MKW Chapter 601

Chapter 601   [Final battle]


Sword Emperor’s name spread out allowing Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s fame to become more and more resounding!

A lot of people start to join Raising Immortal Palace Hall and right now there is almost a thousand Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciple!

Furthermore, with Liu Yi providing amulets as well as more and more Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples joining the war, the China mainland situation is starting to stabilize.

In the past, it was the demons who were overpowering the humans while the humans were beaten until they were displaced.

In the past the demon army was surrounding the human cities, now it is the opposite. All of the demons are hiding in the city while outside is the human army surrounding them!

“Your majesty….we, we are unable to block them from Yangzhou City

A demon general who is covered with injuries kneels in front of Demon Emperor and says with shame, “This general is incompetent…”

“Talking about this, these humans are indeed different. Look at those meticulous toys that they have, our demon realm do not have.”

Demon Emperor sits there as she plays with chinaware in her hand and did not directly reply that general. Instead, she says slowly, “No wonder Sword Emperor is not willing to stay in demon realm and kept wanting to return back here. All of this is because the demon realm cannot be compared to here.”

Seeing that Demon Emperor ignored him, that general immediately shouts, “Your majesty….your majesty….we are already surrounded by the human army your majesty…”

He is really anxious ah!

“But after I have brought all of these arts and crafts back to the demon realm, sooner or later the demon realm also become as developed as prosperous as human society.”

Demon Emperor continues to talk to herself. She suddenly raises her head and looks at Ao Ri who is standing by the side, “Ri, those arts and crafts that I asked you to bring back, how did it go?”

Ao Ri nods his head and replies, “I have already sent them back to the demon realm.”

Demon Emperor nods her head, “Good, that is not bad.”

That general still begs bitterly, hoping that Demon Emperor is able to take action and suppress the humans, “Your majesty…the enemy troops have already surrounded our Yangzhou City ah…”


Demon Emperor finally notices that what that general is saying. She looks at him before waving her hands, “Ri. Bring Devil Child along as well as the rest of the generals to suppress those humans. I want to research this chinaware. Do not disturb me.”

“As you order!”

Ao Ri and those mentioned immediately turn around and walk out of the Prince Mansion in Yangzhou.

Ever since Demon Emperor started staying in this Prince Mansion she starts to feel a strong interest in all kind of cultural things in the human realm. Even recently her thoughts were not on the war, instead, she toys around with some chinaware daily. Sometimes she will also play around with things that women use like the undergarments, clothing as well as rogues and the likes.

“Could it be that the woman that you like, is this kind?”

After everyone had left Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun sits in front of the copper mirror as she holds the rogues and gently rubs on her face. Then she looks at the visibly mature looking her in the mirror.


At this moment Wine Sword Immortal is standing in front of Liu Yi as he says respectfully to him, “Master, as long as we take down this Yangzhou City, the demons can only retreat to the demon realm!”

“That’s right.”

Liu Yi nods his head in satisfaction. This war has gone on for over two years. I have finally pressured all of the demons back.

Today as long as we conquer this Yangzhou City, we can finally end this 2 year war.

Originally I was coming the past is to find Sword Emperor and become his disciple, and learn how to strengthen myself. But who would have thought that I, in the end, become Sword Emperor and become a part of history?

Since I am Sword Emperor, then I must bear the responsibility of the Sword Emperor.

Based on history, it seems like the final battle between Sword Emperor and Demon Emperor started from Yangzhou City.

The final battle ah…I waited until the arrival of this day.

Liu Yi is still concerned about the matters regarding Liang Mengyao thus he  , “Wine Sword Immortal I asked you to go and investigate the news regarding Great God Sect. Have you obtained any news regarding it?”

“Yes master, I have obtained news regarding it.”

Wine Sword Immortal nods his head, “Like what master said, right now in the central a group which calls itself Great God Sect has appeared. These people say that they had seen a Great God which has boundless cultivation. After which they start to worship her…right now this Great God Sect’s influence has developed quite a bit. They are quite influential in the western side.”

“Very good.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “After we have chased these demons back to the demon realm, Raising Immortal Palace Hall shall follow me to flatten Great God Sect.”

Wine Sword Immortal immediately cups his hand and bow, “Willing to follow by master’s side.”

“Good then let us do our best and take down this Yangzhou City!”

Liu Yi glances over. A lot of Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples had already used their cultivation base to break the heavy city gate and bring a group of soldiers to kill their way into the city.

The entire city is filled with the sound of killing!

Although the demons are very valiant, they are unable to deal with the amulet weapons of human!

Especially since human attacking methods have hundreds of patterns. Just the type of soldiers is cavalry, archers, infantry with crossbows, as well as the sharp greatsword infantry!

As well as all kind of military strategy, formations! The demons only have attack or retreat.

As all of the humans attack, they shout, “Scram to your realm.”

