MKW Chapter 602

Chapter 602   [Who dares to fight]


“Too arrogant!”

“Let us not talk anymore! Fellow demons, we cannot let the humans look down on us!”

“That’s right, let’s fight!”

The group of demons starts to regain their valor as they roar and as a large group of people they charge forward.

Not only did Liu Yi’s words not scare them into retreating, but it also raised their valor!

“We cannot let these demons be so arrogant in our territory!”

“Protect the country! Chase them away!”

The human side also raises their fighting intent and raises their weapons and arrange themselves into a formation to receive the demon army.

Instantly both sides start killing!

Within Yangzhou City, the sounds of weapons clashing, cries of pain as well as the sound of fighting rushes to the heavens.

Wine Sword Immortal and Ai Ling also lead the Raising Immortal Palace Hall disciples and join the combat and are battling against the two demon kings!

For a moment the cloud of war covers all direction as blood flows and become a river.

Liu Yi resummons out Through Heaven Sword. He cannot let the demons be so arrogant in the human realm.

The opening of the demon realm gateway was because of him. The invasion of demons into the human realm is also because of him. Thus he has the responsibility and obligation to chase the demons back to the demon realm!

“Sword Emperor! There are still us!”

Seeing that Liu Yi is going to take action, the demon side is badly frightened!

If he takes action, what is there for the demons to fight!

Just a slap is able to kill over tens of thousands of demons. how are the few hundred thousand demons here is enough for him to fight!

But at this moment Ao Ri and Devil Child who has always been hiding along the crowd of people take action at the same time!

The two of them, one at heaven realm the other at the beginning of peak earth realm. One left, one right attacks Liu Yi at the same time!

In front of Ao Ri, a blue lightning dragon is gathered. It is over a hundred meters long and is very shocking.

While Devil Child himself has transformed back into that black snake with water wings and wishes to swallow up Liu YI.

“Glorious Sun Palm.”

Liu Yi is suddenly standing on clouds and flies into the sky. His palms slapped out towards both directions at the same time.

Two palm winds instantly slap out from the sky. The lightning dragon is instantly scattered while Devil Child is sent flying out and crashing into a house, turning an entire row of buildings into rumble!

Ao Ri’s expression is also green. Sword Emperor broke my technique with just a palm and also sent Devil Child flying, he is like a god!

I am incomparable to the current Sword Emperor!

“Ao Ri, you are not my opponent. It is best to let your master come.”

“Do not think of seeing my emperor just based on you!”

Ao Ri is not convinced in his heart, I had cultivated for so many years before I comprehend the dao in mourning and crossed over my heaven calamity and become the number one on the demon world!

While what capability does that Sword Emperor have. He had just been locked up a few days that’s all and he actually crosses over his calamity as well!

Furthermore, before he crossed his calamity, his might was already suppressing me!

Later on, borrowing my majesty Demon Emperor to block the heaven calamity he directly steps into heaven realm!

Sword Emperor who is at heaven realm…I am even more not his opponent!

Just how did he cultivate, how can he cross his calamity like this!

“Since she is not coming out then I’ll wait for her to come out.”

Liu Yi clears his throat and says, “Zhang Yunyun! I am waiting for you here!”

Although his voice is not loud but with the support of his Immortal Qi, his voice can be heard by everyone in Yangzhou City!

When Ao Ri hears his voice, he immediately becomes so angry that his lightning qi starts erupting.

“Damn Sword Emperor do you not hear what I said! My emperor will never come and see you! You can go and die!”

He immediately transforms into a hundred-meter long white dragon and flies into the clouds. After which he pokes his head out from the clouds and open his dragon mouth aiming at Liu Yi!

This kind of god dragon suddenly appearing in the clouds, raising the spirits of the demons while scaring the humans.

They say that the emperor is the son of the heavenly dragon but now this dragon appears!

Although it is a demon dragon…. after all, he is still a real dragon!

Since ancient times, humans revere dragons! Furthermore, China people proclaim themselves as the descendants of dragons!

Seeing a demon dragon flying into the clouds and appear like it is going to overturn the seas and rivers, which is very scary!


A low-rank general who is currently standing behind Liu Yi starts trembling.

“Can, can we really win…”

The low-rank general’s voice is trembling, he is completely horrified.

“Relax, I will chase them away.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and gently pats that low-rank general on his shoulder while smiling lightly.

Instantly the low-rank general feels a warm stream flows into his heart.

I have never felt this way before… how warm is this….it is like my entire body is able to give me a certain strength.

Furthermore, I have the courage that I never possessed before. Furthermore, it is like as long as this person by my side is around, even if the end of the world comes, there is no need to worry!

Did heaven collapse? No worries, he is around!

Liu Yi is standing in his original spot stable like a tall mountain. Standing there it makes people look up to him.

“Go and die!”

