MKW Chapter 627

Chapter 627   [Got hooked]


“So….so fast….”

Liu Yi’s pedaling speed is very quick. Yunsen Akemi can only hold Liu Yi’s waist tightly while leaning her head against his back.

“Te…teacher….to fast…”

This is the first time she is sitting on a guy’s bicycle. In the past, she always sees that female student seat like this and is rather envious. She did not expect that there will come a day when she will experience it herself!

It seems like….I need to be thankful that the car is spoiled!

Liu Yi ask, “Then should I pedal slower?”

“Cannot! We are going to be late already!”

Yunsen Akemi shakes her head, “I am fine…teacher pedal faster a bit!”


Liu Yi nods his head before smiling faintly as he his pedaling speed increases. The two of them cycle as fast as lightning towards the direction of the school.

The surrounding building retreat in a row, carrying along Yunsen Akemi’s exclamations. In that cry carries a trace of delight.

Indeed, the usual big missy who living in a mansion has a trace of rebel her heart ah!

But considering her age, around this time she will naturally be rebellious.

“Is it too quick?”

Liu Yi still attentively ask, while Yunsen Akemi shakes her head.

Feeling the surrounding wind that rises, Yunsen Akemi says in delight, “No, no. Teacher, your body is really fit!”

One of her hand is holding onto Liu Yi while her other hand had to hold onto her school bag. She then uses her school bag to press down on her skirt to prevent herself from being completely exposed.

“Still okay. I frequently trained myself before.”

While Liu Yi cycles, he chats with Yunsen Akemi.

“So it is like this. No wonder teacher’s physical strength is so good. This way we will not be late.”

“Mm, it is bad to be late.”

“Yes, I had never been late before…right teacher, which part of China are you from?”

“I am from Jingdou.”

Liu YI is calm as he replies based on the identity given to him.

“Oh, then why did teach come to Japan to be a teacher? Isn’t China not bad?”

“I heard that the salary here is not bad, thus I come over.”

Liu Yi clucks, “What I learned in university was the Japanese language. Other than being a translator, it is a teacher. After all, since I am young, I decided to come over here to temper myself.”

“Then does teacher like our place?”

“As for this, it is still not good to say. I just came here recently.”

Liu Yi cycles as he says, “I heard that the people over here are not that friendly towards us people from China.”

“No, not like this!”

Yunsen Akemi denies, “Not all Japanese are this like that. Most of us still like people from China. Only a minority…for example classmate Jingxia…aiyah…what to do if classmate Jingxia bullies teacher…”

There are also right-wing students in the class?

Liu Yi already prepared himself for this.

While he is chatting with Yunsen Akemi, a few Toyota SUV’s drive over and surround them.

A guy stretches out his head from the car window and shouts at Liu Yi, “The person in front stop immediately!”

“Ah!” Yunsen Akemi exclaims, “It is the bodyguards from my family…”

Liu Yi suddenly laughs as he asks Yunsen Akemi, “You want to follow me or follow them?”

“Ah? Teacher? What do you mean?”

Yunsen Akemi who is worrying instantly becomes curious when she hears what Liu Yi says.

Liu Yi says loudly, “If you wish to follow me, then I will bring you and break away from this annoying fellow, what do you say?”

“Real, really can? Teacher?”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “Of course. You are my student. Teacher has the responsibility to help you.”

“If, if you really can….”

Yunsen Akemi is slightly wavering.

“Then leave it to teacher.”

Liu Yi smiles. At the same time, he instructed Little Jade, {Little Jade help me strengthen the bicycle.}

{Understood master!}

Little Jade separates a few strands of nanofiber that cannot be seen with naked eyes from Liu Yi’s clothing and starts to strengthen the bicycle underneath.

Little Jade is definitely a high tech product. The ease she releases those nanofiber to strengthen the bicycle.

Liu Yi follows what the novel he read a few days ago did. That male lead is really valiant! He is able to use his god qi to temper his tools. That bicycle of his is basically god equipment! Although Liu Yi himself is unable to refine it he is able to Little Jade this kind of heavenly defying high tech tool to strengthen his bicycle as well!

{Remolding, 10%….20%…..}

Little Jade keeps reporting the remolding progress while Liu Yi continues to cycle. The SUV beside are getting closer and closer.

“Little fellow quickly stop the bicycle!”

A bodyguard shouts, “Otherwise we shall be impolite to you!”

Yunsen Akemi says in worry, “Teacher….do, do we stop…”

“Relax believe in teacher!”

Liu Yi smiles faintly. Currently Little Jade had already reported that the progress is at 100%.

Thus he lowers his body and grabs the bicycle tightly before shouting, “Hold me tightly!”


Before Yunsen Akemi is able to react, Liu Yi already steps on the pedal fiercely.

The bicycle instantly surges forward like a bull madly.

Yunsen Akemi instantly feels like her body got heavily pulled back and nearly fell off. She immediately hugs Liu Yi’s waist tightly and leans against his back.

With her shocked cry, the two of them immediately leaves the line of sight of the SUV at the speed of lighting.

“Is that a bicycle?”

“Quick, quickly chase after them!”

The bodyguards driving the SUV were all shock as they are unable to comprehend how did a person cycling a bicycle move faster than them driving an SUV!

They immediately step on the gas, ignoring the traffic rules as they madly rush on the road!

A total of 3 SUV’s chase behind a bicycle like this!

