MKW Chapter 608

Chapter 608   [Exterminating God]


“Enough, let us continue talking about this later when we return.”

Liu Yi still has a lot of matters that he still needs to arrange. For example, he needs to send Wine Sword Immortal to go to Saint Tooth Clan to arrange the matter of the map.

“Where is the Great God Sect. Taking advantage that right now our morale is high, let us go and find them.”

Although Liu Yi is slightly weak, he wishes to deal with Great God Sect in one go.

Even though I only have the cultivation base of 1 star….but I can Still enter the first stage of Deity transformation!

“Good, I already investigated the location of the Great God Sect! We can set off right now!”

Wine Sword Immortal nods his head. With the backing of the Tang Royal Family, his information gathering is very swift.

Every single action of Great God Sect is known by him!

“Where are they? Are they very far away?”

Liu Yi is worried that if the distance is too far away, flying there will be too exhausting.

Although he is able to entire Deity transformation this kind of heaven-defying technique, after all, Liu Yi only has the cultivation base of a single filled star jade that’s all and he is still very weak.

Dropping from 15 stars all the way to 1 star, this kind of drop is not something anyone might experience.

“Replying master, their main base is in Wanzong Mountain.”

Wine Sword Immortal ’s sentence causes Liu Yi to be quite shocked.

Wanzong Mountain….it is actually Wanzong Mountain….looks like everything is already planned by fate already.

“Good…since that is the case then let us not delay it anymore. Let us set off now.”

Liu Yi lets Ai Ling support him up and then fly towards Wanzong Mountain together with the rest of the Raising Sword Palace Hall’s disciples.

While at this moment on Wanzong Mountain, the Great God Sect had already established a large building. It is reaching towards the sky, carrying a strong religious aura.

In front of this building is a plaza where a sculpture of the Great God is erected there.

While Great God is sitting on top of that statue, receiving the worship of the devotees below.

After more than two years in the human realm, Great God had her own religion. She is very smart, she realizes that humans are similar to the past and are still that stupid. As long as she casually shows some magic, she is able to trick them into going round and round.

Right now the number of devotees that she has is becoming more and more and all of them believe that she is a god! And with belief, that there is nothing that she cannot do!

While Great God still has not attained the standard of able to do anything, but she is indeed a heaven realm expert! This kind of expert to mortals is a god!

“Great God, we beseech Great God to bless us!”

The people below repeatedly kowtow, only trying to obtain the blessings of Great God’s holy light!

Heard that those people who believe in Great God, will never fall sick and live over 100 years! A lot of people who suffered from hard to treat sickness were all healed from the shine from a ray of light from Great God!

This is a real god ah!

Great God Sect is really mighty and powerful.

Every day there are countless of people who come to Wanzong Mountain to pray. Great God Sect’s incense burning is at its peak while Great God has obtained strength from the beliefs of these people, increasing her own cultivation.

Great God was originally a god but because she had violated a heaven law and was stricken back down to the secular world. But her godhead is still strong. As long as people believe in her, her cultivation speed will become faster and her cultivation will also become stronger!

With two years of effort, her cultivation has already entered the upper layer of 19 stars!

As long as I continue to increase my power by a little bit more, I will definitely enter the lower layer of 20 stars! After entering 20 stars I will go and bewitch the current emperor and use his influence to assist my religion!

At that time the entire country shall be my believers and my cultivation will quickly return back to 28 stars!

At that time, there will be no one who can block me!

I will also defeat the realm guardian and then return back to the god realm and massacre all of the gods!

At that time, the people from the six realms will need to worship me! hahaha!

“No matter what….you cannot harm master…”

Just as Great God is very delighted, a voice rings out from her heart.

This voice causes Great God’s gaze to turn cold. That Liang Mengyao’s conscious still has yet to dissipate!

This woman’s conscious is really strong to actually persevere to this point!

But when I reached the upper layer of 20 stars, then I will be able to completely dominate this body!

Just as Great God is in unease, from behind her comes the voice of a girl, “Honored one, don’t know when will you properly use Blood Extraction God technique?”

She turns around to see Xue Luo in dark clothing, standing there as she says, “I am really anxious ah.”

Great God clucks, “Why is there a need to be so anxious. After all me and Wuli both have some relationship. I am still waiting for him to revive and help me deal with the gods, together.”

Xue Luo continues to ask, “Since that is the case then why are you still not executing that technique yet?”

“It is still not time, yet.”

Great God waves her hand, “To execute Blood Extracting God technique, we need 7, 7 49 young virgin lasses who are born during the Yin time. So many girls are hard to gather in such a short period of time…”

“They have already been collected. We are just waiting for Honour one to execute the technique.”

Xue Luo is calm as she says, “I have help honored one to establish Great God Sect. I presume that honored one will not go against the words that you said back then? You have used your godhead’s honor to swear it. If you go against your words, perhaps your godhead might be in danger of scattering.”


