MKW Chapter 595

Chapter 595    [Last question]


State Teacher’s cultivation is not weak at all, around 14-star jades. Furthermore, he is very proficient in a lot of strange techniques, thus he is able to become the State Teacher of this Tang Emperor.

Reviving a withered tree is nothing to him. As long as he instills wood attribute qi into the withered tree, the tree will regain it’s vitality!

State Teacher is originally very confident and has taken his action first, preparing to revive the withered tree first and give his opponent no chance to win!

But he never expected that the opponent is able to forcefully break his technique that he is using on the withered tree! Furthermore, when he retaliates, it is like throwing a stone into the sea, there is not a single bit of reaction!

Could it be that the opponent’s cultivation is higher than mine? How is that possible, if that is the case then why did I not hear of their fame in the cultivation world before?

Sword Emperor? What a joke!

Among all of the cultivation sects, the only one which uses swords is Kunlun Mountain!

Furthermore the sword they use are different from the sword that is used by the Kunlun Mountain! Kunlun Mountain uses heavy swords which are 1.5 meters long and around the width of a palm!

As for these swordsmen who use a longsword, which sects are they from? I have never heard of them before?

Furthermore, they should not be from any large sect. Otherwise, why would they run to the imperial palace to request for support!

This kind of nobody is actually stronger than me, that is basically a joke!

It is definitely my magic execution method was wrong!

The State Teacher feel very stifled. Just as he withdraws his hand and prepares to re-execute the technique again, Ai Ling by the side immediately speak up.

“Lord State Teacher, don’t tell me that you wish to occupy this place the entire time right? You already been busy for a while but this withered tree still did not revive? Are you able to do it or not? If you cannot then move to the side and it should be our turn right?”

Hearing the beauty say that the he cannot do it, the State Teacher nearly jumps up in anger and takes off his pants to show her!

“Nonsense, I am only slightly tired that’s all….let me rest a bit….”

“Then you go and rest first and let us save it! Lord you can take action!”

Ai Ling place the white bottle into Liu Yi’s hand.


Liu Yi is not polite. Right now every second count. I must take advantage while the State Teacher have not reacted and cook the rice.

He opens the white bottle and pours the water inside onto the withered tree.

“What a joke, if this bit of water is able to save the ancient tree, this taoist will eat that bottle!”

Just as he finish speaking the ancient tree suddenly starts germinating and the burnt barks completely disappear and instantly green leaves cover the branches as the entire tree regains vitality.

The old taoist’s eyes widen and his eyes nearly pop out.

“So mystical, this is really too mystical!”

Tang Emperor is bursting with joy when he sees this as he claps his hand. The rest of the officials also exclaim in shock.

This is indeed very mystical! Indeed it is the methods of an immortal!

Ai Ling takes back the white bottle and says to the stunned State Minister, “Come, prepare to eat it.”


The State Minister stands there awkwardly, this toy is too hard, how to swallow it ah?

“Do not dare? I just know that you are unable to.”

Ai Ling keeps her bottle in delight while Liu Yi laughs in his heart.

This lass obvious know that the other person do not dare to eat, that is why she say so. If the other people is really able to eat it, she will not be bear with parting a good treasure.

“Looks like we win the first question.”

Liu Yi crosses his arm behind giving off a kind of lofty attitude.

“This taoist indeed has powerful immortal techniques ah!”

Seeing how casually Liu Yi revived the withered tree, the emperor is very delighted.

Who does not envy immortals ah, they have immortal technique as well as being able to live forever!

Liu YI smiles and says, “Your majesty is over praising. Let us start the second question.”

“Good, good, good. Let us start the second question.”

Tang Emperor nods his head before saying, “But Taoist Sword Immortal, the second question is not favorable to you guys.”

“Oh? What is your majesty’s second question?”

“The second question is what our State Teacher is most proficient in, summoning rain and clouds!”

Tang Emperor says, “I think that if fellow taoists are able to surpass State Teacher in summoning rain and clouds that is a real ability.”

“So that is the case. I will do my best.”

Liu Yi laughs in his heart, summoning rain and clouds, is it? Isn’t that my experienced profession…

What is the job of a Dragon King? Isn’t it to do this. Luckily I am able to take out the Rain-Summoning Flag from my spiritual space.

This time around, it really hit the center of my heart.

When the State Teacher hears this he immediately steps forward and says, “Your majesty hs already seen this taoist summoning rain and clouds several times already, it is a common occurrence. Why don’t we let this taoist to go first and see how is their ability is.”

Just now when I went first, in the end, I got sabotaged secretly and was unable to guard against it!

This time around I am going to make him pay back an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! No matter what techniques he uses, I am going to hiddenly break it!

“What you say is true.”

Tang Emperor nods his head, “State Teacher’s summoning rain and clouds is indeed very mystical. Since that is the case then why don’t you guys go first? I will send people to prepare an altar for you.”

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “Oh? When State Teacher requests for rain he needs an altar?”

“Of course, this summoning rain and clouds naturally need an altar to start the sorcery!”

