MKW Chapter 594

Chapter 594    [Duel]


When everyone sees how General Wen’s fist is being caught by the weak looking scholar with a single hand, their jaws drop from shock!

General Wen is also stunned himself as he stares at his caught hand in disbelief.

“Go back.”

WSI shakes his hand slightly and a surge of force shoots out from his hand surging towards General Wen and sendS him flying backward until he crashes into a pillar!

The entire royal court instant starts trembles!

General Wen directly faints dead on the ground.

“General Wen was actually defeated!”

“Furthermore it was with a single move! Gods!”

All of the civil and military officials finally know fear.

“Protect me! Men come and protect me!”

Tang Emperor starts shivering on his dragon throne in fear but Liu Yi does not have any intention to make things difficult for him. He only stands there and says, “There is no need for your majesty to be anxious. I am here today is not to deal with you, instead, I hope to be able to obtain the support of you, your majesty.”

“What did you say? You want me to support you?”

Hearing Liu Yi saying so, Tang Emperor glares at him.

This Sword Emperor is more like my personal enemy and is a major criminal of the court! Right now he actually damages the imperial palace and still wants me to support him?

Is he joking around?!

“Please listen to me first your majesty.”

Only after Liu Yi had thought through everything did he decided to come over to the royal palace.

He wishes to establish Raising Immortal Palace Hall, thus the best and fastest method is to be able to obtain the support of the royal palace! Throughout the long eras, sects who are able to obtain the support of the royal palace will be able to develop the fastest!

Back then Emperor Wu dismissed the schools of hundred thoughts and only revered the Confusciou, which allows the school of Confucius to become the number 1 school.

During the beginning of Tang Dynasty, they start to push forwards Buddhist doctrine which allows Buddhism to expand and becomes matchless.

When it was the Ming Dynasty, the emperor starts to believe in Taoism! Which allow Taoism to flourish and surpass Buddhism!

Thus the set up of Raising Immortal Palace Hall is unable to escape the support of the Tang Dynasty!

And from the looks of it, by the side of the Tang Emperor, there is actually a baffling Taoist. But no worries, block water with mud, block soldiers with general. Naturally, Liu Yi has his own methods to deal with the Daoist.

“Your majesty, right now the demons are causing chaos in the Tang Dynasty. Although Tang Dynasty has strong soldiers and horses, because of how they are naturally born, the soldiers are unable to go against the demons. While human corpse refining can for a while block the demon race army, but it will lose the heart of the common people. Without the hearts of the common people, even if your majesty has this country, would you be able to sit on it stable? Especially there is one point, letting the common people to be refined into zombies to protect the safety of your majesty. But did your majesty think before that within the zombies there will be relatives of your majesty’s officials and soldiers! Your majesty thinks again, the control of the zombies are not in your Majesty’s hand but in the hands of the State Teacher. At that time within the hands of the State Teacher, there will be such a strong army! While in your Majesty’s hands your troop’s hearts are already gone. May I ask by that time if the State Teacher suddenly wished to betray you, how is your majesty going to protect yourself?”

“Complete nonsense!”

The face of the State Emperor seems to be slightly anxious, but very quickly he calms down and shouts, “How dare you instigate the relationship between me and the emperor! What is your intention?”

“Hahaha, whether I instigate or not, it is not up to you.”

Liu Yi smiles, “If your majesty is wise, you will naturally see the secrets within.”


Tang Emperor did not say anything. Although he is slightly muddleheaded, he is also not an idiot. Earlier he did not think thoroughly and right now Liu Yi hitting the nail on the head, it makes him vigilant.

“Where did you come from and saying so much nonsense! This Taoist is the State Teacher of Tang, naturally is loyal towards the Emperor and all of the royal members of the Tang Dynasty! If you keep babbling nonsense then do not blame this Taoist for being impolite!”

“State Teacher keep calm.”

Tang Emperor finally speaks, “This….is Sword Emperor right? You continue and talk, just what do you wish to say? Why must I support you?”

State Teacher’s face becomes ugly as he feels that something is wrong in his heart.

Damn it, the emperor’s heart is starting to waver!

“Very simple. As a cultivator, seeing the demons causing chaos in the human realm, I am unable to take it. This I wish to establish a sect called Raising Immortal Palace Hall and recruit the heroes of the world to resist the demons and protect Tang Dynasty.”

Liu Yi believes that if he uses force to threaten the Tang Emperor, he can do nothing but support his establishment of Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

But this is not his original intent. He wants to let the Tang Emperor help him from the bottom of his heart. Otherwise, if there is hatred in the Tang Emperor’s heart, he will secretly destroy Raising Immortal Palace Hall if he has the chance. If that happens then it will be really bad.

“Hmph just based on you and you still wish to resist the demon race? What crazy ravings!”

State Teacher sneers, “This Taoist has cultivated for a few hundred years and I do not dare to say that I am able to resist them head-on. You few young dolls actually dare to speak such big words! And still want to establish a sect, you are basically dreaming!”

“That’s right….I do not understand the strength of you guys.”

