MKW Chapter 623

Chapter 623   [Title below]


The two truncheon cuts through the air. If it was an ordinary person, seeing this scene, even if he did not get hit, perhaps they will be badly frightened.

While Liu Yi is calm. He did not wait for the truncheon to land, he only stretches out two hands and grabs their heads before using strength and smashes them towards each other.

The heads of the two underlings crash together. Both are them are like real men and did not say anything before fainting.

“Damn it, this fellow has trained before!”

“Stop messing around, flatten this fellow!”

Seeing Liu Yi being so courageous and making them bleed, they stop using the truncheons. Instead, they pull out switchblades and start slashing towards Liu Yi.

Liu Hongxian’s eyes are tearing. Faintly seeing the flashes off the blades, she immediately lets out an exclamation of warning, “Be careful!”

“Relax Chairman, I also have a knife.”

With that, his hand flips and two black daggers appear in his hands. He continues to walk forwards casually among those underlings dodging the switchblade in their hand.

The dagger in his hands keeps slashing onto their arms, cutting them.

Liu Yi has propriety with his attacks. He did not injure their vitals, although they bleed every time it will not cause them to die from loss of blood.

Very quickly those underlings are covered in blood as they cry pitifully on the ground.

“What the fuck!”

Seeing how impressive Liu Yi is using these two daggers to put down his brothers, Zhou Junqiang is alarmed! An old saying is good, ‘Evil grows on the side of courageous’, right now Zhou Junqiang is in this situation. He pulls out his truncheon and swings it towards the back of Liu Yi’s head!

This truncheon is swung out with the most perfect way that Zhou Junqiang had ever swing out, fast and ruthless!

Normally if he is able to swing out such a beautiful truncheon he will definitely cry out good! Beautiful! Too beautiful!

But it is a pity that before he is able to be flush with success, Liu Yi suddenly turns around and he presses the handgun in his hand against his forehead

“Go on and hit ah.”

[TL: damn…what a bully hahaha]

Liu Yi taps his handgun against Zhou Junqiang’s forehead, “Come one, hit me on my head. The moment you try it will be beautiful, very flashy.”

“I, I….”

Feeling that ice cold gun, Zhou Junqiang starts trembling as he loses control of his bladder, causing his face to turn red.

Liu Yi clucks as he asks Zhou Junqiang, “Just now weren’t you very arrogant right? Why are you not hitting anymore?”

“I am wrong…..lord, you are the most gracious lord….I, I am just a hoodlum, scum of the society, bastard!”

With a handgun pointing against their head, even a hero might become a coward! Not to mention this Zhou Junqiang is not a hero at all.

He tosses away his truncheon and starts slapping his own mouth.

Very quickly his fat face had changed even rounder.

Liu Yi guesses that this guy’s mother might really not be able to recognize her baby son.

Although this baby son is originally wrenched.

“Chairman, you want to let him off?”

Liu Yi slightly inclines his head and looks at the shocked Liu Hongxian.


Only then did Liu Hongxian regain awareness and gives Liu Yi a complex look, “Forget it. You already gave him a lesson. We still have a serious matter that we need to do, we don’t have time to waste on them.”

“Okay, we’ll go as Chairman says.”

Liu Yi nods his head and lowers his handgun.

Only then did Zhou Junqiang collapse onto the floor on his butt.

Just went for a trip to hell ah….to fucking scary man…

“Right before I leave, there is something I must tell you first.”

Liu Yi pats Zhou Junqiang’s face with the handgun, “Remember, in the future when you come out to show off, don’t use Red Scarf Army’s name do you understand? Next time I hear you falsely use Red Scarf Army’s name to show off and swindle people, I will send you to heaven, pig head!”

“Will, will not dare anymore…”

Zhou Junqiang is frightened as he begs.

Only then did Liu Yi keeps his handgun and leave this underground passageway with Liu Hongxian.

“How come you have a gun?”

Currently, Liu Hongxian’s eyes are more or less fine. Seeing Liu Yi’s technique her speaking attitude to him becomes slightly better but her tone is still harsh.

“After all, I am considered a special agent right?”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, “What is strange about having a gun?”

Liu Hongxian is curious, “But how did you get it passed the security check?”

“This is my personal secret.”

These things should be kept to oneself. Right now all of Liu Yi’s cultivation base is basically used to swiftly restore himself to 12 stars.

Thus right now if it is possible not to use his qi, he will not use it. So letting Vacuum Cleaner merge with his body is the best choice. Though Vacuum Cleaner’s unique qi he is able to transform into the current era heat weapon which is very convenient and fast.

“Hmph, if you are not willing to say then drop it, I then don’t want to ask!”

Liu Hongxian restrains her curiosity and continues to walk outside.

After exiting the passageway and sit on the public bus with Liu Hongxian, they alight at a desolate countryside.

Liu Yi sees an old abandon factory far away. The main gate is covered in lush plants, don’t know how long had it been since people had come.

