MKW Chapter 597

Chapter 597    [Heaven Realm Expert]



The sword in the enormous figure behind him is around 7-8 meters long. When this sword descends it directly split the royal palace plaza into two!

A deep ravine is left on the plaza ground, shocking the officials.

“So powerful…”

The officials were stunned seeing this while delight appears in the eyes of the Tang Emperor.

Although the plaza is damaged, to him, he just has to find a person to repair it that’s all!

Most importantly is that he is able to see such a mystical technique! Really damn mystical ah!

Although being a king means that he have high position and wealth, a life of luxury but it is sometimes really lonely!

When he has nothing to do he will ask some people to perform some shows and the like for him, but now it is immortal techniques ah! Really immortal techniques, how can it be comparable to those parlor tricks!

Thus not only is he not angry, instead, he claps his hand and cheers.

While Tang Yongde rolls on the ground wretched before being able to dodge Wine Sword Immortal’s sword!

But he did not completely dodge it. The sword qi still affected him.

His originally noble looking purple robes is now tattered and he is missing one of his sleeves.

His hair is in a complete mess and scattered down, making the old taoist look like a madman!

Tang Emperor looks at Tang Zongde and laughs, “This….this is my first time seeing State Teacher in such a wretched state…”

“You guys….shall pay the price….”

While Tang Yongde no longer has the patience to continue coaxing the stupid emperor happy. He clenches his teeth as he glares at Liu Yi and the other two.

“If I did not guess wrong then you should also be a zombie right?”

Liu Yi suddenly says, “Xue Luo is really such a poisonous schemer, to actually conceal you by the emperor’s side.”

“Hmph, what do you children know!”

Tang Yongde laughs coldly, “Sooner or later my God Race shall rise and this world shall be my God Race one!”

“Even if God Race will rise, you will not be able to see it.”

Liu Yi points at Tang Yongde, “Furthermore what God Race. You guys are nothing but a group of living dead that’s all. It is time for you to die.”

“Just based on you guys?”

Tang Yongde starts laughing, “Let me show you guys what is the strength of the God Race! Aooo!!”

[TL: Erm I believe he is a zombie not a wolf???]

He suddenly roars as his eyes turn blood red!

While the evil spirits in his Panic Banner fly out into his mouth!

Instantly Tang Yongde turns black as his eyes flashed with red light.

Tang Emperor is frightened as he retreats while asking, “What…what is going on with State Teacher?”

“You damn emperor are really damn stupid ah!”

Ai Ling cannot help but say, “How is this a state teacher. This is a human corpse! A Zombie ah! You can be considered as lucky that he did not suck your blood despite staying by your side for so long!”

“What? He, he is a zombie…”

Without even caring about Ai Ling scolding her, when the emperor hears that State Teacher is a zombie he nearly peed in fear!


After the State Teacher transforms he starts laughing weirdly, “Today I will turn you, this emperor as well as those officials into my zombies! I no longer have the patience anymore. Today I shall control your entire Tang Dynasty!”

“Gods…who can come and protect me…”

Tang Emperor is badly frightened, when had he seen such a scary enemy.

All of the civil and military officials are also trembling as this is the first time they sense the horror of death approaching!

[TL: …are your military officials worthless… can they be generals without brushing by death before…]

“There is no need for your majesty to be worried. There is still us Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

Liu Yi points as the four large seal words behind his back, “We will not let the demons cause havoc.”

“Bullshit Raising Immortal Palace Hall! Right now my cultivation base has been raised to 16 star-jade, who is able to block me!”

As Tang Yongde shouts, he raises his fist and punches the ground.

-explosion sounds-

The ground instantly trembles as an enormous hold appears under his feet!

“Mother ah…”

“Too scary already…”

All of the officials are covered in sweat as the collapse onto the ground.

The emperor also hides behind a stone pillar, trembling badly. He does not dare to come out at all.

“Hahaha, now you guys have seen my power right?”

Seeing how frightened everyone is, Tang Yongde started laughing loudly. This kind of feeling is too good!

This way is indeed the best, there is no longer any need to pretend to be a dog by the emperor’s side!

I was originally one of the God Race high above, how can I keep bowing to an emperor!

“Today shall be the day you guys lose your lives!”

As Tang Yongde speaks the red light on his body brightens like he is going to take action!


While at this moment from LY’s finger a curse suddenly flies out and lands on Tang Yongde.

“Hahaha, just a mere sealing curse, how can it….”

Tang Yongde is originally going to laugh but suddenly his smile freezes on his face.

“Realise that you are no longer able to move?”

Liu Yi places his hands behind his back as he slowly walks over.

His movements seem to be very slow but in a few steps, he is already in front of Tang Yongde as he looks at his red eyes.

“What, what did you do to me!”

Tang Yongde is unable to move his entire body except for his mouth which is able to speak.

He is very frightened as he did not expect that after he boosted himself to 16-star cultivation he was actually sealed by his opponents sealing curse!

How is this possible, unless his cultivation is deeper! But, from this Sword Emperor, I obviously did not sense any cultivation at all ah!

