MKW Chapter 629

Chapter 629   [Establishing prestige]


After teasing his leader for a while, Liu Yi picks up his teaching plan and went to the second year third class.

This is the class which Yunsen Akemi is in. He also heard that this is a problematic class but to Liu Yi, the difficulty is not that high. He can just casually teach a bit. After the lesson, he will go and fool around with Yunsen Akemi. As for the rest, he does not care about them.

Liu Yi walks to the class entrance and hearing how noisy it is inside, he frowns slightly.

But this is no different from him going to school back then. Every time when the lesson is over the class becomes noisy. Until the next just before the next teacher enters, the class will always be noisy like they are afraid of losing to the bell.

The students have boundless energy, especially when they gather together, they will become some kind of catalyst allowing them to become even lively.

So every time when the teacher enters the class, they will glare fiercely a few times and the students will become quiet.

Liu Yi thought that this class is more or less the same, thus he pushes the door open and walks in.

After all, as a teacher, Liu Yi keeps up his spirit and makes himself look more like a teacher.

Just as he pushes open the door and takes a step into the room, he instantly senses something bad coming at him from the top of his head.

Liu Yi’s Black and White world automatically activate as his spiritual sense spreads out and notice that the thing falling towards his head is none other than a blackboard duster.

Aren’t these students….a bit too much?

The first day I come and they are already playing tricks on me?

Liu Yi instantly recalls a few of those shows that he watches when he was young. Those teachers also experience such tricks frequently.

Dodge? Or not to dodge?

This question causes Liu Yi to pause for a while. But afterward, he decided what he is going to do. After all, I am still a china person, I cannot give up my pride for this task!

Furthermore, who says that a teacher must be weak, I am not that easy to bully!

Under the expecting and mocking gaze of the students, Liu Yi suddenly stretches out his hand and slaps away the dropping blackboard duster.

Instantly the blackboard duster flies out and hits the face of the student who is smiling the brightest.


Liu Yi pretends to be startled as he touches his hair and asks, “Did something drop down? That student over there are you fine?”

Everyone got a bit stunned. Originally they were planning to trick the teacher but unexpectedly there is an accident and their own people got accidentally injured.

That student’s face is covered with chalk dust and become like an evil villain in the Chinese soap operas.

“Teacher I already tried to block them…”

Yunsen Akemi is sitting in the second row as she says feeling wronged, “I already said not to trick teacher already but they did not listen to me…”

“Your sympathy is too overflowing already.”

A handsome guy with yellow hair sitting at the very last row sneers and says, “This shina teacher is not worthy of being respected.”

Hearing what that guy says, Jin Qianxi becomes slightly angered, “Shut up, Wakabayashi Ryo what you just said is too much!”

“How is that too much. What I say is the truth that’s all.”

Wakabayashi Ryo props his feet up on the table and says arrogantly, “Really do not understand what is the use of learning shina. Do they think that they are flourishing Tang Dynasty era? The shina right now is just a dog that only knows how to be inflexible that’s all. This kind of lesson is completely pointless and we should let the school chase them back!”

“Right, chase them back!”

“Chase them back!”

A lot of students seem to be the underlying of that Wakabayashi Ryo as they shout along as well.

This situation instantly causes Liu Yi’s expression to be slightly unsightly. Yunsen Akemi is anxious but she does not know what to do.

While Liu Yi stands at the teacher’s desk and leans against it allowing them to continue shouting.

The students have a lot of energy as they shouted for over ten minutes.

While Liu Yi leans against the teacher’s desk not saying anything nor did his expression turn ugly. Instead, it is filled with interest like it is very interesting.

No one knows that Liu Yi is actually using Little Jade’s system to read novels.

After shouting for another 10 minutes, the students finally are tired of shouting. All of them are dispirited as their voice turn softer. Finally, there is no longer anymore sound.

Only then did Liu Yi keeps the novel and smiles merrily and says, “Finished already? Then let’s start the lesson.”

“Bastard did you not understand what I said?”

Wakabayashi Ryo says fiercely, “I asked you to scram out of this school!”

“Let me say something.”

Liu Yi glances at Wakabayashi Ryo, “The one who invited me is the school, if I am leaving, it should be the school who asks me to. As for you, what do you count ask?”


Wakabayashi Ryo instantly stands up and following which a few other guys stand up as well as they glare at Liu Yi fiercely.

“That is enough from you guys!”

Yunsen Akemi is clearly standing on Liu Yi’s side, “Can you guys please respect teacher!”

“Xi what is the matter with you today?”

Wakabayashi Ryo looks at that miss unhappily, “What do you keep speaking up for that shina teacher!”

“Wakabayashi Ryo, are you done, how long more are you going to mess around?”

“Xi you should know that I hate shina people.

“I am also a quarter-china! Remember they are Chinese not shina!”

Liu Yi did not expect that Yunsen Akemi would protect him like this.

This lass…seems to be even purer and kind-hearted than what I thought.

Making use of this lass, more or less gives me a guilty feeling.

“You are different from him. In you, there is our noble Japanese bloodline!”

