MKW Chapter 590

Chapter 590    [Perverted technique]


The group of demons start shouting, cheering for their Demon Emperor.

“I do not wish to be your enemy.”

Liu Yi sighs softly as he looks at Zhang Yunyun. His taiji sword flies back and revolves around him slowly.

“Aren’t you Sword Emperor?”

Zhang Yunyun sneers, “You are the noble Sword Emperor, how would you feel heartache about me this Demon Emperor? To protect the human realm perhaps you will also be able to personally kill me right?”

“I never had this thought.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “But if you want to invade the human realm, then I will definitely not allow it. I do not wish to see the human realm’s people in a terrible situation, just like you do not wish to see the demon realm’s people in a terrible situation. So I will stop you.”

“Stop saying pretty words.”

Right now Zhang Yunyun does not wish to listen to whatever Liu Yi says, “Selfish human this time around I shall let you taste my, Demon Emperor’s anger!”

From behind her, a black dragon emerges. Following which a black sword appears in Zhang Yunyun’s hand.

“Have a take of your own move! ‘Don’t ask the nine layers of heaven, one sword cleaves through 9 lands’!”

A black line instantly arrives in front of Liu Yi, carrying along a very frightening sword qi.

While Liu Yi only stretches out his right hand with his palm filled with eye-catching golden light and slaps towards that sword qi.

“Not Broken!”

Although ‘Not Broken’ uses a lot of qi, but Liu Yi still uses this move to resolve the Wine Sword Immortal technique that Demon Emperor tosses at him!

“Since it is learned from me, then you should call me master.”

“Hmph, dream on!”

While Zhang Yunyun is speaking she had already arrived in front of Liu Yi and at the same time, she smashes Desolate Flame at Liu Yi’s chest.

With the help of Nine Yin Demon Qi, Demon Emperor is able to copy all of Liu Yi techniques!

Liu Yi did not dodge. He floats there and fights against Zhang Yunyun head on for a few moves.

Ear piercing explosion sounds explode out from the location where their hands and legs crossed each other!

The two of them are people with powerful qi. Both of their qi keeps erupting out, causing the surrounding to keep trembling. The weak demons were all shaken until they are unable to stand and collapse onto the ground.

“Desolate Flames!”

Zhang Yunyun’s techniques are in the end mimicries, thus her close combat experience is way below Liu Yi. Very quickly a mistake appears!

Liu Yi immediately takes advantage of this and hits towards Zhang Yunyun’s shoulder.


Zhang Yunyun is calm as a stream of black gas transforms into a palm and receives Liu Yi’s palm.

“Not Broken!”

This black palm is actually able to use Glorious Sun Palm as well!

Instantly Liu Yi’s Desolate Flames is resolved. At the same time, two more black palm flies out from Zhang Yunyun’s back and use Desolate Flames to attack him.

Liu Yi is instantly sent flying backward like a cannonball and crashes into the ground, creating an enormous hole!

Monarch Armour covers Liu Yi’s body as he emerges from the deep hole.

“Nine Yin Demon Qi is indeed powerful.”

He pats away the dust on his body before looking at Zhang Yunyun above him.

“You are not this emperor’s opponent!”

Zhang Yunyun looks at Liu Yi coldly, “If you decide to give up on the human realm and join me under my wing, there is still time.”

“Are you that confident in defeating me?”

“It goes without saying.”

Demon Emperor stands in the sky arrogantly with her arms crossed and says, “You are weaker than me!”

“You forget I still have another ability.”

Liu Yi sighs, “And to think you had followed me for so long.”

Liu Yi shivers as the qi in his body suddenly erupts!

Qi keeps erupting from his body. His body first expands then shrinks back while a pair of enormous dragon wings stretch out from his back and then shrink down.

Boundless dragon qi emerges from his body as his dragon aura spread out, causing the surrounding demons to turn pale. Those who are of weaker cultivation even foam from their mouth and fainted!

The pressure that Liu Yi brings to them is too scary already!

“Stage two of Dragon Transformation is it?”

Zhang Yunyun looks at Liu Yi who has entered his half-dragon state and raises her eyebrow, “Even if it is the second stage of Dragon Transformation you are still not this emperor’s opponent!”

She gathers black gas behind her back which transforms into an enormous palm which then attacks Liu Yi with Desolate Flame!

The area where the enormous palm went through ruptures the ground while the air trembles!

“Illusion Extermination!”

Liu Yi stands still and raises his right hand and pats out gently towards that enormous palm.

-explosion sounds-

The enormous black palm exploded in midair and transforms into black gas which spreads all over the place.

“Still not finished!”

Zhang Yunyun cries out as that black gas instantly gathers together once again and transforms into over tens of thousands of black hands which rain down towards Liu Yi.

“Falling Rain!”

The black palms seem to be like a cannonball shooting over, exploding on the ground!

The palm images are too horrifying, instantly the ground sinks in by 2 meters!

While Liu Yi is wearing Monarch Armour standing there. No matter which palm lands on him, it is unable to injure him!

“It is no use.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and summons his taiji sword, “For defeating room, I have already made my decision.”

As Liu Yi speaks he starts chanting a phrase of Wine Sword Technique.

“At the borders of Qin and Han dynasty, the war at the endless borders never ends!”

Instantly a white light flies out from the taiji sword and pierces through Zhang Yunyun’s shoulder.

Red blood flies out from Zhang Yunyun’s shoulder.

Zhang Yunyun petite body instantly falls down onto the ground raising a dust cloud.

The crowd of demons were shocked. Their unparalleled Demon Emperor was actually defeated?

