MKW Chapter 599

Chapter 599    [This is a daoist immortal]


This shout instantly attracted the gaze of everyone!

Liu Yi and the rest of disciples look over at once to see a general wearing armor puffing out his beard in anger and shouts loudly, “War is at hand who dares to be rash!”

Outside of the city, the densely packed demon army is marching over making everyone’s heart’s heavy. When that general who is standing of the city wall hears that there are people who dare to be loud he becomes hopping mad.

“Make noise again then do not blame me for chopping off your head!”

“How dare you!”

Without waiting for Liu Yi to explain one of the eunuchs standing by his side shouts, “Disgraceful! Ling Jie is the defending general of Luoyang how dare you ignore the imperial edict! You are really daring!”

That General Ling who is originally going to be mad trembles when he hears this and asks, “Imperial edict? What imperial edict?”

“This is the imperial edict!”

The eunuch arrogantly takes out a golden imperial edict and shows it to General Ling!

Instantly Ling Jie’s change changes and leads his officers and soldiers to kneel down.

“Hmph, the emperor’s imperial edit confers Lord Sword Emperor as our Tang Dynasty State Teacher. Right now Lord Sword Emperor is appointed as the main general for slaying demons! These few people are the sect disciple of Lord Sword Emperor! You fellows actually wish to chop off Lord Sword Emperor’s head. I see that it is you guys who do not want your head!”

“This one does not dare….it is this general who did not recognize Mt Tai…”

Although General Ling looks like he submitted but there is still disdain in his eyes.

“Hmph, glad that you know, still not hurrying up and guarding the city! A bunch of useless things!”

This eunuch seems to feel that the surrounding does not smell nice as he takes out a handkerchief and covers his nose with it then hides far away.

“Then let this general go and be busy first!”

The demon race army is about to reach the city. This General Ling is focused on guarding the city saying in his heart, who cares what these daoists like to recite or do. As long as they do not disturb us guarding the city!

“General Ling please wait!”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and says, “Our Raising Immortal Palace Hall knows that it is hard for your courageous soldiers to kill the enemies. The demons have thick skin and flesh, wanting to injure then is hard. Even if you injure them, they will recover very quickly. Thus our Raising Immortal Palace Hall has refined a number of amulets. As long as you paste the amulets on the weapons of your soldiers, it will allow their weapons to create deeper injuries. No matter how good their regeneration is it will also be useless!”

These amulets were refined by Ai Ling from some of the dao techniques that she had secretly learned which is especially for dealing with demons.

As long as humans have these amulets, humans will have a higher chance to resist the demons!

“Ah, this way ah. Let the 8th battalion people come over.”

There is no delight on General Ling’s face, instead, it seems like he does not care.

Very quickly several tens of old soldiers walk over. They are all trembling as they walk and Liu Yi starts to get worried about their bodies.

This old men….are they still able to go to war?

Not possible right!

“Lord State Teacher, you can just give the things to the 8th battalion.”

General Ling expressionlessly says, “They are the elite division of my Luoyang City. They should be able to satisfy Lord State Teacher’s requirements.”

“Oi, how can you say like this?”

Wine Sword Immortal’s eldest disciple Feng Xueyue who is standing behind Liu Yi becomes unhappy as he frowns and steps forward, “You actually look down on my master’s refined amulets?”

“Honestly speaking, this place is a war zone, not a daoist temple!”

General Ling snorts, “I don’t care what you guys want to do, but do not drag down my men! We are using our flesh and blood to protect the entire Luoyang City, protect our family! We do not have the leisure mood to play around with you guys!”

What State Teacher, what Lord Sword Emperor, what Raising Immortal Palace Hall, all of it is nonsense!

What General Ling believes in is the sword in his hands!

Just as Feng Xueyue is about to say something, he is stopped by Liu Yi.

“Since general says so, then I will not disturb the rest of your men. Xueyue, Jingshuo you guys go and set the amulet on the weapons of the 8th division.”

“Yes, master!”

The seven disciples are very respectful of Liu Yi. Hearing him saying so, they immediately start taking the amulets and pasting them on the old soldiers’ weapon properly.

“This way is better.”

General Ling nods his head in satisfaction, “But it is best if you guys leave this place earlier. You guys are not people from Luoyang City, there is no need to die along with us. This place is a war zone, not a place to have fun. When the fight truly starts, even I am unable to guarantee your safety.”

“No worries, general just need to care about guarding the city. We will do our own things and will not affect general.”

Liu Yi waves his hand gently indicating that it is fine.

“Since that is the case then this general will not persuade anymore!”

General Ling sneers in his heart, do these people really think that demons are ordinary beast? Perhaps later when they really start fighting they will pee in their pants in fright!

Outside the demon army’s roar is getting closer and closer, like it is by their ear.

