MKW Chapter 615

Chapter 615    [3 starjades opress you guys]


“This daoist friend words are very wrong!”

Liu Yi says seriously, “QQ and WeChat are the current era’s image! In this era who still uses flying swords to transmit a message or uses thousand-mile voice transmission, this kind of pathetic techniques! Look, it is this toy!”

As he speaks he pulls out his handphone and show it to the daoist, “Do you see this? Just this small thing, my magic treasure as well as this software. After you install them together…you see, you see beautiful girls appear! These few daoist friends have cultivated for so long and are still single, right? Fengshui Compass I am unable to return. Installing a Wechat and then just shake a few times, you will be able to shake out a beauty! But you might shake out guys and the like then you can ignore it!”

“Not bad eh…”

A few daoist starts to become interested as their eyes lands on Liu Yi’s handphone.

“Right? You guys can give it a try! Come, come, come this daoist friend. I see that your appearance is quite good. Your luck should be quite good. Why don’t you give it a try, perhaps you might be able to shake out a sexy beauty!”

“Ah, me right, really is me?”

Upon hearing Liu Yi choosing him to try out this treasure, that young daoist instantly becomes delighted and carefully take the handphone with both hands carefully like he is holding a chicken egg. His hand is shaking lightly.

The phone lets out vibrating sounds and Liu Yi picks up to take a look.

“Aiyah, not bad eh. It is a sexual sister!”

A big-breast girl appears on the screen on the handphone as a few daoists surround it and starts smiling wretchedly.

“Come, come, come. Let us chat with her. Perhaps we might be able to get some harvest!”

“Can, can chat with her?”

“Can, you see, let me show you guys!”

Liu Yi immediately pinches his voice and says loudly, “I am a nouveau riche, come out for a one night?”

“What is the meaning for one night?”

“It is come out for dual cultivation and improve the cultivation of both sides.”

“God, this, this is possible?”

“Don’t be anxious and listen.”

Very quickly the other party replies, her sweet voice carries a trace of shyness.

“Aiyah…don’t be so direct ah…this one is not that casual…at the very least, let’s have a meal first, watch a movie…”

Everyone is stunned, all of them do not believe their ears.

It is actually so easy…to invite out…for dual cultivation?

This….this treasure is really mystical ah!

“Guys, you see, this treasure is very powerful right. With this, there is no need to worry about not having a girl for dual cultivation!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, after all, it is just a handphone, go back and buy another one will be fine.

“Good, good, good…this is a good treasure…”

The daoist were all delighted. Just as they are about to take the handphone and leave, by the side one of the taoist’s face is completely red. At this moment he shouts out, “All of you fucking stop!”

When this taoist roars, it scares the rest of them.

“Tang Xin what is the matter with you?”

“That’s right Sixth Senior Brother what is the matter with you. Why are you so agitated?”

“You all have been fucking fooled by him!”

That daoist called Tang Xin roars, “How is this a treasure! It is a fucking handphone! This shit is using WeChat to hook up for a one night stand! You guys think that it is so easy to hook? I had been hooking for two years and failed!”

Liu Yi instantly covers his forehead, did not expect that Fuxi Palace Hall actually has this er….er…loser….

Really calculated all angles but the human heart is the hardest to calculate ah…

After all who would have expected that Fuxi Palace Hall this kind of big sect of the inner pavilion…also has this kind of masturbating loser…

“Don’t take this kind of a few hundred dollars stuff to fool us! Do you really think that everyone in Fuxi Palace Hall are idiots!”

Liu Yi cups his hands towards that daoist and says, “Did not, did not. Fellow Daoist really has a lot of experience hooking one-night stands ah!”

“That is of course…”

That daoist suddenly feels the more he listen to this sentence the more disgusted he feels and his face instantly drops and roars, “Damn it, why waste time talking with this guy! Brothers from Fuxi Palace Hall, today don’t let this fellow run away! If he escapes we will not be able to get back our Fengshui Compass!”

“That’s right! Capture him!”

The group of Fuxi Palace Hall people instantly become serious again. Their earlier joyous and harmonious scene completely disappear.

Liu Yi gently shakes his head, really is a group of fellows who fallout and become hostile ah!

Liu Yi says, “I already said that even if you guys find me it is also useless. That Fengshui Compass is not on me. What is the point in capturing me?”

The group of Fuxi Palace Hall people shout.

“Tsk, you and that demon girl are together! Right now whatever you say is useless!”

“Right after capturing you, I do not believe that you will not hand over after torture!”

This group of fellows, how is this any different from robing!

“Since that is the case, you guys are going to take action?”

Liu Yi sighs and raises his head looking at the daoists from Fuxi Palace Hall.

“Hmph, today if you do not tell us honestly then it shall be your death date!”

“That’s right, let you have a taste of my Fuxi Palace Hall power!”

As the group of Fuxi Palace Hall people speaks they stretch out their hand as they prepare to activate seals to deal with Liu Yi.

