MKW Chapter 598

Chapter 598    [Title below]


During this period of time, Heaven Realm expert are figures who are recorded in books!

Among this period’s cultivators, there are basically none who had broken through to Heaven Realm!

Those Heaven Realm experts should be all immortals from the heavens!

But in front of Tang Yongde, such a Heaven Realm expert appears in front of him!

Tang Yongde can never imagine that this kind of matter will occur! What are Heaven Realm experts? Heaven Realm experts are those who are able to extinguish a city with just a slight movement! They are valiant existences who are able to destroy the earth!

Liu Yi is like a god standing there with his arm crossed as he asks Tang Yongde who currently has dry mouth and tongue.

“Right now do you think that I am able to block the God Race and Demon Race?”


Tang Yongde is already no longer able to say anything. In the end, he only says two words.

“Kill me….”

He is already in despair. How is it possible for me to resist a heaven realm expert.

Other than waiting for death he does not know what else can he do.

In the past, he was very confident and always felt that the God Race will rise again and conquer this world….

But now, seeing the Sword Emperor in front of him, Tang Yongde no longer has this kind of confidence.

Liu Yi stands in front of Tang Yongde. The clouds in the sky slowly form into the shape of an enormous sword. It is very shocking and stunning the officials as well as the emperor into silence.

The sky forms an image ah!

God, this is then a real god ah!

“I, Sword Emperor from now on, am the guardian of China.”

Done speaking, Liu Yi points towards the sky.

The Through Heaven Sword flies out from Wine Sword Immortal’s back and stabs into the center of the plaza of the royal palace!

Everyone’s gaze landed on the Through Heaven Sword and at this moment the sword formed from clouds suddenly descends from the sky towards the royal palace.

This sword form from clouds is nearly 100 meters large and is very shocking. With it descending from the sky like this, it is like the end of the world is coming.

“My gods….”

“Wouldn’t, wouldn’t this squish us to death!”

The group of people were badly frightened.

At this moment Liu Yi shakes his hand and the cloud sword collapsed layer by layer when it reached the top of their heads. After which it transforms into a stream of white smoke and flows into Through Heaven Sword!

Wind follows tiger, cloud follows dragon!

The clouds follow Liu Yi’s instructions and are currently being compressed by Liu Yi crazily into Through Heaven Sword!

This is the first time he used this kind of compression method. But to awe these people, Liu Yi still does it!

The power of the magic clouds floods into Through Heaven Sword. Golden light suddenly erupts from the blade of Through Heaven Sword. Immortal qi twines around the sword as it continues to expand.

Originally the sword was only 1 meter long but now it is slowly growing bigger and longer.

Very quickly the hundred-meter cloud sword was instilled into the Through Heaven Sword and it transforms into a ten plus meters tall golden sword!

On the sword body, there are two seal words carved on it. Through Heaven!

Liu Yi himself also trembles slightly, so Through Heaven Sword was born like this!

Among the world mysteries, everything is arranged by the heavens!

“Daoist immortal, really is a daoist immortal ah!”

When the Tang Emperor sees all of this he is unable to control himself.

“Looks like my Tang Dynasty can be saved!”

The group of officials also wakes up and becomes happy.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and points towards the enormous Through Heaven Sword.

Instantly it starts to shrink and instantly went back to its 1-meter long shape and lands in Liu Yi’s hand.

He looks at Tang Yongde who is already in despair and asks, “Right now do you think that I am able to resist?”

“God…God Race will not fail….”

Tang Yongde suddenly lets out a fierce look and shouts, “The light of the God Race will inevitably shine on China!”

“Hmph! Since that is the case then what is the point of leaving you alive!”

Liu Yi swings his Through Heaven Sword beheading Tang Yongde.

His head tumbles onto the ground with his eyes filled with unwillingness.

Blood sprays out from the corpse over 2 meters before the corpse collapsed.

“Let your majesty be alarmed.”

Liu Yi’s Through Heaven Sword is not stained with any bit of blood. He tosses out Through Heaven Sword which slides back into the sword sheath on Wine Sword Immortal’s back.

“Not at all, not at all! Today I have really truly broadened my horizons!”

Seeing Tang Yongde being beheaded, Tang Emperor regains his courage and turn back to his normal state. He straightens his dragon robes and with the help of two royal maids he gets up from the ground and laughs as he says, “Taoist Sword Emperor really has excellent immortal technique. Having you, my Tang Dynasty will not be afraid of those God Race and Demon Race!”

“Your majesty is over praising.”

Liu Yi waves his hand, “The world is so big and there are so many demons. Just based on me, I am unable to do it. I still need your majesty to support my establishment of Raising Immortal Palace Hall and recruitment of disciple to allow there to be more sword immortals. That way we will be able to protect our Tang Dynasty properly.”

“Good, good! What support do you need, just tell me! Money or manpower are both not a problem! In the future, Raising Immortal Palace Hall shall be my Tang Dynasty’s state religion while you Sword Emperor shall be my Tang Dynasty’s State Teacher!”

