MKW Chapter 618

Chapter 618    [I am a cleaner]


“I’ll only say this once. Yield this road otherwise, I shall clean it myself.”

Liu Yi glances at that BMW 7 series. The dent is not that serious. No matter how much you charge it will not need 100k.

Just a spray of paint, at most in total it will be around 2-3k. Even if spraying the whole car it is at most 20k. This person actually asked for 200k in one go, it is obvious he is trying to rip people off!

Furthermore, this kind of matter the insurance company will compensate for it and the one responsible for this incident is not that middle-aged taxi driver.

This couple is obviously blackmailing people! But naturally evil people will be pestered by evil people and the biggest evil people is naturally me.

“Who do you think you are ah, you really think that you are Ultraman?”

The colorful clothing guy snorts, “Jingdou is really big eh, there are all kinds of people all over the place! Let me tell you, stop fucking meddle in other people matters, scram back to where you came from, do you understand me?”

“That’s right, where did this idiot come from ah! Perhaps it is because he is too ugly and does not have the face to meet people, that is why he wears a mask to cover his face!”

The woman who is sitting in the car also starts scolding and says, “Just looking at you makes me feel like my great aunt will be affected, tsk! Why are you still not scramming away, to prevent contaminating my eyes!”

“Fine then, since that is the case then do not blame me for being impolite.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders. Looks like it is not possible to settle this matter peacefully.

“Hahaha! What a big tone!”

The colorful shirt guy says, “You want to take action? Come then, hit me ah! Hit me ah!”

As that colorful shirt guy provokes he sneers in his heart, if he dares to take action and beat me then I shall extort a few thousand from him! The bigger this matter becomes the better!

“I do not hit people. I am only a hardworking cleaner.”

As Liu Yi speaks he walks over to the side of the BMW and then pulls out the woman who is facing her phone and taking all kind of moronic selfies.

When her body passes through the window she shrieks.

Seeing that his lover being pulled out the colourful shirt guy exclaims, “What, what do you want?”

“Clean the rubbish.”

Liu Yi tosses that woman out towards that colorful shirt guy. The two of them hug each other and fall onto the ground.

While Liu Yi stretches out his right hand and grabs the window edge of the BMW.

“Get lost!”

He single-handedly lifts up the nearly 2 ton BMW and tosses it out.

The BMW flips a few rounds in the sky and under the round eyes of the crowd, it lands into the river water under the bridge!

Seeing his beloved car spitting out a few bubbles and sinking into the riverbed, the colorful shirt guy starts trembling.

“You…you actually…you actually…”

He is both angered and afraid!

This guy is actually….able to single-handedly toss my beloved car!

Just how strong is he!

“You, pay me for my car!”

The colorful shirt guy suddenly understands that his car had been thrown into the river and instantly walks over to Liu Yi.

“Move aside. I am only responsible for cleaning the rubbish. Not responsible for retrieval;.”

Liu Yi gently shakes his arm and jolts that guy into retreating a few steps.

“Aiyah mother ah. In broad daylight, there are no laws ah!”

Seeing Liu Yi pushing away her man, she suddenly sits on the floor and starts wailing.

“No more laws ah! How can you let people live ah! You guys help us judge ah…”

With her crying like that, that shout is really mournful making the people by the side unable to watch anymore.

This two people…are too weird already right!

“Little brother…thank you…”

That middle-age uncle is already so emotional that he does not know what to say, this little brother…..really is a huge help ah!

“It is just a slight effort. I am only cleaning the rubbish that’s all.”

Liu Yi basically does not place those two people who are making an unreasonable scene in his eyes. Instead, he smiles warmingly towards that taxi driver, “Uncle quickly drive your car away. The road behind is completely jammed.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll leave now.”

The middle-age uncle keeps nodding his head and presses a name card into Liu Yi’s hand, “Little brother, I have nothing that I can use to thank you. On this is my number. In the future, if you want a ride in Jingdou, just call this number. No matter where I, Zhou Xuan, is, I will definitely come and pick you up!”

“Then thank you.”

Although Liu Yi does not need to take taxi, he still carefully keeps the name card properly.

“None of you are allowed to go, no one is allowed to go!”

The colorful shirt guy steps forward flusteredly to pull Liu Yi, but Liu Yi gently pushes with his hand silently and pushed him away.

“Robbing ah! You robber!”

Seeing that he is unable to deal with Liu Yi, the colorful shirt guy started crying.

“Comparing how unreasonable, you are still incomparable.”

Liu Yi clucks before sending off that middle-age taxi driver with his eyes.

The traffic behind is finally able to continue moving. The couple is still bothering Liu YI not letting him leave.

“Today if you do not compensate for my car then you are not going to go anywhere!”

The colorful shirt guy says fiercely to Liu Yi, “Let me tell you. With a call, there will immediately be a group of brothers who will come and kill you!”

