MKW Chapter 620

Chapter 620   [She is the leader?]


Liu Yi lets go and causes Liu Hongxian to immediately fall onto the ground.


From the side of his ears immediately comes the fearful cry of Liu Hongxian as she subconsciously stretches out her hands and embraces Liu Yi’s neck.

While at this moment Liu Yi once against stretches out his hands and once against grabs Liu Hongxian’s soft waist.

“Scumbag! You, you actually really threw me down ah you!”

“Big sister it is you who said that you want to try the taste of falling on your butt.”

Liu Yi’s eyes flicker with teasing intent as he says, “How is it, you regret?”

“You are a guy or not ah. Do you know what is called a gentleman or not! You, you are really, really too outrageous already!”

Liu Hongxian sends Liu Yi all kinds of gazes as she struggles to stand up. She straightens her skirt and bulging butt causes Liu Yi to swallow his saliva.

“The one who is outrageous should be you.”

But he is not willing to be scolding in his face by a girl thus he retorts, “I obviously helped you, but I got a scolding by you. I am innocent okay!”

“You are innocent? I see that you are doing it on purpose!”

Liu Hongxian does not care as she says aggressively, “It is definitely you who turned your body on purpose causing me to slip down! I have seen too many of your stinky guy’s methods!”

“Fine, fine, fine. You can say whatever you like. I don’t care anymore.”

Liu Yi waves his hand and leans against the side, continuing to read his novel.


Seeing Liu Yi’s rogue manners, Liu Hongxian is so angry but cannot vent. She really wishes to stomp him under her feet and use her high heels to ruthlessly poke his face!

But it is a pity that it is so dark. When Liu Yi leans backward, she is unable to find him anymore!

Damn it…this this the first time I am in such disadvantage growing up!

Liu Hongxian also stands to the side and forgot about the matter regarding how to leave this lift. Her brain is coming up with plans on how to take revenge on Liu Yi.

At this moment the lift suddenly lights up and start moving again.

“The power is back?”

Both of them got a shock as they look at each other, feeling slightly embarrassed.

“Hmph, I can finally get away from you wretched guy!”

Liu Hongxian lets out a sigh of relief, “Really is fortunate! If you dare to annoy, be careful I will kick your little brother!”

As she speaks lifts up her leg and threatens.

“Cough, cough. Relax. I am not that shameless.”

Liu Yi watches Liu Hongxian lifts up her leg as he presses the 15th-floor button.

When Liu Hongxian sees that that floor button lighted up, her eyes widen.

“You are also going to the 15th floor?”

“That’s right!”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Such a coincidence, could it be that you are also the same?”

Liu Hongxian did not say anything feeling depressed in her heart. After all, it is not like there is only my company on the 15th floor, it will not be such a coincidence!

The two of them did not say anything on the lift as the lift slowly moves up.

She keeps feeling like that guy is secretly looking at him, furthermore, he is looking up and down her body making her feel uncomfortable!

She gives that guy a nickname in her heart, rogue! Furthermore, he is a complete gentleman rogue!


This sound is like heavenly music in her years! The lift door finally opens on the 15th floor. She immediately lets out a sigh of relief as she walks out swiftly like she is trying to get away from a wild beast!

Liu Yi follows closely behind. His eyes cannot help but glance at Liu Hongxian’s butt which is covered by her skirt.

So full….how did this grow…too beautiful already!

At this moment Liu Yi cannot help but recall Mo Yan’s work, full butt large chest!

He did not only look at her butt, but he also lifts his head to look at the logos and found the company location.

Thus he walks over to the door and stretches out his hand to push it.

While on the other side door, another hand is pulling it. The two of them looks at each other again as Liu Hongxian looks at Liu Yi in flabbergast.

“Why, why did you want to come here…”

“You are also from here?”

Liu Yi is also very shocked as he looks at Liu Hongxian’s pretty face, “The two of us really are fated eh.”

“Fated your sister! Ahhhh!!! Why the hell do you come here for!”

Liu Hongxian really has an urge to go crazy.

“I also do not know ah. Someone asked me to come.”

Liu Yi points at himself and says, “I call Liu Yi, are you a worker here? Then do you know me?”

“Ahhhh!!! You are Liu Yi! My god! Are you joking around with me! ‘Are you kidding me?!’ This is impossible ah bullshit!”

[TL: the sentence in the ‘’ is written in english.]

Liu Yi looks at the pretty office lady who is standing in front of the door going crazy and ask, “Can I ask….beauty….why are you so….er, crazy? Did you give up treatment?”

“I give up your sister! Follow me in!”

Liu Hongxian grabs hold of Liu Yi’s collar and pulls him into the ‘teaching institution’.

Entering this company, Liu Yi is dragged by the flustered and exasperate Liu Hongxian under the stunned gaze of the workers inside to an office room and points at the nameplate on it.