A lot of demons are already badly frightened and right now they wish to return to the demon realm.

The soldiers in the human realm act like they’re possessed by gods, all of them very courageous!

The most terrifying ones are those immortals who are standing on flying swords. They are basically the bane of demons! When they swing the longsword in their hands, a demon head will drop!

Normal demons are not their opponents!

Just as the human army is about to invade all the way to the Prince Mansion, from the sky comes a loud shout.

“Dirty humans, go and die!”

Following which a few figures descends in front of the demon army blocking in the center of the human and demon armies!

“What person are you, eat my sword!”

Feng Xueyue is already much more mature in comparison to 2 years ago. When he sees that someone appeared, he immediately makes a prompt decision and sweeps the longsword in his hands towards them.

“Tsk, just parlor tricks!”

A black fatty suddenly walks out from the demon group and opens his mouth. Instantly a powerful sucking force emerges from his mouth and pulls everyone towards his mouth!

Even the flying swords of the Raising Immortal Palace Hall disciples were sucked into that mouth!

“This fellow….is the brother of Devil Child right!”

These few years Wine Sword Immortal had fought against Devil Child a few times. Because of the golden body, his improvement is very fast. Along with Wine Sword technique and his powerful sword techniques. Even though Devil Child is in the beginning stages of 18 star, he is unable to win the currently 16-star cultivation Wine Sword Immortal!

While Devil Child most powerful technique is dragon sucking water. That sucking force is able to suck everything in the surrounding into his mouth.

But compared to this brother here, Devil Child’s ability to suck object is way worse!

This fatty’s mouth is basically an enormous black hole! Even the few large trees by the side are also pulled out by their roots and sucked into the black fatty’s mouth!

Most importantly when those objects reach in front of the black fatty mouth, they will turn into fine powder and sucked in!

Liu Yi summons Pikachu and also combine body with him. Seeing that black fatty Pikachu immediately says {This fellow….is Devil Gu!}

{Devil Gu?}

After staying in devil realm for almost a year, naturally, he also knows of this mushroom-like name.

This fellow is one of the four demon kings and is also the weakest among the four of them. But his ability is a very weird one. It cannot be listed as any of the 5 elements!

It is reported that his real body is the descendant of a Sky Swallowing Turtle!

“Hahaha, be swallowed by me!”

The descendant of Sky Swallowing Turtle laughs and open his mouth again.

This time around he aims towards Liu Yi’s direction, trying to suck in all of the human armies.

The enormous black hole instantly pulls a large number of people up.

The cavalry are the same as well. The horse along with the person are sucked towards the black fatty.

“Save me ah!”

“Save, save me ah……”

All kind of people were sucked up and they become badly frightened.

“All of you descend for me!”

Liu Yi suddenly swings out his hand as a sword descends from the sky and pierce through Devil’s head, nailing him onto the ground.

At the same time, Liu Yi directly keeps away the soul of Devil Ancient and placed him in his Demon Subduing bottle.

The demon king that caused the human realm to be chaos is instantly killed! At the same time, the demons start to feel fearful, not daring to say anything.

This….this is too scary already!

Is Sword Emperor going to defy heavens? Our demon king was killed by him with a single move!

What grade is demon king ah…other than Demon Emperor and the left and right general…they are the strongest!

Could it be that there is only our majesty Demon Emperor who is able to resist the Sword Emperor?

The demons are alarm as they look at Liu Yi like looking at a devil.

“This place does not belong to you guys. Go back to your demon realm.”

Liu Yi keeps his Through Heaven Sword and looks at the demons in front of him, and says, “I will not say it a second time.”

“Do, do you really think that you are unparalleled?”

Of the demon kings, two had fallen. The remaining Golden Ape and Water Qilin immediately brace themselves and step forward saying, “Our Demon Emperor is the one who is unparalleled! Sword Emperor you better obediently surrender! Otherwise, when our majesty Demon Emperor comes out it shall be your last day!”

“Then let her come out.”

Liu Yi provokes, “Between the two of use, there needs to be a fight.”

Let’s let all grievances end today.

Counting the number of days, it has been 3 years since I traveled back into time!

Although these 3 years is not as long as the 500 years in the Asura Realm, it allows Liu Yi to grow quite a bit.

While in the Asura Realm, every day was fighting and killing. There is not any interaction with emotions. While here, Liu Yi feels like he has experienced a lifetime here.

“I, am waiting for your Demon Emperor here.”


Author note’s: Soon it will be the final fight between Sword Emperor and Demon Emperor ~do not wish to drag out the time travel too long. 10+ more chapters to the end of it~ The brilliant city story shall be continuing soon~

[TL: YES!!!! Finally we can see the light!!!!!]


Chapter 601   [Final battle]

Finally the end of this time travel arc is ending soon weee!!!

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