MKW Chapter 614

Chapter 614    [Title below]


The moment Nine Yang God Qi is formed, the cultivator will automatically comprehend the relevant cultivation technique!

Otherwise, Liu Yi would not know such a profound Deity transformation.

Lin Tong is very smart and immediately guesses the mystery within.

{Yeah I did comprehend it. But the cultivating methods are completely different from my previous cultivating methods.}

Liu Yi nods his head and says, {I’m afraid hastily cultivating this will have problems…}

{What are you afraid of, you already have Nine Yang God Qi what are you still worried about the others for?}

Lin Tong urges, {Who does not wish to have the chance to become a god! Big idiot, quickly go and cultivate! Worst come to worst this miss shall be your protector.}

Her body suddenly transforms into a red light and then transforms into a charming girl, squatting in front of Liu Yi.

This girl is none other than Lin Tong who transforms into a human form!

Back then Liu Yi was tricked by this woman into the park to **!

Er, to be more accurate it is to absorb his vital essence!

“That Devil Child inner dan that you saved for me back then, within these two years this miss had more or less absorb all of it already! Although I am still unable to create my flesh body but transforming into a human form is still doable.”

Lin Tong pulls out her magic weapon, Crescent Moon Curve Blade which revolves around her letting out some cries.

“Do you see this, right now this miss is not weak!”

“Okay, since Immortal Fox sister is here to protect me, then there is nothing for me to be worried about.”

Liu Yi narrows his eyes, “But right now this Wanzong Mountain is not very safe. Letting Immortal Fox sister protect me on your own, I will also be worried about your safety! If any happens to Immortal Fox sister what am I supposed to do!”

Lin Tong blinks her eyes, “What do you wish to do?”

“Let my 4 protectors guard the 2 of us!”

Done speaking, Liu Yi releases 4 rays of light!

Gold! Blue! Black! Violet!

The four rays of light lands on the ground!

The four great demon kings were released as they transform into their real forms!

The ten meters tall enormous golden ape, water qilin that is stepping on clouds, sky swallowing turtle which is carrying an enormous shell, as well as that purple dragon swimming among the clouds!

“You, you scumbag!”

Only then did Lin Tong understand that Liu Yi is not confident about her strength and becomes hopping mad, “You cannot trust this miss is it?!”

“How is that so, being careful will allow the boat to sail forever what!”

Liu Yi lets out a faint smiles before holding Lin Tong’s solid hand and says with deep emotion, “Immortal Fox sister, I am also worried about your safety what…right now at this crucial junction if something really happened to you then what can I do, why don’t I just go and die….”


Hearing what he says, Lin Tong’s heart softens, “Since that is the case then I’ll let you worry less than. This miss is the wisest and perfect wife model!”

“Yes, yes, yes Immortal Fox sister is the most considerate!”

After Liu Yi pacifies Lin Tong properly, his back is already covered with a large amount of sweat!

Not easy ah…I actually managed to coax Immortal Fox sister…

Looks like my speaking ability had improved ah… the revolution still has not succeeded, comrades still need to work hard ah! I still need to work hard!

In the future, there are so many girls, if I do not train my mouth properly how can I calm my harem!

Liu Yi decided that when he returns he need to cram in some romantic techniques and go and read those YY novels, it will definitely be useful!

Heard that Chen Cai recently saying that there is a novel call <My Beautiful Teacher> online which is not bad. The main character is very flirtatious and also has a harem. Perhaps it will be of use to me!

[TL: wow hard selling his own novel hahaha]

Liu Yi lets Little Jade starts going online to download novels as he continues to cultivate the technique that appears within his mind!

“Sky Supporting Pillar, Washing Machine, Pikachu…as well….as well…you shall be called Vacuum Cleaner!”

Liu Yi instructed the four demon kings, “Guard me properly and do not let anything happen!”

“Yes, master!”

The four majestic powerful demon kings, right now are like large wolfdogs protecting the courtyard. They obediently guard the four directions protecting Liu Yi and Lin Tong.

While Liu Yi sits down in lotus position as he starts revolving the Nine Yang God Qi in his body.

Cultivating the Nine Yang God Qi is completely different from those other qis in the past, furthermore, it is like there is some feeling like he is going against.

After all of the qi within his starjades are cleared it is even better. Even the qi in that one starjade he had previously also disappeared because of him entering his deity transformation. Right now cultivating Nine Yang God Qi is the most suitable.

Nine Yang God Qi is based on a fixed circulating route. And starts cycling in Liu Yi’s body.

While at this moment four little sun floats out from Liu Yi’s forehead while the 28 starjades with Liu Yi’s body also start to move!

Lin Tong opens her starjade eyes, and stares blankly at this scene!

The starmap within everyone’s body is basically unable to move at all one!

While the starmap within Liu Yi’s body is actually starting to change position!

Originally the two Green Dragon and Black Tortoise image which gather together also starts to fall apart. While every three stars start moving towards each other with every 3 stars forming a group drawing close.

A red sun seal forms above every group!

