MKW Chapter 610

Chapter 610   [Title below]


“Lord you are damn cool!”

Ai Ling is stunned seeing this!

This sword almost resembles nature itself! Wine Sword Technique is completely like it is created by Liu Yi! He is able to use this move ‘A person needs to enjoy his life, do not let gold and empty cup face the moon’ very smoothly!

Ai Ling had also trained in Wine Sword Technique for many years but she is unable to execute it so smoothly!

Wine Sword Immortal himself is also the same! His Wine Sword Technique is also very powerful but it is incomparable to Liu Yi!

Did not expect that after my lord’s cultivation had dropped, his comprehension ability, as well as conception, has increased by such so much! This point is out of my expectation!

As for Xue Luo, she stands there blankly as she did not expect that her attack would be so easily resolved!

That blood lotus is my strongest attack! Even if master was alive, he would not be able to resolve it so easily!

This fellow…just what is his background!

Xue Luo looks at Liu Yi blankly. Currently, Liu Yi who is wearing the black and white robes of Raising Immortal Palace Hall, he carries a kind of elegant temperament.

Holding that Through Heaven Sword looking at me. Obviously, he looks very harmless but deep within my heart, there is a trace of horror…

This guy….this guy….he seems like I am unable to defeat him!

Xue Luo’s body turns strengthless as she collapses onto the ground.

While Liu Yi walks by her casually and pushes open the main door to the courtyard.

In the courtyard, the 49 young girls cause Liu Yi to be shocked!

The girls are bleeding, and those blood are pouring into the blood groove into the coffin in the center.

“Gods…what is this…”

Ai Ling and Wine Sword Immortal also walk in. Seeing the miserable girls, they were both unable to speak from shock!

The smell of blood in the courtyard causes them to cover their nose. They are actually doing such an outrageous act! This is too scary!


Wine Sword Immortal’s eyes turn red as he pulls out his sword and roars in anger, “To demented already!”

Seeing that the girls no longer have any living aura and died so miserably, Ai Ling is also angered and says, “Lord quickly go and kill that Great God!”

“Leave it to me.”

Liu Yi holds Through Heaven Sword and looks at Great God who is floating in the center of the courtyard he smiles and says, “It had been a long time since we last met, you are still that disgusting.”

Red flames are burning Great God as her expression is rather sinister and completely incomparable to the pretty Liang Mengyao.

But after today, everything shall change.

“Who is it! Who dares to disturb while this Great God!”

Great God is currently concentrating on the spell. When she suddenly hears people talking behind her, she is instantly angry!

Who the heck has the guts! To dare to cause trouble in the territory of Great God! He must be sick of living!

I have only been saving people and have not killed anyone yet! Looks like these people do not know how scary am I! It is also time to let them know how powerful am I!

Who am I? I am Great God!

Since ancient times the Great God that can destroy heaven and earth!

It is time to let this group of people experience the anger from Great God!

Thinking to here, she opens her eyes and prepares to use her qi to exterminate those impolite people.

But the moment she opens her eyes, seeing the youngster wearing a black and white robe in front of her, Liang Mengyao’s leg softens and nearly drop down from the sky and collapse onto the ground.

Bullshit…why is it him again!

Seeing Liu Yi standing in front of her, she is completely stunning.

Since the moment I revived in this world, this youngster had always been going against me!

But I have never been able his opponent! I am obviously theGreat God ah but he is like my bane!

Finally being able to escape is all because I borrowed the strength of Demon Emperor! Back then this youngster is able to block the combined attack of us three heaven realm experts!

Right now there is only me….how am I his opponent…

“Why, why is it you!”

Seeing Liu Yi, Great God’s voice is slightly trembling.

“Looks like I am not that likable ah.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “I thought that with my handsomeness even Great God this kind of old granny, will also be captured by my charms. Looks like I am too narcissistic already.”

“Old granny?”

When Great God heard this term, her gaze instantly turns fierce as the flames on her body increases by a few degrees.

Back then I was a flower in the six realms and countless guys wished to chase after me and serve me!

Today I am actually called an old granny by other people!

A soldier can be killed but not shamed!

The anger in her eyes instantly increases as she roars, “Sword Emperor! Don’t think that you are really undefeatable! Even if your cultivation…..”

Her eyes sweep Liu Yi’s body a few times and instantly becomes several times delighted, “Your cultivation actually dropped! One star jade, hahahaha! You only have the cultivation of one star! The heavens are helping me ah, the heavens are really helping me ah!”

Although he was seen through by Great God, Liu Yi is calm as he stands there holding Through Heaven Sword, “Isn’t heaven your enemy? Why did it become your friend now?”

“Hmph, right now you are just left with a loud bark that’s all.”