A lot of soldiers start trembling as their faces turn pale.

Most of these soldiers are new soldiers and some have not fought a war before, some feel their body’s turn soft when they heard about the demons!

But even so, they still need to hold their weapons and guard this place.

If they retreat then their family will be enslaved by the demons or killed by them!

From far away, they are already able to hear the shouts from the demons.

“The people in the city listen up! Put down your weapons! Immediately open your city gates and surrender to our demons and be our slaves, that way you will be able to preserve your lives! If you dare to resist, then we shall massacre everyone in the city!”

When the people in the city hear this, they become badly frightened.

General Ling’s expression remains cold as he shouts, “Release the arrows!”


The communications officers immediately send down his commands as over hundreds of archers pulls open their bows at the same time and a densely packed group of arrows shoot towards the demons.

At that instant, there are a number of demons shot to death by the arrows and lie in their blood.

“Do you see this, they also have a flesh body like us!”

General Ling looks at the demons with different animals head and shouts loudly, “They can also be injured as well as die! What are we afraid of, for our family, slaughter all of these demons!”


The courage of the soldiers immediately soars as they roar.

While the demons have already broken through the arrow rain and killed their way below the city.

The demons do not use any ladders or the likes as they grab the city walls with both hands and start climbing up!

The soldiers on the city walls have already done their preparation. Boiling oil, as well as stones, was tossed down the city wall!

At that instant, a number of demons climbing up the city walls were killed and injured but even more demons step on the corpses of fellow demons and continue climbing up!

Very quickly some demons have climbed to onto the city wall and start fighting against the human soldiers.

But the body of the demons is very firm. Even if they got slight injuries, they are still able to fight and furthermore, they are recovering slowly!

A lot of soldiers had killed until their hands become soft and when they see the 8th division which is filled with old, weak and sick soldiers, at this moment they are fucking awesome!

They are holding the weapons buffed by amulets and are killing the demons like chopping cabbage!

Furthermore, there are some old soldiers who are able to chase after a group of demons to kill them causing General Ling to be shocked.

“Feng Xueyue, Zhuo Jingshou, hear my orders!”

Seeing that the humans are at a disadvantage he immediately orders the Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples, “Immediately bring Raising Immortal Palace Hall people to go and support the defenders!”

“As you order!”

The disciples of Raising Immortal Palace Hall immediately pull out their swords and jump off the city wall.

“Oi, oi, do you not want your lives anymore?!”

General Ling is so frightened that his soul nearly flew away. Below is completely occupied by demons ah!

At the very least there are no less than a hundred thousand of them…them going down, isn’t it suicide?

But halfway down, a huge sword presence flies out from the Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples’ back!

One by one the enormous human figures land on the ground and casually swing out their sword and kills the demons below like chopping vegetables!

The demon blood soon flows into a river, this has basically turned into a one-sided massacre!

“My mother ah….”

General Ling swallows his saliva, “Is this group of people still humans….”

“Silly thing!”

The eunuch who had come over without him knowing, perhaps it is because he feels that this place is safer.

He uses a handkerchief to cover his nose and says, “They are immortal, immortals you understand?”

“Is….is there really immortals?”

General Ling is still in slight disbelief, but the enormous figures below are still massacring the formerly formidable demons.

Looking at the demons which are being killed so miserably, and escaping in all directions!

“Damn it, do not retreat anymore, there are so many of us! Everyone kill them together!”

But even more demons are surging over from the back like a tide.

General Ling looks down to see a dense pack of human heads!

He cannot help but to feel his scape becoming numb….these, are around a hundred thousand people….how is it possible for the demons to have so many people, this is too horrifying.

Liu Yi who is standing on the city wall lets out a cold shout, “With me Sword Emperor here, who dares to be arrogant!”

This shout carries the heaven’s might which heavily strikes the heart of all of the demons making them feel numb and nearly collapsed onto the ground.

“Glorious Sun Palm!”

Liu Yi raises his hand and pushes down.

“Extreme Happiness!”

Instantly the clouds in the sky disperse as an enormous fire palm descends from the sky!

This fire palm is over hundreds of meter wide! Astonishingly large!

It descends like this and instantly causes over tens of thousands of demon to instantly turn into ashes!


General Ling is completely stunned from shock, this must be a joke right!

Am I dreaming?

Could it be that there really are immortals?

Recalling how impolite he was towards that immortal earlier, General Ling starts trembling as cold sweat starts dripping down his body and he nearly peed from fear.

Even though he had stand in the battlefield for so many years, he had never felt so horrified before!

While the guards on the city wall are now cheering Liu Yi’s name.

“Sword Emperor! Sword Emperor! Sword Emperor!”


Chapter 599   [This is a daoist immortal]

The start of the war between cultivators and demons is going to happen soon.

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