MKW Chapter 628

Chapter 628   [Obedient one]


“Gods…..teacher you are a genius!”

Yin Qianxi is very interested in Liu Yi, “Proficient in 8 different languages, why would you come to my school to be a teacher ah!”

“Because I am very interested in the culture of all kinds of country.”

Liu Yi had already thought of an excuse, “I plan to work here for a year before going to France to work for a year. Then England, South Korea…at that time, I’ll travel the entire world.”

“Wah….so romantic ah…”

Yin Qianxi instantly becomes envious, stars appear in her eyes, “So romantic ah teacher….to actually have such a romantic plan…”

“You also can do it.”

As Liu Yi cycles, he says, “I can teach you the 8 languages as well…oh, other than Japanese which you are already fluent with.”

“Annoying teacher…”

Hearing Liu Yi’s teasing, Yin Qianxi lightly hammers Liu Yi’s back, “If teacher is willing to teach me, naturally it is good….But I am unable to be as free as teacher and go wherever I like…”

“Why did you got cold?”

Although Liu Yi knows of Yin Qianxi’s identity, he pretends that he does not know and teases, “Or could it be that you are a child-bride of some young master?”

“No! Teacher stop making jokes about me.”

Yin Qianxi puffs up her face and stares at Liu Yi in dissatisfaction, her appearance is very cute. “It is just that my home manages me very strictly…usually I am unable to leave my house not to mention going overseas!”

Liu Yi suddenly says, “Raise your head.”


“Raise your head.”

Liu Yi repeats again, only then did Yin Qianxi raises her head to see a group of white doves flying overhead as they fly towards the other side of the city.

“Do you see them?”

Liu Yi says, “A person should be free and easy while alive. If we don’t even have freedom then we are less than birds while alive.”

“Living less than birds?”

Yin Qianxi looks at the far away white doves in the sky as her eyes turn hazy.

Liu Yi did not say anything else as he continues to pedal his bicycle.

After saying so much it is enough to attract the attention of Yin Qianxi.

After cycling to the school, he secretly looks at Yin Qianxi who hops off the bicycle, her goodwill is already 28.

Very good, this is a very perfect beginning!

On the first meeting I already raised the goodwill to 28, this result is not bad!

Continue to work hard. I must first raise the goodwill to 99 before saying anything else!

“Thank you teacher, for sending me to school!”

Yin Qianxi is very polite. After hopping off the bicycle, she thanks Liu YI.

“No need to be so polite. You are my student, helping you is the responsibility of a teacher.”

Liu Yi waves his hand before locking up the bicycle properly.

“Then teacher, let’s meet again in class!”


Liu Yi nods his head. Just nice he is in charge of teaching Sakura High second grade while Liu Hongxian is in charge of teaching the first grade. The two of them had already divided up the work properly.

“Thank you, teacher!”

Yin Qianxi bows towards Liu Yi once again before walking towards the school building.

Looking at Yin Qianxi’s cute back view, Liu Yi’s gaze is slightly sentimental.

Liu Yi asks blankly, {Immortal Fox sister, you say, I, making use of a young girl like this…is it really correct?}

{Don’t be to confused.}

Lin Tong gently tugs Liu Yi’s ear, {Don’t forget big idiot you are a person who is going to do big things. To do big things, you must not bother about the trifles. If you are hesitating like this, at the end perhaps both sides will be harmed.}

{Mm….what you say is right.}

Liu Yi shakes his head and banishes off that trace of pity in his brain, {I cannot anyhow think anymore. The task is more important!}

{You better hurry to the office to report…I believe that bald top guy is about to explode in anger right? Hehe..}

{Ah, right!}

Hearing Lin Tong’s reminder, only then did Liu Yi awaken as he hurriedly locks up the bicycle properly and rushes to the office.

Indeed coming to the office, that bald head guy starts criticizing him.

“Too unreasonable already! Babo-san today is your first day for work and you are already late! Our school possesses a first-rate tradition one, your actions today are smearing our school’s name! I do not wish to see it another time, do you understand?”

“Hai, hai, hai….I deeply understand my mistake and hope that you forgive me.”

Liu Yi pretends to apologize politely while he is secretly looking at Liu Hongxian sitting by the side.

Liu Hongxian also secretly look at him as she sits on her office table, she stealthily gives him a thumbs up.

Looks like she also knows about this task.

“Quickly go and prepare for your class! Don’t forget to reflect!”

Only after the teaching director scolds did he let him off.

Liu Yi lets out a sigh of relief before going to his seat and pretends to look at the teaching plan.

Liu Hongxian who is seating opposite him lightly tap the table with her finger.

Although it seems to be a senseless pattern of tapping the table, it is actually the secret code used by their 12th Army intelligence people.

Liu Yi is able to hear clearly from Liu Hongxian, how did the matter go?

Alas, this beautiful leader of mine still does not believe in me ah. I am so outstanding and handsome, even the Demon Emperor was charmed over by me. Wouldn’t it be very easy for me to date a young girl?

Liu Yi also starts tapping the table to reply to Liu Hongxian.