“You should be called Liu Yi, right?”

That Hu Derong had already collected information regarding Liu Yi, “Although your recent reputation is very prosperous, and is in the limelight during the external pavilion World Dao Gathering. But that is the outer pavilion which cannot be compared to our inner pavilion! A thousand years ago when my inner pavilion disciples are preparing to cross their calamity the outer pavilion disciples had only just entered the cultivation world! So you think that you are very powerful in the outer pavilion? In the inner pavilion, you are nothing!”

“That’s right our seals will be able to easily kill you!”

“If you are tactful then quickly surrender and you will not die!”

“Uncles you guys really have a lot of rubbish to say ah.”

Liu Yi stretches and says, “Originally I did not wish to start a fight but you guys are so overbearing to this point. What is the point of saying anything else? Want to fight? Then bring it on!”

“This fellow actually dares to be arrogant!”

“Teach him a lesson, let him know what the inner pavilion is!”

Those Fuxi Palace Hall disciples start taking action. By the side, Liu Yi puts on his Monarch Armour while observing their hand gestures!

Instantly all kind of seals blast out! All kind of attributes and properties seals land on Liu Yi!

Liu Yi body is swiftly submerged by the seals and instantly disappears in flames and lightning.

“Hahaha! This is the end result of offending our Fuxi Palace Hall!”

“Did we take action too heavy handed…if he died what will happen to the Fengshui Compass?”

“What the! In a moment of excitement, we forgot about the main matter!”

The daoists instantly were shocked awake as they immediately go and check if Liu Yi is still alive.

While at this moment a strong wind suddenly surges and Liu Yi who was supposed to be turned into slag by their seals is standing there perfectly fine wearing black armor. In his hands is a black lance. He waves his lance around scattering the smoke away.


“How…how is this possible!”

Those people from Fuxi Palace Hall stares at Liu Yi blankly, they are all earth realm experts ah, all of them are around 15, 16 star experts!

This time around….we cannot even deal with a single outer pavilion disciple!

From his appearance, it seems like he is completely fine!

This is not possible ah!

“The attacks from you guys….is really weak. This is the might of the inner pavilion?”

Liu Yi pats away the dust on his body and says with a smile, “If you guys only have this bit of strength then do not blame me for being impolite!”

“Don’t be arrogant! Take my Sky Ghost technique!”

One of the daoist’s roars as he stretches out his hand and opens a bottle!

Instantly black smoke flies out from the bottle. The black smoke swiftly transforms into a hundred meters tall giant. It’s yellow eyes lands on Liu Yi as two streams of flame snort out from it’s nose.

“Let this daoist’s sky ghost deal with you!”

That daoist’s sky ghost is very strong. Its palms are like two hills pressuring down from the sides of Liu Yi, like it wishes to slap Liu Yi into mincemeat like slapping a mosquito!

“Sky Supporting Pillar.”

Liu Yi did not dodge. He stands there as he lets go of Scorpion Tail Lance and pushes outward towards the side with his hands.

Two enormous golden palms fly out and instantly block the enormous sky ghost’s hands!


The two surges of strength crash against each other creating a very powerful shockwave in the sky!

That daoist instantly starts shrieking, “Gods….he is actually…able to block the strength of the sky ghost!”

“I’ll let you talk at the back.”

Done speaking, Liu Yi’s hand trembles and pulls down.


That enormous arms of the sky ghost are instantly pulled off by Liu Yi!

Instantly dense black smoke emerges from the sky ghost shoulder making him cry out in pain!

Liu Yi casually tosses the two arms down and then kicks the Scorpion Tail lance which is stabbed into the ground.

This Scorpion Tail lance instantly flies out and pierced through the head of that sky ghost!

Scarlet flames instantly burn that sky ghost’s body! Scarlet Blood Sutra Qi is not something that that sky ghost is able to resist and instantly it is burned into ashes!

“This daoist’s sky ghost ah….”

The old daoist instantly starts crying and is even sadder than when his son had died!

This sky ghost is something that he had bitterly raised for 500 years and it actually instantly died!

Liu Yi lazily recalls his Scorpion Tail lance and rest it on his shoulder. He looks at the stunned Fuxi Palace Hall daoists and asks, “Done, who is the next one.”

“Who…who on earth are you…”

That sky ghost is very powerful but is instantly defeated by Liu Yi…just what is the background of this fellow?

“Me? I am just a person who is buying soy sauce in the cultivation realm that’s all.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Let me tell you guys honestly. Don’t say that I do not know where that girl is. Even if I know I will also not tell you guys. Because she is my woman! Whoever who dares to touch her, first ask the lance in my hand!”

He flashes and appears in front of Hu Derong. The point of the lance in his hand presses against the bobbing adam apple of Hu Derong.

“Next time you bother me again…this lance will pierce through your head!”


Chapter 615  [3-star jades oppress you guys]

well more fighting

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