Could it be that the assessment place is here?

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “We are having an assessment here?”

“Of course, this place is very secluded it is the most suitable.”

“It is a rather good place to have a wild battle…”

“What did you say?”

Liu Hongxian glares at Liu Yi in anger.

“I am saying having a battle in the wilderness! Leader why are you thinking about? Gods, your thinking is too impure already!”

“Damn it, I did not think about, that!”

Liu Hongxian’s face immediately turns red.

“Then why are you angry?”

Liu Hongxian finally recalls the passive ability of a woman and says righteously, “I….I….recently my great aunt came, my temper got bigger, what can you do about it?”

Liu Yi can only retreat in defeat, who let this be a woman’s innate skill!

This innate skill naturally brings along a berserk aura and a bleeding aura…it is really….incomparably valiant….

“Less nonsense! Follow me!”

Liu Hongxian feels that Liu Yi is making people depressed and directly ignores Liu Yi. She turns around and walks towards that abandoned factory.

Liu Hongxian walks in front of the factory and roars, “Zhan Guangxi scram out for me!”

Liu Yi looks around and feels strange, is there anyone in the surroundings, why do I not sense them.

At this moment the rubbish bin beside the factory suddenly lifts up as a skinny guy reveals his head. On his head is the cover of the rubbish bin. With the voice of a duck, he asks, “Team Leader Liu, you had arrived?”

[TL: duck, slang for male prostitute.]

What the heck!

Liu Yi instantly got a shock. Why did this brother emerge from this kind of place!

Most importantly I actually did not sense a single presence on him at all!

Liu Hongxian says unhappily, “This is the assessment member! Arrange for him the test!”

“Oh, another one came!”

Zhan Guangxi’s body is in the rubbish bin appearing completely unharmonious. His head is propping up the rubbish lid and gives Liu Yi a teasing look. “Team Leader, can this fellow make it? He looks very skinny and weak. Those agents in front were all eliminated.”

“This is arranged by the top, go and find the top and tell them!”

Liu Hongxian snorts and points at the rubbish bin guy and says to Liu Yi, “This fellow is called Zhan Guangxi, our liaison person. If you pass this test, in the future he will be your direct liaison.”

“Hahaha, please advise me, please advise me!”

Zhan Guangxi stretches ou his oily hands from the rubbish bin towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi hesitates slightly but he still shakes hands with him.

This liaison person….to hide….sacrificed quite a bit ah…

“Zhan Guangxi is our best liaison. In the future, if you have the chance, you will know how impressive he is.”

“Hahaha, team leader you are overpraising me.”

Being praised by a beauty, that Zhan Guangxi becomes delighted as he laughs, “I only know a bit of disguise that’s all!”

“Don’t be a hypocrite in front of me!”

Liu Hongxian glares at Zhan Guangxi before telling Liu Yi, “You are not the first to come and take part in this test. This factory is your test avenue. What you need to do is to beat the enemy that we arranged inside. If you feel that are you unable to complete the task or don’t wish you die, you can shout out give up any moment, do you hear me?”

“This way ah, fine then.”

Liu Yi pats his hands, “Then can leader open the door.”

After Liu Yi finished, Liu Hongxian did not move. Instead, she crosses her arms as looks at Liu Yi with a smile on her face.

“Leader open the door ah?”

“Why don’t you shout open sesame?”

Liu Hongxian lets out a light laugh, “How to open the door is our first test for you! But even if you go in, there are even more serious tests waiting for you. Our country has manufactured some robots for military use. A single robot substitute for a division of soldiers. In total there is A, B, C, D, E these 5 grades waiting for you inside. E grade robot is the weakest and there is a total of 50 sets of them. D grade has 30 sets, C grade 10 sets, B grade 7 sets, while the strongest A Grade has only 3 sets.”

She glances at Zhan Guangxi letting him continue on.

“Ah, brother let me tell you if you wish to complete the task you must obtain 100 points. Among which every single grade E robot is 1 point, grade D robot is 10, grade C robot is 50, grade B is 100 points. As for grade A….when, you see them it is best to hurry and escape. Hahahaha, okay, okay. You can shout give up at any moment and we’ll stop all the movements of the robot.”

“Quickly go in.”

Liu Hongxian suddenly becomes delighted, “I will help you declare the martyr’s indicator.”

“Thanks leader for your affection.”

Liu Yi walks towards the front door of the factory.

Zhan Guangxi looks at Liu Yi’s back and asks, “Team leader where do you think this fellow will enter from?”

“Perhaps it is the second-floor window. Following the pipings, he will be able to climb in. But on the second floor, there is a grade B robot waiting to ambush there…if he enters, he will definitely get a pleasant surprise.!”

Liu Hongxian seems to wish to see Liu Yi suffering as she starts smiling. Her smile causes Zhan Guangxi to become mesmerized.


Chapter 623  [Go and take the assessment youngster]


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