MKW Chapter 604

Chapter 604   [Warming up]


“You…know that she was not killed by me?”

Liu Yi had always thought that Zhang Yunyun will keep misunderstanding him and did not expect to hear her say such things today.

“I was, after all, brought up by my mother. I know her nature the best. Furthermore, Big Brother, following you for a year I also know of your nature. You only wished to return back to the human realm. How would you go and assassinate my mother at this critical junction?”

“Then, then you….”

“What I want, is you to stay by my side that’s all.”

Zhang Yunyun’s eyes turn red and say, “Although it is not you who killed my mother she died because of you. I understand my mother and she knows me as well. She knows that the moment she died you will become my only support…which is the only support that I cannot lose…when you were not around the Nine Yin Demon Qi which I had been suppressing for so many years will also erupt out. When that happens I will completely transform into Demon Emperor. Big Brother, do you know? That Zhang Yunyun that you know is my surface nature that’s all. The real me is like this! What I am unable to obtain, I will personally destroy it!”

Zhang Yunyun stretches out his hand and kneads the air.

The black smoke instantly scatters a building by her side!

“Everything in the human realm is so beautiful. Big Brother is it because of this you like the human realm? Since I am unable to obtain you, then I will not let you obtain the human realm. I will destroy all of this, furthermore, I will also destroy you!”

“So that is the case.”

Liu Yi finally understands everything. He suddenly smiles, “So that is what happens. Then I also know what I should do.”

“What can you do? You only have a choice. Either you return back to the demon realm with me! Or die!”

Zhang Yunyun’s voice contains a bit of expectation. The originally evil looking expression suddenly transforms back to that weak-looking appearance. She says, “Big Brother if you are willing to return back to the demon realm with me, I am willing to accompany you daily. I will not be the Demon Emperor. You be it and lead the demon realm. No one will dare to disobey you and everyone will listen to you! Furthermore, I have already brought a number of the human’s craft back. They will bring the human culture into the demon realm and allow the demon realm to develop, becoming as prosperous as the human realm! Big brother, as long as you come to my side, okay?”

[TL: great….so this war is just because of a lover quarrel….great….really great…]

“Not possible.”

Liu Yi smiles, “Why can’t you follow me to the human realm then. I’ll bring you to where I live. When you get there, you will know what is real prosperity.”

“That is not possible! Big Brother!”

Zhang Yunyun begs bitterly, “The reason why my mother suicided….other than forcing you and me, more importantly, she wanted me to take over her wish….I cannot, really cannot toss aside the demon realm and not care about it…otherwise, I will be living in regret forever…can’t you just accompany me by my side?”

“For what reason is her will so strong on you.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “Yunyun. You should live for yourself.”

“Live for myself…this sentence….sounds so nice…”

Zhang Yunyun’s face turns cold again as she laughs, “Hahahaha, Sword Emperor, my good Big Brother. I am afraid you must also be thinking like this in your heart right. You had never lived for others. In your heart you only have yourself! Since you do not submit then don’t blame me or being impolite! Nine Yin Demon Dragon!”

She roars out as the black smoke behind her starts surging. Following which, an enormous black dragon rushes out from her head and flies into the clouds.

The thousand-meter long black dragon looks very scary…the entire Yangzhou City is blocked by the body of the black dragon!

It seems like the sunlight got scared off by the might of the black dragon as the entire Yangzhou City turns dark.

“Sword Emperor! Let’s fight! What I cannot obtain, this emperor shall personally destroy!”

Zhang Yunyun’s hatred filled gaze lands on Liu Yi.

“Since that is the case then bring it on.”

Liu Yi has also made his decision. He stretches out his hand and lets Through Heaven Sword float in front of him.

“This is your emotion sword. It will fight for me. My Zhang Yunyun, her friendship will forever be in my here.”

Her other hand is placed over his heart.

“You are saying that nonsense again!”

Zhang Yunyun trembles slightly and roars, “I will no longer believe in your nonsense! Prepare to die!”

She transformed into a stream of black smoke and instantly appears in front of Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi also instantly enters the second stage of dragon transformation. At the same time, he combines body with Pikachu and starts fighting against Zhang Yunyun.

Their hand crosses each other as they keep hitting out Glorious Sun Palm, causing shockwaves to spread all over the place!

Palm-shaped holes also start appearing on the ground turning all of the surrounding building into rubble!

If it was not for the protection of Liu Yi’s Sky Flipping Seal, then perhaps the entire Yangzhou City would have turned into ruins!

When two heaven realm experts cross blows, the might is too scary!

Like the saying, ‘When immortal’s fight, mortals suffer a calamity’!

After ten minutes had passed the two of them had crossed countless number of moves. They had fought until heaven and earth turned dark as dust covers the entire place!

“Damn it! Fighting against you I am at such a huge disadvantage!”

