MKW Chapter 622

Chapter 622   [I know Scarlet Cloth Guards]


Seeing Liu Hongxian’s beauty, Zhou Junqiang subconsciously licks his lips as his hands start to be disobedient.

At this moment Liu Hongxian stretches out her hand and lightly tugs the button in front of her chest.

Zhou Junqiang’s eye nearly pop out, is this lass trying to open her clothing?

That overfilling twin peaks of her’s, if it loses the binding of the button, it will definitely reveal quite a bit of scene!

Zhou Junqiang swallows his saliva as his eyes fix it’s gaze on Liu Hongxian’s collar, wishing that he is above to jump in!

While Zhou Junqiang’s gaze is completely fixed on Liu Hongxian’s collar, Liu Hongxian suddenly raises her leg and ruthlessly kicks Zhou Junqiang in his crotch.

Zhou Junqiang nearly instantly went up to heaven as he lets out a shriek and collapsed onto the ground. His eyes roll back.

Zhou Junqiang covers his crotch as he sucks in cold air and scolds, “You….you fucking woman….you dare…you dare to kick me….”

“Uncle, when you speak you must have proof.”

Liu Hongxian crosses her arms and says coldly, “You say I kicked you, who saw it? Have you seen it?”

She turns her head to the side and looks a the young girl who got molested.

The young girl blinks her eyes and says, “Did not. He crashed into the handrail on his own.”

“Mm, so obedient. This person’s brain definitely must have a problem, nothing to do and crashed into the handrail for fun.”

“That’s right, that’s right, he’s a psycho!”

The two of them speaking in turn anger and pain Zhou Junqiang nearly to death.

“If, if you girls got guts….wait, wait for me…”

“Okay ah, I will wait for you. If you got the ability then come at me!”

Liu Hongxian completely does not place this wretched uncle in her eyes.

“Good, good. Then where are you guys getting off, do, do you dare to say!”

“I am off at Caofang”

“Good, if you got guts then wait!”

After kneeling there for a while, that uncle finally manages to recover a bit. He slowly limps off.

Liu Hongxian is like a victorious mother hen as she props out her chest and walks back. Glancing at Liu Yi arrogantly, she shows off her leg.

Liu Yi immediately feels his lower body being slightly in pain. Although Liu Hongxin did not kick him…but as a guy, there are some places where he will sympathize with a fellow guy.

He clenches his leg subconsciously and steps backward.

“You dare to do anything ah.”

As Liu Yi steps backward he gives her a thumbs up, “You are really not afraid of him taking revenge on you?”

“If I was afraid why would I come out to mingle around!”

Liu Hongxian rolls here eyes at Liu Yi, “But it is you. As a man, you actually did not help out when you see this thing! No wonder there are so many pitiful people and pitiful things. Everyone is so cold-blooded and so selfish, thus, will be bullied! Hmph, a group of big men but are inferior to us girls!”

“Who says that I did not help…”

Seeing the faces of a number of guys in the surrounding turn red, Liu Yi immediately says, “It is just that before I can take action you had already walked over.”

“Stop saying that useless stuff, as a guy are you slower than me, you feel no shame!”

Liu Hongxian keeps sending Liu Yi all kind of disdaining looking, wishing that she can use her strength and push him under the train.

Liu Yi also has found it embarrassing to look at like this. He can only turn his head away and looks at the notice outside of the train.

This train drives for a long time and finally reaches Princess station.

Liu Yi and Liu Hongxain get off at this station while Zhou Junqiang also steps off with a sneer.

But he is still limping slightly. Looks like Liu Hongxian earlier kick was not light at all.

Liu Yi who is wearing a western suit had both his hands in his pockets. He smiles merrily towards Liu Hongxian and says, “Looks your uncle is following after you.”

“What are you afraid of. This lady is the mixed martial arts champion of the 12th department. Those guys are unable to defeat me, do you think that I will be afraid of that wretched uncle?”

Liu Hongxian actually does not place that wretched uncle in her eyes as she walks casually.

Liu Yi can only shake his head and feels that Liu Hongxian believes in herself a bit too much.

When I just started cultivating, I was like her. Believing that having a bit of power and I owned the world. Only after I suffered so many times did I realize that there is always someone better.

While Liu Hongxian walks, she complains about Liu Yi, “Really do not know what is good about you. Why would the top send you for this take? You look like you don’t even have the strength to kill a chicken.”

Liu Yi starts guessing seriously, “Perhaps it is because I am handsome.”

“Tsk, are you not ashamed?”

Liu Hongxian spits, “That wretched uncle looks better than you!”

Liu Yi is instantly unhappy as he says, “If you dare to insult me again, I will fight you!”


While Liu Hongxian strangely did not continue to attack his appearance as she continues to walk ahead.

There are very few people here. That wretched uncle follows behind them. When they walk to a passageway, Zhou Junqiang suddenly starts laughing loudly.

“Hahaha, your death date has come!”

While he is shouting from the walkway comes a series of messy footsteps.

Following which nearly 20 guys holding truncheons walk in as they glare at Liu Yi and Liu Hongxian fiercely.

This place is already outside of the inspection area, thus no one care if they are holding truncheon.

Furthermore, currently, the truncheons are withdrawn and are only a fist length. Stuffing up their sleeves, it is very easy to carrying around and no one else is able to see it.

