MKW Chapter 600

Chapter 600   [Go, Pikachu]


Liu Yi exterminating over tens of thousands of demon with a single palm immediately established his divine might!

The humans on the walls start cheering loudly and start shouting Liu Yi’s name, each shout louder than the previous!

The demons were badly frightened like they had seen their bane! Their previously valiance are completely gone from fear!

Liu Yi stands on the city wall as his white robes flutter along with the wind with his hands behind his back. His slight beard makes people feel like he has a story behind him.

[TL: well…he have a story about him…]

Sword Emperor….what a scary Sword Emperor…

The demons seem to be thinking this way. Seeing Liu Yi, they lost all of their courage!

Don’t talk about invading, don’t talk about fighting. Right now they are unable to stand firmly!

Other than Demon Emperor, who else is able to go against the Sword Emperor?

But Lord Demon Emperor is far away and far water is unable to quench thirst!

Standing on the city wall Liu Yi says,  “Scram to your demon realm.”

Although he did not speak loudly with his cultivation everyone is able to hear him clearly.

“Otherwise I, Sword Emperor shall slaughter all of you demons!”

“Sword Emperor what a big tone you have!”

Just as Liu Yi finished speaking, blue lightning suddenly descends from the sky, following which Sky Flipping Dragon’s figure appears in front of him as he roars, “Let me the number 1 Demon King fight against you, this damn fellow!”

“Sky Flipping Dragon! It is Sky Flipping Dragon ah!”

“We are saved….”

“Is it really so? But, but I heard that Sky Flipping Dragon has already been defeated by Sword Emperor before…”

The demons below start discussing and still do not have any fighting will.

Seeing the demons who had lost their fighting will facing Liu Yi, Sky Flipping Dragon’s eyes turn red.

“SE, don’t think that you are unparalleled in this world! Lord Demon Emperor has bestowed to me Nine Yin Demon Qi! Right now I can definitely defeat you!”

Sky Flipping Dragon pulls out a black pill and swallows it down.

Liu Yi is shocked. So Demon Emperor Can lend Nine Yin Demon Qi to other people to use? But this kind of thing being used by other people…although it is very effective the side effect will be rather big…

Indeed after Sky Flipping Dragon swallows the black pill, his body suddenly expands.

He who was originally 1.9 meters tall instantly shoots to over 2 meters but his 7 apertures are bleeding!

But the lightning on his body turns black in color, which looks very dreadful!

“SE! Do you see this, this is my current strength!”

-roaring sound-

Sky Flipping Dragon lets out a roar as the black lighting on his body immediately spread out in all directions attacking in all directions!

Any place that is struck by the black lightning instantly turns into scorched earth! While Liu Yi takes out Sky Flipping Seal to protect in front of the city wall and blocks the few black lightning that shot over.

“Indeed your strength has increased slightly but it is a pity that this strength does not belong to you.”

Liu Yi shakes his head and persuades, “You are still not my opponent. It is best if you take your people and scram.”

“Don’t think about it! Today I shall let you know what is the number 1 Demon King!”

Although Sky Flipping Dragon’s cultivation is below Ao Ri’s and Devil Child, he is still very arrogant and wishes to gain some face in front of his Demon Emperor!

But his luck is too bad. Not only he is unable to take down Luoyang, instead, he met Liu Yi.

But since this is the case, even if Liu Yi is a nail, he will still swallow him down! Chew him into pieces! Swallow him!

Nine Yin Demon Qi allows him to multiply his strength by several times, but is also brings along very acute pain! This kind of pain makes him even more awake!

“Turn into dust!”

His body transformed into black lightning and instantly arrives in front of Liu Yi!

Borrowing my speed, I will succeed in my sneak attack! And turn that Sword Emperor into dust!

While Liu Yi only sighs as he places a hand in front of him.

Through Heaven Sword suddenly descends from the sky, breaking through the clouds and instantly lands in front of Liu Yi’s palm!

When Sky Flipping Dragon crashes into the sword, black lightning instantly exploded out while Liu Yi and the Through Heaven Sword are completely fine.

On the other hand, Sky Flipping Dragon is completely disoriented from the crash as stars appear in front of his eyes.

“Roughly today is also the time.”

Liu Yi looks at the disorientated Sky Flipping Dragon, “Sky Flipping Dragon for helping a villain do evil, and commit evil deeds, today I shall subdue you and turn you into my body protecting spiritual beast.”

“Dream on!”

Hearing this Sky Flipping Dragon instantly wakes up and transforms into his original form as an enormous 100 meters long dragon appears above the city wall scaring a large number of the humans into collapsing onto the ground.

“Who do you think you are to subdue me!”

Sky Flipping Dragon’s voice also turns thicker as his red eyes glare at Liu Yi.

“Let my lightning completely turn you into ashes!”

He opens his mouth and sucks a black lightning ball which is erupting out lightning arcs!


Liu Yi shakes his head as he taps Through Heaven Sword gently.

“At the borders of Qin and Han dynasty, the war at the endless borders never ends!”

Through Heaven Sword instantly transforms into a stream of golden light and disappears in front of Liu Yi.

While at that instantly Sky Flipping Dragon’s head is beheaded and slowly drops towards the city wall.

The red blood sprays out from his neck like a fountain and instantly covers the city wall like a blood rain.

