MKW Chapter 591

Chapter 591    [Lord is back!]


A heaven realm expert after the second stage of dragon transformation using Glorious Sun palm, its might is very scary!

Even if it is Liu Yi, he also does not dare to go against this attack head on!

But the flames and lightning above his head are becoming even fiercer. They continuously strike down at Liu Yi causing him to be unable to dodge!

All kind of explosions disturb Liu Yi’s steps. After all the two of them are experts of heaven realm and their might is not for show only!

But Liu Yi only executes Wine Sword technique with a single hand. At the same time, he uses his Monarch Armour to resist a portion of the attack while using his other hand to slap out.

“Illusion Extermination!”

He faces Zhang Yunyun’s palm attack in midair.


Their two palm attack meet each other and instantly exploded like an atomic bomb had exploded! The shockwaves instantly send the ground flying and spread in all directions! Luckily everyone here is a demon. If it was normal humans, they do not have any self-preservation methods and perhaps all would have been turned into ash! The demons immediately use their own self-preservation methods to prevent being affected by the shockwave!

Even so, all of them were also sent flying away causing a large empty space!

Liu Yi’s immoral qi is very robust and his Boundless Vital Qi is incomparably vast. Along with him merging with Sky Supporting Pillar which allows his strength and cultivation to increase!

Even if Zhang Yunyun enters the second stage of dragon transformation, she is still incomparable to Liu Yi’s might.

At that instant, Liu Yi is forced backward two steps while Zhang Yunyun is sent flying away and lands in a faraway place.

“Don’t hold back!”

Seeing that Liu Yi actually still has energy leftover Great God shouts, “Explode him to death here!”

-dragon roars-

Ao Ri immediately lets out a dragon roar and transforms into an over 100 meters long silver dragon and flies into the clouds. Lightning blasts out from his mouth shooting towards Liu Yi.

Great God also stretches out her hands and form seals, urging the nine fire dragons to twine together and form a violent column of flame rumbling down on Liu Yi’s head.!

“Extreme Happiness!”

After Zhang Yunyun stabilizes her body she immediately sends out a palm attack!

Instantly an enormous black palm flies out from the sky, breaking through the clouds and descend towards Liu Yi!

The aura of 3 experts of heaven realm taking action together is very horrifying! Those who do not know would think that the end of the world is coming!

“Bring it on!”

At that moment Liu Yi actually gave up using any techniques. Instead, he spread his arms open and face the 3 horrifying moves!

At this moment a horrifying aura erupts from his body which spreads to his surrounding!

Instantly it seems like something scary has changed!

The dark clouds in the sky suddenly start boiling and swiftly mix together and start forming a whirlpool!

All kind of qi was distorted as the three techniques instantly disperse!

A horrifying pressure comes from the sky and presses down on everyone’s heart!

“This….this might…”

Ao Ri returns back to his human form as cold sweats start to form on his forehead.

Great God also lands back on the ground, not daring to fly up.

“You, you actually attracted the heaven calamity over!”

Zhang Yunyun’s face is shocking as she looks at the black whirlpool in the sky, “You madman!”

“If you do not wish to be affected by the heaven calamity then fall back!”

Liu Yi laughs as his expression turns carefree.

Zhang Yunyun looks at Liu Yi who is standing in the sky blankly.

He is still that confident and carefree…just that…in a blink of an eye, the two of us had already become enemies.

Hmph, for mother, for the demon race, I must defeat him!

“If you get involved in the heaven calamity, there is only death!”

Liu Yi shouts loudly letting his voice reach all of the demons, “If you do not wish to die then leave, NOW!”

He suits on his Monarch Armour and plans to forcefully resist the might of the heaven calamity! Making use of wolves to deal with the tiger! Borrowing the lightning calamity to deal with the demons!

-thunder rumbling!-

Red lightning bolts suddenly descend from the sky with Liu Yi as the center!

“It is actually fire lightning!”

Seeing the red lightning bolt, everyone is greatly shocked!

This is actually the fire heaven calamity that is even scarier than a normal heaven calamity!

When lightning and fire combine together, it is countless times stronger than the normal heavenly lightning!

Sword Emperor can attract such a scary fire heaven calamity!

While at this time, the lightning bolts land all over the place. Not only does it hit Liu Yi, every time within a thousand-meter radius is also implicated!

“Black dragon!”

Zhang Yunyun lets out a shout as her body trembles.

Instantly dense black smoke flies out from her body and gathers together in the sky, transforming into that enormous thousand meters long black dragon!

This black dragon is very shocking. Currently, it is coiled up like a dumpling like a black curtain sheltering the demons underneath it helping them bear the brunt of the red lightning!

-exploding sounds-

The fire lighting keeps landing on the black dragon causing it to cry out in pain. It’s body keeps getting smashed before regathering once again!

Zhang Yunyun’s face turns pale as cold sweat covers her forehead.

Seeing this scene, Liu Yi is completely shocked.

To allow the demons to invade the human realm…Zhang Yunyun actually uses her own power to forcefully resist the heaven calamity!

Furthermore, this is not ordinary heaven calamity but fire heaven calamity!

Revenge….can make a woman turn so scary?

“Sword Emperor! I want your life!”

