MKW Chapter 596

Chapter 596    [Let me!]


“This way…is not that good right…”

Tang Emperor is slightly hesitating and feels that this way seems to be slightly wrong.

“Your majesty relax. To us, this kind of cultivators, duels are a very common thing!”

State Master only wishes to kill Liu Yi, thus he speaks in a way without leaving any path of retreat, “Even if we die, it does not matter. It is just that we lose our flesh body, but our soul will ascend to heaven and be free and leisure.”

He sneers in his heart, in a while I shall kill that Sword Emperor and the emperor will not be able to say anything!

The State Teacher of Tang can only be me Tang Yongde!

“So that is the case!”

Hearing this Tang Emperor feels better, “Fine then. If both sides do not have an opinion then I can appreciate a scene of a taoist duel!”

“Your majesty be a relief, it will definitely be very brilliant.”

State Teacher Tang Yangde clucks before looking at Liu Yi and the other two sinisterly.

Ai Ling is able to see Tang Yongde’s sinister intention thus she transmits to Liu Yi, {This taoist does not have good intentions ah!}

{Lord you must be careful.}

{Mm, I will be.}

Liu Yi nods his head while at this moment Wine Sword Immortal who is standing behind suddenly steps forward and says, “There is no need to use a pig cleaver to kill a chicken. Master, there is no need for you to take action here, let me go.”

Liu Yi looks at Wine Sword Immortal. Is he who is at 11 star-jade able to deal with the State Teacher of 14 star-jade?

“Okay, then I shall leave it to you!”

Before Liu Yi is able to say anything, Ai Ling had already helped him reply.

Wine Sword Immortal still needs to go and resist the demon realm, how could he die here!

Furthermore, even if he is only a 11 star-jade cultivator, but he knows Wine Sword Technique and also an undying golden body, his strength cannot be looked down on!

“Lord, let’s just let him try!”

Ai Ling transmits to Liu Yi, {Without experiencing real combat how can Wine Sword Immortal grow? Anyways the both of us are here, Wine Sword Immortal will not be in any danger of dying.}


Liu Yi also wishes to give Wine Sword Immortal a chance to temper himself. Otherwise, even if he had learned a lot, he will not be able to use his skill properly. Recalling back then the two Fuxi Palace Hall disciple he meets outside of Wanzong Mountain, they had the strength of an earth realm expert but their combat experience was around the standard where he just started cultivating which is way too weak.

Liu Yi reminds, “Wine Sword Immortal then you must be careful.”

“Master relax, disciple, is aware.”

Wine Sword Immortal tossed his longsword into the sky and it starts revolving.

While on his back, he is carrying another sword which is Liu Yi’s Through Heaven Sword.

He is unable to this sword, but he is still able to use the magic sword that Ai Ling refined for him.

The white sword dances in front of Wine Sword Immortal, causing the officials and the emperor to be dazzled.

“Really mystical ah….”

“What kind of immortal technique is this, I have never seen it before!”


State Teacher Tang Zongde only snorts as he glances at Wine Sword Immortal who is at 11 star-jade cultivation. “Just this bit of strength and you dare to proclaim yourself as an immortal, you really do not know how tall heaven is! This taoist shall let you ascend first then send that master of yours along to accompany you!”

He stretches out his right hand and a white banner appears in his hand.

This white banner is 2 meters tall. The white banner flag flutters in the wind letting out crying sounds like there are countless evil spirits wailing.

Liu Yi instantly frowns. This taoist technique seems to be very weird…it is very close to ghost techniques instead of dao techniques!

“Panic Banner! Assimilate!”

Tang Yongde shouts as he waves the Panic Banner in his hand.

Instantly white evil spirits fly out from his banner as dark clouds start gathering in the sky. Instantly yin qi spreads out throughout the entire royal palace!

Seeing the evil spirits, a lot of officials start trembling from fear.

Although they in the imperial courts, when have they seen such a horrifying thing!

The densely packed evil spirits are around 100. All of them are wailing as they start waving their claws and rushing towards Wine Sword Immortal.

The dense yin aura floods into Wine Sword Immortal’s heart causing him to feel dread.

Dread? Why do I need to fear?

Why do I want to cultivate? For revenge and to find my wife!

I don’t even fear death then what is there for me to fear?

“Heaven and earth are flourishing, human’s heart is uncertain. Demon and monsters die under the sword!”

Among the evil spirits, Wine Sword Immortal suddenly laughs loudly towards the sky and takes out his wine gourd. He drinks a large mouthful.

Wine intent flows into his heart and transforms into power for Wine Sword technique!

“Sword Qi come!”

He is not anxious to release the Wine Sword technique, instead, he uses Through Heaven Sword technique!

Instantly an enormous sword domain rises from his back and transforms into a ten meters tall figure, the enormous sword in its hand point towards the ground.

The people in the royal palace all stare at the enormous sword domain in shock.

What a mystical technique ah…to be able to create such a scary enormous person as an incarnation!

“What technique is this!”

Tang Yongde has never seen this kind of technique. He self-proclaimed that he had seen a lot, at the very least he has seen before the techniques of the 5 major sects in the inner pavilion.

