MKW Chapter 616

Chapter 616    [Since ancient times]


Since ancient times, Fuxi Palace Hall was a very overbearing large sect.

Whoever dares to provoke Fuxi Palace Hall is basically seeking death!

As for this person called Liu Yi from the outer pavilion cultivator, right now he is equivalent to bullying to the top of Fuxi Palace Hall’s head!

This is….completely unbearable…

But these people from Fuxi Palace Hall do not dare to erupt into anger. Because that strength that Liu Yi displayed earlier…was too strong!

They are basically not his opponent!

The other person single-handedly defeated so many Fuxi Palace Hall experts and casually destroyed that sky ghost!

Such a powerful person…how can the few of them able to block him!

Hu Derong realize that this Liu Yi is a real expert! His strength is not something that even people from inner pavilion can look down on!

Furthermore, there is a faint trace of strength that makes them alarmed! Just now he looked like a completely harmless person but now he is like a pulled out treasure sword! Incomparably sharp making no one dare to look at him!

“Don’t, don’t take action…we’ll go back…we’ll go back right now…”

With his throat being pressed by that sharp lance point, even if he wants to be even more strong-willed, Hu Derong is unable to.

“If you had said so earlier wouldn’t this have ended?”

Only then did Liu Yi smile merrily as he keeps away his Scorpion Tail Lance, “I hate violence the most. It is too barbaric.”

Hu Derong and the rest of the Fuxi Palace Hall people becomes speechless.

“I am not going play with you guys anymore. I still have things to do.”

Liu Yi wishes to go back to take a look at Murong Dei and Wang Lele. After all, although the time over this side is only a split second, he had already stayed 1300 years in the past for 3 years.

This period of time, he indeed misses those girls.

Especially with Ai Ling causing a space-time paradox and changed history…Liu Yi wishes to know if their current space-time has any changes?

Just as Liu Yi is preparing to leave from the sky suddenly comes a very sinister and familiar aura!

He turns around in shock and notices the figure of a girl flies over from the sky.

When this girl flies over, there are a few rays of red light surrounding her.

The red lights instantly pierce through those daoists.

The daoist from Fuxi Palace Hall still do not understand what is going on when their body starts festering and instantly transforming blood, leaving behind sets of bones which drop onto the ground.

“Who is it?”

Liu Yi turns around and sees the figure of that girl and instantly his eyes widen.

The person who comes is none other than the god race girl from 1300 years ago…Xue Luo!

Even though 1300 years had passed, Xue Luo’s appearance did not change and did not even age and still looks like a 17 years old young woman.

“It is you!”

Recalling that Ai Ling had also become one of the god race, he instantly becomes angered, “After bothering me for over a thousand years are you guys done already? Why kill those people? What do you guys want to do?”

“Daoist Sword Emperor, today I am here not to take action against you but you give you an invitation card.”

Xue Luo floats there calmly, not afraid of Liu Yi at all.

Liu Yi glances at Xue Luo but he is not confident at all.

He is unable to see through Xue Luo’s cultivation base! After so many years, I’m afraid this girl is no longer that simple…her strength should have already exceeded heaven realm!

Wanting to defeat her is not possible if I do not enter deity transformation. But right now my cultivation is still in the recovering phase. Even if I want to enter deity transformation it is too difficult….just now the reason why I was able to deal with those Fuxi Palace Hall daoists is that they were not really strong.

“Invitation card? What invitation card?”

“Our master is the one who convened the 5 spirit gathering. This is the invitation that master wanted me to pass to daoist.”

Xue Luo’s palm trembles slightly as a golden light instantly flies out and flew in front of Liu Yi which is grabbed by him.

Liu Yi receives it and takes a look. On the invitation card, his name is written. Indeed it is the invitation card for the 5 spirit gathering!

Why is this 5 spirit gathering inviting me over?

But….the master that Xue Luo is talking causes Liu Yi to be alarmed.

Who else could be the one who Xue Luo will call master?

It seems like there is only a person who she will call this! Furthermore, it is also the one who convened this 5 spirit gathering…

Liu Yi’s heart start jumping madly, could it be, Liu Haisheng…is the reincarnation of Wuli?

Bullshit, don’t be so unreasonable okay!

Back then that fellow was killed by me….he actually became the current sect head of Raising Immortal Palace Hall?

Looks like I really must make a trip back to Raising Immortal Palace Hall!

But right now is not the time. Right now my cultivation base is still not enough. I must first find a place and properly restore my cultivation base!

At the very least I must first restore back to 12 stars!

“My task is already completed. I shall leave now.”

Xue Luo suddenly transforms into a blood light and dispersed in front of Liu Yi like the blood mist had evaporated completely.

“Don’t go!”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and only grab a fistful of blood water.

Xue Luo came and went very swiftly. If it is not for the blood water in Liu Yi’s hand, it is like she had never come here before.

