MKW Chapter 611

Chapter 611    [Reincarnate]


Just as Liu Yi starts to gather his qi together and is about to execute the first stage of god transformation, the black coffin in the courtyard suddenly starts shaking.


Great God’s gaze lands on it while Xue Luo who is standing by the side covers her mouth in delight.

“Wuli is going to revive already?”

Great God mutter apprehensively, “To revive at this time…”

While she is speaking, a boom comes from the lid of the coffin as it shoots off and instantly turns into a shooting star, disappearing into the sky.

While a hand slowly raise up from the coffin. That hand is white as jade like a newborn’s skin.

“Master! You have finally revived!”

Xue Luo is very moved. Being able to revive Wuli is her life goal!

Currently, Lord Wuli finally walks out from the coffin how would it not make her emotional!

After recovering his golden body, and absorbing Great God’s sinister spell, this time Wuli will definitely be even more powerful!

At that time what Great God, all will be defeated!

The world shall belong to my master!

While Wuli only stretches out a hand as a powerful aura spreads out!

Instantly the entire courtyard is filled with a bloody aura!

The sky also turn slightly red! Like the setting sun!

A lot of people outside feel that it is hard to breathe while those Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciple guarding outside do not dare to tarry as they immediately execute their THS technique and use their individual sword technique to save the mortals!

While the clouds in the sky slowly start revolving as an enormous red whirlpool appears like something is emerging!

Seeing this scene Great God is shocking.

“What…what a powerful blood technique…the god of zombies coming into being…is indeed outstanding…”

While Wuli’s body slowly stands up from within the coffin, it is a very pale guy with outstanding appearance.

He has long red hair, even his eyes are red. His appearance is very pretty, so pretty that he is almost like a girl!

“Did not think….that I, Wuli would come out once again.”

He looks towards the sky and asks, “Right now in this world who else is still my opponent?”

A golden glow emerges from his body, “I even possess Buddhist qi. Right now I am unparalleled under the world, hahaha!”

In the end, he cannot help but let out loud laughter. His laughter seems like it is going to jolt the nine heavens!

But at this moment Liu Yi suddenly opens his eyes.

Two rays of golden light shot out from his eyes and at this moment the sky changes!

While a golden light seems to be covering his body as his hair slowly changes into silver white as a sun seal appears in the center of his forehead!

Behind Liu Yi, two golden lights erupt out and form into a pair of golden wings and then instantly disappear.

Golden patterns appear on his white robes making it look even gorgeous, noble as well as making it looks like it posses god loftiness.

Behind Liu Yi, an enormous golden figure stands up. It is almost a hundred meters tall and make a spreading open hand gesture and then slowly disappears.

Golden lightly spreads out and falls gently onto the courtyard.


Great God and Wuli’s eyes nearly pop out while at this moment Liu Yi had already smashed his fist onto the ground fiercely.

“Extreme bliss!”

The clouds instantly scatter from the attack!

An enormous golden palm instantly falls and presses Wuli onto the ground.


The ground in the courtyard instantly sinks down! When the golden palm disappears there is only an enormous palm print left on the ground!

While Wuli’s body had been destroyed!

Back then the deities can only bitterly seal Wuli up! Right now his flesh body was instantly destroyed by Liu Yi with an attack!

While Wuli’s soul is also not powerful enough. He had just revived and was very pitifully weak!

Wuli’s death instantly tears apart space and time and creates a very scary reincarnation gateway! From the gateway, hundreds of hands fly out and start pulling on Wuli’s soul, pulling him into the gateway.

“AHHHH!!!! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to reincarnate!!!”

The pitiful Wuli had only just revived and obtained his golden body. Just as he feels like he is unparalleled in this world he was instantly killed by Liu Yi with a slap!

He who no longer has a flesh body is unable to resist those reincarnation hands and is slowly pulled into the reincarnation.

“Damn it….Raising Immortal Palace Hall! In my next lifetime, I will definitely destroy all of you!”

Seeing the Raising Immortal Palace Hall words on Liu Yi’s robes, his eyes turn even redder.

“I shall also use the last of my strength to curse you! Curse you to be the same as me! Become a living dead!”

A red light instantly emerges from his mouth and shoot towards Liu Yi!


Liu Yi snorts coldly. His voice like thunder making everyone feel a pain in their heart! After which their souls also starts trembling!

Liu Yi who is covered in golden light hits out Glorious Sun Palm, Mountain Mist!

A ten meters tall golden palm seal instantly flies out and blocks in front of Liu Yi.


The red light crashes into the golden palm seal as Liu Yi’s Nine Yang God Qi actually distorted!


Some red lightly penetrate through the distortion and is about to hit Liu Yi!


At this moment Ai Ling appears in front of Liu Yi blocking in front of him!