“It is only a sealing curse that’s all.”

Liu Yi looks in the shocked red eyes and smiles, “But if you do not honestly answer my questions, I guarantee that you will enjoy even happier magic techniques.”

“Dream on!”

Tang Yongde glares, “You can forget about getting any information regarding God Race from me!”

“I hope that your mouth will continue to be so hard.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he points towards the sky and starts drawing a seal.

The instantly an enormous dragon appears in the dark clouds in the sky as thunder rumbles.

“This is…this is…”

“Right, it is the same as that technique of yours earlier, 5 lightning strike.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “But I adjusted the amount of qi to avoid killing you. These lightning bolts will not take your life but they will make you feel a lot of pain. But do not worry, I will control it well and will make sure that you will be able to enjoy it forever. After all your God Race is undying what.”

“You, you…”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Tang Yongde instantly turns pale.

“So cruel…are you still human?”

“Don’t you think that these words coming from you are a bit ridiculous?”

Done speaking, Liu Yi pressed down his hand.

Instantly a lightning bolt descends and lands on Tang Yongde!

As for Liu Yi who is close by, he is safe and sound. The lightning did not affect him at all!

Seeing this Wine Sword Immortal is shocked, master is indeed powerful. Just how precise is his control!

Lighting, this thing was originally the weapon of heaven! The bane of immortals!

Otherwise, why would heaven calamity be lightning!

But not only is master not afraid of lightning, but he is also able to use it so well!  When will I be as powerful as my master!

A lightning bolt falls on Tang Yongde burning him black but he still has a trace of vitality.

Black smoke emits out from his mouth as he says with a trace of pain, “You….you….you devil….”

“If you are not willing to say, I still have a lot of little fellows waiting to say hello to you.”

Done speaking Liu Yi raises his head to indict.

One lightning bolt after the other suddenly appears among the clouds. But they did not descend. They are completely in Liu Yi’s control!

Just how powerful is this guy! He is actually able to control lightning so casually!

Tang Yongde feels that his brain is not enough to use!

“I do not have a lot of patience.”

Liu Yi pushed down with his hand again.

But Tang Yongde immediately shouts, “Don’t, don’t let the lightning fall again. I tell, I tell you everything…”

Lightning is the bane of cultivators and is even more so the natural enemies of devils! Being struck by the lightning once is like a thousand knives being stabbed into their body. It is very painful!

This kind of pain pierces deeply into the bones! Tang Yongde does not wish to experience it a second time!

Right now his body is sealed by Liu Yi tightly. Even if he wish to self-explode he is unable to do it!

This guy’s cultivation…is….very scary…just who on earth is he!

Seeing that this fellow is finally willing to speak, Liu Yi nods in satisfaction and withdraws his hand.

“Okay, talk then. Who does your God Race wish to revive?”

“Hehehe…I can answer this question.”

Tang Yongde laughs weirdly, “Who we want to revive is the progenitor of our God Race. the God of Zombies, Lord Wuli!”

“God of Zombies?”

Liu Yi finds his name rather foreign and turns around to look at Ai Ling and Wine Sword Immortal who shake their head at the same time.

“You silly mortals not knowing is understandable.”

Tang Yongde says, “Our master was born when the heaven and earth appear. He created God Race who was the overlord back then! Just that after which Nuwa created humans and to guarantee the position of humans, she forcefully sealed my master! But there is no need to worry. Very soon our Lord Wuli will revive. At that time the entire world shall belong to our God Race, hahahahahaha!”

“God Race are all madmen.”

Liu Yi clenches his fist, “No matter if it is the God Race or the Demon Race. Whoever who dares to invade the human realm, I shall stop all of you!”

“Just you?”

Tang Yongde sneers, “Do you know how powerful my God Race is?”

“Is it?”

Liu Yi’s expression suddenly turns serious as his clothing starts fluttering up!

A powerful shockwave erupts out from with him as the center. The dark clouds in the sky instantly scatter. Clumps of magic clouds descend from the sky and land under Liu Yi’s feet.

Furthermore, faintly discernible buddhist qi flickers behind Liu Yi’s back shining on Tang Yongde’s face.

If his body was not sealed, Tang Yongde would also have kneeled down.

The surrounding officials had already kneeled down. This kind of scary aura makes it hard for them to breath!

Bullshit…this, this is the aura of a Heaven Realm expert….

Tang Yongde is unable to believe in what he is seeing, how can there be a Heaven Realm expert….right now…who cultivated to this stage?

This…how is this possible?


Chapter 597   [Heaven Realm Expert]

Lalala why are we still fighting this weakling…

Now what will Liu Yi do about this god race

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  1. I still wonder how come No one in the freaking sect managed to recognized Liu yi? I mean if he did create it where was the first deciples he made? Cultivating under a rock?
    If so what would they do once theh see Liu Yi?


  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    [TL: …are your military officials worthless… can they be generals without brushing by death before…]<-in any peaceful and/or corrupt society, the army loses its intended meaning and the official positions are full of guys who got there due to connections (often second or third sons of nobles that need a title or whatever the equivalent is in the government type of the country).


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