Hearing this, Great God’s gaze turns cold.

Back then when she wretchedly escaped back to the human realm, she did not have any influence. While at that period of time, she met Xue Luo.

Borrow a few influences from Xue Luo’s God race, only then is she able to establish the Great God Sect.

Both sides have made an agreement which is Great God helping to revive Wuli.

Wuli and Great God indeed have some old relationship. Furthermore, Wuli is also an enemy of the gods. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Great God wishing to revive him is also because she wants to get another helper for herself!

But she does not wish to revive him now because Wuli is also very powerful. Only when I reach 21 stars would I have confidence in completely controlling this fellow!

When that Wuli revives, he will be able to restore his cultivation to around heaven stage. If I am not as strong as him or weaker than him….then whose words count?

Now that Xue Luo has urged to this point, it is also no longer possible for her to say no. It is like what Xue Luo says, she had sworn on her godhead. This is a very vicious oath. If she is unable to do it then her godhead will really be affected. Later on when she is cultivating, perhaps a scary heart devil might even appear!

“Since that is the case then Daoist Xue please lead the way.”

“Good. Honored one please follow me.”

Xue Luo turns around as a delighted smile appears on her mouth.

Great God actually still wished to drag out the time? Hmph, I had already secretly prepared everything already! This so-called Great God is nothing but a chess piece I hold in my hands, that’s all.

Wait till my master is revived, what Great God? She is nothing!

Xue Luo is very confident of her master WuLi. She leads Great God to the back of a courtyard.

This courtyard is a restricted area which does not allow outsiders to enter. Currently, there are 49 pillars erected inside on each other them, a fainted young girl is tied to them.

These girls are the last offering needed to revive Wuli. While in the center of the girls, a black coffin is placed there. Below the coffin, in 49 rows of blood grooves and each of them lead to the pillar which a girl is tied to.

“Looks like your preparation is quite proper eh…”

Seeing everything in the courtyard, Great God says, “Can Honoured one please execute the technique and revive my God Race master. And then work together with my master and fight against the gods.”

“I know, move to the side.”

Great God waves her hand, “Executing the technique will take a long time, furthermore, it will take a lot of my Qi. You go and be my protector. Do not let outsiders come and disturb me do you hear me?”

“As you order.”

Xue Luo immediately walks to the entrance of the courtyard and summons a few zombies to guard as well.

As long as she is able to revive master, she is willing to do anything.


At this moment Liu Yi and his people are at the bottom of Wanzong Mountain.

Although this Wanzong Mountain is not any big mountain it is also not that small. The bottom of the mountain is very verdant and lush. Halfway up the mountain, there are a few buildings that the Great God Sect constructed.

The most eye-catching one is that big Great God status, which points the path for Liu Yi.

Liu Yi looks at the endless stream of worshippers as well as the mountain filled followers and says, “This Great God Sect’s incense burning is rather prosperous ah.”

“That’s right. Right now this Great God Sect is very famous in this area ah!”

As Wine Sword Immortal  speaks, he calls someone over, “Zhao Dezhu come over and tell your grandmaster the situation regarding Great God Sect.”


A guy who is speaking with Henan accent immediately walks over and salutes to Liu Yi before saying with Henan accent, “Grandmaster you do not know ah. This Great God Sect can also be considered very legendary!”

He points at those worshipers up the mountain, “The reason why whose worshipers are so fanatic and pray every 3 steps, bow every 9 steps is because in this area Great God has saved a number of people! Just a while ago, there was an epidemic is this area and a large number of them died! Back then a lot of doctors were unable to do anything to save those people when they knew of this matter. In the end, it spread more and more ferociously and everyone in this place expected judgment day was coming! After which this Great God appeared and used her god techniques and cured the epidemic instantly! Due to this, it allowed the Great God Sect to become a religion with a real god! Making a lot of people start to revere Great God and start praying for her blessing!”


Liu Yi sneers, “What a good method ah.”

“Indeed, did not think that this Great God still had this kind of scheme!”

Ai Ling also nods her head, “Lord, this opponent of yours is very powerful eh!”

“Nothing much. I’m afraid that this stratagem comes from Xue Luo.”

Liu Yi’s eyes narrow, “From here I am able to sense the aura of the God Race. I remember those undying people aura very clearly. Looks like Great God Sect and God Race are working together and thought of this stratagem. This epidemic should also come from them.”

“There is….actually this kind of sinister plot!”

A lot of people become shocked, hearing this.

“What does this count as…”

Liu Yi says in his heart, In the current era, there are so many hero saving beauty programs, has been used countless of times. I find a few hooligans to harass a girl then chase them away, saving the beauty and gaining her heart.

But Great God actually killed so many people just to receive believers…this fellow, deserves death!

“Let us go, today we shall exterminate God!”


Chapter 608  [Exterminating God]

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