MKW Chapter 617

Chapter 617    [You think you are Ultraman?]


“This one will swiftly find the water spirit body! Definitely!”

Liu Haisheng keeps kowtowing, “May master please give this one a chance!”

“Hmph! Scram, you dirty my eyes.”

That girl snorts as Liu Haisheng immediately crawls out!

The moment he exits his early pale face instantly turns sinister as a fierce gleam flashes across her eyes.

Sooner or later I will kill this person! She thinks that she is unparalleled under the world but she does not know that I already secretly control a strength that she does not know….when the time is ripe I shall completely flip the board!

This world shall become mine, Liu Haisheng’s!

The moment Liu Haisheng exits, a blood light suddenly gathers in the hall.

This blood light swiftly gathers into the figure of Xue Luo who stands in front of that figure.

“Have you seen him?”

The girl’s voice suddenly has some hesitation.

Xue Luo’s face is filled with respect, her eyes filled with worship as she cups her hands and says, “Yes master. The invitation card had already been given to him.”

“Very good…”

The girl nods her head and slowly stands up from the seat.

The sunlight shines of her body but her facial appearance is still hidden in the darkness.

“It has been 1300 years, don’t know how he has changed.”

“Master…1300 years to him…is but a snap of the fingers that’s all…but master, are you really not going to see him?”

“I do not want to…so many years….my feeling….he will definitely not understand it…hahaha….”

The girl clenches her fist, “So…this type of feeling…I must let him experience it as well….Xue Luo, you say, this operation this time, will it succeed?”

“With master’s spirit vein strength, gathering the 5 spiritual bodies, it will definitely be able to activate the formation.”

Xue Luo is more confident than that girl, “Master promoting your strength for this 1300 years wasn’t it for this moment? But master…you wasting so much effort for him, is it worth it?”

“SHUT UP! How many times must I say it! No matter what he is my lord!”

[TL: whoever who is still unable to guess who this girl is can just…. ]

“So, sorry master…I am wrong…”

That girl nods her head, “Hmph, next time don’t say so much nonsense. Go and settle those things below, properly. Do not let me down.”

“Relax master. I am not like Liu Haisheng, that trash. The Wuli of back then no longer exists anymore. Right now the current Liu Haisheng is not even 0.1% of Lord Wuli!”

“That is of course. Wuli’s soul has already been scattered. Right now this reincarnation is nothing but a strand of his destroyed soul that’s all.”

“What master say is right. Furthermore, I see that this Liu Haisheng seems to have the heart of a turncoat.”

“I know. This person’s mind has a traitorous bone. I have already seen through his ambition. But right now it is still not time to fall out with him. We still need to use his strength.”

“Since mater says so, then I shall listen to master. Compared to that Liu Haisheng to master’s strength he is unable to play any tricks!”

“Mm, go and deal with the rest of the matters. Do not forget you still have a matter to do.”

“Understood master. Wait till his strength has recovered a bit more I will pass the task to him.”

“Mm, you can go.”


After their conversation had ended, Xue Luo instantly transforms back into blood light and disappears.

“Lord….lass….really missed you a lot ah. Really wish to immediately meet you now…but before that, hmph, hmph, lass must give you some punishment first…”

[TL: hmm…what kind of punishment…]

While she speaks, the girl stretches out her hand and slowly looks at her pale as jade hands. Soon she falls into a daze while staring.


While Liu Yi does not know that he is walking towards a trap. Currently, he has flown back to the sky above Jingdou. He looks down at the heavy traffic in the steel metropolis.

It has been a long time, Jingdou…I actually feel slightly emotional. Nearly forgot that I am a person from the current era.

{Little Jade, help me find out the location of that company.}

{Received! Scanning map!}

Little Jade immediately links up to the satellite and starts scanning this city.

Now that they are in the current era, indeed the map system is even powerful! Very quickly that ‘China Language Education Institution’ appears in Liu Yi’s map.

{This is not really far. Let us go!}

He presses down on his taiji sword. He changes into Blood Emperor’s attire and immediately flies down.

As he flies through the traffic, it attracted the exclamation of people.

“Gods! It is Blood Emperor!”

“Blood Emperor appeared in our Jingdou!”

“How, how handsome ah….it is really a flying sword…”

Blood Emperor’s fame had already spread through China. Currently, Liu Yi also likes playing around. He steps on his taiji sword as he weaves through the traffic.

What is the easiest thing to happen in Jingdou? It is a traffic jam!

Currently, it is also the peak traffic time. On a flyover, the cars are stuck there hard to move a single bit.

The cars are horning each other and a lot of people are scolding all over the place.

While at a bridge end, two cars are touching each other closely.

It seems like one of the BMW had made a sudden turn causing it to crash into a taxi.

In the BMW sits a beauty with thick makeup. She is wearing very revealing attire and that ravine in front of her chest is very deep which attracts the gaze of the people why the sides.

While in front of the car stands a guy wearing colorful clothing. He is scolding and pointing at the taxi and says, “You see what did you do you my car?! This is my new BMW 7 series that just come out from the works! 7 series, do you understand?!”

He looks at the timid middle-age uncle and starts berating, “Can you even fucking compensate for it?”

“You…it is obviously you who suddenly turned…”

That middle-age uncle wipes away the sweat on his forehead and says softly like he is afraid of the vigor.