The other drivers and pedestrian by the side were all stunned saying in their heart, what bullshit situation is this, a bicycle got chased by 3 SUV! This is not science ah!

Even Yunsen Akemi herself is also shocked. She did not expect that her teacher’s cycling standard was so high! Could it be that teacher was a professional cyclist in the past!

Liu Yi is very agile cycling the bicycle. As he keeps cutting over the cars by the side!

“Bullshit is the person still cycling a bicycle?”

“That is not the newly released motorbike, right!”

One of the bodyguards who is chasing after lets out a cry!

Yunsen Akemi who is holding Liu Yi tightly looks behind at the bodyguards who were chasing after closely and says, “They are chasing very tightly ah!”

“Leave it to me!”

Liu Yi smiles confidently and then give Little Jade an order, {Little Jade, pull out the map of the surrounding.}

{Understood master!}

Little Jade connects to the satellite and scanned the surrounding. Very quickly she displays the map on the top right of Liu Yi’s sight.

Just like playing GTA this kind of game, the top left of Liu Yi’s sight is the GPS map of the surrounding which is very convenient.

“Hold me tightly, we are going to change paths!”

Liu Yi looks at the map before deciding the direction. After which on the road, he suddenly turns around as the bicycle instantly turns into a small road by the side.

“Hurry and chase!”

The SUV wish to chase it but they realize that the side road is very narrow. The car is unable to enter.


The bodyguard’s curse but they are unable to do anything!

The guy in yellow windbreaker cycled too fast and instantly they are already out of sight. They are completely unable to catch up if they get off the car!

After entering the small alleyway, Liu Yi realizes that the few little red dots are no longer chasing after him, thus he slows down the cycling speed.

Currently, Yunsen Akemi is swinging her legs in delight and says excitedly, “Teacher they are already unable to catch up with us!”

After entering this small road, their distance from the school becomes further away. Liu Yi also does not wish to perform too much and attract the gaze of other people. Thus he pretends to be panting as he says, “Mm, but it seems like you are going to be late like this.”

“No worries. But I implicated teacher.”

Yunsen Akemi says calmly, “Today is the first day of teacher starting work and I made you late. Our teaching director is very fierce. Perhaps you will be scolded.”

“Hahaha…indeed is very fierce…”

Liu Yi recalls that fierce teaching director in Sakara high school and recalls his teaching director in his high school who is also very fierce.

Perhaps all of the teaching directors in the world are so fierce.

“But teacher your cycling skills are very good. Were you a professional cyclist in the past?”

“Still okay. In the past, I cycled to and fro to school so my strength is better, that’s all.”

Liu Yi glances back lightly and realizes that Yunsen Akemi’s goodwill towards him had already reached 22.

Not easy ah, to raise the goodwill by so much the moment we meet. Looks like this task that the top had given me should be able easy to complete.

Whether I am able to save China depends on this lass…

Seeing how innocent she is smiling, Liu Yi’s heart becomes soft.

But after thinking of his parents and Murong Die and the girls, Liu Yi has no choice but to harden his heart!

Sorry, Yunsen Akemi…hope that you will not hate me too much in future.

“Right teacher, you speak Japanese quite well. You speak even more accurately than some of our own people!”

“Hahaha, your teacher I am a genius in languages.”

Liu Yi blinks his eyes at Yunsen Akemi, “Not only Japanese. I am fluent in 8 different languages.”

During that one month, not only did Liu Yi learned Japanese, when he was bored he also learned a few of the popular language as well. With Little Jade as well as the breathing technique, this becomes simple.

“Ah? Real, really?”

“Of course!”

“I do not believe it…how can there be such an impressive person!”

“How can you be so unconfident of your own teacher? I am very impressive on okay!”

“Then which languages do you know teacher?”

Hearing Yunsen Akemi’s curious voice, Liu Yi becomes delighted in his heart.

Indeed this lass becomes interested. This way she will take more notice of me.

“Chinese, Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Korean as well as Latin.”

“You even know Latin, teacher? God, god….that is unbelievable…”

Yunsen Akemi covers her small mouth in shock.

“Don’t believe me, is it, then let me say it to you.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, the fish is finally hooked.


Chapter 627  [Got hooked]


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3 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 627

  1. When I was young there was a time I once want to do a real life car chase with a bicycle like in GTA lol
    I wish I can go learn other languages cuz I’m just bored…….
    Thanks for the chap ~


  2. Classmate Jingxia must hate the chinese because she has a chinese name, which makes her stick like a sore thumb, so she most likely got bullied for that. Or so I think.

    Curious how the only curse word japanese people seem to know in this novel is “baka” (it means just moron). In most of the cases where it has been used, they would usually say “kon’yarou” (this bastard), “kusoyarou” (sh*t bastard) or “temee” (manly/colloquial deformation of “temae”, which was originally a polite way to address someone you don’t know or who is above you but is now about the worst insult one can say), perhaps “kisama” (another formerly polite way to address someone, in this case between nobles, that first started to be used by gangsters, then picked up negative connotations to the point it’s now second only to the former word).


  3. Sir, our cringe calculator is going off the charts! ETA 8 chapters until CHINA NUMBAH WAAAAN!
    In all seriousness, I really wonder what author’s history class was like growing up, being taught Japan invaded the north East for their seed.
    When you know. Japan kinda raped China and parts of Korea quite literally.
    With male soldiers.
    Oh well thanks for surviving this far; patience is a virtue.

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