Great God sneers, “Now that it is time to end this, let this Zun personally kill you! Although I do not understand what is going on, your body actually possess the qi of Scarlet Blood Sutra! After this Zun kills you and absorbs your cultivation. I will be able to greatly increase my cultivation! Hahaha, today you really did not come at the right time ah!”

Great God laughs in delight, “Furthermore this spell is going to end soon. Wuli is also going to revive soon and this entire world shall become this Zun’s!”

Liu Yi glances at the black coffin and says with a smile, “What is it, is Wuli your male adulterer? Why are you in such a hurry to revive him?”

“You are seeking death!”

Great God is instantly angered, “Just a one star cultivator and you dare to be so arrogant! Right now this Zun is able to pinch you to death with just a finger!”

She releases out a fire dragon which roars and charges towards Liu Yi/

Liu Yi is calm as he points with his Through Heaven Sword, “Don’t ask the nine layers of heaven, one sword cleaves through 9 lands!”

Instantly a line shoots out and cleaves the fire dragon into two.


Seeing this, Great God’s eyes widen.

“You are obviously only a single star cultivator…you actually still have the strength of a 14 star cultivator! How are you able to do it?!”

“If you were a beauty I would have told you.”

Liu Yi only fluters his eyes at Great God, “It is a pity that you are an old granny.”

“You are seeking death!”

After stirring Great God’s heartstring again, Great God instantly exploded in anger as nine fire god dragon appears by her sides.

“So what if you possess the strength of a 14 star cultivator! This Zun is also able to kill you!”

The nine fire dragons, each of them are a hundred meters long! The nine fire dragons roll in the sky as they weave through the clouds.

This scene causes the people who are coming over to pray to be shocked.

“Miracle ah! A miracle appeared!”

“Nine dragons ah! Great God Sect is really a god sect ah!”

The crowd becomes agitated and some even kneel towards the direction of the courtyard and pray with all their might. Wishing that they can smash their head into pieces.

While Liu Yi has entered a bitter fight. Currently Ai Ling and Wine Sword Immortal had both entered the fight. The three of them are fighting against the nine fire dragons continuously and they are in a disadvantage!

Although Liu Yi’s sword technique is god-like, the difference in strength is too much and is being suppressed badly


Seeing how wretched the three of them are, Great God starts laughing loudly, “A group of idiots, do you think that you are this Zun’s opponent? Die among the fire of this Zun’s dragons!”

The nine fire dragons instantly become crazier!

“Cannot…going to be unable to block it…”

The sword in Wine Sword Immortal’s hand turns into a ray of light exits like a dragon but is still unable to block the attacks from the fire dragons.

Very quickly his clothing also becomes tattered. If he was not a big guy then perhaps he would have already exposed himself.

Ai Ling’s strength is higher a bit and has more treasures. Thus she is better, furthermore with Liu Yi protecting her by the side, not letting the fire dragons get close to her.

“Lord…we cannot go on like this…”

Liu Yi is also sweating badly from the heat and she is almost unable to take it anymore.

“I know…just persist for a minute more…”

Liu Yi uses spirit fox steps as he uses Wine Sword techniques and Glorious Sun palm to attack the fire dragons.


The two of them nods at the same time and support Liu Yi at the same time blocking the attack of the Great God.

“Hmph! You think that this Zun is unable to kill you guys?”

Great God start laughing, “This Zun is only toying around with you guys like a group of rats that’s all! With this Zun’s cultivation base, exterminating you guys is just a matter of time!”


Liu Yi hit the fire dragon in front of him before smiling mockingly and ask, “Perhaps till today inside your heart you still fear me.”

“What a joke! When has this Zun been afraid of you this stupid human?”

“Everyone can speak beautifully. If you are not afraid then do you dare to give me half an incense of time. After half an incense of time, I will be able to easily defeat you.”

“Just you?”

Seeing that single star of Liu Yi’s, and how he is bitterly blocking her nine fire dragons, Great God feels like laughing, “Don’t say half an incense of time, this Zun can even give you an incense of time!”

“Good half an incense of time. At that time you will lose willingly!”

A confident smile appears on Liu Yi’s face. The first stage of his god transformation is not that easy to use. Because his cultivation base is too low, a single star…wanting to use the first stage of god transformation he needs to gather his qi together for a long time.

While Great God starts frowning. Although she does not place the strength of her opponent in her eyes, from what she sees their strength is like an ant that’s all. But she is still slightly worried…she does not know what she is worried about, as her heart pitapat slightly.

Could it be that this Sword Emperor still has other final techniques?

Not possible, he is only a person with a single star, what kind of cultivation can he have!

How is it possible for an ant to kill an elephant, not possible right?

Currently, Liu Yi is sitting in a lotus position as his hands are placed together as he swiftly gathers his qi!

At this moment the large coffin in the center of the courtyard suddenly trembles slightly.


Chapter 610  [Wait for me for a single incense stick time]

lols what a long cast time

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