While Zhang Yunyun is risking everything to block the heaven calamity, taking advantage that Liu Yi is not paying attention, a gleam of fierceness flashes across Great God’s eyes as she transforms into a ray of flames and charges towards Liu Yi. Her hands wrap around his waist as flames explode out from her body and push him through the demon realm gateway into the human realm!

Great God’s body temperature is very high, like a human-shaped sun burning on Liu Yi’s Monarch Armour!

Even Monarch Armour is currently being burned bright red!

From this, it can be seen just how horrifying did her body temperature had reached!

The surrounding ground had already turned black but is still burning!

Anywhere she went by is turned barren!

Liu Yi’s body is also burning and these flames are the Great God’s flames!

While Great God’s speed is very fast under the push from her flames, instantly she pushes Liu Yi several thousand meters away before she exploded!

Dazzling flames exploded in the sky like a firework had exploded!

Liu Yi is sent flying even further away while in the sky there is no longer any trace of Great God!

Liu Yi’s heart instantly turn anxious, motherfucker, I let this Great God escape again! This woman is too crafty! She is also quite powerful making her a thorny character to deal with!

Given how far away I flew away, perhaps the demon realm army is already invading the human realm!

Liu Yi hurries and steps on his taiji sword and flies back!

Indeed currently at the entrance of the demon realm gateway, demons are rushing through like a never-ending stream!

While by the side of the demon realm gateway stands two familiar figures.

Ge Shenhua is holding his sword as he looks at the demon race army walking out of the demon realm gateway and ask in shock, “What is going on?”

“Looks like….all of the mysteries are indeed pre-arranged…”

Looking at the small demons, Ai Ling raises her eyebrow, “But where is lord….where did you run off to…”

Just now the speed of Liu Yi being pushed by the flames was too quick, thus the two of them did not notice it at all.

Ge Shenhua raises his long sword and says aggressively, “So many demons, let me go and kill them!”

“Slow down, don’t take action first!”

But Ai Ling stops Ge Shenhua, “Right now is still not the time.”

Demon race invading human realm is an already settled matter.

Furthermore, there are so many demons, there is definitely still some experts who have yet to appear. As for that Demon Emperor…the two of us…perhaps are not his opponent.

At this moment Demon Emperor and Ao Ri and the rest also walk out of the demon realm gateway and enter the human realm.

Looking at the human realm vast lands, Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun announces loudly, “Human Realm, I, Demon Emperor have finally arrived!”

Demon Emperor…

Ai Ling looks at the girl as she trembles.

This girl….is the main offender who turned the human realm into a terrible situation…

She does indeed….possess a horrifying strength.

Black smoke curls around, the smoke causing Ai Ling to be scared.

By the side, Wine Sword Immortal is already sweating badly.

The pressure that the Demon Emperor gives him is too big causing him to lose some self-control.

“Oh? There is actually two humans over here?”

Demon Emperor turns her head over and sees Ai Ling and Wine Sword Immortal, “Very good, then let me first start from the two of you!”

“Tsk, who is afraid of you!”

Knowing that Ge Shenhua is present, Ai Ling is not that afraid of this Demon Emperor.

“Hahaha, ignorant humans indeed have nothing to fear.”

Zhang Yunyun sneers coldly, “Then allow me to give you understanding!”

She raises a black demon sword and aims towards the two of them and slashes out with Wine Sword technique.

“Don’t ask the nine layers of heaven, one sword cleaves through 9 lands!”

A black line instantly shoots out towards Ai Ling and Wine Sword Immortal!

“What! Wine Sword technique!”

The two of them glance at each other in great shock!

Why does this Demon Emperor know Wine Sword technique!

While this Wine Sword technique causes both of them to despair…what a horrifying power….even after we had stolen the golden body, we are still unable to defend against this move!

The horror of dying shrouds their mind!

At this moment a white human figure descends from the sky and lands heavily in front of Ai Ling and Wine Sword Immortal!

“Not Broken!”

Liu Yi stretches out his right hand and resolves this move!

After using ‘Not Broken’ multiple times today, it causes Liu Yi’s thick cultivation to also start to feel emptiness.

“Lord! You, you are finally back, this lass missed you to death!”

Upon seeing Liu Yi, Ai Ling’s eyes turn red and hug Liu Yi from behind.

After being apart for exactly one year ah…that damn god race and damn Xue Luo!

During this year it is hard for me to bear….need to both cultivate as well as take care of Wine Sword Immortal, this rash guy!

“You guys….”

Seeing how Liu Yi and Ai Ling are being so tender, Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun starts trembling as she bites her lips glaring at the two of them in anger.

“I see….no wonder you wanted to return to a human realm no matter what Sword Emperor! So it is because you have a lover in the human realm! Good! Today I shall kill her and let you know what is called pain!”


Chapter 591  [Lord is back!]

great more madness from Yunyun…now she wants to kill Ai Ling as well

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  1. Yunyun back at it again with 3 IQ author forced plot, as expected someone who wrote themselves into a corner. Can’t wait until this plot is over… Oh wait this is integral to the main plot? And it’s been teased for hundreds of chapters? Dang…
    Oh well, thanks for the chapter either way Oh Mighty Zun.


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