MKW Chapter 603

Chapter 603   [Only one can come out]


The surrounding demons start letting out bitter cries as their bodies turn into mincemeat and transform into white bone swords floating in front of Liu Yi!

Over ten of thousands of demons were attacked by Liu Yi’s Demonic Sword technique and transformed into white bone swords and float by his side.

A lot of demons were completely stunned when they see this scene, my grandpa ah, what demonic technique is this, isn’t this a bit too weird!

Furthermore, there are over tens of thousands of bone swords…seeing them it makes people feel trepidation in their hearts.

This scene…is a bit like they had entered hell! The taste of horror spreads out in the heart of every human and demon!

“Demonic Sword Technique! Lightning formation slaying devil!”

Liu Yi forms sword seals with both hand and points towards the densely packed demons.

Instantly the bone swords hovering in the sky starts to link with each other with the black lightning and instantly form an enormous white sword dragon with black lightning around its body and charges into the demons.

When the sword dragon flies in, it is like a wolf in a group of sheep killing the demons until a river forms.

“Mother ah!”

“Save me ah, I do not wish to die!”

The demons are basically unable to resist at all and can only get killed or escape.

Just now the earlier aggressive demon army has now completely turned into escaping soldiers!

In front of death who will still have their earlier courage and only wish that they are born with 8 legs for escaping.

Those demons with wings are the most suitable. They fly very fast and look to be about to escape from Liu Yi’s attack radius.

While Liu Yi already steeled his heart to teach them a lesson in blood and let them know how scary humans can be, and from now on, not to offend humans!

Thus he spread his hands open and the roaring sword dragon suddenly split open!

Bone swords shoot out and instantly descend upon those demons in the sky like a densely packed sword rain which covers an enormous radius and a large number of demons are nailed to the ground by the bone swords.

Most importantly it is still not over as the nightmare still continues!

Those demons who were killed by the bone swords, their corpse starts bloating up and then explode. As numerous mini bone sword shoot out in all directions!

This causes a large number of demons to meet a calamity. It is basically like a biochemical bomb!

As long as they are slightly affected by the bone swords, they will become the next bomb and then explode and continue to affect the surrounding people.

Although there are a lot of demons, in front of this kind of bomb, they are even more unlucky!

For a moment the demons are howling in pain with lots of injured and dead demons!

“Gods….could it be….could it be that this is the Judgement day for demons…”

Those slightly stronger demons had flown far away and look at the wretched sight among the demon army. Their faces turn pale as they shiver.

Seeing this, they are even more horrified and even more shocked…

Along the densely pack demon army, it is like an endless opening of a red flower, which spreads out in all directions.

Anyone who is close will all turn into a red blood flower and then continue to spread.

One after another….dying within the flower…

“I beg you…I beg you to let us go ah…”

“Judgement day ah….it is really judgment day….”

A lot of demons all turn crazy. Some are even kneeling down in front of Liu Yi begging.

“Zhang Yunyun. If you do not come out then I shall exterminate all of your demons!”

Liu Yi’s voice carries ruthlessness as it flows out along with the fishy blood wind.

The blood in Yangzhou City has flown into a river. The miserable cries of the demons rise and fall all over the place. Even humans cannot bear to look straight at this scene.

“Sword Emperor! Do not bully them!”

At this moment a familiar voice suddenly flies out from the prince’s mansion!

Hearing this sound, a smile finally appears on Liu Yi’s face.

“Yunyun, you finally come out.”

“If I did not come out, then perhaps all of my people will be completely slaughtered by you!”

Seeing that so many demons had died a black light instantly covers her face.

“You are so cruel and actually killed so many of my kin? Could it be that the lives of us demons are so worthless in your eyes?”

“You are wrong.”

Liu Yi’s hand trembles slightly and all of the bone swords fly back and float behind him like a pair of enormous bone wings.

While he had kept away his technique, what about the demonic sword technique that is wreaking havoc among the demon army? The sword seeds are also withdrawn and no longer spreads.

Of the million-strong army, right now there are only several hundred thousand left.

If it was not for Liu Yi stopping then there might not even be slag left of them!

After Liu Yi withdraws this technique he says loudly, “Everything under the world is all equal. But everyone has their own living environment, why is there a need to slaughter each other? Zhang Yunyun for your hatred you brought your million strong demon army to invade human realm. In the end, both sides had disastrous casualties. You have an inescapable responsibility.”

“I have an inescapable responsibility?”

Zhang Yunyun starts laughing. Her laughter carries a kind of coldness, “Indeed you are Lord Sword Emperor. What a coincidence it is, now everything becomes me alone, who is responsible? Who is the one who killed my mother? Who is also the one who betrayed me and was not willing to stay by my side? If you did not leave the demon realm in the beginning then the human realm would not have suffered a calamity! Everything that had happened is all because of you, my Lord Sword Emperor!”

