MKW Chapter 605

Chapter 605   [Depend on this blade]


Over a thousand Sky Demons charge towards Liu Yi in a dense group but he is very calm like the one who was surrounded is not him but another person.

“Go and die!”

With the shout of Demon Emperor, the Sky Demons instantly start attacking Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi only stretches out his hand as the enormous bone sword wings behind him trembles and following which the Through Heaven Sword in his hand suddenly starts to grow in size. Instantly it transforms into an over ten-meter large enormous sword which Liu Yi holds in his hands!

This ten-meter enormous sword is like a toy in his hands which he casually swings about.

On the originally golden color sword, there is a faint layer of golden light which seems to be buddhist qi.

The enormous sword keeps sweeping towards those Sky Demons. When the Sky Demons touche the Through Heaven Sword that is covered with buddhist qi, they immediately scatter!

But different from previously, this time around they did not reform back!

“How is this possible?!”

Realizing that her technique was broken, Demon Emperor starts frowning.

“Right now it is already different from the time where Nine Yin Demon Dragon dominated the world.”

As Liu Yi swings his enormous THS and kills the surrounding Sky Demons, he says, “Right now buddhist qi has appeared and more or less, it can control your Nine Yin Demon Qi. This Sky Demons of yours in front of buddhist qi can only be obediently put to peace.”

He swings his sword one more time and turns the final few Sky Demons into ashes!

“Damn it!”

Demon Emperor did not think that buddhist qi would actually be so powerful. After all of her Sky Demons got killed, it also changes the battle methods!

The black dragon behind Demon Emperor follows her action and changes again!

“Desolate Flames!”

She throws out this move at Liu Yi. Although they are far apart the enormous dragon behind her also throws out the same move with its dragon claw towards Liu Yi!

This technique that is based on the sword qi transformation from Through Heaven Sword Technique allows Demon Emperor to use it brilliantly!

Liu Yi hurriedly puts on his Monarch Armour to block.

His body is instantly sent flying away by that dragon claw and smashes into the ground.

An enormous hole immediate appears on the ground as powerful shockwaves spread out turning the surrounding buildings into ruins.

A black vein line is still floating in the sky, proving how shocking is that technique that Demon Emperor uses earlier.

But Liu Yi climbs out from the ruins, his black Monarch Armour is still sleek and shiny without any concaves.

“I must say this Nine Yin Demon Dragon of yours is indeed very powerful.”

Liu Yi stands there as he looks at Zhang Yunyun, “If it is possible, I really do not wish to be enemies with you ah.”

“Then return with me.”

Liu Yi provokes, “I’d rather you continue to bring it on.”

“Is it you who is seeking death!”

Demon Emperor is about to explode from anger! She no longer hesitates and ruthlessly attacks with a dragon claw.

“Army Destruction!”

This dragon claw smashes onto the ground as the entire ground instantly scatters!

Within Sky Flipping Seal’s barrier, no parts of the ground are intact!

While Liu Yi is actually standing underneath that dragon claw. The enormous Through Heaven Sword in his hand is blocking that descending dragon claw.

Underneath him, an enormous hole appears as broken stones fly up around him rushing towards the sky!

The people by the side can only watch blankly without any opportunity to cut in!

The grades of these two people are too high…it is not something that they are able to enter!

Let’s not say about opening the Sky Flipping Seal’s barrier that Sword Emperor set up. Even if they are able to go in, perhaps they will be instantly turned into nothingness by the shockwaves!

“You are actually still able to receive my attack!”

Seeing Liu Yi uses Through Heaven Sword to block her attack, Zhang Yunyun exclaims in shock, “Wrong! Your strength is obviously at the lower layer of 20th star-jade! How is it possible for you to block my attack!”

“To me, nothing is impossible.”

Traces of Boundless Vital Qi flows around Liu Yi’s Through Heaven Sword!

Boundless Vital Qi does not belong to any type of qi. To be exact it is more like a type of willpower! A type of very powerful mental willpower!

All because of this type of willpower, Liu Yi is able to continue fighting!

“This emperor does not believe! Who do you think you are!”

Demon Emperor’s voice increases by a few octaves, “This emperor is the real unparalleled one!”

Her two dragon claws start attacking as densely packed black palm images slap down towards Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi only waves about that enormous Through Heaven Sword and uses Wine Sword Technique. Half moon arcs keep shooting out and scatter the descending palm images.

Liu Yi’s expression is very relaxed like he does not care much about those attacks.

No matter which technique it is, they will have their own weak points!

Liu Yi activated his Black and White world making all of the palm print slow down. At the same time, it also allows their weak points to appear clearly in Liu Yi’s eyes.

With his Through Heaven Sword and Wine Sword Technique, he completely ignores all of Demon Emperor’s attack.

“Damn it! Sword Emperor! Don’t think that you will be able to block all of my techniques!”

Demon Emperor is becoming angrier and angrier. Although his cultivation base is not as high as mine he is not inferior to me! This, this is really making me angry!

“You will not be able to win, Yunyun.”

As Liu Yi blocks those palm attacks, he says, “It is best not to waste your strength anymore.”

“I am stronger than you!”

Zhang Yunyun is not resigned as she suddenly throws out a palm causing the palm wind to scatter the sky!

“Coloured Glass!”

