MKW Chapter 613

Chapter 613    [Youn lord is back]


“Wait…what did you say? Spirit vein!”

Liu Yi’s eyes widen.

“That’s right. Master, it is spirit vein.”

Wine Sword Immortal nods his head, “Taoist Ai is definitely not a high god…so…she is 100% the rumored spirit vein….no wonder back then when she and I cultivated together, her improvement was so fast which I cannot compete against. Back then I was feeling strange. Both of us have a golden body but why she is able to cultivate so quickly…right now….I finally understand. People who possess spirit vein are natural cultivating geniuses. If her cultivation speed is slow then that is really strange!”

“Spirit vein…spirit vein….so that is the case…”

Liu Yi laughs bitterly. Right now he finally understands why the both of them are so attracted to each other. So the two of them are fated to be attracted to each other, because one possesses a spirit vein while the other possesses a fake spirit vein.

The two of them are like two pieces of magnet. Mutually attracting each other, neither is willing to leave the other.

Back then those questions that he doid not understand, right now he finally understands completely.

“Being able to break history and cause the time-space paradox, perhaps only Taoist Ai this kind of person is able to do it…”

Wine Sword Immortal sighs faintly, “Really did not expect ah, really did not expect…”

“Then I am unable to go back?”

Liu Yi ask, “I can only leave Ai Ling alone 1300 years in the past?”

“Cannot return. Right now Taoist Ai is a unique existence. She is isolated from space-time.”

Wine Sword Immortal says helplessly, “Master can only try to find Taoist Ai in this time period. She possesses a spirit vein which is a rumored peak existence. She will definitely survive and become very powerful.”

Ai Ling is not just the rumored peak existence, she is also a living dead.

Liu Yi says in his heart, after living for 1300 years, perhaps this lass had already crossed her calamity. With her speed of cultivating…perhaps even I, am not her opponent right…

But if she is living in this time period then why did she not come out and find me?

Could it be that….she is starting to hate me?

Liu Yi’s heart starts to worry.

“Taoist Ai and master is a heavenly pair. I believe that two of you will still be able to meet each other one.”

Wine Sword Immortal continues and says, “Right now I have finished my mission, there is also no point in living on anymore. Dust to dust, dirt to dirt. It is also time for me to find my next life.”

“You no longer wish to live anymore?”

Hearing what Wine Sword Immortal says, Liu Yi have a huge shock, “Let me think of a method, perhaps I can revive you!”

“No need master.”

Wine Sword Immortal clucks, “I lived for 1300 years already and have experienced countless matters. But I had never been able to find my wife. Until today, I suddenly understand why I was unable to find her.”


Liu Yi is forever a few beats slow on emotions.

“Because my wife had not reincarnated.”

Wine Sword Immortal looks up into the sky and says faintly with a smile, “She is definitely waiting for me on the Narakade Bridge. It has been 1300 years, I let her wait for too long already. Right now, I should go down and look for her. Master, disciple can only accompany you to here. The future road still needs master to walk yourself.”

[TL: Narakade Bridge, the bridge of reincarnation]

“Since you have already decided….then I will not stop you…”

Liu Yi sighs, did not expect that Wine Sword Immortal actually loved Long Yingying for 1300 years…

Don’t know if Ai Ling is able to love me for so many years as well…

Perhaps, she had already turned her love into hatred….after all, I was unable to go back and accompany her, alas…

“Thanks master, disciple had never regretted knowing you. Free and unfettered for a thousand years, finally seek love in the underworld.”

Wine Sword Immortal waves his hand and cannot help but recite a line. After which he also cautiously reminded, “Right master…you must be careful…in this world, there is a….very…very scary opponent….”


Hearing Wine Sword Immortal reminder Liu Yi raises his eyebrow, “What kind of opponent?”

“Disciple is also not very clear….”

Wine Sword Immortal shakes his head, “Disciple only know….this person….is unprecedented formidable! A disciple is already around a 27 star expert…but in front of him, I was unable to resist a single blow….unable to resist a single blow ah…”

Seeing that dazed look of Wine Sword Immortal, Liu Yi seems to sense something as he asks, “How does that person look like?”

“I was unable to see how he looks like clearly, but what he is wearing…”

Wine Sword Immortal starts describing his clothing, causing Liu Yi’s eyebrow to shoot up.

“Great God Sect’s Sect Leader! It is actually him!”

“Great God Sect?”

Wine Sword Immortal is also slightly shocked, “Didn’t we destroy Great God Sect back then? How did one emerge?”

“Right now Great God Sect is different from the past. It is basically an evil sect that’s all.”

Liu Yi starts frowning, “I am not afraid of Great God Sect. What I am afraid is only that Great God Sect’s Sect Leader that’s all….his cultivation….is unmeasurably deep…”

“Not just unmeasurably deep….this disciple really thought that this fellow was a realm guardian….”

Hearing Wine Sword Immortal talking about realm guardians Liu Yi asks, “Right, regarding realm guardian just how strong are they?”

“Those fellows…each of them are at above 28 stars…”

In Wine Sword Immortal’s eyes he starts recalling, “Back then when disciple had just cultivated to 27 stars, I thought that I was undefeatable and meet a realm guardian of the human realm and challenged him…in the end, I got badly defeated…”

“They are that strong?”