Wakabayashi Ryo says arrogantly, “So you are different. While this shina person must scram out from our school!”

“Wakabayashi Ryo don’t be too much!”

“So what if I am too much?”

Wakabayashi Ryo pulls out a baseball bat from under his desk as he walks over to Liu Yi with a few other students and surrounds him.

“I gave you a chance and you don’t want it then let us send you out lying down!”

Wakabayashi Ryo waves the baseball bat in his hand threateningly.

“Really sorry, although I am a teacher I do not bend under threat.”

Liu Yi’s hands are in his windbreakers as he looks at the Japanese youngster holding a baseball bat in front of him indifferently, “Let me say something as well. I learned a bit of mixed martial arts. If you guys really take action then I will not guarantee your safety.”

“You sick man from East Asia, what ability do you guys even have?”

“Wakabayashi Ryo, what is the point of saying so much nonsense to him, let me waste him! If something happens my father will help me cover it up!”

These students’ conditions are all not bad to actually not place Liu Yi in their eyes.

After all, they have a large family background, even if they beat Liu Yi until something really happen, it is also fine.

“Teacher, be careful!”

With Yunsen Akemi’s exclamation, the baseball bat in that student’s hand descends towards Liu Yi’s head.

This fellow is indeed ruthless when he takes action! If it is other people perhaps their brain would have been burst open!

While Liu Yi only raises his hand and grabs hold of that descending baseball bat before tugging it into his hands.


That student is stunned as he did not expect that his baseball bat would be snatched away.

Liu Yi casually waves the baseball bat before saying, “This thing is used to hit baseballs, not people. You use it like this will make it cry.”

“You damn fellow! Smash him!”

Wakabayashi Ryo feels that he is about to explode in anger, we are actually being made fun of by a shina!

The students instantly crowd forward as the baseball bats in their hands swing towards Liu Yi.

Behind Liu Yi is the teacher’s desk, making him unable to retreat. But he does not have the intention of retreating. Instead, he tosses out the baseball bat in this hands.

That baseball bat directly hit a student in front on his nose, causing him to have a nosebleed and plop onto the floor on his but.

That baseball bat then bounces back into Liu Yi’s hand which he then holds horizontally, blocking the swing down baseball bat of another student.

Liu Yi’s hand which is holding onto the baseball bat trembles and his baseball bat revolves around the other baseball bat. He takes advantage and slaps out with his hand, slapping that student in his lower jaw hitting his body upwards, crashing into a table.

What that baseball bat spins one round before returning back into Liu Yi’s hand.

Two students swing their baseball bat from two sides at the same time.

Liu Yi turns around showing his back to one. His baseball bat shoots out from his armpit in the opposite direction into that student’s stomach causing him to vomit out sour juice.

At the same time, Liu Yi kicks out with a leg, kicking the student in front in his leg, causing him to lose his equilibrium and kneels onto the ground.

Liu Yi easily defeating four students intimidated the rest of them.

This teacher…is a bit too fierce already.

Wakabayashi Ryo also stares at Liu Yi in shock forgetting about the matter of taking action.

“In the future do not let me hear shina again, otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Liu Yi tosses the baseball bat onto the ground, smashing into a student who is just climbing to his feet, causing him to lie back down in pain.

“I am here to teach you guys Chinese. If you guys want to listen then listen if you don’t want to listen then scram out from my class! From now on, whoever who does not listen, scram out immediately.”

Liu Yi points toward the door of the class.

A few of the students who are causing trouble look at Liu Yi cowardly before obediently sitting back down into their own seats.

“You wait for me!”

Seeing that most of his influence had left while those pack of rogues of his no longer dare to be rash, Wakabayashi Ryo knows that him alone will not be able to cause any splash, thus he leaves behind a fierce sentence before kicking open the classroom door and walks off.

“Good. Let us continue our lesson now.”

Under the shy gaze of the students, Liu Yi walks onto the platform and uses Japanese to write down his name.

“My Chinese name is Liu Dabo. In the future, you guys can call me Teacher Liu, or teacher…but you guys are not allowed to directly call me by my name do you guys understand me?”

The students say weakly, “Understood…”

“I asked you if you understand me?”

Liu Yi’s expression turns serious as the teacher’s pointer in his hands is instantly snapped into half by him. The students instantly trembles and shouts loudly, “Understood teacher!”

“That’s better.”

Liu Yi nods his head in satisfaction.

While at this moment Yunsen Akemi who is watching Liu Yi’s gaze with a weird expression.


Chapter 629  [Establishing prestige]


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4 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 629

  1. I wonder who this Jin Qianxi is.

    There has been some variation with the cursing, but still does not match the situation. It means something on the lines of “you bloody fool!” and is said when someone makes the stupidest of mistakes (as in “I-told-you-not-to-push-the-button-why-did-you-push-the-button-you-bloody-fool”).

    I though high-class japanese kids were more on the side of money, power and mind games in relation with bullying, and only got physical (in a subjugating way) once the road was paved… This Wakabayashi lad looks more like a yankee from a low-class high school.


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