MKW Chapter 625

Chapter 625   [For China]


Liu Yi placed down the Gatling, the muzzle is still emitting black smoke.

In front of him are the corpses of the robots, which is also a pile of scrap metals.

As for his points, he had already passed.

Liu Yi smiles merrily as he looks at Liu Hongxian who is standing outside and ask, “Leader, there is no need for me to announce my results anymore right?”

“Yeah, you’re done…”

Liu Hongxian is in a daze for a long while. Only when Liu Yi call her did she come back to her senses.

“Really is a talent ah…”

Zhan Guangxi gives a thumbs up, “Looks like with you carrying out this task, it will be absolutely safe.”

“Then I’ll come out then!”

Liu Yi nods his head and just as he is about to walk out, suddenly a cold wind pressure down from the top of his head!

This causes Liu Yi’s heartbeat to speed up as he raises his head to look, only to see a golden robot descending from the sky punching towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi subconsciously retreats a few steps and leave the radius of that robot’s body.


That robot punches the ground instantly creating a hole on the ground!

“Grade A robot!”

Zhan Guangxi and Liu Hongxian exclaim in shock, “Damn it, forgot that when the rest of the robots get trashed, grade A robots will automatically activate!”

“Liu Yi, quickly escape out. We will forcefully shut down the robot!”

Liu Hongxian wave towards Liu Yi and says to Zhan Guangxi, “Immediately transmit the order!”


Zhan Guangxi wants to cry but has no tears, “Since this toy got released, it has never been activated before….I already forgot the command to turn it off….”

“Damn it!”

This time round Liu Hongxian is really speechless.

That robot raises its head and its eyes scan Liu Yi before scanning the two people outside.


-thump, thump-

Two other robots land behind Liu Hongxian causing the ground to tremble.

“Finished….this time around we played it too big…”

Zhan Guangxi makes a bitter face, “We are all going to die here….”

At this moment from the factory comes Liu Yi’s loud shout.

“On the ground!”


Zhan Guangxi did not react in time while Liu Hongxian is very quick-witted as she kicks the rubbish bin Zhan Guangxi is in, down, making it row far away.

While she also lunges to the side hugging her head.

Liu Yi looks through an RPG and fires a rocket towards the two robots.

“What the fuck ah…”

Zhan Guangxi who is lying on the ground due to dizziness watches Liu Yi fires the rocket.

“Is this fellow….really an armory?”

At this moment the rocket had already flying forwards and lands on the two robots.


A mushroom cloud instantly rushes to the sky, the two grade A robots instantly become scrap metal.

Liu Yi’s weapon is different from normal weapons. If it is a normal rocket launcher or bullets, it will be useless against those robots.

But his weapons carry the dark attribute which greatly increases its damage.

Thus the two grade A robots which are able to sweep a group of soldiers.

“Be careful!”

At this moment Liu Hongxian raises her head only to realize that that grade A robot is already behind Liu Yi. Its hands are gathering an eye-catching light sword and is about to cut Liu Yi!

At this moment Liu Yi suddenly turns around and slaps his palm onto that robot.

Liu Yi’s palm smashes into the robot, smashing it onto the ground.


The grade A robot whose body is able to resist the blast of a tank is instantly turned into scrap metal by Liu Yi’s palm!

“My god….”

Seeing this scene, Liu Hongxian and Zhan Guangxi were both stunned, is…is this really the strength of a human?

“Leader there aren’t any more robots right?”

Liu Yi withdraws his hand from that robot body and looks at the high-grade goods in front of him…he turns around and looks at the two stunned people.


“You….are a human?”

Liu Hongxian looks at Liu Yi who is standing there and only feels like she is in a daze.

This…is the earlier smiling fellow…in a blink of an eye his image became so much bigger.

Liu Yi pulls out his empty pocket and says, “Damn it! You guys will not want me to compensate right? I don’t have money ah! I am a poor fellow!”

His recently established lofty image instantly crumbles into pieces in Liu Hongxian’s heart.

This fellow…

“Right leader, now that I have qualified, what is the next arrangement?”

Liu Yi seems to be very worried about paying money, as he immediately changes the topic.

“Relax, we will not ask you for money! We are still able to pay for this kind of thing!”

Liu Hongxian is seething as she looks at Liu Yi before climbing to her feet and dusts herself off.

Liu Yi is suspicious in his heart, this lass’s figure is really good ah…what did she eat to grow up.

“You have passed the test. In the future, Zhan Guangxi is your liaison officer. Right now return to the office with me!”

“Hey, hey! Everything is done now?”

Liu Yi got a huge shock, this lass is a bit too anxious already.

“May the gods above protect you…”

While Zhan Guangxi climbs out from the rubbish bin and prays for Liu Yi.

Liu Yi cannot help but ask Zhan Guangxi, “Talking about this…does Liu Hongxian always have this temper?”