But this kind of technique…he has never even heard of it before!

“My Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s sword technique!”

Wine Sword Immortal laughs before swinging the longsword in his hand.

“To the ends of time, this hatred will never end!”

His longsword lets out a dragon roar!

In front of the evil spirits, sword shadows appear! Every single sword shadow is aiming towards an evil spirit, not a single sword more, not a single sword less and shoots towards them.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the evil spirits were stabbed and howl in grief as their souls disperse!

Tang Zongde’s forehead is covered in cold sweat. He has never heard nor seen this kind of technique! It is not any small technique instead it is very sharp!

My evil spirits are unable to block them at all!

“Hahaha! Heaven and earth are flourishing, human’s heart is uncertain. Demon and monsters die under the sword!”

After executing a set of sword techniques, Wine Sword Immortal is very delighted. Finally, he actually withdraws his Wine Sword technique and shrinks the sword domain behind him into two meters tall. While holding the longsword he is like a drunk. As he recites poetry he starts wandering among those evil spirits there were not killed while waving about his sword.

The rest of the people were stunned as they watch. How is this a duel, isn’t this a sword dance?

Don’t think that Wine Sword Immortal’s footstep is staggering about. But every step is able to perfectly dodge the attacks of the evil spirits. He shakingly swings about his longsword and kills the evil spirits!

While swinging his sword, he drinks his wine, how delightful it is!

“Wine Sword Immortal is indeed Wine Sword Immortal…”

Liu Yi cannot help but admire Wine Sword Immortal’s ability to comprehend Wine Sword technique. Even I, myself am unable to match him!

“Just, just what martial art is this!”

State Teacher Tang Zongde feels his heart turn cold. This kind of martial arts makes him unconfident!

Although the opponent is only 11 star-jade, his technique is very weird. Especially his sword technique which makes people unable to understand it but is so domineering!

My evil spirits are completely unable to resist him, instead, they are almost completely exterminated by him!

Heart pain ah!

Tang Zongde had spent countless years before being able to raise them up!

For a single evil spirit to mature, it needs to swallow hundreds, thousands of soul!

These hundreds of evil spirit are Tang Zongde’s heart treasure ah!

He is very heart ached as he hurries and keeps away the surviving evil spirits back into his Panic Banner!

“What is the matter, why did you keep them away?”

Wine Sword Immortal drinks some immortal wine before clucking and says, “I still have not killed enough eh.”


Tang Zongde shouts in his heart, kill your sister! The evil spirits that I had cultivated with hardship ah, they are not for you to kill for fun!!!

“Don’t be too delighted I have not taken out my real ability yet!”

He stretches out his hand and bites open his finger. After which he sprinkles out his blood onto Wine Sword Immortal.

“Array set!”

While he is speaking, those blood suddenly start moving and instantly a weird array forms on Wine Sword Immortal.

This scene causes Liu Yi and Ai Ling to raise their eyebrow. What a familiar technique…

It seems like it is that Blood technique used by Xue Luo before!

This Tang Yongde…could it be….

A gleam of light suddenly flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes.


The moment Tang Zongde speaks, a few blood red chains fly out from the ground and shackl Wine Sword Immortal, making him unable to move at all!

“Hehe, after all, you are only at 11 star-jade cultivation.”

Tang Zongde is delighted, “How are you able to go against this Taoist! Now it is time for you to die!”

He continues to recite the curse like he wants to activate some technique to attack Wine Sword Immortal who is restricted.

The dark clouds in the sky turn denser as lightning appears within them. Liu Yi raises his head and his heart sinks down.

The lightning in the clouds is not blue in color, instead, it is blood red.

Blood lightning…it seems like it is also one of the God Race’s techniques right?

Looks like there is no need to guess anymore. This Tang Zongde is definitely a zombie from the God Race.

No wonder he will bewitch Tang Emperor to use human corpse refining to deal with the demon race.

Although it looks like it is protecting the Tang Dynasty, actually it is creating an undying army for the God Race!

When that really happens, then the God Race might really go and unify the entire world! That Xue Luo is really scheming ah to actually plant this old taoist by the side of the Tang Emperor! Impressive…

Liu Yi cannot help but admire Xue Luo.

This woman is a very scary opponent!

Although Wine Sword Immortal is being trapped within the array, he does not have any fear on his face.

“How is it possible for this kind of demonic technique able to trap me, Wine Sword Immortal?”

The sword domain behind him suddenly expand and seems to carry a golden buddhist light!

Buddhist light is the nemesis of ghost techniques. Very quickly the blood red chains immediately withdraw from the golden lights shining on it like it had met aqua regia!

Tang Zongde got a huge shock as he did not expect that Wine Sword Immortal is able to let out such pure buddhist qi!

“Eat my sword!”

After breaking out from those chains, Wine Sword Immortal urges the enormous human figure behind him and chops down with its sword towards Tang Zongde!


Chapter 596   [Let me!]

wow god race are all over the place…hopefully they do not work together with the demon race otherwise it will be crazy…

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