MKW Chapter 619

Chapter 619    [Office]


Liu Hongxian is very angry today, very very angry!

It is not because of her monthly great aunt but the recent post transfer makes her very unhappy!

I worked hard for so long in the 12th military intelligence department, and with great difficulty, my section chief is about to retire! My ability has been acknowledged by the 12th military intelligence department! As long as my section chief retires, I will be able to immediately take over the position and become the first female in the 12th military intelligence department!

But I didn’t expect that just a day before section chief retires, the top actually sends down an order to let me come to this newly established company to be the chairman here!

The top is completely crazy!!!

With this delay wouldn’t I need to wait for another 20 years! Perhaps even 30 years might also be possible!

Thinking to here, Liu Hongxian becomes angered!

Really make me angry! How can they do this!

Today I also met this weirdo! Bullshit, this is completely making me even more anger! It is even worse than my great aunt coming! Really is in a bad mood!

“You must be crazy! Psycho!”

“Aiyah…..accidently pressed the wrong floor number. Which floor am I supposed to go to?”

Liu Yi laughs like a hoodlum, “Really sorry beauty, looks like you can only stay with me, this scum, for a while.”


Liu Hongxian walks forward angrily preparing to take a floor up and change to another life to go up.

Liu Yi is also indifferent, as he is doing it on purpose to anger this woman.

So what if you are beautiful, do you think you can bully people like this.

Tsk, tsk, I am not that easy to bully. If I wake out the shamelessness of a guy then you will be instantly defeated!

Thinking to here Liu Yi lets Little Jade pull out the downloaded copy of My Beautiful Teacher and continues to appreciate how the male lead takes liberties with his harem!

This guy is really powerful ah, so many girls and he actually settles all of them! I shall use him as an example and continue to work hard ah!

Currently, the lift has already reached the 8th floor. And the lift door is about to open.

Liu Hongxian had already lifted up a leg, preparing to walk out.

But at this moment the lift suddenly sways and nearly causing Liu Hongxian to fall.

The lit up lift suddenly turns dark as the lift stops all movements.


Liu Yi is able to see in the darkness. He sees a trace of fluster flashes across the beauty’s face but swiftly calms down.

“Damn it, a power failure actually occur now! Damn property management, later I will definitely sue you!!”

Liu Yi starts sweating, this beauty’s temper….seems to be a bit not good. Could it be that that something of hers had come causing her temper to rise?

“That….the power should be back in a bit. Just wait calmly.”

“Hmph, in this pitch darkness, who wants to stay with you in a single room!”

Liu Hongxian stares at Liu Yi in disgust and sneers, “Staying with you, this annoying fellow for a second more, I feel nauseous.”

“I see you really have a problem eh? I call you, provoked you, where did I touch you as well?”

Liu Yi starts to be unhappy, this girl is really…had menopause ahead of time?

“Hmph, don’t think that I do not know.”

Liu Hongxian crosses her arms and looks in Liu Yi’s direction as she says coldly, “All you of stinky guys are the same. Right now it is so dark and there is only you and me, those filthy things that you are thinking of, do you really think that I am unable to guess them? Let me tell you, what you want to think I cannot stop you! But if you touch me, then I shall remove your third leg!”

Good fellow, what a violent girl ah!

Liu Yi is too lazy to continue quarreling with her. He leans against the wall and waves his hand.

“What you like to do I don’t care.”

After all, he is already late. Thus he is no longer anxious as he leans there calmly and continues reading the novel.

This <My Beautiful Teacher> is written really well.

Liu Yi guesses, the author that is able to write such a good novel is definitely a handsome guy right!

[TL: shameless author]

While Liu Hongxian by the side pulls out her handphone and it seems like she plans to call for help but she realize that there is no signal.

Liu Hongxian waited for a few more minutes and she who was originally filled with anger is no longer able to take it anymore and is even more unhappy.

Unlucky! Today I am really too unlucky! Unlucky all the way to home! I definitely must have offended someone which is why I keep getting into so many unlucky matters!

Cannot, when I return, I must go to the temple to pray and clear away my bad luck!

Liu Hongxian looks at her handphone and becomes anxious.

“Damn it, if this goes on, I will be late…”

She walks through and fro on her high heels. That clicking sound disturbs Liu Yi who was reading novels.

“I say beauty, do you have a problem? Can’t you just wait calmly?”

Liu Yi says, “Would you walking like this generate electricity?”

[TL: If and only if they manage to minimize that technology of Pavagon..]

“Who needs you to care!”

Liu Hongxian glares at Liu Yi, “To think that you are a guy! At this moment you are actually not even helping? Let me ask you, did you bring your handle?”

“What the!”

Liu Yi nearly says out, want me to take off my pants and let you see!

“Guys are all like this, only powerful when disturbing girls the rest of the time they are all trash!”

Liu Yi says unhappy, “Then what do you want, want me to punch this steel door open and send you out?”

“Are you joking around?”

Liu Hongxian rolls her eyes, “Did you watch too much superman?”