“Thank you, your majesty for your grace!”

Liu Yi spent so much effort before finally able to settle the Tang Emperor allowing him to be gratified.

Furthermore, he also figures about the target of God Race which is to revive their master, God of Zombies—Wuli.

Obtaining the support of Tang Emperor, Liu Yi invites the people from the royal palace to construct Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s main palace in the location of Raising Immortal Palace Hall!

At the same time, under the announcement of Tang royal palace, Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s name also spreads out.

Especially in the royal palace, where everyone knows of Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s Sword Emperor Liu Yi duel with Tang Yongde. A lot of young people have come due to the reputation and register to join Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciple selection.

Ai Ling and Wine Sword Immortal are busy with the matters regarding Raising Immortal Palace Hall. In less than a month’s time, there are already over tens of thousands of people applying. But among them, there are only a few thousand who have the aptitude to be a cultivator. But those that have outstanding aptitude are around several tens of them.

Since that is the case, under the request of Liu Yi, they only chose those several tens with outstanding aptitude as the first generation disciples.

Using Liu Yi’s words, soldiers must be elite not many. Otherwise, no matter how many poor aptitude sword immortals are there, during the war, they will be just sending their head that’s all.

Furthermore, even after posting out the name list, there will still be even more people coming. China is so big, there are so many people in the Tang Dynasty. There will be enough people to raise even more sword immortals!

Raising Immortal Palace Hall is established so strongly, located on a famous mountain, furthermore, they have not established an illusion barrier yet and welcome anyone to come and apply.

In less than two months, Raising Immortal Palace Hall is already up to standard. Everyday Liu Yi oversees Raising Immortal Palace Hall guiding the disciples in their cultivation.

While the demon race army is also starting to invade the human race’s villages and cities. Some big cities are still okay as they have an army and a city wall to block for a while but a lot of villages were invaded.

Very quickly, humans are unable to make a living and a lot of people become homeless. But there are even more humans who died under the claws and teeth of demons.

Demon Emperor and her left and right hand, Ao Ri and Devil Child, as well as her four demon king’s name,  have already made humans terror-stricken.

But humans did not give up on their home and bitterly block the invasion of the demon race.

“Your majesty, we have already invaded three of the human race’s major cities. Soon we are going to invade Luoyang.”

A demon general is kneeling in front of Zhang Yunyun reporting to her the status of the war.

“Very good. Have those people from the previously invaded city surrender?”

“They have already surrendered and become our slaves.”

The general reports loudly, “There is still a group of people resisting, may I ask your majesty how should we deal with them?”

“Kill all of them without pardon,”

Demon Emperor waves her hand casually, “Even those slaves, do not leave them alone. Watch them strictly. Those not of my demon race, their hearts are different. In the future, there is no need to ask me this kind of question. Just kill all of them.”

“As you order!”

The general immediately leaves while Demon Emperor sits on her golden chair and looks at the far away sky with a sneer.

“Sword Emperor I will let you see what is the end result of you not agreeing to me! I will let the entire human race be buried with you!”

While at this moment Liu Yi is not in Raising Immortal Palace Hall. Because of Tang Emperor’s urgent letter, he brings a group of Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples to Luoyang City.

As he is in a hurry coming over this time around, Liu Yi only brings along 7 Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples. The 7 of them are the fastest cultivating seven people, thus he brings them here to temper them.

“Master, this time around we can finally display our prowess!”

A young Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciple says in delight behind Liu Yi, “Those demon race shall finally hit an iron board!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Big senior brother, this time around I can finally take revenge for my dead family!”

Another tall disciple also clenches his fist and says, “Dad, mom, this child shall use the heads of the demons as a sacrifice to you!”

“Right, right….”

“This time around we shall take revenge!”

“You lot don’t be too delighted.”

Liu Yi looks at the disciple that Wine Sword Immortal accepted and warns them, “Demons are not that easy to kill. The techniques that you guys learned are not proficient enough. If you let your guard down, at that time ones to be beheaded will not be the demons but you.”

“Yes, yes, yes. We shall sincerely obey master’s instruction, hehehe…”

“You must protect us junior sister properly ah, us three junior sisters shall be relying on the four of you!”

“Relax! With me Feng Xueyue here, who dares to touch my junior sisters!”

“Hmph, big senior brother stop boasting. I, Zhou Jingshuo am not much weaker than you! Through Heaven Sword, I have learned to the 3rd layer!”

“Good then. Then in a while later let us have a competition to see who will kill the most demons!”

“Then let’s set it like this!”

A group of young boys and girls not only did not feel the approach of the urging catastrophe, instead, they are giggling.

Instantly the originally dark and oppressive Luoyang was slightly angry but also towering.

Those guards on the city wall loo towards them. Liu Yi silently shakes his head, feeling that these new people are rather lively.

At this moment from the city wall comes a loud shout, “Motherfuckers, who dares to be noisy in this old man’s territory do you no longer wish to keep your heads?!”


Chapter 598  [I want to establish Raising Immortal Palace Hall]

War is coming folks remember to bring along your weapon of choice

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