MKW Chapter 587

Chapter 587    [Bring it on!]


“Stand there!”

One of the bodyguards immediately step forward and block Liu Yi’s path.

Seeing that he got blocked by other people, Liu Yi is unhappy in his heart but bears with the anger and says faintly, “I only wish to speak with Murong Die a few sentences that’s all.”

“I remember that you are called…Liu Yi right?”

Lan He glances at Liu Yi and says, “You can stand there and say what you want to say.”

Ling Huayan and Wang Yuzheng also slightly raise their heads and look at Liu Yi.

On this big table, there are only four people sitting there. Right now there is someone going over, it attracted the attention of a number of people.

Wang Yuzheng looks at Liu Yi with slight curiosity. While Ling Huayan only sneers like he is waiting to see Liu Yi being mocked.

“Are you guys a bit too nervous?”

Murong Die says unhappily, “He is only my classmate and is not a killer. Is there any need for this?”

Lan He tries to curry favor and says, “Xiao Die, I am only doing it for the sake of your safety…”

Murong Die says coldly, “No need, let your bodyguards stand away.”

“Yes, yes, everything listens to you, everything listens to you!”

Lan He nods his head and waves his hand dispersing his bodyguards. On the surface, he is respectful to Murong Die but a trace of anger flashes across his eye.

Liu Yi notices this trace of anger.

Looks like all of his plans is still just to conspire Murong Die’s family property that’s all. To Lan He, Murong Die this kind of headstrong miss is nothing but a present along with the properties.

Lan He does not love Murong Die nor will he give this miss happiness.

But in this destiny….Murong Die also does not belong to me.

Am I going to try to capture Murong Die in this destiny? But I had already lost my goodwill eyes as well as all of the picking up girls mystical techniques. Wanting to capture back Murong Die is too difficult.

A high and above miss wanting to have contact with me this kind of ordinary loser…is too difficult.

I really…do not like this destiny path.

The two of us had experienced so much together…in the end it actually becomes like this.

But based on what I see currently, at the very least Murong Die does not hate me.

Murong Die gracefully wipes her mouth before asking Liu Yi without raising her head, “What is the matter? You say.”

“Where did Wang Lele go?”

Liu Yi cares about this question a lot, “Aren’t the two of you inseparable? Where is she?”

You can say that Wang Lele is the one who brightens up Murong Die’s day.

When Wang Lele is around, only then will Murong Die smiles from the bottom of her heart and transform into a little girl.

While without Wang Lele…Murong Die will turn back into that high and above miss, pushing the people thousands of miles away.

After Liu Yi speaks, Murong Die’s hand trembles slightly and becomes slightly as the atmosphere turns stiff.

Liu Yi seems to sense that something is wrong as his heart starts twitching.

Lan He curses, “Damn it, mentioning the pot that does not boil!”

[TL: basically talking about someone’s weak spot]

Liu Yi squeezed out 5 words from between his clenched teeth, “Something happened to Wang Lele?”

“Why do you say so much nonsense?”

Just as Lan He is about to scold, Murong Die stops him.

“That’s right….half a year ago because of pneumonia, Lele is no longer around…”

Although she is expressionless, Liu Yi is able to see that Murong Die is crying in her heart.

Because she is secretly biting her lips, she really did not change this habit…

While Liu Yi is also trembling badly and it is like a bomb exploding in his mind, causing his vision to turn black.

Wang Lele….passed away?


Liu Yi suddenly recalls that last time Wang Lele was sent to the hospital by him because of a high fever, thus managing to save her life….if there isn’t me, then there is no one who saved her…

This destiny….this destiny…

He lost his soul and walks back to his seat muddleheaded.

“What is the matter with you?”

Ma Yixuan looks at Liu Yi strangely, “You and Wang Lele’s relationship was good? Didn’t the two of you did not speak to each other during high school?”

Liu Yi smiles bitterly and did not reply Ma Yixuan.

He does not know how he should reply Ma Yixuan, tell her that in another destiny, Wang Lele was my cute lover?

Very quickly the class reunion party started and everyone starts discussing their current lifestyle, occasionally they reminisce about the past.

While Liu Yi can only drink to drown his sorrows and did not speak much.

Without a demon body, there is no harm in drinking wine. Furthermore, he cultivated Scarlet Blood Sutra, thus his tolerance towards alcohol increased by quite a bit.

Along with Chen Cai, he drinks countless of the bottle but Liu Yi did not have any drunk feeling.

If it is possible, he really wishes to be completely drunk.

Just as he is drinking, from the main table suddenly come the sound of quarreling.

“Damn it, you bitch!”


Everyone present instantly becomes quite as they stare at Wang Yuzheng who was slapped by Ling Huayan stunned.

When Liu Yi sees this, his mind rumbles and nearly exploded.

Ling Huayan looks at Wang Yuzheng who is covering her face with slightly red eyes and scolds, “How dare you retort back. Have you forgotten if it was not for me, there will be no one who helps you bury your mother’s corpse!”

The surrounding people start watching the show while in Lan He’s eyes there is a playful light. While Murong Die only looks at Ling Huayan in despise. To her, guys who hit girls are very disgraceful!