He is only driving a taxi…everyday, earn a bit of money to raise his family….that BMW….it seems like he really cannot compensate for it…

“I turned on the turn indicator light already, alright? Are you fucking blind?”


“But what, take a look at you this honest looking person, when something happens you purposely give all kind of excuses. is it that you want to push the responsibility to my husband ah you!”

The beauty in the car takes off her sunglasses revealing her smoky eyes and says, “I had seen clearly. It was obviously you, this fellow who suddenly ramed over, do you think you have a reason! Let me tell you, don’t think that you can act shamelessly because you are poor! Today’s blame is all on you! We have people in the traffic department. If we really blow it big then at that time you will not only be compensating money, perhaps your taxi qualification will also be suspended!”


Hearing that his qualification will be suspended, that middle-age uncle instantly panics.

I only know how to drive a car, if I am unable to drive the taxi then what can I use to support my family!

There is still a child who is going to go university and the money needed….

“You say it, we make it public or private?”

That guy in shirt looks at his woman before saying to the middle-aged uncle, “Fine then, then let me continue to wait for the police to come and settle it! But at that time, your rice bowl will be thrown away! Let me tell you, I have people above, I am someone you, this commoner, can’t provoke!”

“I am not provoking….not provoking…”

The middle-age uncle immediately apologizes, “You guys say…say how we settle this….”

Right now he also does not have any other choice. Compensate, then compensate a bit of money…it is better than losing my job…

Currently, the police still have not come. That colorful clothing guy smiles in delight and says, “I just drove this BMW 7 series out. You caused such a huge dent it will cause a sum to repair!”

He glances up and down that middle-age uncle, “Seeing that you are a poor person I will not rip you off. I let you off lightly, 100k.”

“1, 100k!”

That middle-age uncle nearly collapses when he heard the figure.

“How, how is it that expensive…”

The colorful shirt guy says aggressively, “Of course, you think that this car is that taxi of yours! You dented this a bit, I need to waste a lot of effort to be able to repair it! Asking 100k from you is considered as cheap!”

“That’s right it is my husband whose heart is soft! If it is me if I do not take 300k from you I would not let you off!”

“You guys…you guys are bullying people…”

How is it possible for the middle-age uncle to take out so much money!

“Bully you? Let me tell you, this is considered as taking care of you! Today if you do not take out 100k then you can just wait to toss away your rice bowl!”

“That’s right if you do you take out the money then do not think of leaving!”

Seeing how that person is so overbearing, a lot of people by the side are unable to watch on. But no one steps forward to meddle as no one wishes to get into trouble. Especially since that colorful clothing guy seems to be very hard to deal with.

But the cars of the two parties are blocking there. Making those behind unable to pass, thus making the horns and shouting to be even louder.

“What the fuck are all of you shouting for!”

The colorful clothing guy seems to be annoyed from being shouted at as he turns around and scolds before threatening that middle-aged uncle.

“The traffic police are coming soon. You decide for yourself! If you do not take out money then prepare to get laid-off!”

“But….But how is it possible for me to take out so much money in such a short period of time…”

“Like I care!”

“But, but what do I do ah…”

The middle-age uncle has driven a taxi for his entire life and has seen all kinds of things. But today he finally has an urge to cry.

Just as he is about to cry, a clapping sound comes from the side.

Everyone turns around and takes a look, only to see a guy wearing a black western suit and a white mask slowly floating down to the ground.

This person’s dressing…isn’t it…that the rumored Blood Emperor?

Why did Blood Emperor run here?

The moment Liu Yi lands he asks, “Apologies you guys are blocking my road, can you move aside?”

“Who the hell are you ah?”

Seeing Liu Yi that colorful clothing guy obviously does not recognize this   Blood Emperor, instead, he scolds, “Wearing a western suit and a mask, are you playing COSPLAY with me ah? If you want to walk then take a detour! Let me tell you, this road is not passable!”

“What is the matter, was this road opened by your family?”

Liu Yi sneers, I heard their conversation clearly, good fellow, this brother really dares to blackmail eh, 100k! Does he think that the car he is driving is made of gold?

“What is it, you wish to meddle in other people’s business eh?”

That colorful shirt guy sneers, “Brother let me tell you, not all matters you can meddle in! I am not someone you can provoke do you understand?”

This brother’s way of speaking is really unexpected! Liu Yi feels like the old society landlord is around this standard!

“Really there are always idiots coming to meddle ah.”

That girl who is sitting on the car glances at Liu Yi, “Husband, you say where did this idiot emerge from ah? Think you are Ultraman just by wearing a mask, is it!”


Chapter 617  [You think you are Ultraman?]

If you guys still are unable to guess who that girl is, you suck…

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  1. Maybe she blames Liu Yi for her turning into a zombie or whatever they are called. The god race I think it was. Even though iirc she was the one who went in front of Liu Yi to protect him when he thought he could take it.

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  2. I feel bad for Ai Ling….this is a HORRIBLE comparison, but if the person you love went on vacation with you to… let’s say Hawaii for a random example… and you were both at the terminal to get on the plane to go home….he made it passed security, but you were held back and refused admittance…. how would you feel if they got on the plane and went home. No phone calls, or messages…. you eventually made it back by boat… angry would you be even if your lover has been looking for you from the other end…. after 1300 years she probably figured out why she failed to head back, but that doesn’t stop her from having a little resentment


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