from the looks of it, Yunsen Akemi does not really like him at all.

No matter who it is I will not let anyone get Yunsen Akemi. She is very important to the fate of China.

Liu Yi follows Yunsen Akemi and walks up the staircase.

The two of them walks to the roof where Yunsen Akemi takes out a key and opens the door to the roof.

“Oh? How come you have the key?”

Liu Yi is very curious. Because the school roof of Japanese schools usually does not allow students. The most important reason is to prevent those students who wish to suicide.

“My father is also the shareholder of this place.”

Yunsen Akemi ’s smiles cause Liu Yi to be even more gloomy. Fine then, indeed she comes from a rich family.

After opening the roof door, Yunsen Akemi is like a little deer that got infected by joy as she skips up and stands under the sun.

“The sunlight of the 12 pm is the best…”

She stretches her arms out towards the sun and takes a deep breath.

Currently, a gentle breeze blows by on Yunsen Akemi.

Her black hair flutters along with the wind as her blue skirt are also slightly blown up. Underneath a white panty can be faintly seen.

The small panty wedge between the white tights is damn alluring. Especially how it is faintly discernible, the killing power if very strong.

Liu Yi uses a lot of effort before he is able to pull his gaze away from her panties.

It is really..hell ah….a beautiful hell….

“Teacher I always eat lunch here. This place is not bad right?”

Yunsen Akemi does not know that she had exposed herself. She excitedly says, “I like the wind here the best. It is especially cooling and refreshing, giving me a relaxed feeling.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, wow, Japanese girls really know how to be pretentious.

If this is in China perhaps this group of girls would have been frozen and will be complaining about the wind messing up their hair!

“Indeed not bad, it is suitable for a person to stay here.”

Liu Yi notices that there is actually a long bench on the rooftop and immediately impolitely sits down on it.

After having enough of the wind, Yunsen Akemi turns around and pulls out a lunchbox from her schoolbag and offers it to Liu Yi.

“That…teacher…this is the lunch that the chef in my house cooked…I am not hungry, you eat…”


Liu Yi instantly starts sweating, it feels like this lass is giving me her lunch ah!

He takes the high-class lunch box and opens it to take a look.

Good fellow, inside is filled with all kind of delicacy the nutrition pairing is really a great meal.

“That, I eat very little. I will not be able to finish it eating alone. Let’s eat together.”

Liu Yi passes the chopsticks to Yunsen Akemi.

“No….no, I am really not hungry…”

Yunsen Akemi immediately shakes her head saying that she is not hungry.

“Wouldn’t it be a waste if I do not finish eating.”

Liu Yi uses the chopsticks to pick up a piece of fried eggs and feeds Yunsen Akemi.

“Come, teacher will feed you, open your mouth, ah!”

“Te, teacher…”

Yunsen Akemi ’s face turns completely red, as she feels slightly weird.

“What is the matter? Ah is it because I am too rude?”

Liu Yi immediately pulls back his chopsticks. Seeing Yunsen Akemi ’s shy appearance, she smiles and says, “Xi, you do not know our Chinese tradition. In the tradition of our Chinese, a day as a teacher, forever a father. I am your teacher which means that I am also equivalent to your father. So, there is no need for you to be so embarrassed.”

“So there is actually this kind of tradition.”

Yunsen Akemi nods her head. Only then did she sit back down by Liu Yi’s side.

“Then teacher…let, let us continue…”

“Mm okay.”

Liu Yi nods his head and picks up that piece of fried egg and feeds Yunsen Akemi. Yunsen Akemi ’s face is completely red as she opens her small mouth and eats the fried egg.

This Yunsen Akemi is indeed very cute. No wonder she is so popular in Sakura High.

Not only is she from a rich family, but she is also pretty and her character is so good.

Perhaps she is the rumored perfect female goddess.

Liu Yi looks at her as his gaze becomes slightly sentimental. He is slightly missing Murong Die and Wang Yuzheng who is in school.

Yunsen Akemi has the rich missy side of Murong Die but her obedient nature is very similar to Wang Yuzheng.

For an instantly the two girls figure and Yunsen Akemi merge together.

Really miss them ah…it had been so long since we last meet….

The two of them…should be fine right…

“Teacher…. teacher?”

