MKW Chapter 6

Chapter 6 [Going to school is more important than cultivation]


He did not return home for an entire night. If it was normal, his mother would have beaten him to death.

But luckily yesterday night his mother was on a night shift while his father is in other parts of the country for official business.

Liu Yi’s mother is a hospital head nurse, although it sounds quite good, she is very busy.

Night shift and the likes are very common.

Yesterday night was no different from usual, his mother definitely left dinner in the kitchen to let Liu Yi heat it up to eat.

But his mother definitely did not expect that her usually obedient son actually did not return home for the entire night!

If she had known, Liu Yi would definitely suffer an unavoidable beating.

Liu Yi’s father is a purchasing agent who needs to run all over the place and every month, the number of days he is able to return home is very few.

This is an ordinary family, nothing strange.

Liu Yi is also an ordinary high school student from an ordinary family, from young he is accustomed to being disregarded. He is not handsome, his family does not have much money nor power, his mind is not that good and he is also bad at sports. Basically, he is the lacking member in the class.

This kind of Liu Yi other than 2 to 3 good friends, in class he is basically transparent.

But this kind of Liu Yi actually met this small Immortal Fox!

Some more it is an evil small Immortal Fox who has turned his right hand into an ‘Amorous hand’!

Damn it ah!

Why is it like this!

My right hand still has a very large use ah!

How can you cripple it like this!

Liu Yi looks at his right hand and wants to cry but there are no tears.

In the future what is going to happen to my life ah! Isn’t everything messed up!

Lin Tong floats in front of Liu Yi as she asks in confusion, {Back then a lot of people begged this miss to teach them this Amorous Hand but this miss did not teach them. Such a god equipment for chasing girls, how can you still turn your back on it!}

“What do you know! My right hand had a very important usage!”

Liu Yi asks tearfully, “Can you remove it? I do not want it ah!”

{This, of course….}

Lin Tong is about to say when her cute small eyes revolve and say, {Of course not. You need to practice yourself to be able to deactivate this Amorous Hand. Otherwise, you can only carry it around for a lifetime!}

Lin Tong’s words to Liu Yi are basically thunder from a clear sky.

Liu Yi is completely stunned.

Could it be that I must really cultivate?

But this Lin Tong does not look…very reliable ah!

{Be good. As long as you obediently learn from this miss, cultivation is really not difficult at all!}

Lin Tong keeps enticing Liu Yi, {As long as you follow this miss, in the future I’ll guarantee that you’ll be able to eat good food and have no worries about chasing after girls, no worries ….}

Why does it sound like joining an underworld gang!

Liu Yi’s heart is in a mess.

Just as he is hesitating, his handphone suddenly rings.

The suddenly ringing sound of his handphone scares Liu Yi into quivering attracting Lin Tong’s mockery.

{Tsk, what a scaredy cat. Just the ringing sound of your handphone is able to scare you like this! What future prospect can you have! Looks like this miss still has a lot of things that I need to teach you…}

Lin Tong is cursing in her heart, accepting this scary cat who is also a big idiot…looks like my future days will be very tough ah….

But to let me be able to let my real body get free, I can only teach this idiot!

Luckily this miss is in his body and thus is able to help him cultivate inside. Otherwise with this idiot’s nature, being able to open his first star jade within a year and step into human grade would be very good already!

Hai, I am really too unlucky!

The first time I leave the mountain to absorb vitality, I actually meet a fairy from the immortal world who sealed me into this mortal’s right hand!

Damn it, ah damn it!

Who would know what does this annoying mortal person usually does with his right hand ah!

So vexed ah!

Better hurry and make this person enter the middle stage of martial cultivation then I will be able to successfully leave his seal!

“What did you say? Our teacher-in-charge might check our morning self-study? If you see him tell him that I went to the toilet. I am coming back now, coming back now!”

Liu Yi is so frightened that his legs are trembling.

His teacher-in-charge is famed for being strict and is the most famous in his school!

Liu Yi does not wish to be punished by his teacher-in-charge!

If at that time he got punished in front of all of the students in his face, that would be very shameful!

Throwing away face in front of other people is okay, but if he loses face in front of Ma Yixuan, then he will really be unable to lift his head.

Even if he loses face in front of others, he cannot lose face in front of his goddess!

This is a loser’s word of wisdom.

{Come, youngster, let this miss guides you to enter the mysterious world of cultivation!}

LingTong is very confident and filled with hesitation and prepares to go all out but Liu Yi blurts out, “Finished, I am going to be finished! I need to return back to school! As for cultivation let’s talk about it afterward!”

Liu Yi scampers out of the park.

He needs to rush to take the bus. If he did not return back to school on time, he will really be finished!

After being punished by his teacher-in-charge, he would lose face in front of Ma Yixuan and finally, they would find his parents!

Cry ah! That will really be damn tragic ah!

Liu Yi runs crazily for a while to the public bus station and waits for a bus that heads to his school.

{Oi, oi, oi. You fellow. How can you cut my words! Let me tell you, in the future, this miss is your master. You need to be respectful towards your master! Some more, what matter can be more important than letting this miss out…more important than cultivating!}

“Going to school. Going to school is more important than cultivating!”

Liu Yi stands by the bus station and says seriously, “If I don’t go to school, then I don’t have academic qualification! Without academic qualification then I cannot find a job! Without a job then I wouldn’t be able to marry a wife! Without marrying a wife I would not be able to have a kid! Without a kid then I would not be able to bring my kid to school…”

{Mortal, your life is just a cycle!}

Lin Tong starts to criticise, {Luckily you met this miss. This miss will be the guiding life in your life, your future lucky star…}

“Damn it! I’m done for! I did not return home so I do not have money to take the bus! Gods, Immortal Fox sister…after meeting you, my life is a real tragedy ah!”


Chapter 6 [Going to school is more important then cultivation]


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