MKW Chapter 592

Chapter 592    [Rupture!]


“Big brother, will you take care of me forever?”

“Of course, relax.”

Their conversation is like it had happened just yesterday.

Zhang Yunyun looks at the affectionate Ai Ling and Liu Yi, anger emerges in her eyes.

Based on what!

Based on what am I  unable to obtain anything at all!

Based on what I lose my mother as well as the person I love!

Based on what that human is able to obtain his love!

Thinking of all this, Zhang Yunyun’s anger is becoming greater and greater as the black smoke around her body becomes several times denser!

Sensing the pressure coming from Zhang Yunyun, Liu Yi immediately looks back at Demon Emperor.

“Sword Emperor! You deserve death! You all deserve death!”

“Sword Emperor?”

Hearing Demon Emperor calling her lord with this term, Ai Ling trembles.

She is very smart and instantly understands what is going on!

My lord is actually the rumored Sword Emperor!

The two of us had been seeking so bitterly….but in the end, it was just in front of us?

No wonder when Wine Sword Immortal sent the two of us back he is not willing to tell us anything!

That damn Wine Sword Immortal….but if we think a bit we can also understand. If he tells my lord that he is the Sword Emperor then perhaps when we go back 1300 years into the future a lot of things will change!

My lord’s character is too upright already…him becoming Sword Emperor is definitely something unintentional!

History….is really too mysterious!

“Yunyun, stop persisting in doing the wrong things.”

Liu Yi, as usual, advises, “Demons live in the demon realm, why is there a need to invade the human realm! Didn’t you hate wars, then why are you starting a war now?”

“Because I hate you!”

Zhang Yunyun says without hesitation, “I hate all humans!”

“Yunyun you are too strongly attached to the wrong thoughts.”

“Attached to the wrong thoughts your head! You go and die!”

Zhang Yunyun shouts and sends out an Illusion Extermination towards them.

Seeing Demon Emperor using Liu Yi’s techniques, Ai Ling starts to have all kind of weird thoughts!

Could it be that Demon Emperor used to be lord’s disciple in the past!

“Mountain Mist!”

Liu Yi sends out a palm attack causing an enormous palm image to blocks in front of the three of them allowing the Illusion Extermination to hit it.

Liu Yi’s palm shadow is immediately scattered from the attack but the three of them are safe and sound.

“Have you had enough of messing around!”

Seeing Zhang Yunyun unwilling to forgive and is about to attack again, Liu Yi is instantly angered.

“Messing around? Hehehe…”

Zhang Yunyun laughs coldly, “I will let you know what is call messing around! I will let you understand when I mess around how big it will be! You are also no longer able to block the demon race from invading the human realm. My demon race’s million-strong army has already arrived! No one will be able to block us, hahahahaha!!!”

“You have become crazy.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath, “No matter what, I shall block you!”

He looks at the flickering Nine Yin Pendant by the side and attacks it fiercely.

Illusion Extermination!

The palm wind shoots across the air. With the boost from the second stage of dragon transformation as well as Sky Supporting Pillar, it’s might is boundless!

When this palm of Liu Yi’s hit it, the Nine Yin Pendant only lets out a black ray of light and jolting Liu Yi backward a few steps, but the Nine Yin Pendant remains motionless!

“Hmph, just based on you and you hope to break this Emperor’s Nine Yin Pendant?”

Demon Emperor sneers, “Do you really think that you are unparalleled in this world? Nine Yin Pendant is refined from the bone marrow of a Nine Yin Dragon! It is incomparably hard and without strong cultivation, it is impossible to be broken! Even if you have crossed your heaven calamity and entered heaven realm but you are still too lacking! If you wish to break the Nine Yin Pendant you still need to cultivate for two more years before trying!”

“Lord let us go back and make long terms plan…”

Ai Ling tugs Liu Yi and says softly into his ears, “It is already a done deal with demon race is going to invade human realm. We should go and discuss how we are going to deal with it! Right now it is too hasty already!”

Looking at the already overwhelming number of demons, Liu Yi can only sigh.

“Yunyun, I hope that you do not create a blunder.”

“Want to leave?”

Demon Emperor clenches her teeth, “You pair of cheating couple wish to leave happily? You must first ask my black dragon if he agrees to it!”

Done speaking, an enormous black dragon forms above her head and opens its jaws, letting out a roar!

“What…what scary power…”

Ai Ling and Wine Sword Immortal are both earth realm cultivators, thus how is it possible for them to resist this pressure. They instantly are unable to take it and lower their heads, nearly kneeling onto the ground.

With the two of them around, Liu Yi needs to split some of his attention and is unable to use his full strength to deal with Demon Emperor. Not to mention there is that Ao Ri who is eyeing him like a tiger preying on his prey!

With two heaven realm experts here, my hands are indeed tied.

Since things have already happened, then like what Ai Ling says, it is best to retreat first!

“All of you, prepare to lose your lives here!”

Demon Emperor shouts out as the demon dragon above her head prepares to let out some kind of extreme destruction big technique!

“Emotion Sword!”

Liu Yi without any hesitation stretches out his hand towards Demon Emperor.

Instantly Demon Emperor starts trembling as she kneels onto the ground as she lets out soft moans.

Ao Ri by the side got a huge shock, what is the matter with Demon Emperor?

Could it be that she got a stroke? Or is it epilepsy?