Seeing how Liu Yi keeps staring at her until he is in a daze, that pair of black eyes revealed a deep love, causing her heart to instantly beat like a deer, very rapid.

Teacher….teacher should have only met me for the first time….why, why would he….he looks at me like this…

But…I don’t hate how teacher is looking at me like this…it is different from how other guys look at me. The gaze of other guys always carries a trace of conquering and lust, while teacher’s gaze….is filled with pure deep love…

It is this deep love which causes Yunsen Akemi ’s heart to beat rapidly as her face turns even redder.

Could it be….that teacher likes me?

But this is the first time that teacher has seen me ah…furthermore teacher is so outstanding, he is proficient in 8 languages, talented and so handsome, why would he fancy me?

Could it be because I come from a rich family?

If that is the cause…then I’m afraid that I will not be happy…

Ahhhh! Really am going crazy…

She can only keep calling Liu Yi, “Teacher, teacher ah!”


At this moment Liu Yi also breaks out from his daze. Murong Die and Wang Yuzheng’s figures also disappear as a pretty girl sits in front of him. Her face is very red as she looks at him complicatedly.

Liu Yi hurries and explain, “Sorry…just now I was thinking of something and got lost in thought.”

“No, no worries…”

Yunsen Akemi is still slightly frenetic. She can only point that the lunchbox and change the topic, “Teacher, let us continue to eat…after eating you can teach me Chinese.”

“Oh, okay…”

Liu Yi also secretly blames himself, I actually got lost in thought at such a crucial point…

As he eats he mutter apprehensively in his heart.

While at this moment Yunsen Akemi suddenly scoots over gently, her face is basically sticking to his face.

Gods…what does this lass want to do?


Chapter 630  [I’ll be counting on you, teacher]

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3 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 630

  1. While it’s true that japanese textbooks tend to gloss over the invasion of China during the Sino-Japanese war (~= part of the Asian theatre of WWII), they do not deny or hide it. In the worst case, they just summarize it a lot leaving outside the more grisly bits, like the Nanking massacre or the human experimentation facilities. On the other hand, China basically tends to exaggerate the already brutal scenes and fails to mention the shift in policies and nature of the country afterwards.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There is no one side to history, just as an individual will make himself sound better when introducing themselves in an interview. Organizations (which countries can be classified as a large version of such) will make things seem great when it is fair, and sweep away what they wish to forget.

      Huge example is The United States tearing down statues of a honorable war hero, just because he fought for the side that used slaves. Where as the opposing side was just as horrible…they had workers otherwise called “indentured servants” her were treated as bad or worse than those where unforgivably called property.

      Then there were the horrors of Europe in both world war 1 and 2…. people would rather pretend these things never happened rather than LEARN from them. Why? Because it is less painful.

      Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it……

      I don’t know who I got that quote from, but it is etched in my soul.

      Apologies for the heavy message, but I hope it helps some readers to remove the veil that has been placed over their eyes.

      Liked by 3 people

      • I know that history has always at least two sides. I was just giving a short brief about how both sides deal with this particular history and the fact that while the japanese correctly identify how the other side deals with it, the chinese have a warped undestanding on how the other side does it (they don’t deny it, they just don’t like speaking too much about it so they don’t go too deep into it, which while being a form of denialism, is not the same thing; also, the way of thinking has changed a lot but China still projects over current Japan the mentality of the Japanese Empire).

        Now, about the rest of your rant, indentured servitude was by nature somewhat different to slavery, even if it technicalle was a form of slavery and even if it was abused some times to the point that in some cames the time limit got reset again and again, and up to my knowledge indentured servitude was more prevalent in the south, which was also the part of the coutry where indentured servitude contracts got abused the most.

        And about the horrors of the world wars in Europe… Those are not hidden nor tampered with too much, since they want to keep them fresh enough so as to it never repeating again. Other 20th century european wars, though, are indeed given a measure of bias depending on the side one belongs and what’s currently better regarded.

        About the quote, it’s a good one and I have it always in mind alongside with “man is the only animal that trips twice on the same stone”.

        In short, regarding my original message: japanese people commited atrocities and, most likely due to shame, they try not to speak aout them too much, but that’s not the same as saying that Japan denies having ever sent troops to China during the Sino-Japanese War and annexing some territory.


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