MKW Chapter 626

Chapter 626   [Rebellious missy]


In Kawasaki, Sakura High School.

In this high school, there are a number of rich students inside. There are people who like to term this school as Kawasaki’s noble school.

To be honest it is almost like that. Even the Glorious Sun Conglomerate’s president’s daughter is studying here which shows the make-up of this Sakura High School.

Currently, Liu Yi is standing at the school gates wearing a white blouse. On the outside, he is wearing a yellowish windbreaker. Below he is wearing pants as well as a necktie. He is also wearing spectacles, making him looks like a model teacher.

The top had already clear the procedures. His current name is no longer Liu Yi but Liu Dabo.

Everything is to hide his identity properly, thus he has such a retarded name.

For this, he strongly complains to the top only to be informed that this name is set by his current in-charge, Liu Hongxian!

Bullshit, the two of us lived together for a month and her attitude towards me had always been strick!

When did I provoke her? It is really true that a woman’s heart is hard to guess!

Recalling this pathetic name of his, Liu Yi wishes to cry.

Just as Liu Yi want to cry, a mailman riding an electric bike stops by his side.

This mailman is holding a few letters which he stuffs into the school’s mailbox.

Liu Yi did not think much. Just as he is about to enter the school to report to the school, the mailman behind calls him, “Dabo-san! Your mail!”

While Zhan Guangxi is like a stranger as he impatiently passes the letter over.


Liu Yi knows that right now both their identities must be kept confidential, thus he stretches out his hand to take the letter.

He opens it up and inside is an empty piece of paper with nothing written on it. But this did not pose a problem for Liu Yi. He stretches out his hand and press on his spectacles.

Instantly a row of small words appears on the white paper.

‘7.10am Yunsen Akemi’s car will spoil on Qingzhou Bridge. Go swiftly.’

When Liu Yi raises his head, Zhan Guangxi who is the mailman had already ridden the electric bike and left.

Good fellow…this time around the top really put in a lot of effort ah!

Liu Yi understands what is the top hinting. To allow me to have more contact with her, they actually arranged such a trick!

Fine, then I can only use my girl picking up ability and set off.

Liu Yi lets out a bitter smile before returning to the bicycle parking rack area, pulls out his bicycle and gets on it.

Yunsen Akemi will be reaching Qingzhou Bridge at 7.10am. Then I must get there before that time. Furthermore, I cannot cycle over like that. I must circle around and make it looks like a coincident.

Thinking about this Liu Yi increases his pedaling speed. Right now his 3 starjade cultivation base had been completely restored. Now is he restoring the cultivation of his next sun?

Liu Yi who possess cultivation cycles very swiftly like a professional cyclist. An ordinary bicycle speeds off swiftly under his pedaling.

Luckily Qingzhou Bridge is not that far away from the school. Liu Yi rushes over on time while a black Bentley had just driven up Qingzhou Bridge.

Indeed it is not a minute difference. The top is indeed impressive!

Liu Yi cycling speed decreases as he slowly follows along behind the black Bentley.

The black Bentley has a blackened window and unable to see into it. But Liu Yi uses Little Jade’s ability to isolate the color, allowing the long hair beauty inside.

If this girl is not Yunsen Akemi then who else can it be?

Being able to be a rich parent is indeed fortunate ah. Sitting in a grand car to go to school! Recalling back then I had to take the public transport to go to school, afterward when cultivating it became running to school!

Ordinary people after working hard for a lifetime, perhaps they can only be like my current identity, cycling a bicycle to go to work!

Just as the black Bentley drives up the bridge, the Bentley suddenly lets out a boom and after which black smoke emits from the hood of the Bentley.

What the! Damn cool!

Damn accurate, as written on the paper. This back Bentley is scrapped!

“Little Jade, analyze the cause for malfunctioning!”

Liu Yi softly gives Little Jade an order.

{Received, starting scanning!}

In Liu Yi’s gaze, the black Bentley immediately got locked-on. Following which it is scanned into Little Jade’s system and she starts analyzing the results.

Very quickly Little Jade identify the cause of the car malfunctioning and summarized it to Liu Yi.

{Reporting master, the cause of the malfunction is found. The engine burned out.}

{Understood, it’s been hard on you.}

Liu Yi nods his head, {Now it is time for me to take action.}

While they are chatting the Bentley car door is already opened. The driver gets off and checks the engine before saying to Yunsen Akemi who had pulled down the car window, “Sorry miss. The car is spoiled…”

Currently Yunsen Akemi and stretch out her head from the car window. Her long hair flutters in the air, that beautiful face, nearly causing Liu Yi to cycle into the river.

This lass….is already so beautiful on the picture, but her real person is even prettier!

No heaven law ah!

“No worries, I can go to school on my own.”

“How is that allowed?!”

The driver immediately says, “How can I let miss walk to school by yourself! Miss wait a bit, I call someone to send a car over immediately!”

“Too far already.”

Yunsen Akemi pushes open the car door and walks off.

That blue and white sailor clothing causes Liu Yi to swallow saliva.

They say that Japanese girls have bent legs but this Yunsen Akemi’s long legs are both white and straight!

She stands there, her skirt and hair fluttering in the wind while holding a black school bag in her hands.

Liu Yi feels….like he is watching a real-life version of Japanese manga!

She completely can be the female lead ah!

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh in sorrow. Don’t say that Japan doesn’t have beauty, this sentence holds no ground ah.

Liu Yi knows that it is time for him to appear. He stops his bicycle by the roadside and jumps off. He glances at Yunsen Akemi who is leaning against the Bentley.