“Really very strong…”

Wine Sword Immortal nods his head, “In the future, if master is able to cultivate to 28 stars…you can give it a try…but, I have heard that towards those peak existence, 28 stars seem to only be the beginning…but there is another phase. Disciple was unable to comprehend it. Right now disciple only   to find that bitter fate wife of mine.”

“Mm….go in peace.”

Liu Yi also does not know how to advise. He rather admires Wine Sword Immortal’s attachment to love.

It is something not any person is able to have!

“Since that is the case, master. I will be going now. If we have the chance, let’s meet in the next lifetime.”

Wine Sword Immortal laughs loudly as he transforms into a spring breeze and floats off.

Liu Yi looks in the direction where Wine Sword Immortal left in as he stares blankly.

After all, the two of them had known each other for 3 years plus and meet each other daily, making them very familiar with each other.

Furthermore, between the two of them, there is a master and disciple bond. Seeing that he is about to transcend the secular world, he is more or less deeply moved.

Hope that he will be able to meet his wife.

At this moment Lin Tong jumps onto Liu Yi’s shoulder and says anxiously, {Big idiot, you also don’t waste time. Take advantage that your deity transformation had yet to end, quickly refine that Sky Swallowing Turtle in your body quickly!}

{Understood Immortal Fox sister.}

Liu Yi nods his head knowing that this matter cannot be delayed. He immediately sits down in a lotus position and starts revolving the last few minutes of his deity transformation qi and toss Sky Swallowing Turtle’s soul into his body!

After Sky Swallowing Turtle enters, he did not become obedient, instead, he starts rolling around as he laughs loudly and says,{Hahahaha! Idiot you only have a single starjade and you wish to subdue this lord! Watch how this lord eats you from inside!}

“Nine Yang God Qi!”

Liu Yi did not say anything else as he smiles faintly before placing both his hands on top of his knees.

From his back, four rays of light rises, following which four spinning golden little sun rises from the top of his head and shine upon his entire body!

Sky Swallowing Turtle who still wants to display his might was suddenly attacked by this Nine Yang God Qi and instantly starts rolling about in pain and shriek continuously!

{AHhhhh, what is this strength….so scary….}

{Sky Swallowing Turtle, your demon race has already been exterminated by me. From now on you can only take me as your master! If you do not obey me, hehe, then it shall be your death date!}

The four spinning golden suns on his back shine even brighter!

{I submit! I submit!}

This qi restrains Sky Swallow Turtle very strongly causing him to keep rolling around in pain as his soul keeps hiding from the light wrench.

{Submitting is good!}

Liu Yi nods his head in satisfaction before clasping his hands together and starts signing the body protection spirit pet contract!

After Sky Swallowing Turtle notice his brothers in hardship, he will resign to his fate.

At this moment Liu Yi realize that the strength of Sky Swallowing Turtle is very unique. It is a type of never seen before dark attribute! This is the first time Liu Yi has seen this kind of unique attribute!

While Sky Swallowing Turtle himself also do not know where did this attribute come from. He says that from the moment he was born he had it. He who had this kind of attribute, his two strongest ability is swallowing and defense.

There is no need to say about swallowing he had seen it before back then. As for defense, it is also very simple. Simply stated, it is just absorbing injury! Through the dark attribute, he can absorb away the   that other people caused to him,

But Liu Yi does not really like to learn this kind of getting beaten up skill.

After he enters spirit beast combine body state, he lets Sky Swallowing Turtle turn into equipment.

When he uses weapon transformation, it let Liu Yi become delighted for a bit. He realizes that dark attribute has lots of changes, unlike his other spirit beasts whose weapon transformation is only fixed to a few patterns!

This dark attribute is like a type of rubber clay which Liu Yi can form anything he likes! After forming it, it is incomparably hard and the defensive ability does not seem to be weaker than Monarch Armour by a lot!

Liu Yi waves his hands and instantly a pair of black handguns appear in his hands. Strong and heavy, emitting the aura of the dark attribute.

He continues to turn as the handgun turns into a pair of submachine guns. After which black light instantly link together and turn into an AK-48. Following which it transforms into an RPG. Finally, Liu Yi places it on the ground and it transforms into an enormous mine!

“So fun!”

Liu Yi laughs loudly, the weapon transformation of Sky Swallowing Turtle is basically a godly weapon! Along with over 999 transformations at will, it is damn pleasurable!

Just as Liu Yi wishes to test if he is able to transform this dark attribute into an enormous mecha, his qi suddenly runs out and he nearly collapses onto the ground on his butt.

Damn it, the time limit of Deity transformation ended….

The one and only starjade in his body also starts to disperse and needs to be recondensed together.

{Big idiot, just nice there isn’t anyone here, you can cultivate here properly for a while!}

Lin Tong looks at Liu Yi’s pale complexion and says in heart pain, {Other matters cannot be more urgent than this. First, re-cultivate your Nine Yang God Technique once! I believe that after you had obtained this god qi, your mind already has the cultivating methods right?}


Chapter 613  [Young lord is back]

Well the best power-up ever…. mobile armoury…RIP to his enemies

And well his greatest helper is gone, bye bye Wine Sword Immortal….

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