“Then do you have any other idea?”

“Do you see that passageway above your head?”

“I see it, climb out from there?”

Liu Yi looks above his head, did not expect that I would meet this scene that I watched on TV.

“That’s right, climb up and then up there, there will be signal!”

Liu Hongxian says, “This way we will be able to make a call for help!”

“Okay then, then I’ll climb up.”

Liu Yi does not have any other choice as he says in his heart, this girl can really flip her face.

“Who needs you to go up! What if you go up and don’t care about me, I am not that stupid!”


Liu Yi says in his heart, isn’t this lass thinking a bit too complicated?

But he does wish to quarrel with her, thus he can only agree.

“Fine then.”

Liu Yi gives up his position and gives it to Liu Hongxian.

“You think I am Yao Ming ah!”

[TL: retired Chinese basketball player]

Liu Hongxian glares at Liu Yi fiercely, “That is so high how can I reach it?!”

“You jump up then.”

“I am also not Liu Xiang!”

[TL: chinese gold-medal hurdler of 2004 olympics]

“Then what do you want? What is the use of you grumbling to me ah!”

“You…you come over!”

Liu Hongxian is very flustered as she points at Liu Yi, “Kneel here!”


“Come over and be my stepping stool!”

“What the! Are you joking with me?! You are wearing a 10 cm high heel ah!”

Liu Yi nearly cry, “You want to step on me to go up?”

“Can’t I just take it off!”

Liu Hongxian takes off her high heels revealing her small feet.

Although it is in pitch darkness with only Liu Hongxian’s handphone shining out light, Liu Yi’s night vision is able to see it clearly.

“Quickly come over!”

Liu Hongxian says unhappily, “If we wait anymore then we do not know when we will get help! You guys handle things so slowly.”

“What the, I cannot out talk you. I will be your stepping stool okay!”

Liu Yi can only walk over and crouch down.

Liu Hongxian warns Liu Yi, “You…are not allowed to look upwards!”

“Big sister, this place is pitch dark ah, how can I see anything!”

Liu Yi pretends to be wrongly accused but he is actually secretly happy in his heart.

“That is true…anyways….if you dare to anyhow look, I will jab your eyeballs!”

Liu Hongxian lifts up one of her legs and lightly steps onto Liu Yi’s shoulders.

Liu Hongxian is very light. Although her figure is very good, from Liu Yi’s estimation she is around 45kg that’s all!

She is not short, above 1.7 meters thus when she wears high heels, she is taller than Liu Yi.

Currently, she is stepping on Liu Yi’s shoulder but she is not putting much pressure on Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi secretly lifts up his head and almost has a nosebleed.

What the….the scene under this lass’s skirt….is indeed very unique ah…

A pink cute cartoon panty with a small grey elephant print…

What the….isn’t this….a joke right!

Just a strong will lady….actually wears such a cartoon….. such vulgar panties…

Collapse ah….I feel like my world view had just collapsed…

Liu Yi is able to see clearly, especially when Long Hongxian is pushing against the opening, that little grey elephant’s nose is moving…which causes Liu Yi to feel evil…

“Damn it…why is this so firm….”

Liu Hongxian does not know that Liu Yi is currently appreciating the scene under her skirt. Currently, she is busy pushing that small opening but the opening is sealed firmly. Her strength is not enough to push it open.

“Ahhh! I don’t believe it!”

Liu Hongxian exerts all of her strength and pushes fiercely.

But at this moment her body instantly loses equilibrium and her feet slip. She lets out a shriek as she falls over.

Hearing this shriek Liu Yi immediately stands up as his hands move forward and steadily receives Liu Hongxian in his embrace.

Hugging her, Liu Yi cannot help but take a sniff.

Why does this girl smell so nice…furthermore she did not put on perfume. The smell of perfume is very distinct….it is more like a natural smell!

No wonder….the moment I enter the lift I smelled a fragrance…so it is from this lass’s body? I thought that it is a perfume from the lift….

This feeling is really like a fragrant imperial concubine ah!

Liu Yi smiles faintly in his heart, sorrowful ah, the world is indeed filled with extraordinary things. Especially this kind of unusual woman, she is basically the opus perfection of God.

If her temper can be better, how good would it be?

“Ahhhh! Pervert ah you!”

Unexpected the moment the beauty is shocked awake she immediately raises her hand and sends a slap towards Liu Yi’s face.

How is it possible for Liu Yi to be hit. He shifts his head backward and dodges the slap.

Nearly being slapped by her, Liu Yi is instantly angered as he asks, “What are you doing?”

Liu Hongxian struggles with all her might and scolds, “Hoodlum! Pervert! Shameless!”

“Are you crazy! If I do not catch you then wouldn’t you fall onto the ground?”

“I’d rather fall on my butt then being carried by you!”

“Good, then I shall fulfill you!”


Chapter 619  [Office]

Well what do you think Liu Yi will do?

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    • Yes he is.
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  1. author is handsome wohoo …

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