MKW Chapter 606

Chapter 606   [Scram out of my mind]


The icy cold black blade which is wrapped with dense Nine Yin Demon Qi pierced into Liu Yi’s solar plexus.

The black blade pierced through Liu Yi’s chest and came out his back.


Seeing this scene Ai Ling is badly frightened and collapsed onto the ground.

She starts trembling and she loses her strength. Looking at the black blade that had pierced out from Liu Yi’s back, at that moment she feels like this blade is not stab into Liu Yi’s chest but through her heart.

Painful….really very painful…

Her vision starts to turn dark as a droning sound buzz in her ear.

Could it be…could it be that history really cannot be changed…my lord….still….still needs to fall here…

“Master! Master!”

Wine Sword Immortal instantly becomes anxious as he stretches out his hand and keeps executing Wine Sword Technique trying to break open the Sky Flipping Seal!

But his cultivation base is too low and is unable to move the Sky Flipping Seal at all.

“Master! Damn it, open for me!”

Wine Sword Immortal keeps working hard but he is just wasting his strength only.

His sword is about to break but the barrier is still unbreakable!

Liu Yi and Zhang Yunyun are both instead looking at each other.

Zhang Yunyun’s hands are trembling as her face turns pale. The malevolent in her eyes had disappeared.

Zhang Yunyun’s voice is also trembling as she ask, “Why, why did you not dodge!”

“Why is there a need to dodge…”

Liu Yi smiles, “Between the two of us…there will need to be an ending…although your mother was not personally killed by me, but she indeed died because of me. So, it is me who owes you.”

Liu Yi points at the black blade in Zhang Yunyun’s hand, “This blade, take it as me settling the bet.”

“Are you crazy?!”

Zhang Yunyun scolds loudly, “This is the Nine Yin Demon Blade! Your heart is pierced through by me okay?! Nine Yin Demon Qi will continuously corrode your body okay? You, you do not want to live anymore?!”

“What is there to celebrate about being born, what is there to be sad about dying?”

Liu Yi is still smiling, “If I am unable to remain by the side of the one who I love, I cannot do what I want to do freely. Then what is the difference between living and death?”

“Damn it! So you’d rather die than return to demon realm with me?”

“That’s right.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “I do not belong to the demon realm, neither do you belong there. You belong by my side.”

“You shut up! Don’t you love this human realm? Then I shall completely exterminate this human realm! I shall let you understand what I am unable to obtain I shall destroy everything!”

“You defeated this old lady! Then you scram back to demon realm for me!”

When Liu Yi hears this, his smile disappears as he becomes angered.

This lass is really… unwilling to repent! Since this is the case then I can only use this final method!

Zhang Yunyun’s cultivation base is too powerful. If I leave her alone sooner or later the demon realm gateway will be open again!

She will still come out and invade human realm! At the very least I must hinder her for 1300 years!

He stretches out his right hand, which was secretly gathering his qi, and hits Zhang Yunyun on her chest.

“Star Breaking hand!”

-scattering sounds-

A clear scattering sound rings out and it is not just once!

Within Zhang Yunyun’s body, at the very least 4 star jades had broken!

Her cultivation base starts falling! The black armour that she is wearing and the demon blade she is holding also scatters!

While because of this demon armour, a returning force also surges back towards Liu Yi!

Under the protection of Monarch Armour, Liu Yi’s star jades did not scatter but his injuries becomes even more serious as he vomits out blood.

Liu Yi controls his heavily injured body as the bone swords behind him flies up and enters Through Heaven Sword.

“For this reason I dream of Wu and Yue, flying pass Jinghu Lake in a single night!”

This technique of his causes a violent wind to blow up!

Sky Flipping Seal also scatters while Zhang Yunyun is wrapped up by this sword qi. After which all of the demons were also pulled in!

“Sword Emperor!”

“Zhang Yunyun! If I am still alive we will naturally meet again in 1300 years!”

Liu Yi also steps on to his sword and soars into the sky and flashes!

“Follow me!”

Ai Ling suddenly awakens as she orders. Following which she also step onto her sword and flies over!

“Wait, wait for me!”

Wine Sword Immortal hurries behind, after which the disciples of RSI also fly into the sky and chase behind.

Very quickly within Yangzhou City, all of the demons and cultivators had disappeared, leaving behind a group of mortals staring blankly.

“The war….ended?”

“It seems like it has ended….”

“We, we can finally return home!”

The bitter victory had come, the humans finally start cheering in delight!

Yangzhou City which is covered in blood is currently in jubilation.

While at this moment at the entrance of demon realm gateway.

Zhang Yunyun and the rest of the demons were sent into it. The Nine Yin Pendant is floating there giving out a black glow.

Liu Yi lands from the sky as the enormous Through Heaven Sword in his hands ruthlessly clops down onto it!

Boundless Vital Qi erupts out!

Even if it is the Nine Yin Pendant, it is also unable to withstand the effects of Boundless Vital Qi!

With a cracking sound the Nine Yin Pendant scatters.

The moment Liu Yi breaks the Nine Yin Pendant, the demon realm gateways starts closing!

After the Nine Yin Pendant scatters, streams of Nine Yin Demon Qi fly out from the pendant and into Liu Yi’s body!

