MKW Chapter 612

Chapter 612    [Lord bring me away]


“Go where?”

Ai Ling gives Liu Yi curious looks. Don’t know what craziness did my lord suddenly has.

“Wenren Qian! Wenren Qian!”

Liu Yi is very delighted, “Liang Mengyao’s reincarnated into the current era and she is Wenren Qian ah!”

Liu Yi recalls what Wenren Qian said to him when she first saw him.

She says that the two of us are very familiar…so this is the reason…

Liu Yi suddenly wishes to cry and laugh.

He is happy that he did not lose Liang Mengyao, furthermore, Liang Mengyao is able to obtain a new life!

It must be known that earlier Liang Mengyao’s soul was about to scatter already. She basically had no chance of reincarnating successfully and can only become his fire spirit.

Knowing that Liang Mengyao is fine, Liu Yi becomes a lot more relieved.

His gaze lands on Ai Ling. Seeing her slightly pale face, his heart is in pain as he asks, “Lass, how are you. Do you feel any pain?”

“Only now did lord recall this girl?”

Ai Ling glares at Liu Yi with slight anger, “I thought that lord had already forgotten about this lass…”


Liu Yi is very guilty. Just now I was only caring about Liang Mengyao’s matter and neglected Ai Ling, really deserve death.

“No worries lord…I know that you care about brotherhood the most.”

Ai Ling pouts, “But lord…the things that we need to do are done. It is time for us to return to the future. Aren’t you anxious to continue to get in touch with that lady Wenren?”

“Coughs…not really that anxious to get in touch. But at the very least there are still a lot of things waiting for us to do.”

Liu Yi coughs as he continues to maintain his deity transformation state.

But with the cultivation of one star, the duration is he can support the transformation is just around 10 minutes before it will disperse.

At that time, his strength will not be enough to send the two of them back.

If he wants to be able to use deity transformation the next time, he does not know how long he needs to recover. At the very least before he restores back to earth realm, he will not be able to enter deity transformation as he wishes!

“Wine Sword Immortal, keep this properly. Help me send it to Holy Tooth Clan in the demon realm…”

Liu Yi immediately instructs Wine Sword Immortal with the final task before whispering into his ear, “You must not forget it!”

“Relax master!”

Wine Sword Immortal keeps the map of Wanzong Mountain properly and remembers all of Liu Yi’s instruction clearly, “I will definitely wait at Wanzong Mountain for you to come back! At that time, I will be master’s guide, hehe…”

“Then everything shall be on you!”

Liu Yi pats Wine Sword Immortal on his shoulder and looks at the group of disciples in front of him and feels very emotional.

He passes Through Heaven Sword to Wine Sword Immortal, “The sect will be relying on you guys from now on.”

“Relax master, there is me here! I will take good care of those group of kids! Furthermore, I will guard the human realm properly and will not let the demon realm invade!”

Wine Sword Immortal pats his chest and says, “Master can relax and go off first!”

“What the. You say it like I am going to die!”

Liu Yi glares at Wine Sword Immortal making him rub his head embarrassedly as he smiles embarrassedly.

Liu Yi pulls out another sword and pulls Ai Ling towards him.

“Then let us meet in the future.”


Wine Sword Immortal nods his head, “Let’s meet later!”

After instructing everything, Liu Yi leaves behind Through Heaven Sword and pulls out his Taiji sword before swing it out fiercely.

A sword qi instantly covers the two of them. Once again a golden crack open wide!

Liu Yi is pulled up and instantly disappears through the time crack!

While Ai Ling actually crashed onto the time crack like she had crashed into a formless barrier and is unable to enter it at all!


Ai Ling’s face turns even paler as she keeps hitting that barrier. But no matter what technique she uses she is unable to crack open time crack!

If this goes on, she will be left here!

“What, what is going on!”

Ai Ling pulls out her own sword and uses Wine Sword technique as well!

Although she only has the cultivation of 16 stars she still wants to risk it and try!

She does not want to be left alone 1300 years in the past! Definitely, do not want to!

She wants to return together with lord!

She wants to return to the past and accompany by lord’s side!

But when she uses Wine Sword technique and opens the time crack, she is still unable to entire it!

When she is being blocked outside, at that instantly Ai Ling finally understands that she indeed cannot return….

“Why is it like this…why am I unable to return back!”

She is completely unable to understand the key, could it be that living dead is unable to enter the time crack?

She is completely stunning.

“Right…right…my lord, my lord will definitely not toss me here on my own!”

Ai Ling blanks out in front of everyone for a while before suddenly become happy, “He will definitely come back and looks for me one! Definitely will!”

“Daoist Ai…”

Wine Sword Immortal does not know what to do. He also did not think that Wine Sword Technique would lose effect but he also does not know how to comfort.

“No worries. You guys go. Leave this place! I want to stay here. I want to  wait at Wanzong Mountain.”

Ai Ling waves her hand and says to them, “Lord will definitely come back and find me! He needs a while to restore his strength. Then with deity transformation with just a casual wave of his hand, he will be able to return! I will wait for him here!”