Tang Emperor also becomes suspicious, “I do know the strength of this State Teacher…”

“No worries.”

Liu Yi had already thought of this point. He clucks and points towards the old Taoist, “We are willing to have magic competition with this State Teacher. At that time who is stronger and who is weaker, your majesty will naturally understand with a glance.”

“This is a good method!”

The Tang Emperor nods his head, “Then let’s have a magic duel! I will support whoever who wins!”

Right now the country is facing a disaster. Although his younger brother had died, there is nothing more important than preserving this throne!

“Good. Since you guys are seeking death then don’t blame this Taoist for being impolite!”

State Teacher had already wished to kill the three of them. Since they had sent themselves to him then there is no need to be polite.

“Slow down. We still have not discussed how we are going to compete.”

Liu Yi is calm as he waves his hand, “Let us first discuss first before competing. Furthermore, this place is so small, we are also unable to display our full strength.”

“Go outside, go outside!”

Tang Emperor claps his hand, “The area outside is big enough for you guys to display your techniques!”

Ai Ling suddenly speaks up and says, to the Tang Emperor, “Then why don’t your majesty give us a few questions?”

Looking at Ai Ling, Tang Emperor is slightly dazzled. Only after the eunuch beside him cough lightly a few time did he break outs from his dazzlement.

“Ah, come, come out with questions right? Good, good, no problem. Let me think a bit…”

The Tang Emperor gently taps his temple as he considers.

After thinking for a few minutes he finally

“That’s it! Since it is a competition of Daoist technique, then let’s use three questions! The first question is called ‘Spring comes upon a withered tree’! In the plaza, there is an ancient tree, but just a while ago it got struck by lightning turning this ancient tree into charcoal which is a pity. Which of you guys who can revive this ancient tree will be considered the winner for this first question, what do you think?”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow slightly as he does not know this kind of magic technique.

It seems like those from Fuxi Palace Hall should know a few right.

It is a pity that he had only secretly learned two techniques from them. One is the body sealing curse while the other is 5 thunder strike.

“Hahaha, good. This taoist shall perform for your majesty and allow your majesty to know who is the real expert!”

The State Teacher laughs and walks out without any hesitation

{Lord no need to worry.}

While Ai Ling transmits her voice to Liu Yi, {Don’t forget that I have Hundred treasure purse. Within my magic treasures, there is a sect stabilizing treasure from a small sect call Spring returning bottle! This sect is good at wood attribute techniques and the water in this bottle is able to allow any vegetation to regain vitality!}

“You are basically my Doraemon!”

Liu Yi is very delighted as he gently rubs Ai Ling’s check.

“Hehe, as long as lord does not disdain me then it is fine!”

Ai Ling becomes delighted as she pulls out a white pill bottle from under her sleeve and holds it in her hand.

While Liu Yi did not completely relax. This competition is giving a withered tree life. If they really allow that State Teacher to first resurrect the tree, then it will be bad.

The three of them hurry closely behind and move to the plaza outside together.

All of the civil and military officials also crowd around the emperor and walk out together, preparing to watch their fight!

There is indeed an old burnt tree by the side of the plaza. This ancient tree needs around 5 people to encircle it, just that it has already dried up and died.

“Hahaha, it is indeed a pity that this ancient tree died. It can be considered lucky today, to allow this taoist to perform sorcery to bring it back to life!”

The State Teacher shakes his purple robes and waves his whisk. He forms a strange seal and points at the ancient tree with a single finger.

A green ray of light shoots out from his finger and while the crowd is commenting, the tree really starts to sprouts!

If this goes on, even if they have any magic treasure, they will still lose this round!

“This State Teacher is really crafty, he actually snatched to revive the tree first!”

WSI also becomes slightly anxious but Liu Yi comforts him, “Don’t be anxious and keep calm.”

He stands by the side where people cannot see him, he secretly hits out with his first.

The formless aura spreads out and lands on the technique that the State Teacher uses.

Not Broken!

Liu Yi’s Glorious Sun Palm, Not Broken is able to resolve all kind of attacks. Unless the opponent’s might is way above his!

Although the State Teacher’s technique is very mystical, it’s might cannot be compared to Liu Yi. Very quickly the originally germinating dried up trees once again lost their vitality. The green sprouts also wither.


Seeing that his magic technique actually failed, he got a huge shock.

“How did this happen?”

Could it be that there is some mystery among the tree?

When he looks at Liu Yi by the side, he immediately understands!

So it is this fellow messing around! Damn it!

The State Teacher instantly becomes angered and increases his strength while executing his technique! He is preparing to use his powerful cultivation to injure that fellow who does not know how tall is the heaven!

But very quickly the hair on his body starts to rise!

Because he feels like his strength has disappeared into nothingness and finally there is not even a single bit of wave!


Chapter 594   [Duel]

Duel…what is this….trick or treats???

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  1. How relaxing, a chapter that makes sense and doesn’t feel hamfisted.
    I hope we get a few more of these so I can shrink these Nine Yin Qi ulcers I got from the last few chapters.
    Thanks for the effort as always.


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