Seeing these people Liu Hongxian instantly frowns and says coldly, “You people have no laws in your eyes! During broad daylight, you guys actually dare to commit violent crimes!”

“Tsk, little lax. Don’t you know who I, grandpa Zhou am?”

Zhou Junqiang laughs wretchedly, “Let me tell you, I Grandpa Zhou is from the Red Scarf Army, Red Scarf Army did you hear of it? When I tell you, you’;; be frightened to death!”

Liu Yi starts sweating, bullshit, when did the Red Scarf Army have people like you?

“Red Scarf Army?”

As a person from the military intelligence department, Liu Hongxian naturally has information regarding Red Scarf Army.

“You guys are from Red Scarf Army?”

I had heard that there is someone above this Red Scarf Army. Furthermore, they have a close relationship with the Prince Association’s Little Dagger Society, thus they can do anything they like in Jingdou.

But did not think that they actually dare to commit violence in broad daylight?

“What a good Red Scarf Army…”

Just as Liu Hongxian is about to something, Liu Yi suddenly speaks up, “Oh, Grandpa Zhou you are really impressive ah!”

Liu Yi cups his hands and says respectfully, “This Red Scarf Army is really powerful, don’t know which hall are you from?”

Seeing Liu Yi’s current appearance, Liu Hongxian instantly frowns deeper.

This guy…is too gutless already!

“Hehehe, you are rather tactful.”

Zhou Junqiang laughs in delight, “Grandpa Zhou is from the Scarlet Cloth Guard, Scarlet Cloth Guards do you know? It is the most elite group in Red Scarf Army!”

“Aiyah, so you are from Scarlet Cloth Guard ah!”

Liu Yi instantly exclaims, “Misunderstanding, it was all a misunderstanding!”

“Hmph, now you know fear!”

Zhou Junxiang keeps laughing, “Obediently let that lass come over to accompany me for some fun! Just now that kick really hurt my eggs. Obediently come over and massage it for me! Massage it well, then I will let you guys off!”


Liu Hongxian is unable to take it anymore but Liu Yi blocks her and says, “Hehe, don’t be so anxious ah Grandpa Zhou, we are both from the same source!”

Liu Yi steps forward and says, “My big brother is also from Scarlet Cloth Guard ah. He is called Chen Dahai have you heard of him before?”

“Wh, what?”

Hearing Liu Yi also mentions the Scarlet Cloth Guards, that Zhou Junqiang is suddenly stunned.

Could it be that this fellow is really from Scarlet Cloth Guards?

At that instantly Zhou Junqiang suddenly starts to sweat, if he is really from Scarlet Cloth Guards….then…then is really troublesome…

Liu Yi also wishes to expose this damn fatty, bullshit, you dare to dishonor the name of Red Scarf Army, you are really seeking death.

“You trash why are you being so long-winded with them for!”

Liu Hongxian is finally unable to take it as she walks towards the Zhou Junqiang while looking at his lower body.

Zhou Junqiang is frightened and subconsciously squeezes his legs together.

While Liu Hongxian does not care. She raises her legs as her high heels went greeting Zhou Junqiang’s little brother.

This time the kick is even stronger…perhaps Zhou Junqiang will become the final eununch in the current era.

But at this moment Zhou Junqiang actually pulls out a can of spray can from his wait pocket and sprays it fiercely towards Liu Hongxian’s face.

Seeing this Liu Yi nearly collapsed, bullshit, pepper spray!

You are a fucking man what are you playing around with pepper spray! You are throwing away your fucking face ah!

You actually use pepper spray against a woman!

What is this situation!

While Liu Hongxian is instantly unable to open her eyes as she covers her eyes and lets out a shriek, “Ah!”

“Hehe, little girl today if I don’t do you in I will not be surnamed Zhou!”

Zhou Junqiang covers his stomach and walks over puffing.

He is already prepared to enjoy this beautiful beauty!

While at this moment, Liu Yi actually blocks in front of Liu Hongxian smiling merrily at Zhou Junqiang.

“I say, Grandpa Zhou, it isn’t good to bully a girl right? Why don’t I play around with you?”

“Motherfucker who do you think you are! I see that you must be seeking death! Brothers beat him up for me!”

Seeing Liu Yi, Zhou Junqiang’s heart beats slightly faster. But in front of a beauty, he does not wish to lose a golden opportunity!

Thus he waves his hand and let his underlings walk towards Liu Yi.


Liu Yi suddenly stretches out his hand and grabs hold of the person leading and fiercely smashed him against the wall by the side.

That person instantly starts to bleed from his head and collapsed onto the ground. On the wall, a shocking sight of a row of bloodstain is left on the wall.

“Damn, this fellow is really ruthless!”

“Everyone attack together and kill him!”

The rest of the underling immediately surges up while Liu Yi moves freely among them like he is taking a stroll, very relaxing.

No matter how they swing the truncheons in their hand, they are unable to touch Liu Yi at all.

“Damn it, what sorcery is this!”

“This fellow can really dodge!”

“If you got guts then don’t escape!”

Seeing those underlying flailing their hands none stop, Liu Yi cannot help but laugh.

“You guys think I am stupid to stand there not moving and let you guys hit me?”

“Damn it I don’t believe that I am unable to hit you!”

Two underlying one left and one right swings their truncheons together at the same time.


Chapter 622  [I know Scarlet Cloth Guards]

So how do you think Liu Yi will beat them up?

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