“Demonic Sword Technique!”

After Liu Yi beheaded Sky Flipping Dragon with a single move, at the same time he uses Demonic Sword technique to capture his soul and bring it into his body.


Sky Flipping Dragon’s soul starts struggling in Liu Yi’s body but is suppressed by the four qi in Liu Yi together!

Immortal Qi, Demon Qi, Devil Qi, Netherworld Qi!

[TL: eh….where the heck is my buddhist qi???]

Furthermore, there is still the faint Buddhist Qi as well Asura Qi. Although it is not obvious the Buddhist Qi and Netherworld Qi’s harm to him is extremely huge!

After struggling for a long time, Sky Flipping Dragon finally becomes honest.

{I, I do not accept this…}

He says angrily, {If you got guts then let me out and let us fight 300 rounds…}

{Oi, I say, Big Black ah, what is the point.}

At this moment the Golden Fur Ape Sky Supporting Pillar’s figure appears as he gently hooks his arm around Sky Flipping Dragon’s arm and says, {This is fate. Sooner or later we will be this Lord Sword Emperor body protecting spiritual beast.}

{Devil Star?}

Seeing Sky Supporting Pillar Sky Flipping Dragon who was called Big Black, his eyes nearly pop out.

{That’s right. Admit it. Following Lord Sword Emperor is also not bad.}

Water Qilin also appears causing Sky Flipping Dragon to nearly bite off his tongue.

{Devil, Devil Wave? The two of you who bit the hand that feeds you, you actually secretly joined SE?}

{No, the two of us are not the two outside…}

SSP whispers into Sky Flipping Dragon’s ears a whole bunch of stuff causing Sky Flipping Dragon’s expression to change as shock appears in his eye.

{So…so it is actually like this…looks like us brothers sooner or later will be meeting here, alas…}

Sky Flipping Dragon sits there and lets out a bitter laugh.

{Back then when the four of us become sworn brothers we had said before that we shall share all fortunes and woes together.}

Water Qilin says faintly, {Who would have thought that later on each of us establishes our own kingdoms. You also went to serve the king of Cloud Kingdom and all of us became enemies. Right now, we can be considered as putting down everything allowing us to reunite and gives us a chance to reflect on ourselves.}

{That’s right, Big Black ah, you shouldn’t persist on the wrong way anymore. Be forthcoming he is lenient. Resist he becomes strict ah.}

SSP had followed Liu Yi for very long and adopted some of human’s speaking habits.

{Fine then…I give up.}

Sky Flipping Dragon’s face is bitter, {Since this is already in the history then what is the point of me struggling. Fine as well. Lord SE…in future I shall be your body protecting spiritual beast. I only hope that you do not completely exterminate us demons…}

{If the demons obediently retreat, I will naturally not hut any of them.}

Liu Yi continues and says, {All lives are equal. Every single race have their own significance of existing. Even if it is demons, it is also the same.}

{Good. I will not say any more, after all, I am indeed unable to defeat you, why don’t I work for you.}

The demons originally believe in following the powerful. With Liu Yi’s might displaying there, even if Sky Flipping Dragon do not admit to it, he indeed is unable to catch up to Liu Yi.

Even if I have Nine Yin Demon Qi I am unable to defeat this fellow….especially now that I entered his body…that four powerful qi….

Even if Lord Demon Emperor is very powerful…but compared to Sword Emperor….she is still slightly lacking!

{Not bad. Then from now on, your previous name shall be invalid.}

Liu Yi nods his head, {Following me you shall have a new name as well as a new beginning. Let me think what name should you use…}

{I shall listen to master…}

{Okay…since your power is lightning…why don’t we call you Pikachu.}


Sky Flipping Dragon is slightly stunned as he rubs the back of his head, {What is Pikachu ah?}

While Water Qilin and the Golden Ape are already rolling on the ground with laughter while Liu Yi coughs and says with a straight face, {It is the name of a powerful god beast that also uses lightning. I name you after this god beast. I hope that you do not let me down.}

[TL: god beast indeed.]

{ From now on I shall follow by master’s side at your beck and call without any objections. Master let me go and prove myself and help you repel these demons.}


Liu Yi nods his head and stretches out his finger. He points towards the demons who are badly frightened due to Sky Flipping Dragon being beheaded and says loudly, “Sky Flipping Dragon is already dead. Do you guys still want to continue fighting?”

“Let, let us escape…”

“Nonsense, how can us demons have the word escape!”

“There are still so many of use, kill! Let us gather all of our demon qi together and fight it out with them! Kill all of them and toy with their women!”

The group of demons start letting out shouts making Liu Yi raises his eyebrow.

“Since that is the case then don’t blame me for being impolite. Go, Pikachu!”

He releases out Sky Flipping Dragon’s qi!

Instantly a black lighting dragon flies out from his finger. It is a hundred meters long and directly charges into the group of demons and shock all of them into black ashes!

“My mother ah…”

“Save us….”

This has basically turned into a massacre. The demons either die or escape and finally retreat from Luoyang City.

The sunlight lands on Luoyang City, making all of the city guards start crying.

This is great….we won….furthermore, they are still alive…


Chapter 600   [Go, Pikachu]

zzz well there is a better option than pikachu honestly…what an insult to my cute pikachu….

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