The sky instantly scatters! A black hole appears above Liu Yi’s head and starts sucking everything in the surrounding in!

Buildings, stones, trees were all sucked into it!

The black hole seems like it is going to swallow everything up! This is one of the few major moves within Glorious Sun Palm!

While Liu Yi still remains calm as he points with the enormous sword in his hand.

“Don’t ask the nine layers of heaven, one sword cleaves through 9 lands!”

With a mouthful of immortal wine entering his mouth, he swings out a Wine Sword Technique.

The golden sword qi forms a straight line and instantly chops through the black hole!

Like a balloon being pierced, that black hole instantly disappears!


Seeing how her Coloured Glass being resolved such so easily, the Demon Emperor is very shocked!

“I cannot be even more familiar with every single move of Glorious Sun Palm and that includes all of their weak points.”

Liu Yi says, “Using Glorious Sun Palm to deal with me, it is a big mistake.”


Zhang Yunyun takes a few deep breaths with dense unwillingness in her eyes.

“I obviously have higher cultivation than you…”

“Cultivation base does not mean unparalleled under the world.”

Liu Yi says, “Although your cultivation is high your mental state is not enough. Not to mention you experienced too little combat. Even if you are stronger than me by a layer you are also unable to defeat me.”

“I do not believe! My strongest move! I have not used it yet!”

Zhang Yunyun roars, “Sword Emperor, I shall use this move to kill you!”

The black demon dragon behind her suddenly starts surging and swiftly shrinks!

In a blink of an eye, that originally thousand-meter long black dragon transforms into a slender black blade and lands in Zhang Yunyun’s hand.

Following which Zhang Yunyun grabs hold on it and from her arm, black smoke continues to expand upwards.

The places where the smoke climb by, black armor condensed there!

Very quickly Zhang Yunyun is completely covered by the black armor!

The exterior of the black armor is very weird. It is like it is formed from a few demon dragons interweaving together!

“Don’t think that you are the only one with armor!”

Zhang Yunyun who is holding the black demon blade with demon armor on, says, “This Nine Yin Demon Armour will completely reflect all of the attacks back from where it comes from! That also means that no matter how you attack me the one who will be injured in the end will only be you!”

The moment Zhang Yunyun finished, everyone is calling her perverted!

Completely return back! Isn’t that matchless already? What else is there to say?

Nine Yin Demon Dragon….it is really perverted to this point? Able to mimic other peoples move as well as completely reflect their attacks back to them…this is completely heaven-defying!


Looking at the Nine Yin Demon Armour that Zhang Yunyun is wearing, Liu Yi actually laughs, “This is rather interesting. Why don’t I give it a try.”

“Tsk! Don’t know your limits!”

Zhang Yunyun instantly transforms into a black light and appears in front of Liu Yi as she stabs her black blade towards Liu Yi’s neck!

Liu Yi waves his enormous Through Heaven Sword and deflected away Zhang Yunyun’s black blade.

At the same time, his right-hand thrww out a palm which hits Zhang Yunyun on the shoulder.

“It is useless, the one who will be injured is only you…”

Before Zhang Yunyun finished speaking, she is instantly sent flying away and smashed into the ground, smashing out a long trench!

“How, how is this…”

This attack from Liu Yi is not light. Zhang Yunyun wretchedly climbs up to her feet, her eyes widen in shock as her five organs are trembling.

His strength is actually able to injure me!

Looking at Liu Yi again, blood is flowing out from the edge of his mouth.

“Indeed you have suffered from 50% of the attack while I suffered 100% of the attack.”

Liu Yi wipes away the blood from his mouth and smiles, “But, my Boundless Vital Qi is still able to break through your armor. Even with 50%, I will still be able to defeat you.”

“Why is it like this!”

Zhang Yunyun exclaims, “Why is your strength always able to suppress me! Could it be that you are my natural born bane!?”

“I am indeed the person who is here to block you.”

Liu Yi nods his head and stretches out his hand towards her, “Yunyun come back to my side.”

“Not possible! Go and die!”

Zhang Yunyun suddenly jumps up as the black blade in her hand once again stab towards Liu Yi!

While this time round Liu Yi did not use Through Heaven Sword to block. Instead, he tosses the Through Heaven Sword in his hands to the side, letting it drop onto the ground.

At the same time the moment Zhang Yunyun’s black blade is in front of him, Liu Yi removes his Monarch Armour.

He opens his arms like he is receiving Zhang Yunyun’s hug with a wide smile as he watches her reaches in front of him.

What does he wish to do? He definitely must be thinking of something to fall into his trap!

A flash of ruthlessness flashes Zhang Yunyun’s eyes as she stabs her black blade into him without any hesitation at all!


Chapter 605   [Depend on this blade]

Best ending ever, Liu Yi suiciding hahaha!

3 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 605

  1. This is getting retarded. The fight it self is weird. Why?
    1. She has severed her feelings for him litteraly.
    2. She just said her true nature is that she will kill anything she can’t get.
    3. When you fight life and death prepare to kill. To survive is the natural instincs of a human. Cultivator or not.
    4. Here we thought he resolved him self to kill hayz.


  2. Real talk why didn’t they just make clones and have one set of each in both realms? Then they could basically just be in a discord face cam voice chat all the time lol.
    Thank god this arc is almost done.


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