Zhang Yunyun notice that fighting close combat against Liu Yi, she is completely unable to have the upper hand! I am obviously stronger than him by an entire layer, but I am still suppressed by him!

Liu Yi is a martial cultivator, fighting close-combat against him I will be at a large disadvantage!

Aiming at her gap, Liu Yi’s palm hits Zhang Yunyun!

While Zhang Yunyun’s body instantly turns into streams of black smoke and then disappears.

Instantly Zhang Yunyun’s figure reappears a few tens of meters away.

She opens her small mouth and takes a deep breath.

Layers of black smoke gather within her mouth as she aims towards Liu Yi and lets out a dragon breath!

This dragon breath is formed by black dragon wind. It is tens of meter thick and sweeps towards Liu Yi!

Liu Yi also takes a breath as his chest bulged out slightly.

A dragon breath also gathers in front of him as Pikachu’s black lightning gathers together.

The two dragon breath collides against each other in midair.

Both dragon breaths are black in color. One is Nine Yin Demon Lightning while the other is Nine Yin Demon Qi. Both attack each other and looks to be about the same strength.

But slowly it can be seen that Zhang Yunyun’s demon qi is slightly stronger as Liu Yi’s dragon breath is slowly pushed back.

While Liu Yi’s expression did not change at all. He suddenly places his hands together as the Boundless Vital Qi in his body erupts out!

Instantly a layer of white color appears on Liu Yi’s dragon breath. The intertwining black and white colour is very eye-catching!

With that instant of effort, Liu Yi’s strength is able to suppress Zhang Yunyun’s dragon breath!

Such a huge difference causes Zhang Yunyun to be caught unprepared. Very quickly her dragon breath collapsed and got swallowed up by Liu Yi’s dragon breath.

In just a blink of an eye, Zhang Yunyun was completely swallowed up by the black lightning.

But Liu Yi is neither happy nor unhappy. Because Zhang Yunyun’s body had already turned into black smoke and disappears from within the black lightning dragon breath.

At the same time, a large amount of black smoke gathers together in another place as Zhang Yunyun’s figure reappears there.

Liu Yi looks at Zhang Yunyun who had reformed and says, “I just knew that you were not that easy to be dealt with.”

“Hmph! Just now was only the warm-up that’s all!”

There is not a single bit of surprise on Liu Yi’s face, instead, he smiles and says, “That’s right. The warm-up has ended. Now we can start the real combat right.”

Instantly the people by the side almost fainted.

Bullshit… guys fought until like this….and it….it was actually just a warm up….

Are you guys for real!!!

This is too crazy!!!!

While the people watching did not notice this point at all, Zhang Yunyun asks Liu Yi, “But I am rather curious about a point. How were you able to resolve my dragon breath earlier?”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and says, “If you insist on asking then I can only say it is the strength of righteous qi.”

“Pei! Righteous! What a joke!”

Zhang Yunyun starts sneering, “A killer whose hands are filled with blood actually tells me about righteous! What a joke, this is really a joke.”

Liu Yi says, “Even if no one understands, I will continue to put into practice my own righteousness on my own.”

“It is that damn righteous again! Righteous your head!”

Zhang Yunyun clenches her teeth, “Today I shall completely destroy that so-called righteous of yours!”

The enormous demon dragon in the sky instantly starts to shrink and instantly shrinks into a 7-meter long small dragon and flies to the back of Zhang Yunyun.

Liu Yi is slightly shock. This move seems to be the sword qi image of Through Heaven Sword technique!

The mimicking ability of Nine Yin Dragon Qi is really powerful ah…

Liu Yi is shocked, if only I also had this heaven-defying ability how nice would it be.

But the number of techniques that I have already is already quite a bit. I cannot be too greedy and bite off more than I can chew!

What I have learned is already more than enough for me to use.

Anymore, will instead cause chaos and lack of masteries.

Currently, Demon Emperor had already let out a huge technique as the dragon behind here starts spraying out dense black smoke!

“Sky Demon Punishing Evil!”

Demon Emperor lets out a shout and instantly the black smoke starts forming demon figures. Each of them is incomparably malevolent and there are a large number of them, which starts to charge towards Liu Yi.

“This sky demons do not have a real flesh body nor souls. Let us see how you are able to use that technique of yours earlier!”

Zhang Yunyun is pointing towards Liu Yi’s Demonic Sword Technique.

“The techniques that I know is not only of a single type.”

Liu Yi looks at the densely packed sky demons rushing towards him and casually throws out an Illusion Extermination!

A lot of Sky Demons are instantly scattered from the attack but very quickly the scattered black smoke once again gathers together and reforms back into the Sky Demons!

“It is useless, you are unable to kill them at all!”

Demon Emperor laughs in delight, “They will continue to attack you until the moment they completely crush you! Sword Emperor pay the price for your mistake!”


Chapter 604   [Warming up]

come on move on to the end of the fight already and shrew that warm up!

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