Ao Ri opens his mouth and aims towards Liu Yi and suddenly spat out a stream of blue lightning!

This lightning is 4 to 5 meters thick! The surrounding clouds scatter due to the power of the lightning. The air seems to be trembling from its might and seems to be afraid of this lightning!

Everyone’s gaze is also gathered onto this lightning in horror!

While Liu Yi only stands there and only raises two fingers aiming towards the sky.

From his finger flies out black lightning. This lightning is not thick at all, less than a meter and faces that descending lightning.

-explosion sound-

The heaven and earth seem to be trembling as the two lightning crashes into each other!

This scene makes Liu Yi recall that in 1300 years, he and Ao Ri would be fighting above River Song and the clash between their dragon breaths!

Back then Liu Yi was only around peak 18-star cultivation and had not comprehended the real heaven dao. So he was basically unable to compete against Ao Ri.

While now Liu Yi’s strength is already something that Ao Ri cannot fight against!

Although the black lightning is not even a meter thick to that enormous lightning in the sky, it is able to easily black that descending lightning. Furthermore, it is slowly pushing it back.

Ao Ri’s dragon eyes are about to stare itself out, this black lightning….is actually so powerful!

Even if I use my full strength I am unable to resist it!

Furthermore, within this black lightning, there seems to be some Nine Yin Demon Qi within.

Nine Yin Demon Qi is incomparably weird. Even if it is Liu Yi he is unable to completely assimilate it. Thus he can only mix it with Sky Flipping Dragon’s original lightning qi and use it on it’s own.

This kind of black lightning is very overbearing! From what he had seen so far, Liu Yi has never seen anyone who is able to resist it head on!

Ao Ri’s lightning instantly crumbles as the black lightning blasted onto his enormous dragon body.

-Dragon crying out in pain-

Ao Ri is also unable to bear with such horrifying black lightning. After being hit by it, he instantly lets out a cry and drops from the sky and collapsed heavily into an empty space creating a hole in the ground

“I, I do not resign!”

Black lightning still crawls around Ao Ri not dispersing.

But he clenches his teeth and climbs back up. He transforms back into his previous human form and forcefully gathers his qi and flies towards Liu Yi!

His palm carries blue lightning light. This lightning light keeps warping, it carries all of Ao Ri’s remaining qi which he hits it towards Liu Yi’s forehead.

“Overestimating your capability.”

Liu Yi takes a step forward as his left palm receives Ao Ri’s attack.

Glorious Sun Palm, Desolate Flames!

An eye-catching sun image appears in between their palms!

Following which, blue lightning, as well as black lightning, shoots out in all directions!

The surrounding buildings are instantly affected. Anything struck by either lightning immediately turns into ash!

A shockwave also spread out towards the surrounding, sending those people without sufficient strength flying away! It is like a tornado suddenly appearing out of nowhere! It is completely dreadful and terrifying!

“Just what kind of people are the two of them ah….too horrifying….”

“Gods….I definitely must be dreaming…”

In the surrounding, no matter if it is demons or humans, both completely shocked!

While the one who is most horrified is Ao Ri. His body is like a kite with broken strings. Along with the spreading shockwave, he flies out similarly far away. In the end, he crashed into the courtyard of the Prince Mansion!

Currently, his body is in a complete mess. The Nine Yin Demon Lightning that Liu Yi left behind is swimming around his body breaking his body regeneration ability!

He feels that his cultivation got directly forced back! Without nursing for over a thousand years, it seems like this injury will never be able to heal up!

Damn it….if I had taken out Sea Flipping Lamp how good would it be!

With Sea Flipping Lamp I would not have been beaten up so badly…

But…this Sword Emperor…is really too scary….crossing this blow with him, I only feel like he had not used his full strength….damn it! Just what is his current strength! Why is it that I who is at 19-star cultivation is not his opponent!

Furthermore….he has not used dragon transformation yet….

I am actually unable to force out his dragon transformation…and have already been defeated….

Thinking to here, Ao Ri is in complete despair.

The image of Sword Emperor is like a huge mountain pressing down on his heart.

Could it….could it really be that other than her majesty Demon Emperor….there is really, really no one else who is his opponent….

After Liu Yi settle Ao Ri, he stands on his magic cloud and flies into the sky and says loudly, “Who else dares to fight me?”

“What is there for you to be arrogant about!”

“That’s right there are still so many of us!”

The demons are still not willing to admit defeat. In a dense group, countless demons charge crazily towards Liu Yi. The sky, the earth is completely filled with demons!

“Good! Since that is the case then do not blame me for starting a massacre!”

A ruthless glint flashes across Liu Yi’s eye as he opens one of his hand. Through Heaven Sword floats in front of him and start revolving!

“Demonic Sword Technique!”

This time round Liu Yi is going to be ruthless!


Chapter 602   [Who dares to fight]

Last demon general down. Soon it will be Demon Emperor’s turn

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