What a scary situation!

“What….what is the matter with me…”

Demon Emperor also looks at her own hand in disbelief. A very pleasurable feeling rushes deep into her soul making her unable to control herself.

While within her body, it seems like there is something being pulled out. This kind of pleasurable feeling makes her feel like moaning out.

This kind of shuddering comes from deep within her soul. Zhang Yunyun never had this kind of feeling before!

That Sword Emperor….that Liu Yi….just what kind of demonic technique did he use…

Just as Zhang Yunyun is about to collapse, a golden red sword flies out from her body and floats in front of Liu Yi.

“What, what is this?”

After the sword is pulled out, Zhang Yunyun instantly feels like her body situation has become a lot better, at the very least it calmed down.

“This is your emotion sword.”

Liu Yi points at the golden red sword floating in front of him and says, “Being able to pull out this sword means that you like me…”

Liu Yi has a look at the name of the sword and instantly trembles.

Through Heaven Sword!

“I like you?”

Zhang Yunyun climbs to her feet and laughs coldly, “You are really narcissist! I, Zhang Yunyun right now only have hatred towards you! Incomparable hatred!”

“This emotion sword is the proof. It will not be wrong.”

Liu Yi lets Through Heaven Sword float in front of him, the golden red light coming from it is very nice to look at.

Zhang Yunyun looks at that sword and only feels like there is a blood link with it. Furthermore, because of the existence of this sword, when she looks at Liu Yi, it seems like she finds him more favorable which lowers her enmity by quite a bit.

Is there really affection?

Based on what! This guy is so evil!

He lied to me and also caused the death of my mother, he even had an affair with other girls!

This kind of guy….how….how is it possible that I like him!

“In between us, there is only hatred, no love!”

As Zhang Yunyun says so, the black gas on her suddenly surges and surrounds her.

A faintly discernible red line emerges from her heart and links to the emotion sword.

“This is…”

Seeing the red line, Liu Yi’s heart trembles.

“This should be the so-called emotion thread right!”

Zhang Yunyun’s hand form a knife and descends, severing the emotion thread!

Through Sky Sword immediately loses connection with Zhang Yunyun and flies into Liu Yi’s hands. It is trembling slightly like it is shocked that its owner abandoned it!

Zhang Yunyun….actually cut her own emotion thread!

This lass…really become crazy!

[TL: Baka if it is not for you who keep forcing her how would had even happen]

“Right now, in between us, there is only hatred right, hahaha!”

Zhang Yunyun starts laughing but tears form around her eyes’ edges.

“I can ruthlessly kill you…”

-drinking sound-

While bearing his heart pain Liu Yi drinks some immortal wine which strengthens the Wine Sword technique that he is going to use.

“For this reason I dream of Wu and Yue, flying pass Jinghu Lake in a single night!”

Not only can this move break the space and time, it’s main usage is to transfer people!

Although it cannot allow him to directly return from the demon realm to the human realm, when Liu Yi executes this move, he is able to bring both Ai Ling and Wine Sword Immortal and instantly returns to the bamboo house in the mountain where they stayed in previously.

Seeing Liu Yi escaping right in front of her, Zhang Yunyun instantly lets out a roar and stomps on the ground, causing it to crack!

“Sword Emperor! You will never be able to escape! No matter where you go to, I will kill you! I will also completely destroy the human realm! I will let you taste pain!”


At this moment in the bamboo house, Ai Ling hugs Liu Yi and ask pamperedly, “Lord are you fine?”

“I am fine…during the time when I was not around, had it been tough on the two of you…?”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and gently touches Ai Ling’s face.

“No worries, this lass is very strong.”

Ai Ling smiles merrily and says, “But Wine Sword Immortal is still stupid…”

“Wine Sword Immortal?”

Only then did Liu Yi recall that Ge Shenhua seems to have started cultivating.

“You started cultivation?”

“Yes, reply Daoist Liu, this one is no longer a mortal! From today onwards, this one is called Wine Sword Immortal!”

“You learned the Wine Sword technique?”

“That’s right!”

“Who taught you?”

Liu Yi asks seriously and Ai Ling immediately gives Wine Sword Immortal the look.

Wine Sword Immortal did not see it as he had his head lowered the entire time. He cups his hands and says, “It was imparted to this one by Daoist Ai…”

“Creating trouble!”

Liu Yi instantly berates scaring Ai Ling into trembling and says in a hurry, “Aiyah what about that….any, anyways sooner or later he will learn the Wine Sword technique.”

“But isn’t this causing a mess?”

Liu Yi asks in worry, “Aren’t you afraid of giving rise to a scary butterfly effect and sinking into danger?”

“How is that possible, don’t you see that everything is still fine right now…”

“Tsk, if it really created any trouble, I am not going to care about you!”

“No need lord to care, at that time this lass will stick to lord!”

Ai Ling knows that Liu Yi will not be truly angry at her, thus she makes a cute face causing Liu Yi’s attitude to soften.

“Enough, let’s not talk about all this now. Since he has learned it then so be it. Wine Sword Immortal, just learning Wine Sword technique is no use. In a while, I will pass to you Through Heaven Sword technique. Furthermore, to resist the demon race, I, shall establish Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”


Chapter 592  [Rupture!]

Well it seems like we know what will be happening soon

@cultivator damn….I think you might be right given how crafty Ai Ling is….hahaha

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