Wang Yuzheng wants to get up to leave but is forced back into her seat by Ling Huayan

“Sit down for me! Otherwise, you shall take responsibility for the consequences!”

Ling Huayan threatens, causing Wang Yuzheng to tremble as she stands by the table.

“Damn it, I asked you to sit down!”

Ling Huayan raises his hand again scaring Wang Yuzheng into trembling.

At this moment a hand suddenly grabs hold of Ling Huayan’s wrist.

One of the PE students back then grabs hold of Young master Ling’s wrist and advises, “Young master Ling scolding a bit is enough. Don’t hit people.”

“Motherfucker, who do you think you are! How dare you care about the things that I young master do?!”

Ling Huayan kicks that PE student in his stomach away causing him to grab his stomach as his face turns pale.

“No longer wishing to continue being a teacher in high one?”

“No, no…”

This PE student is currently a PE teacher in his previous high school. This kind of job is not something that anyone can get.

When he hears what Ling Huayan says, he immediately waves his hand and bears with his pain and dejectedly returns to his seat.

“Let me tell you guys, back then Wang Yuzheng was our school flower and can be considered as someone with influence. But right now she is my woman, whatever I say goes!”

He raises his hand again and prepares to teach Wang Yuzheng a lesson in front of everyone.

Wang Yuzheng’s eyes are filled with tears as she closes her eyes in despair waiting to be hit.

At this moment Ling Huayan suddenly senses that his body is in midair and his feet left the ground.

“Ah! Liu Yi what are you doing?!”

From behind comes the startled cry of Ma Yixuan.

At this moment Liu Yi had already left his seat and is standing behind Ling Huayan. With a single hand, he grabs hold of Ling Huayan’s collar and lifts him up.

Everyone watching is shocked. The usually scaredy cat Liu Yi actually took action against Ling Huayan?!

“It’s Liu Yi?”

Ling Huayan glares as he scolds, “You damn fellow, do you not wish to mingle around anymore? How dare you take actions against me this young master?”

While Wang Yuzheng had also opened her eyes and looks at the angry Liu Yi in incomprehension.

Why did he….help me?

Lan He and Murong Die also look over while the curiosity in Murong Die’s eyes deepens.

“You made a mistake.”

Liu Yi only lifts up Ling Huayan’s collar with a single hand and says softly into his ear.

“Beating my own girl is a mistake? Who do you think you are, quick, quickly let go of your hand!”

Being lifted up in midair, the collar is pressing against his throat causing his face to turn red.

“Your mistake…is that you should not have been born in this world!”

Liu Yi lets go of Ling Huayan’s collar but while he is falling down, Liu Yi’s grabs hold of the back of his head and ruthlessly smashes his head onto the table in front.


The table instantly breaks apart while Ling Huayan lies on the ground not moving with his forehead completely covered in blood.

Liu Yi stands there with a baleful aura around him.

This baleful aura causes all of the university students to be alarm…when did Liu Yi become such so fierce?

“Liu Yi…”

Ma Yixuan also stares blankly at her own boyfriend and suddenly feels like she does not know boyfriend whom she dated for two years.

“He….he actually hit young mater Ling…”

“Gods….he is crazy!”

All kinds of gazes lands on Liu YI.

But Liu Yi did not shrink back, instead, his heart has a kind of carefree feeling.

Looks like…I am naturally not a person who likes to be ordinary.

No matter how it is changed, my, Liu Yi’s fate is destined not be ordinary.

“What are you doing, are you crazy?!”

Lan He looks at Ling Huayan who is lying in a pool of blood and glares at Liu Yi fiercely, “Young master Ling can be considered as my friend. If you are willing to kneel down and apologize now, I can give you a living path.”

Just now when Murong Die and Liu Yi spoke to each other, it makes Lan He very unhappy.

Thus he quickly grabs the chance to threaten Liu Yi.

“Ha, you really did not change regarding this point.”

Liu Yi cannot help but recall back then during his senior high school period where Lan He also forced him to kneel down and apologize to him.

Murong Die suddenly says, “Lan He you, don’t be too much.”

“I am too much? Take a look at who is being beaten? I am too much?”

Lan He is slightly unable to hold in his temper, “Please! After all, I am still the young master of Lan Family! The one who was beaten is young master Ling, me sticking out for him is wrong?”

He turns around and glares at Liu Yi, “You are still not kneeling down? Do you think that just you can fight against me Lan He?”

“Liu Yi, quick, quickly apologize…”

Ma Yixuan is also worried about Liu Yi’s safety. They are just commoners, fighting against Lan He…there will not be any good ending.

Everyone rejoice in other’s people’s misfortune as they looks at Liu Yi, waiting for him to make a decision.

While Liu Yi only looks at Ma Yixuan who is looking at him in worry and says slowly, “Ma Yixuan, if I kneel down today will you think highly of me?”


“Even if you will not look down on me, will I myself not look down on myself?”

Liu Yi laughs before pointing at Lan He, “Lan He what methods you have today, I Liu Yi will receive them, bring it on!”


Chapter 587  [Bring it on!]

more fillers….tomorrow shall be the last one

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I really wish Liu Yi would say he doesn’t like that “fate” and would burn everything away with Scarlet Blood Fire (is this right?) and end this shit
    To easy to happen I guess…


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