“What is going on with this lass….so strange…”

Lin Tong is unable to comprehend what is going on as she asks Liu Yi, {Why did she inform you to take part in the 5 spirit gathering? Could it be that she is already subdued under the wings of Liu Haisheng?}

{It is not called subdued. The two of them were originally together..}

Liu Yi tells Lin Tong his guess. When Lin Tong hears this she is rather shocked.

{Liu Haisheng is actually the reincarnation of the god of zombie race? Good fellow…big idiot, you and these people are really fated ah!}

{If possible I do not wish to have this kind of fate with that Wuli.}

Liu Yi smiles bitterly, {Right now it really makes me not know what I should do…right, Little Jade, your satellite which was left 1300 years in the past can you check the records to find where Ai Ling went?}

{Cannot master. Those nano satellites no longer have any energy to work and lost effect.}

This is the first time Little Jade let him down, {Without the support of master’s energy. The nanosatellites cannot last for very long. Thus what happens after those time, I also do not know. Sorry master….}

{It is okay, I do not blame you.}

Liu Yi waves his hand, {Soldiers come general block, water comes earth covers. No matter what methods the opponent uses, I will take them on one by one.}

Little Jade reminds, {But master…in the inbox there is a letter for you…}

{Oh? Take it out.}

LiuYi is rather curious who would send him a message. In the end, when he opens it, it is actually an encrypted message.

But this is unable to stop Little Jade. Very quickly Little Jade found the origin of that message. It is from the headquarters of Dragon Group.

On the message, it only indicates a time to report at an institution called China Language Educational Center in Jingdou.

Looking at the date, it is today and in the afternoon.

“Strange…why would dragon group give this task to me.”

Liu Yi takes a look at the invitation card. The time stated on it is actually pushed back to next year’s mid-autumn festival!

Looks like Liu Haisheng had prepared a large plan!

But this way is also good. At the very least it gives me even more time to prepare. Looks like this time around, the point of contest is who could accumulate more strength during this short period of time!

Not only does Liu Yi need to restore 12 star cultivation base, but he also needs to prepare to absorb some new type of qi.

In his body other than Immortal Qi, Devil Qi, Dragon Qi as well as Netherworld Qi, there are still Buddhist Qi, Asura Qi, and Blood Qi. Although these 3 qi are very weak at the very least there is that little bit of them. As long as he finds a chance and strengthens them, it will be enough

The fastest way to be free of worry….is to find a girl who cultivates those qi…and pa, pa, pa a bit…

As for Blood Qi…it seems like I can settle it with my own lass…the most important requirement is that Ai Ling must still love me…as for Asura Qi, it seems like…other than Ye Hanshuang…there aren’t other people to choose from….I can’t do it with Chen Cai, right? Damn it thinking about it is already very scary!

As for Buddhist Qi….there is no need to think about nuns, amitabha, amitabha…then there is only Mo Lan left…Mo Lan cultivates unmoving Ming King which makes her filled with buddhist qi!

But Liu Yi does not dare to provoke that girl. She is filled with heroic spirit but conducts herself similarly to Ye Hanshuang! Both of them wish to marry him in! Thus this lass is definitely not possible!

Even if he managed to cultivate out the remaining three qi, there is still 2 more qi that need to be gathered.

But Liu Yi also knows that it seems like there is only ghost qi left…Liu Yi does not know who to sleep with to get it as well. Alas, why is there only sleeping together, this kind of strange fate ah?

As for the 9th type I have no clue….it seems like the 10th type is even more impossible!

Lin Tong stretches on Liu Yi’s shoulder and asks, {Big idiot, then where shall we go now?}

{Is there any need to say, of course, it is to go deal with the task…but it seems like Xue Luo just now created trouble for me. In the future, I really must to careful. Right now in the cultivation world, there are enemies all over the place.}

Hu Derong and the rest died on the way to seek me. Perhaps Fuxi Palace Hall will 100% think that I am the killer.

This kind of matter cannot be completely cleared away one. I can only wait for the end result.

He steps onto his flying sword and flies in the direction of the city.


In Raising Immortal Palace Hall, a figure is sitting silently on a throne in a hall.

This person is hidden within the darkness. The only thing visible is the pair of legs which is shone upon by the sunlight shining in. But the person’s upper body cannot be seen.

Liu Haisheng is currently kneeling in front of that person and reports to that figure his recent work status.

If Liu Yi is here and sees this scene, his jaw will definitely drop from shock.

The arrogant Liu Haisheng who always thought himself as the world number one is actually such so respectful towards that person in front of him!

This is not possible!

“The 5 spirit gathering is nearly completely prepared…we are still seeking that water spirit body…”


The voice is clearly a girl’s. She snorts lightly but it scared Liu Haisheng badly as he kneels there.

“Spare me…master spare me….I, I will definitely swiftly find the water spirit body one….”

“You must do it before the 5 spirit gathering. If you are late….hehehe….”


Chapter 616  [Since ancient times]

So any guess on who this person is?

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