“That’s right…Team Leader Liu is….a hero among women ah….”

Zhan Guangxi pats Liu Yi on his shoulder, “Brother…I wish you luck…”

“What the…why am I unable to become happy…”

Liu Yi shakes his hand and can only follow Liu Hongxian back to the office.

After the two people return to the office, they immediately return to Liu Hongxian’s office room and reseal the office.

Liu Hongxian returns to her chair, crosses her legs and says to Liu Yi, “From today onwards, you are a high school Chinese teacher that our teaching institution is sending to Kawasaki, Japan.”

Liu Yi glances toward Liu Honogxian’s skirt. Her legs are closed together tightly not revealing anything causing Liu Yi to be very regretful.

“Wait a minute…what did you say, go to Kawasaki to teach Chinese?”

Liu Yi suddenly got a shock, “Want me to go to Japan to teach?”

“That’s right. For this task, you must go to Japan. Based on the information that our intelligence members had obtained this secret laboratory is somewhere in Kawasaki. But as for where it is, we do not know and need you to go and find.”

“What the, just this bit of information what do you guys want me to do ah!”

Hearing that Liu Hongxian only have such a pitiful amount of information, Liu Yi almost wants to cry.

“Do you guys take me as Sunday is it?”

“You think that this information was that easy to obtain!”

Liu Hongxian glares at Liu Yi fiercely, “For this information, we sacrificed a number of our comrades! Right now we only know that the laboratory is in Kawasaki. As for the rest, you’ll need to go and find out yourself! If you are unable to even do this, what do we still need you for?!”

“What the….”

Liu Yi is slightly suspicious, “But…I’ve never been a teacher before ah…”

“No worries, we will train you.”

Liu Hongxian says, “What do you think this company is opened for? It is to train up professional talents. Hope that you will not let us down. Right, how is your Japanese?”


“Even if you do not know it is also fine. Within a month we will give you special training and teach you the knowledge regarding these matters. Furthermore, I will be going with you to Japan. I am also responsible for teaching language but it is other classes.”

“You are also going?”

Liu Yi looks at the beauty in shock. This female chairman, female superior is also going with me to Japan to carry out the task?

“Of course, otherwise how can I be relieved letting you go on your own. There needs to be someone to provide support for you.”

Liu Hongxian says, “This task must be done perfectly. If it is failed, not only will we die, China will also be exterminated. Liu Yi are you confident in completing this task?”


Liu Yi nods his head, “Chairman you just believe in me. I guarantee to complete this task perfectly.”

[TL: lols what a flag. most likely there might be problems that involve our dear yoko]

“Tsk, don’t be so anxious to talk big. This time the task is not that simple.”

As Liu Hongxian speak she takes out a folder. On it is a picture of a young girl.

Liu Yi takes a look at the girl in the picture. She is very pretty and pure. Wearing the standard school uniform of Japan, it is clear that she is a school flower.

“This girl is called Yunsen Akemi, the daughter of the president of Glorious Sun Conglomerate.”

Liu Hongxian points at the beauty in the picture and says, “She is a year two student of Kawasaki’s Sakura Senior High School. Your task is to get close to her and through her, breakthrough and get close to the higher-ups of Glorious Sun Conglomerate. Find out all the details of this experiment and then destroy it!”

Liu Yi hesitates slightly, “Making use of a girl…this, is not too good right…”

“Liu Yi don’t forget that you are a Chinaman!”

Liu Hongxian reminds Liu Yi, “In your body flows the blood of China people. The responsibility that you are carrying is the life of all of China!”

Her voice enters Liu Yi’s ear, “Your parents, relatives, they are all China people! The moment your task fails, they will all die! Are you willing to see them die?!”

[TL: nope not really! His most important person is a demon for christ sakes]

Liu Yi will not deny this point, “I am not willing…”

But using an innocent girl…more or less he is conflicted in his heart.

Liu Yi sighs lightly but still made a decision.

“Oh, from now on you don’t return home. The top will create a new identity for you. At the same time, you need to undergo a month of urgent training!”

“What? I cannot return home?”

Liu Yi is uncomfortable in his heart, after leaving for more than 3 years, he is missing his parents and those that he is close to.

Especially Murong Die, Wang Yuzheng, and the girls. He does not know how the girls are.

“That’s right, you cannot return home. During this period of time, your identity is a secret. Liu Yi now is not the time to be selfish, you are not doing it for yourself but for all of the people in China!”

“I know. I will accept the arrangement of the group!”

Liu Yi nods his head, looks like I need to leave home again for a period of time!


Chapter 625  [For China]

Wonder when will he meet Yoko?

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  1. Right after a cringe arc we get one that will be filled with Chinese racism. Ugh I wish the author could stick with writing good stories in modern China.
    Thanks for the chapter and I’m sorry for your loss.

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  2. The fact that higher tier robots only activate after the immediatly lower tier gets trashed defeats the purpose of the test.


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