“Stupid lass!”

Liu Yi is greatly shocked, this lass is crazy!

Even if the red light really hit me, with my Nine Yang God Qi, perhaps I might still be able to resolve this kind of power!

Liu Yi immediately stretches out his hand and pushes out. A surge of god qi emerges and slaps onto Ai Ling, gently pushing her aside!

But unexpectedly that red light is very crafty. It actually split into hundreds of rays and exploded out like a shotgun!

Instantly the red light shoots into Liu Yi’s and Ai Ling’s body!

A surge of new qi emerges within Liu Yi’s body!

Nine Yang God Qi is incomparably overbearing. Although this Blood Qi is very strange and powerful, very quickly it is subdued by Nine Yang God Qi and instantly becomes a small part of the qi in Liu Yi’s body, just like that meager Buddhist Qi and Asura Qi. Although it is not very powerful, it still planted a seed.

Even more red light shoots towards Ai Ling causing her to tremble.

A red blood thread emerges from her forehead and then spreads out in all direction like an artery lighting up on her skin before instantly disappearing!

At this moment Ai Ling’s skin turns even whiter but not only is it not harmonious, instead, it makes her even prettier!

Ai Ling originally was very beautiful but after becoming even whiter, right now she is no different from a fairy.

But if only she is not releasing out that Blood Qi….it would be better…

“Lo, lord….”

Ai Ling realizes her transformation as she trembles.

Right now all of her qi in her body had completely transformed into blood qi…from now one, she is no longer a cultivator…instead…she is a living dead person…

Just like Xue Luo, like Wuli those kinds of living dead person…

Ai Ling is completely stunned.

While Liu Yi becomes even angrier as he turns his head over and throws out a Soul Destruction at Wuli’s soul which is laughing loudly non-stop, scattering it immediately!

But there is still half of a soul that had already entered reincarnation!

“Next lifetime even if you revive! I will also chase you to the end of the world and completely destroy you!”

Liu Yi’s roar of anger is like a thunder exploding in the ears of those around him, causing their hearts to tremble.

Great God is instantly frightened into kneeling in front of Liu Yi.

“Spare, spare my life…”

Even if she is Great God, she is not the opponent of a deity!

My current cultivation is still far, far from enough….if, if only I have another few hundred years…

“Return to my Yaoyao!!”

Liu Yi roars as he suddenly flashes and appears in front of Great God. After which his hand presses against her forehead!


Great God exclaims, “If you snatch her away, I will also die!”

“I don’t care about your life and death! If you want to die then go and die completely for me!”

He lets Nine Yang God Qi transform into Netherworld Qi and starts pulling out Liang Mengyao’s soul from Great God’s body!

A female figure is slowly pulled out bit by bit from Great God’s body causing Great God to cry out in pain!

“Sword Emperor! You asshole!”

Great God shrieks, “Since you are not going to let this Zun off, this Zun will also not let you have a good time!”

A red light suddenly erupts from her body and forms an enormous red halo which forces Liu Yi to retreat a few steps!

At the same time, Great God flies up like she is going to escape.

“Where can you escape to!”

Liu Yi snorts causing Great God to be alarmed.

“Since this Zun will not be able to survive then you can also forget about obtaining your woman!”

Great God glares at Liu Yi fiercely as her eyes turn sinister and poisonous, “In the next lifetime…I will definitely find you to take revenge…”

Her body flashes as she jumps into the reincarnation gateway!

With Great God jumping in, the reincarnation gateway also instantly disappears in front of Liu Yi.

This time around, Liu Yi is really stunned.

Liang Mengyao and the destroyed Wuli’s soul had enter reincarnation together?



Liu Yi is very angry as he sends out an Illusion Extermination!

The enormous statue of Great God instantly scatters from Liu Yi’s palm!

Luckily with the protection of the Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciple below, the mortals were not affected by the shockwave.

“Lord…lord don’t be angry…lord…”

Although her own situation is not too good Ai Ling still walk up and gently holds Liu Yi’s waist and says, “You relax…she only reincarnated that’s all. There will still be a chance of meeting again…”

Ai Ling’s voice is very soft as she advises Liu Yi, “Perhaps…when we return 1300 years into the future, you guys will be able to meet each other…”

She had heard Liu Yi mention the matter regard Liang Mengyao a lot of times during these two years.

She also knows of how important is the position of this fire spirit in Liu Yi’s heart.

“Right…right…1300 years later, 1300 years later…”

Liu Yi suddenly comprehends as his eyes widen as he says, “I understand. I finally understand!”

Ai Ling cannot help but ask, “Lord what do you understand?”

“I finally understand…where did Liang Mengyao go…”


Chapter 611  [Reincarnate]

Well who do you think Liang Mengyao reincarnated to? Any guesses?

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