-Beautiful leader are you still not relieved with me taking action? Just based on my silver tongue, not to mention Yin Qianxi, even leader will not be able to escape from my palm.-

Hearing this secret code from Liu Yi, Liu Hongxian’s face instantly turns red as the teaching material in her hand drops onto the ground.

With so many people around, she does not dare to reprimand Liu Yi! After all, right now the two of them have the relationship of colleagues thus she does not have any reason to reprimand him!

Without any choice, Liu Hongxian can only use the secret code to says, -Comrade Liu Liu! Take note of your taking attitude! I am your higher up! You actually dare to tease your higher up, you want to be punished is it!-

Liu Yi clucks and replies, -Comrade Liu Hongxian, right now we no longer have any higher up relationship! Right now we are colleagues. Between colleagues is there a need to be so serious? Why don’t I stand up right now and call you leader?-

Liu Hongxian instantly becomes flustered.

-You dare! Comrade Liu Yi, right now you are threatening a higher up!-

-Already said that we are colleagues, should I really stand up and shout ah?-

-You, you calm down!-

-Then what is our current relationship?-

-Colleague…it is a colleague relationship….-

Liu Hongxian seems to give in. Seeing her unwilling expression, Liu Yi is secretly delighted.

Hahaha, teasing leader is indeed interesting!

Liu Yi continues to send the code, -Does that means the from now one, I can tease you?-

-Liu Yi! Don’t be too much!-

Liu Hongxian nearly exploded as anger filled her eyes, -Be careful I will punish you!-

Saying finish Liu Hongxian starts to regret.

Liu Yi this fellow would he really be driven to desperate measures?

Seeing Liu Yi seems to be distracted there not moving, Liu Hongxian starts to be delighted.

Indeed cannot give this fellow face! Look, right now he is obedient!

Unexpectedly Liu Yi suddenly stands up and says, “Le…”

“Dabo-san, I borrowed your lesson plan! Don’t search anymore, I’ll give it back to you!”

Liu Hongxian nearly panicked. But as the youngest section chief on the 12 army intelligence department, her reaction ability is very good. She immediately raises a set of teaching plan on her table and passes it to Liu Yi, blocking the rest of his words. At the same time, she fiercely glares at him and unwillingly taps a few times on the table.

Hearing the code that Liu Hongxian says to him, Liu Yi smiles brightly in her heart.

Yes! I won this round!

Let’s treat this as the punishment of Liu Hongxian giving me Liu Dabo such an evil name!

Just as Liu Hongxian announced his surrender, a male teacher walks over from the side and says politely, “Aiyah, Teacher Anui today is your first day of class have you adapted to it?”

Liu Hongxian’s current name is Liu Anui thus she is called Teacher Anui.

“Teacher Susukino, we are not that familiar with each other yet. Please call me by my surname.”

Liu Hongxian did not give that male teacher any face.

Liu Yi had seen this teacher yesterday. This teacher teaches maths and is called Choshunior Susukino. Currently, he is wearing a black stiff suit, his hair is combed neatly.

Liu Yi does not know why but he feels slightly uncomfortable.

Liu Hongxian is a beauty, no matter where she goes, she will attract the gaze of people.

“Teacher Susukino how can you call others by their name the moment you sees them. You are too impolite already!”

While another heavy set guy walks over as well, moving to Liu Hongxian’s side and says, “Teacher Liu, if this fellow is impolite to you again tell me! I, Fujimino will protect you!”

“Tsk, you overdeveloped fellow also wish to obtain the favor of Teacher Anui?”

“How many times do I have to say it to call her by her surname. You are being over-familiar you four eyes!”

The two teachers actually start quarreling this way in the office.

Liu Hongxian sits down and continues reading the teaching material like nothing is happening. It is very likely that such things happen quite frequently around her.

At this moment the teaching director walks over and berates, “The two of you go and sit back down! Such so noisy, what kind of appearance is this!”

The two guys instantly turn red and gloomily went back to their seat.

While the other female teachers in the office give the teaching director an admiring looking. It is still teaching director who is proper.

The teaching director coughs twice and walks over to Liu Hongxian’s side, “Teacher Liu ah, forgive those two young fellows. They are still too young. But Teacher Liu, I am very curious, what is the perfume that you are using, why does it smell so nice?”

“Gods, teaching director aren’t you too cunning?!”

“Aren’t you already married?”

The group of teachers are instantly stunned.

Liu Yi is also speechless, indeed, beauty’s destructive power….is big ah!


Chapter 628  [Obedient one]


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    • “What is the most common last name in China?
      In Mandarin, the most common transliteration is “Liao.” Other Romanized forms of the name include Leow, Liau, Liaw, Liauw, Leeau, Lio, Liow, Leaw, Leou, Lau, Loh, Liu, Lieu, Liew and Lew.”
      Thanks Wikipedia.


      • Yeah, I know that that makes sense in chinese (lots of different characters read in similar ways), but oonce you transcribe it to chinese, it looks like you have two people with the same surname that get fake identities by chaging only their given names, which looks quite stupid. Like Frank Jones and Susy Jones going undercover as Fred Jones and Lindy Jones.


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