“What you say is right, I myself have an even greater responsibility.”

Liu Yi did not avoid it and nods his head and says, “This war is all because of you and me. It is not related to these humans and demons. So please let them off and let the two of us settle this problem on our own.”

“Good. Since you want to settle on your own, I agree!”

Zhang Yunyun nods her head, “Don’t you like to be the hero? I shall fulfill you. I shall let the entire world know just what kind of person you, Sword Emperor are! I shall use all of my power and completely crush you!”

She suddenly flies high up into the sky.

Following which black smoke start revolving around her. The black smoke starts entering her body.

Black wings flap out from her back and open up to around a meter long. But very quickly it starts shrinking and shrinking until it disappears completely around her shoulder blades.

While on Zhang Yunyun’s head, a black dragon horn grew out!

Dragons have a long life. Among which they spend 500 years as horned and 1000 years as a winged-dragon!

While Zhang Yunyun had actually entered the 3rd stage of dragon transformation! Horned dragon period!

Liu Yi is shocked as he did not think that Zhang Yunyun would mimic his dragon transformation and actually advance it to the 3rd stage of dragon transformation first!

Powerful might verifies her greatness!

Zhang YunYun stretches out her hands and her star map lights up!

Twenty stars….just how powerful is this!

Even if it is the immortal in the heavens they are nothing!

While in Liu Yi’s star map, there seems to only be 15 stars lit up. But his strength has already reached heaven realm!

Without using Dragon Transformation his strength is around 19-stars.

While Ao Ri’s strength, in the end, is at the lesser layer of 19-stars which is just a stage different away from Liu Yi!

After entering the heaven stage to the growth of every single star will be split into lesser and greater layers! Between the two of them although there is only a single layer difference, the gap between the two is very very big!

Seeing how easily Liu Yi is able to deal with Ao Ri, you can see how big is the gap.

While Zhang Yunyun who at most is slightly stronger than Ao Ri back then was also at the lesser layer of 19-stars. Only after entering dragon transformation stage two, she entered the greater layer of 19-stars!

While currently….after entering stage 3 of dragon transformation her cultivation enters the greater layer of 20-stars which is completely shocking!

“How is it. Do you see this? Are you afraid now?”

Black smoke coils around Zhang Yunyun. She stands on black clouds in the sky and says arrogantly, “Sword Emperor right now your strength should be around the lesser layer of 19-stars right! Even if you enter the 2nd stage of dragon transformation your strength will be at the lesser layer of 20-stars that’s all! I want to see what can you use to compete against me!”

“I know that you are very powerful.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “But this time around I have already made the preparations to die along with you.”

As Liu Yi speaks he takes out Sky Flipping Seal and tossed it out.

Instantly the Sky Flipping Seal spreads out and envelope him and Zhang Yunyun within!

Within a hundred meter radius, there is no other living being. This is their battlefield!


Ai Ling is slightly bitter as she looks at the two of them who are caged within the Sky Flipping Seal. Did not think that Liu Yi would regard this Demon Emperor so importantly in his heart.

She had always been apprehensive towards this final battle. Because it is rumored that Sword Emperor finally fell because of this battle…

My lord….will be fine right…

He definitely will not be in trouble….lord he….heaven must help the worthy!

“Master….must defeat Demon Emperor and come out safely ah!”

Wine Sword Immortal also restlessly wields his sword as he looks at Liu Yi within the barrier of Sky Flipping Seal.

“This barrier of Sky Flipping Seal is very special.”

Liu Yi stands on his magic clouds and faces Zhang Yunyun who is in the 3rd stage of dragon transformation and says, “Between the two of us, only one of us can walk out of this place in the end. Yunyun, take action.”

“Good, good, good…”

Zhang Yunyun’s eyes suddenly turn slightly red, “The two of us, indeed walked to this step! Perhaps back then I should have killed you in the Sky Prison formation…..”

“Right now is there any meaning in saying that?”

Liu Yi lets out a bitter laugh, “It is like me trying to explain that your mother’s death was not related to me, will you believe?”

“I am the Demon Emperor, not an idiot.”

Zhang Yunyun’s voice carries a cold intent, “Although it is not you who killed my mother my mother definitely died because of you. I did not say this point wrongly right?”

Zhang Yunyun had followed her mother for too long already. She understand her mother’s nature very well.

But when she said this, it causes Liu Yi to be shocked.

“You…know that she was not killed by me?”


Chapter 603   [Only one can come out]

Damn that ending…

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