“Husband, quickly find a few people to beat this bastard to death!”

The woman by the side wipes away her tears and says, “Today if you do not beat him to death I will not be able to let it go!”

“Really sorry but I really do not have time to play with you guys.”

Liu Yi leans against the bridge as he looks at the couple who is bothering him, “I still have some matters and shall leave first. Let’s meet again if there is a chance.”

“Where do you wish to go, today if you do not compensate the money you can forget about going anywhere!”

As that woman speak she moves up wanting to grab hold of Liu Yi’s leg.

But Liu Yi gently jumps up and lands on the back of the bridge. His legs stand on the three finger thick railing as he looks at the couple whose jaw had dropped.


Liu Yi takes a step back and falls over the side of the bridge.

“God, gods! Is he crazy?!”

Under the exclamation behind him, halfway down his fall, Liu Yi suddenly makes a flip. His taiji sword this shoots over from afar and floats under his feet allowing him to step onto it.

Under the shocked gaze of the couple, Liu Yi steps on his flying sword and swiftly flies away, the river water underneath is forced apart from the wind before calming back down.

“Who, who on earth is he ah….”

“Could….could it be that he is that, Blood Emperor….”

“Fuck…no matter who he is…I Wu Changru will definitely make him die badly! I remember this fellow is on the wanted list right! It seems like he is rushing towards the north, I’ll go and report to the police!”

Liu Yi does not know that that colorful shirt guy still wants to sabotage him. Perhaps even if he knows he will also not care. He is already no longer on the wanted list. As for the police, how would they dare to find trouble for him this No 7 Law Enforcement Official?

Currently, he has already reached the target location which is in front of the building of ‘China Language Education Institution’.

In front is a 20-story office building. Liu Yi looks at the message, that whatever education institution is on the 15th floor.

He does not know what Dragon Group is up to but now that he is the No 7 Law Enforcement Official, since he received a task, he still needs to quickly complete it.

Thus Liu Yi walks with wide steps to the lift.

At this moment the lift door is about to close and seems like it is going up. Liu Yi hurry over and shouts at the same time, “Wait a bit, wait a bit!”

He sees that there are people inside.

But that person does not seem to bother about what Liu Yi says and allows the lift door to continue to close.

“Oi, oi!”

Liu Yi immediately becomes anxious, what is the matter with this person, does he not hear my shouts?

It is normal people, he will definitely not be able to make it in time!

But who is Liu Yi? After cultivating for so long, if he is unable to deal with such a simple thing, he will not be called Liu Yi!

He stretches out his hand and flicks out a coin with his finger. The coin shoots in between the crack of the closing lift door and wedge in between the doors.

Bue to this the highly sensitive lift door opens.


When the lift door opens, the person in the lift lets out a shocked gasp.

While at this moment Liu Yi had already entered. Seeing the person in the lift he is stunned.

The person in the lift is actually a pretty lady in office clothing!

She is leaning against the wall of the lift.

This woman is very pretty, on her face she has a kind noble temperament. Because she is standing straight there as well as well as wearing a 10cm tall high heels, her chest is also propped up very high. In addition, her capital is already very ample, the propped up breasts are basically exploding out from her suit collar.

Liu Yi is really worried about the buttons of her blouse inside, would it explode like this….or perhaps after exploding it will be even more exciting…

Liu Yi feels that he is becoming slightly parched and swallows his saliva.

This woman’s chest is very abundant, her pair of legs is even whiter and straight is wrapped in a livery skirt.

It seems like she senses Liu Yi’s fiery gaze, that office beauty instantly frowns.

“If you look anymore I’ll gouge out your eyes!”

Although she is very pretty her words are very spicy.

“What the…”

Liu Yi did not expect that the beauty will become fierce but he no longer likes to be passive, thus he starts to seek for his own stand.

“This beauty, did not think that you are so beautiful but your heart is so bad.”

“Whose heart did you say is bad?”

The beauty frowns deeper and her gaze towards Liu Yi becomes unpleasant.

“Of course it is yours! I shouted so many times outside but you actually do not care! That is too heartless already!”

“Psycho, who knows who you are shouting at.”

The girl rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Furthermore you also do not look like a good person. Who knows what kind of vulgar stuff you would do if you come into the lift!”

“Oi, oi, oi. What you say is too much okay!”

Liu Yi smiles in anger, “Where do I not look like a good person? They all say that I am the standard of Lei Feng’s face okay?”


The girl rolls her eyes at Liu Yi again before standing to the side, like Liu Yi is a demon in her eyes.

Liu Yi is angered in his heart. In his anger, he presses on the buttons in the lift.

Right now from Ground Floor to Level 15, all of the buttons in between were pressed.

“Psycho you must be crazy!”


Chapter 618  [I am a cleaner]

Best cleaner in the world

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