MKW Chapter 589

Chapter 589    [I am Sword Emperor]


“Yunyun actually….wants to invade human realm…”

Liu Yi sighs faintly in his heart. I indeed changed the history of this period of time.

Looks like it is because of me, that is why the Demon Emperor invaded the human realm. Since it is me who planted this seed, then let me pluck this fruit.

He stands up, causing the chains on him to let out creaking sounds.

When the guard outside hears this he immediately rushing into the prison cell and shouts, “Oi, you. What are you doing, be honest for me!”

“Apologises I can no longer rest here.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly as he says to the guard, “I want to leave this place.”


When the guard hears this he starts laughing mockingly, “You think this place is a toilet, you want to come then come, want to leave then leave! You must have turned stupid from being locked up, this place is the Sky Prison formation! Right now you are nothing but a mortal and you still wish to leave this prison? Dream on!”

“Sky Prison formation?”

Liu Yi looks at the surrounding stone pillars. Curses were carved onto the stone pillars turning this into the Sky Prison formation.

The stone pillars are originally very hard. Even if it is a cultivator, he might not be able to break it using strength not to mention an ordinary person.

But Liu Yi does not care. He only stretches out his right hand and places it on one of the stone pillars.

“Let’s say goodbye first. No need to see each other again.”

As Liu Yi speaks, white qi surges out from his palm!

Boundless Vital Qi!

Right now Liu Yi has broken through 15 star jade, thus he can freely control his Boundless Vital Qi!

With a boom, the Boundless Vital Qi surges towards the stone pillar and exploded it into pieces!

The guard’s eyes widen and nearly pop out.

What the….I did not see wrongly right…he actually destroys the Sky Prison formation like this?

How…how is this possible! He is inside the formation how is it possible for him to gather his qi!

The moment the Sky Prison formation breaks the heavens immediately lock onto Liu Yi.

An enormous pressure starts descends from the sky, landing on Liu Yi.

Liu Yi raises his head, taking a look he says faintly, “Right now is still not the time. Let us discuss matters later.”

Liu Yi forcefully withdraws all of his cultivation making outsiders unable to notice anything at all.

As a heaven realm expert, their aura is one with nature. If they do not release it out, other people will find it hard to notice.

In the past when Liu Yi sees cultivators the opponent can use some methods to easily see through how many star jades had he activated.

Now that he is already one foot into heaven realm it will be harder for other people to see through his cultivation!

It is like he had returned to his natural state, looking like he is weak but actually he conceals his powerful ability!

Seeing Liu Yi walking to the side of the prison room the guard instantly regains his awareness and exclaims in shock, “What, what do you want to do…”

“You guess?”

Liu Yi teases before placing his palm on the cold wall.


An enormous explosion sound, following which dust flies all over the place!

The sturdy stone wall is instantly pierced through by Liu Yi, revealing a human tall hole.

The guard is stunned silly and also do not dare to block.

Just who is Liu Yi, a person who is able to send Sky Flipping Dragon and Devil Child flying casually! How is he his opponent!

But…where does he want to go?

After Liu Yi exits the prison, he did not hesitate and directly steps on his flying sword and swiftly rush over to the gathering place of the demon army.

By the time he reaches, the gateway to the demon realm had already opened!

While Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun is standing there, using an unknown method to actually keep the demon realm gateway in an open state!

“From now on, the demon realm and the human realm no longer have any obstruction!”

Zhang Yunyun announce loudly, “From now on, the human realm shall be ours! Little ones, charge over!!!!”

-roaring sound-

The demon army is excited as they roar while charging over.

But at this moment a white light suddenly descends from the sky as a taiji sword nails itself in front of the entrance of the demon realm gateway. Following which Liu Yi descends from the sky and lands on the sword.

“It is you!”

Seeing Liu Yi, Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun trembles as she stares at the guy in front of her in disbelieve, “How did you come out?”

Liu Yi glances at Zhang Yunyun and says, faintly, “I missed you, naturally I come out.”


Zhang Yunyun only laughs coldly, “Do not think of using such flowery words to lie to me! I will no longer believe you! You put in so much effort to escape from the Sky Prison formation and come here. I believe it is to protect your human realm right!”

“You guys want to start a war, naturally I am here to stop you guys.”

Liu Yi stands on his sword and says it word by word, “What my Zhang Yunyun hates the most is war. So, I must prevent this.”

“Your Zhang Yunyun already died.”

Zhang Yunyun bites her lips as her gaze turn cold, “Right now the one who is standing in front of you is the Demon Emperor!”

The black light on her body brightens up as streams of black gas fly up into the sky, and form the image of an enormous dragon.

Liu Yi did not shrink back nor avoid. He only points at Zhang Yunyun and announces loudly.