Chairman office!

“Ah, so it is here ah, then thank you.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, so this office beauty is actually not bad eh. Although her temper is slightly violent at the very least she did not toss me there and ignore me.

“Go in! The chairman is already waiting for you!”

Liu Hongxian pushes Liu Yi unhappily and turns around, walking off.

Liu Yi can only knock on the door himself and from inside comes the voice of a girl, “Please come in.”

This voice is rather polite. Only then did Liu Yi push open the door and walks in.

Inside beauty wearing a black western suit is sitting there arranging the files.

Liu Yi says politely, “You are the chairman right?”

That beauty does not seem to recognize Liu Yi as she slightly raises her eyebrow and asks, “You are?”

“I am Liu Yi, you…know right?”

Liu Yi himself also do not know what is the situation. The top only ordered him to come here to report and did not say anything else.

“Ah, you are Liu Yi ah!”

That beauty immediately comprehends as she points to the seat in front of her, “Please have a seat. Our chairman is coming soon!”

“You are not the chairman?”

“Hehe, how can I be the chairman. I am only a secretary that’s all.”

The beauty smiles as her eyes narrow into two crescents which is rather pretty.

“You take a seat first. I’ll go and make a cup of coffee for you.”

Done speaking, she turns around and walks out.

Inside the office, there is only Liu Yi left making him feel bored. He can only let Little Jade pull out the novel and continue reading.

Very quickly from behind comes the footsteps of someone, perhaps it is the secretary who had come back.

A cup of coffee is placed on the table in front of him. Liu Yi nods his head and says thank you before picking up the cup of coffee and drinking it.

It is slightly scalding but it is not a problem.

“Thank you, but it is rather bitter. Do you have a sugar packet?”

A girl roars out, “Sugar your sister ah!” Following which Liu Yi smells a familiar fragrance.

He looks up in shock. Liu Hongxian is currently standing behind him in anger. The fire in her eyes can light up the grand building!

“What you drank is my coffee!”


Only then did Liu Yi notice that the coffee cup in his hand is a cute elephant head….what the, could it be that this lass has some weird attraction to elephants?

“Sorry…I thought that it prepared for me by the chairman’s secretary…here take it back. But your taste is slightly heavy ah.”

“Heavy your sister! Who would want to drink what you had drunk before! Oh, I am so mad!”

Liu Hongxian walks over and sits down in the seat of the chairman, “Why did the top send you outrageous person! Didn’t they say that they were going to send an expert?”

“What the, you are the chairman?”

“Rubbish, of course, I am the chairman, else it is you?”

As Liu Hongxian speaks she picks up her work certificate and shows it to Liu Yi, “Remember I call Liu Hongxian! The highest person-in-charge! From now on you shall be receiving my interview! If you do not pass then sorry, you can scram back to where you come from!”


Liu Yi also does not know what to say…this lass is actually my direct superior?

Bullshit…are you for real!

Although having a beauty as a direct superior is not bad…but it cannot stop her from giving me any hidden daggers ah!

Isn’t this making things difficult for myself?

“Wait a minute….I still have to go through an interview? What the, are you for real, I am from the No 7 branch ah…”

“I don’t care if you are from the No7 or No8 branch! Since you are here you must receive my interview! This time round’s task is very important to do, you know?!”

As Liu Hongxian speaks she presses a button on the table.

Instantly Liu Yi realize that the steel plate starts to rise on the surrounding wall and seal up this room!

Instantly they are like being closed in an iron box!

“What, what do you want to do!”

Liu Yi subconsciously hugs himself as he looks at Liu Hongxian with some fear.

“Your sister ah, what can I do to you! You dirty-minded pig!”

Liu Hongxian got angered by Liu Yi’s reaction, “What we are going to discuss next is highly secretive alright? Now a single word can be leaked!”

“Okay then, so that is the case. I thought that you wanted to do something to me eh…”

Liu Yi wipes away his cold sweat, “I am still a youngster…”

“Youngster your head!”

Liu Hongxian is almost going to go crazy from angry due to this guy! With his faceful of beard and he call himselfs a youngster!

If he is a youngster then I am a loli!

“Right now I am going to discuss a serious matter. You must swear to keep it a secret! If you dare to leak the secrets, no matter where you escape to our 12th military intelligence will hunt you down do you understand me?!”

“So serious? Then I’d rather not listen to it then.”

Liu Yi shakes his head and then stands up, preparing to leave.

“You, you, you….”

Liu Hongxian starts trembling from anger, “You fucking sit down for me!”

“Don’t want. You think that I am a primary school kid that will sit down just because you say so ah!”

“Damn it! Right now I am your direct superior!”

“Why would I have such a nutjob superior?”

“You, you, you bastard!”


Chapter 620  [She is the leader?]


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