Liu Yi speaks in fluent Japanese, “Are you a student from my school?”

He had the support of Little Jade as well as a month of practicing Japanese. Thus his Japanese is currently, very clear.

His improvement makes the professional teacher who was teaching Japanese greatly shock. He keeps asking Liu Yi if he had learned it before or did he have any Japanese blood in him.

Liu Yi told him that his 8 generations above were all chinaman.

Before Yunsen Akemi is able to speak, that driver immediately glares at Liu Yi and says, “Who are you?”

People say that Japanese people are short. But actually, nowadays it is not that exaggerated. Back then when they invaded northeast, these Japanese people borrowed seed from those tall and big guys in the northeast to improve their genes.

Right now the Japanese height is also not that bad. At least it is able to reach 1.5 meters…coughs…

Liu Yi falsified them a bit, but this driver is actually around 1.8 meters tall which is a giant in Japan.

But he is around the same height as Liu Yi, that’s all.

“Uncle Yamamoto, don’t be so fierce.”

Yunsen Akemi promptly pacifies her driver before walking forwards and stands in front of Liu Yi before asking politely, “This sir, do you recognize me?”

“Based on your uniform, you should be a student from Sakura High School right?”

Liu Yi points at Yunsen Akemi’s school uniform and explains, “I am a teacher from Sakura High School, you are a student from my school right?”


Yunsen Akemi raises her head and looks at Liu Yi, her eyes filled with curiosity.

The driver should also be a bodyguard as he says fiercely, “Which department teacher are you from, why have I not seen you before!”

Liu Yi is calm as he pulls out his identification from his windbreaker pocket and shows it to them. “I am in charge of teaching Chinese.”

Right now Chinese is already popular and a lot of countries are learning. Including Japan which is also learning Chinese.

Japan is not completely hostile to China. Just a portion of the right-winged part that’s all. Excluding them is the dogs of the USA, who helps them bite china.

“Ah, you are the new Chinese teacher?”

Yunsen Akemi becomes excited, “That is great, I did not expect to meet you here?”

Liu Yi knows why she is excited. Her paternal grandmother is from China. When she was young her relationship with her is not bad but she died early causing her to be very regretful.

Thus she is slightly more interested in Chinese culture. Which is also why the top meticulously drew up this series of plans.

Liu Yi pats on the backseat of the bicycle and says, “Are you going to school? If you do not mind, I can bring you along?”


The driver exclaims in shock, “Miss, this person’s background is not clear! You cannot go with him! Our car will be here soon!”

“No worries Uncle Yamamoto, you are too suspicious.”

Yunsen Akemi only smiles and says, “How are there so many bad people in this world. Furthermore, this person is my teacher, there will not be a problem.”

She bow towards Liu Yi, “Then I have to rely on you, teacher.”

Not to mention that the ‘sharp’ voice that Japanese girl let out, is very moe and cute.

Furthermore, when Yunsen Akemi bows over, her collar also hangs down.

Liu Yi immediately sees the scenery inside! I must say this Yunsen Akemi is good everywhere…just that her chest is slightly small ah….

Visual estimation…it is A ah!

Inadequate milk mother ah!

Liu Yi feels slightly sorrowful in his heart, if her chest can be slightly bigger then she’d be perfect.

“Don’t be so polite. Get on, otherwise, we will really be late.”

Liu Yi immediately smiles and gets back onto the bicycle.

“Thank you, teacher.”

Yunsen Akemi is still very polite. She agilely sits on the backseat before holding Liu Yi’s waist with her hands.


The driver is still very worried but Yunsen Akemi gently pats Liu Yi’s back.

“Teacher hurry up! I do not wish to be late!”

“Sit tight!”

Liu Yi sense that this miss has a bit of rebellious streak in her bones, thus he starts pedaling. The two of them immediately speed off the bridge leaving behind the driver who is shouting loudly!


Chapter 626  [Rebellious missy]

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11 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 626

  1. Liu Yi feels….like he is watching a real-life version of Japanese manga!

    She completely can be the female lead ah!

    Her life would be soon be like a Japanese manga since liu Yi is here lmao
    Thanks for the chap ~


  2. They say that Japanese girls have bent legs but this Yunsen Akemi’s long legs are both white and straight! <- I would want to know who says that. Going with what he says afterwards, I’ll take it as it meaning that japanese people were prone to get rickets in the past due to bad diet.

    People say that Japanese people are short. But actually, nowadays it is not that exaggerated. Back then when they invaded northeast, these Japanese people borrowed seed from those tall and big guys in the northeast to improve their genes.
    Right now the Japanese height is also not that bad. At least it is able to reach 1.5 meters…coughs…
    ^-Given that japanese are about as racist as the chinese, try again. While it’s true that people in the nothern parts have a bit of non-“japanese” blood (due to the fast expansion of the Yamato Empire, there was a bit of interbreeding with the aboriginal people, but not that much), it’s not only quite scarce, it has been there for over ten centuries; it’s true that after WWII ainu (the last aboriginal people of that part of the archipelago) intermarried with japanese people to get accepted, but not only they are relatively few, only present in Hokkaido and still shunned a bit, as islanders ainu are short people by nature. The reason behind the growth spurt is the improvement of their diet under Western influence, and the current average height for a japanese male is 1.7 metres. and if he means China’s north-east, not only it’s too soon for the genes to have pervaded the entirety of Japan, half-chinese are even more shunned than Yoseong Korean, who live de facto in ghettos. Still, it’s true that 1.8 is regarded as basketball-class height.

    Also, nice save: for her to be that perfect, surely she had to have some chinese blood, otherwise their world would explode.


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