“Fine then. Daoist Ai. If you have any matter just use the flying sword message transmission to inform us. We will go back to RSI first.”

Seeing how determined Ai Ling was, Wine Sword Immortal and the rest no longer persuade her.


While at this moment, Liu Yi had already passed through the time crack and returned to Wanzong Mountain 1300 years later!

When he lands by the side of the, his legs steadily step onto the ground but his heart is very anxious.

“Lass? Ai Ling?”

He looks towards his left and right but there is no sight of Ai Ling’s figure!

Even that living dead aura has disappeared…could it be that she is unable to travel back with me?

“Master, you have returned?”

Seeing Liu Yi reappearing in front of him, Wine Sword Immortal’s soul exclaims in delight, “Indeed it is very accurate. Just a second ago you go over. A second later you come back. Looks like master has already become Sword Emperor! It is worthy of celebrations!”

Wine Sword Immortal keeps congratulating while Liu Yi’s frowns deeper.

“I do not understand!”

Liu Yi looks at Wine Sword Immortal, “Why is it that I came back but Ai Ling was unable to come back?”

“Daoist Ai was unable to return? That is not possible ah…”

Wine Sword Immortal looks shocked, “Back then Daoist Ai and master time traveled together ah!”

“Together? Not possible, she did not return! She definitely was left behind in the past!”

Liu Yi’s deity transformation still has not ended, “Cannot I cannot toss her there. I must go back and find her!”

He swings out a Wine Sword technique wanting to send himself back into the ancient era!

But when his body crashes into the time crack he is unable to go back at all!

“What is this situation! I can’t go back!”

Liu Yi is shocked, “Since I am not able to return…let me try 1200 years!”

He swings out his sword again, but the time crack sill blocks his path.

“Bullshit, what is going on! 1100 years! 1000 years! Open for me!”

Liu Yi keeps using Wine Sword technique but no matter which time crack he tries, he is unable to enter!

It is like the time travel technique has already rejected him!

“Master….there is no need for you to try…I think, I already know what is going on….”

Wine Sword Immortal thinks deeply for a while before saying, “I believe…Daoist Ai must have done something…which caused a time paradox…Wine Sword technique has been abused. If a time paradox occurred the space and time will be in chaos. Daoist Ai had already become a unique existence…she had become isolated from this space-time. She will not be able to come back, while that time-space that she had existed in before will all be like encrypted. Master, you will also not be able to go back…”

“What are you joking about! How can I toss her alone to the past!”

Liu Yi’s eyes widen, “I want to go back and find her!”

“It is no use master…those people who caused a time paradox, cannot be saved….”

“How is it possible for her to cause a time paradox…how is that possible…”

Liu Yi suddenly trembles, “Wine Sword Immortal, let me ask you. Back then where did you learn Wine Sword Technique from?”

“It is created by this disciple after this disciple had learned Through Heaven Sword technique.”

Wine Sword Immortal looks at Liu Yi curiously, “What is the matter master. Could it be that there is some strange place?”

“Wrong…it was obviously Ai Ling who passed to you Wine Sword technique ah…”

“Looks like…this is the time paradox…”

Wine Sword Immortal’s voice deepens, “Daoist Ai had triggered a variation is the time-space. She had changed history…Wine Sword technique this way would become something that should have never existed.”

“Something is wrong I also taught Through Heaven Sword technique to you, then didn’t I also trigger a space-time paradox?”

“Actually Through Heaven Sword technique had already existed way before that….”

Wine Sword Immortal says, “Later on when we were traveling all over the world, we unintentionally found this sword technique in a historical site. Furthermore, it was also a sword technique that was passed down from the god realm. So, the existence of Through Heaven Sword technique can be understood. But Wine Sword Technique….can not be established. Master, during that time period, what else had happened?”

Liu Yi told Wine Sword Immortal everything that had happened back then.

“What! Wuli actually died?!”

Wine Sword Immortal is shocked, “This is not possible. Wuli is the boss of God Race, how could it be possible for him to die! Chaos, indeed the space-time is in chaos…but, this is also not possible ah…normal people are basically unable to cause a space-time paradox…Daoist Ai…just who on earth is she….”

When Liu Yi hears this he is slightly dizzy as he asks, “What is the meaning of what you say? Why do you say that normal people are unable to cause a space-time paradox?”

“Master, history is not that easy to change.”

Wine Sword Immortal’s expression becomes serious, “Master do you know. During this 1300 years, I had never been able to find Long Yinyin. Finally, I started to use Wine Sword Technique and go back time after time. Hoping to prevent Long Yingying’s death. But even if I had saved her from that young marquis’s hands, in the end, she will still die miserably. History cannot be changed….at the very least we are unable to change it….in this world, there is only two type of people who are able to create a time paradox and change history….”

“Which two type of people?”

“One is the rumored cosmos god…but this is only in the rumors. We have never seen it before! The other type…is spiritual vein…”


Chapter 612  [Lord bring me away]

Weee back to the present!!! eerrr damn Ai Ling got into trouble…

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