3 stars one group, in total it forms 9 groups!

These nine groups are split apart into 3 groups forming the sides of a triangle. In the center, a single starjade is left there like an even brighter sun!

This is the last star jade which is also the hardest starjade to light up!

Liu Yi notices that he still had 12 stars that are lit up which glitter along with the 4 suns behind his back. The rest of the starjades are dim without any light.

While among them, the first sun had already started to revolve, burning with golden red flames!

Above, three starjades are unceasingly replenishing qi and the speed is still considered as decent!

Furthermore, when Liu Yi guides the qi to enter the correct circulation routes, this qi starts to revolve on its own, no longer needing Liu Yi to guide it again.

He estimates a bit. At most he needs a week and three of his starjades will be completely filled with qi.

Right now his cultivation methods are not really the same. Liu Yi is no longer cultivating one starjade by one starjade, instead, it cultivating one small sun after the other….

Right now he has absorbed 4 different types of qi, thus 4 little suns are lit up.

These 4 little suns represent 12 starjades. Cultivating them means that he is able to restore back to 12 starjades!

He continues for 3 days and nights and finally, the 3 starjades within his body are more or less replenished. Only then did Liu Yi let out a sigh of relief and stand up.

“Huu….this is more or less done.”

Liu Yi pats off the dust on his body and says to his Immortal Fox sister who is standing by his side watching him in concern, “I had already started to officially cultivate Nine Yang God Qi. There is no need for Immortal Fox sister to be worried about my body anymore.”

“Phew…that is good then…”

Only then did Lin Tong let out a breath of relief as she pats her protruding chest, “Did not think that I picked up a god as my man. Hahahaha! This miss really has good eyes!”

As she becomes delighted Liu Yi becomes speechless.

Back then she only wishes to suck away my vital essence okay…

“Immortal Fox sister, I am planning to take part in the 5 spirits gathering after this. Do you have any good suggestion?”

“5 spirits gather?”

Lin Tong looks at Liu Yi, “Why do you suddenly wish to go there?”

“Because I feel that this 5 spirits gather is something odd.

Liu Yi frowns, “Why would Liu Haisheng suddenly have a gathering regarding spirit bodies and spirit veins? Among which there must be something wrong. Furthermore, I also need to return back to Raising Immortal Palace Hall to take my Through Heaven Sword. That is originally something that belongs to me.”

“Mm, no matter where you go I will follow you all the way.”

Lin Tong nods her head before transforming into a red light and returns back to Liu Yi’s shoulder and transforms back to a little fox.


She seems to still be delighted as she excitedly wags her tail.

Liu Yi recalls the four demon kings and leaps into the sky. Stepping on his taiji sword he flies out of Wanzong Mountain.

Although right now his 3 starjades are yet to be completely filled up, Liu Yi is still able to control his sword and fly.

He floats onto the sky sword as his body sways slightly and flies out of Wanzong Mountain.

The moment he left Wanzong Mountain the mountain instantly completely disappears as the surroundings transform back into that vast mountains and river.

But the moment Liu Yi flies out he is instantly surrounded by a few people!

There are several tens of them. Each of them is wearing white taoist robes. Their expression is with ill-intent as they surrounding Liu Yi within.

These faces’ are very unfamiliar but among them, there is one which is rather familiar.

This fellow is that Fuxi Palace Hall disciple, Hu Derong, that Liu Yi had met before he entered Wanzong Mountain!

Talking about this Hu Derong, he is rather unluckily Not only did he not get the Fengshui Compass, but he also got beaten up badly.

Upon returning to Fuxi Palace Hall he got badly scolded by his senior brothers!

Fengshui Compass is the most valuable treasure of Fuxi Palace Hall how can it be stolen by other people!

Thus, they formed a group of 20 plus people and came out, preparing to snatch back the Fengshui Compass as well as gaining back the face that was thrown away!

Having so many people to support him Hu Derong immediately becomes upright as he berates Liu Yi fiercely, “You thief! Swiftly return the Fengshui Compass!”

“If you do not hand it over then you shall die! Some more that girl who stole things along with you back then, where did she go! Hand her over immediately!”

“Oh? You guys are also looking for her?”

Liu Yi blinks his eyes, “I am also looking for her. If you guys find her, remember to inform me ah!”


Hu Derong says in anger, “The two of you are obviously together! Talk, where did you hide her!”

“How do I know, I am not together with her!”

Liu Yi pats his chest and says, “I am a perfect good youngster who is determined to study properly and payback the motherland! You guys do not pour muddy water on me! I already said that I am looking for her, when you guys find her inform me!”

One of the taoist priests starts cursing, “Bullshit, where do we go to contact you!”

“The world is so big! If you run off where do we find you!”

Liu Yi blinks his eyes and says seriously, “Why don’t I tell you my QQ number? If still cannot then there is WeChat! My handphone supports audio!”

“What nuisance thing! He is toying with us!”


Chapter 614  [ Meeting troublesome matters the moment he goes out]

lols interesting ending

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