This Nine Yin Demon Qi is very overbearing as it surges into Liu Yi’s body!

There was already Nine Yin Demon Qi surging around in Liu Yi’s body, wrecking his body.

His heart is being continuously healed by his dragon qi but it is wrecked again by the Nine Yin Demon Qi!

For a moment Liu Yi’s body is like being stabbed! His organs are like it is on fire and it is very painful!

Liu Yi instantly vomited blood out onto the ground.

The red blood is like a flower blossoming, very eye-catching!

Seeing the blood, Liu Yi is shocked.

His vision turns black as he says in his heart, could it really be that I, Liu Yi is going to die here…

Earlier when he allowed Zhang Yunyun to stab him, although Liu Yi had already prepared himself to die, but he believed in his thick cultivation base and possessing netherworld qi this kind of powerful soul power, as well as the regenerative powers of dragon qi to be able to forcefully endure that blow!

If he does not make Zhang Yunyun thinks that he had died, he will not be able to make Zhang Yunyun give up and go back to the demon realm!

But he did not think that Zhang Yunyun’s heart had become so overbearing! What she cannot obtain she shall destroy!

In the end, Liu Yi does not have any other choice but to use Star Scattering hand and forcefully scatter Zhang Yunyun’s star jades and then send her back to the demon realm!

This way, it should be able to give human 1300 years of peace…

Liu Yi half kneels there as he holds onto a bone sword. Blood trickles out of his mouth as he smiles bitterly.

Looks like the history is indeed correct. I am destined to die here.

The Nine Yin Demon Qi is like a poison in Liu Yi’s body, corroding his body.

Do not know when but my body will be completely occupied by the Nine Yin Demon Qi.

As his vision starts to blur, Liu Yi looks at the slightly dark sky with unwillingness in his heart.

I have never regretted the things that I had done before. But I am still unwilling to let go in my heart. Cannot put down Ai Ling, cannot put down Zhang Yunyun, cannot put down Murong Die, Wang Yuzhang, Wang Lele, Ao Susu, and more….

Originally I was only a high school loser who did not know anything…

But unexpectedly, in a blink an eye I actually got to know so many girls and a lot of them have a very deep relationship with me.

I am really unable to put them down ah…if there is no me, what will happen to them…

In Liu Yi’s mind, there is like something talking to him.

{If there is a chance to survive…will you grab it?}

{To be able to survive?}

Liu Yi’s vision turns dark as he faintly hears people calling him.




This voices are like by his ear and like far away in heaven, like an illusion.

What Liu Yi is able to hear clearly is still that voice, {Do you wish to live?}

{Who would wish to die…}

Liu Yi tries to wipe away the blood on his mouth, but realizes that he does not have any strength to lift up his hand, “I feel….that my responsibility still has not ended…I do not wish to die…”

Do not wish to die….

I really do not wish to die…

When this thought pops out, Liu Yi suddenly sense that the Nine Yin Demon Qi seems to be pulled by something and went even crazier in his body!

At that instant all of the qis in Liu Yi’s star jades completely became empty!

No matter if it is Immortal Qi, Devil Qi, or Netherworld Qi, none of them are the opponent of this Nine Yin Demon Qi!

While Dragon Qi and this Nine Yin Demon Qi fuse together and start to counterattack against the star jades within Liu Yi!

All of the 15 star jades, all of the qi within were emptied out!

The remaining three qi were forced into the corner and like following behind their big brother, they can only cower as they hide behind this Nine Yin Demon Qi!

A deep sense of helplessness remains in Liu Yi’s body.

While at this moment this Nine Yin Demon Qi starts unhurriedly pour into all of Liu Yi’s star jades and starts to replenish all of his lost cultivation.

What on earth is happening with me right now?

Liu Yi looks at his palm that is covered in blood, “Right now I….am a Nine Yin Demon Dragon?”

He did not expect that he will transform into a Nine Yin Demon Dragon!

While there is like something awakening in Liu Yi’s body, making him have an urge to start a massacre!

Cannot! This Nine Yin Demon Dragon is too ruthless! It is like the me who had entered dragon transformation! I will definitely hurt my own people!

I cannot let myself become a Nine Yin Demon Dragon!

Thinking to here, the Boundless Vital Qi in his body starts cleansing his body and collides against the Nine Yin Demon Qi!

{You do not wish to live anymore?}

A voice rings out loudly in his mind.

{I wish to live! But I am not willing to turn into a devil!}

Unyieldingness flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes, {No matter what you are,get out of my mind!}

This Nine Yin Demon Qi is definitely weird!

Liu Yi’s Boundless Vital Qi erupts out from within his body and instantly suppressed the Nine Yin Demon Qi!

When asked which qi is the strongest?

What does Nine Yin Demon Qi count as, compared to the powerful willpower Boundless Vital Qi, it is completely not worth mentioning!

Liu Yi makes his conscious remain alert as he continues to fight against the Nine Yin Demon Qi in his body!

I definitely must defeat this damn Nine Yin Demon Qi! If I fail, then I shall suicide here!


Chapter 606   [Scram out of my mind]

Hmmm…perhaps you guys are wrong…this might actually be his real body…

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