“Fine then. Since you are the Demon Emperor, then also hear my name clearly. From now on, I am the Sword Emperor! The responsibility of the Sword Emperor is to defeat the Demon Emperor until the Demon Emperor returns my Zhang Yunyun!”

“What nonsense are you saying!”

Zhang Yunyun’s expression turns severe, “Since you want to become the Sword Emperor, then let me fulfill you and let you go up to heaven now!”

“Emperor please don’t be angry.”

By the side, Ao Ri suddenly steps forward and volunteers himself, “There is no need to use a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken. Why doesn’t this servant help emperor to deal with this Sword Emperor!”


Demon Emperor glances at Ao Ri as the black gas around her disipates, “Fine then, then you go….help me…banish him…”

“As you order!”

Ao Ri immediately smiles widely, “Sword Emperor, let us continue the fight from that day!”

“That’s fine as well.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “But do not think that I am the same as back then. Right now my name is Sword Emperor.”

“Like I care about what you are called, you shall die!”

Done speaking, Ao Ri straight away attacks!

Black clouds start gathering in the sky and instantly a lot of demons start to feel the pressure!

Everyone is afraid of heaven’s might! Demons are even more so!

Lightning is concealed within the black clouds causing people to be scared in their heart!

“Let the lightning banish you!”

Done speaking, Ao Ri pressed down his hand.


A lightning bolt suddenly descends from the sky and strikes towards Liu Yi.

The lightning bolt’s speed is very quick and in the blink of an eye, it is already above Liu Yi’s head.

If it was in the past, Liu Yi will not be able to avoid this lightning bolt. Even if he blocks it, he will injure himself heavily!

While now, he only languidly raises up his hand to receive that lightning bolt.

“Not Broken!”

The sound of the air cracking! The enormous lightning bolt suddenly disappears!


Ao Ri got a huge shock as he retreats a few steps and once again looks at Sword Emperor.

“Just this bit of lightning is too weak.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, “Furthermore I had told you before that right now I am Sword Emperor.”

He steps into the air as the sword underneath him flies up and lands on his hand.

The clothing that he is wearing is also created by Little Jade. A black and white robe of Raising Immortal Palace Hall drabs over his body, fluttering along with the wind.

On the back is written with seal language beautifully, ‘Raising Immortal Palace Hall’!

Liu Yi who is in the sky surrounded by immortal qi, cold light flashes from his sword.

He waves his hand and the taiji sword flies out and revolves around him like a hunter waiting for the hunt!


Ao Ri had never met before an opponent in the demon realm! Back then when he fought against Liu Yi, although he feels that Liu Yi is very powerful, it is not to the point where he is not his opponent!

Currently, it seems like he had yet to enter heaven realm, but how can he so easily block my lightning?!

This kind of matter is not possible! A person of earth realm even if he is at the peak how is it possible for him to resist an expert of heaven realm!

It definitely must be that the lightning summoning seal that I formed was incorrect, one more time!

Thinking that both of Ao Ri’s hands start forming seals rapidly and instantly twos and threes of lightning bolts start falling from the sky, aiming towards Liu Yi.


Liu Yi still did not dodge. Instead, he places his hands together and his taiji sword instantly flies up above him and helps Liu Yi receive the lightning bolts.

The taiji sword is like a lightning rod, sucking all of the lightning into it and then with the swing of Liu Yi’s hand, it shoots towards Ao Ri.

The taiji sword draws an arc across the sky.

Even if it is Ao Ri, when he sees this lightning sword shooting over, his face also turns pale.

He immediately pushes out with his hand and releases a lightning dragon, pushing aside the lightning sword.

The lightning sword stabs into the ground by the side and the lightning qi within exploded out.

Powerful lightning arcs out over a hundred meters radius, causing all the demons within it to completely turn into ashes!

“So, so scary…”

The demons were all terrified and badly frightened.

“How, how can this be…”

Ao Ri stares at Liu Yi in disbelief, his current strength…has actually increased so rapidly?

This makes no sense ah, he obviously has yet to breakthrough to heaven realm!

Furthermore…he did not even use dragon transformation!

“Ri, retreat now!”

Zhang Yunyun already sees the clues, “He is already no longer an earth grade!”

Ao Ri does not believe it, “How is that possible? There wasn’t anyone who crosses their calamity recently ah!”

Zhang Yunyun stares at Ao Ri coldly, “Are you suspecting what I say?”

Ao Ri instantly trembles and kneels down, “No…I don’t dare…”

“Sword Emperor, I admit that you have indeed improved. But in front of me, you are still not enough!”

Black gas starts emerging from her body as she takes a step towards Liu Yi.

This step causes the earth to start trembling like an earthquake of magnitude 4, causing the demons to be both shocked and delighted.

“Demon Emperor is very powerful!”

“That’s right, Demon Emperor is unparalleled! With her around, Sword Emperor will definitely be defeated!”


Chapter 589  [I am Sword Emperor]

Savage Yunyun…

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