State Teacher feels that Liu Yi is somewhat an outsider already as he laughs in his heart, “If you do not use this to offer sacrifice to the heavens how will the heavens send the dragon king to make it rain!”

So this guy is offering a sacrifice to summon the dragon king to summon rain ah. I thought what it is.

Liu Yi feels like laughing, “Fine then. Since that is the case then let us go first. But as for the altar and the likes, there is no need to prepare it. I will let your majesty see what is called flipping hand forming clouds, covering hand making it rain!”

Ared light suddenly emerges in Liu Yi’s hand!

The Rain Summoning Flag appears in Liu Yi’s hand. But it instantly transforms into fingernail size and is instantly placed in the center of his palm, thus no one notices it.

“Bunch of nonsense!”

Naturally, State Teacher did not sense it. Instead, he sneers, “Flipping hand form clouds and covering hand causes rain? Do you think that you are the Dragon King?”

“Less nonsense!”

Ai Ling glares at him fiercely and takes out the white bottle, flashing it, “If you got guts then eat this bottle first, then speak!”


The State Teacher’s follow up words are stuck in his mouth and nearly suffocate him to death.

This girl is a bit too fierce! Furthermore, her words are very sharp. I am suffering a loss quarreling with her.

It is best not to speak.

“Taoist Sword Emperor….do you really not need an altar?”

Tang Emperor is slightly in disbelief. From ancient times till now don’t summoning rain and clouds need to make an offering?

While Liu Yi stands there and did not say anything else. His palm suddenly flip upwards, “Clouds come!”

Instantly black clouds start gathering in the sky, instantly obstructing the sun. Causing the entire royal palace to turn dark!

“Gods! It comes when he says ah!”

“This, isn’t this a bit too quick!”

“So dark ah…quickly protect your majesty!”

The group of civil and military officials instantly become messy while Tang Emperor claps his hands in delight.

“The clouds really came! Taoist Sword Emperor indeed does as he says ah!”

“It is still not finished yet. Your majesty, please prepare your umbrella.”

Just as Liu Yi finished speaking the two palace maids behind immediately raise the imperial canopy covering the emperor.

Under the curious gaze of the crowd, Liu Yi flips his palm and pushes down, “Rain come!”

With with press of his along with a shout, instantly the clouds above lower and start raining heavily!

Bean-size rain falls on the civil and military officials soaking all of them.

A lot of people exclaim in shock while even more are stunned.

This guy….is actually really able to flip his hand to summon clouds and cover his hand to make it rain….too, too powerful already…

Is this still something that a human can do? This is basically a god right!

[TL: Well…technically he is no longer a pure human. He is a half dragon ^.^]

“Your majesty what do you think? Is this rain okay?”

Liu Yi is standing in the rain along with Ai Ling and WSI as well. Although the three of them did not do anything when the rainwater reaches the top of their heads it is like it had crashed into an invisible wall and automatically split apart.

This kind of mystical scene causes the Tang Emperor to be even more alarm.

Such a heavy rain, even the imperial canopy is almost unable to block it anymore. Tang Emperor does not wish to be completely drenched thus he hurries and shouts, “Enough, enough! Taoist Sword Emperor quickly stop your remarkable ability!”


Liu Yi nods his head as his hand flips again and says, “Rain stop!”

With this, the originally heavy rain immediately stops!

“Cloud disperse!”

Finally, Liu Yi keeps back his palm and the clouds in the sky directly disperse. Sunlight once again shines on the royal palace making the crowd cannot help but be curious.

“So powerful ah…”

“This, this can only be done by immortal right!”

“Today is really an eye-opener!”

The civil and military officials are discussing with one another, their gaze when they look at Liu Yi is filled with awe.

By the side the State Teacher is also drenched, just now he had been shocked by Liu Yi’s technique and had forgotten to shield himself from the rain.

His high-end purple robe is completely drenched. He is like a drowned rat and looks very wretched.

“Looks like Taoist Sword Emperor also wins the second question!”

Tang Emperor laughs loudly in happiness. Being able to see such mystical immortal technique is really an eye-opener!

“Then can your majesty give the third question.”

Liu Yi beckons.

“Good, good. This third question…”

“Your majesty!”

At this moment the State Teacher who had just used his qi to dry his clothing immediately steps forward and cups his hands and says, “Why don’t you let this taoist set the third question?”

Tang Emperor did not expect that State Teacher will take the initiative and step forward, thus he asks, “Oh? State Teacher wishes to set the third question?”

“Since we are competing in magic techniques then let us compete in real magic techniques!”

State Teacher’s expression is slightly sinister as he says, “Who among the three of you is willing to step forward and compete against this taoist? Immortal techniques are heartless, regardless of life and death. Which of you dares?”

State Teacher self-proclaim himself as a 14 star-jade expert. While those facing me, I do not sense any cultivation from that so called Sword Emperor. He should be relying on some magic treasure!

The two people by his side, the woman is 13 star-jades while the other guy is 11 star-jades which are way below me!

If we fight for real, I will definitely not lose!


Chapter 595   [Last question]

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