“Damn it, take revenge for Demon Emperor!”

“Everyone charge together! Invade the human realm and kill this Sword Emperor!”

All of the demons instantly turn crazy and charge towards Liu Yi!

“Whoever who dares to enter the human realm shall die!”

Liu Yi glares as raises his hand and pressed down.

“Extreme happiness!”

The black clouds in the sky suddenly disperse like they had been twisted into fragments!

An enormous red palm over 100 meters wide descends from the sky!

This enormous palm instantly falls on the head of the demons and smash them into pieces!

An enormous palm shape hole is also gouged out from the ground!

Just this single move killed over tens of thousands of demons!

Zhang Yunyun’s heart is bleeding. Blood seeping out from her mouth as Ao Ri help her up. She clenches her fist and says loudly, “Sword Emperor! You are good! Only you humans are so high up and us demons can be killed casually like dogs?”

“Stay away from the gateway and return back to your home.”

Liu Yi also knows that his actions are cruel and merciless. But for the human realm’s peace, he has no choice.

If the demon race invades human realm, then from then on the human realm will sink into the flames of war. Countless of families will be shattered. Even if this is fated, Liu Yi still wishes to try and change it.

No matter what he wants to try his best!

For all this, so what if I turn into a devil?

“Give up on invading the human realm and naturally I will leave.”

“Good, very good!”

Zhang Yunyun’s heart is dripping blood, “Sword Emperor. You are good, you are really good! Since you say this, then today, I, Demon Emperor will definitely invade the human realm! I will turn the human realm into a terrible place where not even a blade of grass can grow!”


Liu Yi does not what he should say and feels like Zhang Yunyun are further and further away.

“Hahaha! Demon Emperor, let his Zun help you!”

Just as Demon Emperor is preparing to attack again, from the sky comes loud laughter.

Following which red clouds float over like a cloud of volcanic ash brightening up half of the sky!

On top of the red clouds stands a female figure with red flames behind her!

“Let this Zun defeat this Sword Emperor with you!”

Great God had already flown above Liu Yi, following which nine god dragons open their mouths at the same time and shoot out fire pillars at him!

During this period of time, Great God had also once again broken through heaven realm and regained her heaven realm strength!

Nine fire pillars shoot down causing Liu Yi to feel an unprecedented pressure!

“One’s life must have enjoyed, don’t just drink to the moon!”

He urges his taiji sword and uses Wine Sword Technique!

Taiji sword draws a semi-circle around him and scatters the descending fire pillars!

“It is you?”

Demon Emperor looks at Great Got in the sky and recalls the fight she and Liu Yi had back then!

“Hahaha, that’s right it is me! Demon Emperor, an enemy’s enemy is your friend, let us work together and defeat this Sword Emperor and invade the human realm, what do you think?”

As Great God continues to attack Liu Yi, she says loudly towards Zhang Yunyun.

Zhang Yunyun’s expression fluctuates as she looks at Liu Yi who is standing behind the opened demon realm gateway and nods her head.

“Fine. Let’s do as you say!”

She wants revenge! Wants to retaliate against Liu Yi!

So she wants to invade the human realm! She wants to bring the flame of war to the human realm and let Liu Yi know the pain of losing his kin!

“This is right!”

Great God nods her head and then let her fire dragons attack at full power, instantly causing Liu Yi to be slightly under pressure.

“Let me help you as well!”

Ao Ri shouts out and urges his lightning to attack Liu Yi.

Liu Yi uses Wine Sword technique and at the same time, he uses his Monarch Armour to resolve the attacks from the two heaven realm experts attacking him!

A peak earth realm expert is actually able to resist two heaven realm experts at the same time!

If this is spread out to the cultivation realm, it will definitely cause eyes to pop out!

Liu Yi is way too horrifying and has basically exceeded the common sense of cultivation realm!

“Sword Emperor don’t think that after you have used dragon transformation you are unparalleled!”

While Demon Emperor floats in the sky, “Don’t forget I possess Nine Yin body. I can mimic all of your techniques!”

She takes a deep breath as the black dragon in the sky is sucked into her nose and transforms into her strength!

A pair of mini-wings flap out from her back and dense dragon qi erupts out as well!

Liu Yi is finally shocked.

Bullshit….second stage of dragon transformation!

Zhang Yunyun….actually mimicked my dragon transformation technique!

This….this is too perverted already ah! In this world is there any technique that this Nine Yin Demon Qi unable to mimic?!

“Illusion Extermination!”

After Zhang Yunyun finishes her second stage dragon transformation, her strength increases by over a hundred. She becomes even more valiant and immediately hits the air!


Chapter 590  [Perverted technique]

The Nine Yin Dragon Qi….fuck me…

7 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 590

  1. Man, again, the writer is writing bullshit. Man, I think that now the method for Liu Yi win is to go um one more level of the Dragon form and lose the control. Or use something like the boundless righteous ki, or even make a fusion of all the kinds of ki that he have. Or become a megazord.


  2. Yeah no this goes way past acceptable plot convenience.
    She can use all his techniques, even transformations which aren’t technically techniques! She can use race exclusive skills ! She can use yang techniques only men can use with yin qi like desolate flame. Very cool and not forced, Kanye!
    I wonder why the author forgot Liu Yi can just use Amorous Palm + Emotion Sword on Yun Yun a Female who even likes Liu Yi (reminder emotion sword immediately takes all the strength out of
    their body)? Oh right plot convenience to raise the tension.
    I was honestly laughing most of this chapter as a result.
    Good work on translating this chapter though, I wouldn’t be able to stomach it myself without spoiling to everyone in Discord how dumb it is


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