MKW Chapter 586

Chapter 586    [Class reunion]


“I’ll go downstairs to get the bicycle.”

The gathering location is not far away. Liu Yi’s house has a bicycle and he considers carrying Ma Yixuan over.

“Bicycle your sister!”

Ma Yixuan instantly says in dissatisfaction, “We are going to our class reunion party, you are throwing away our face! Call a taxi!”

“It is just two streets away….still need to call a taxi?”

Ma Yixuan glares at Liu Yi fiercely, “The rest of our classmates will definitely be driving their cars over! You ride a bicycle over, do you have face?”

“Fine then, we do as you say.”

Liu Yi also did not say much. Take a taxi then take a taxi. Just that he is not working yet and this taxi fare is from daily expenses that his parents give him usually. His family condition is not that good, thus he is really not that willing to spend it.

The past Liu Yi is a miserly person. It is not because he is not willing to spend money but he is not willing to spend his family money.

Later on, after Liu Yi set up Red Scarf Army, having businesses and money, thus he no longer cares much about spending money.

The two of them leave the house and flags a taxi. They did not even need to walk and directly arrive at the entrance of the bar they had arranged to meet.

The moment they get off they immediately see their class monitor standing at the entrance to receive people!

“Aiyah, Liu Yi, Ma Yixuan. The two of you in the end really walked together ah!”

That class monitor has become much fatter. Seeing Liu Yi and Ma Yixuan he immediately warming welcomes them.

“Did not see you for over a year and you really changed a lot ah! During our last year, I already notice that something wrong was with the two of you. Really did not think that you guys in the end up together! Looks like there will be a number of guys in the class who will be sad!”

As the class monitor speaks, he holds Ma Yixuan’s hand is not that willing to put it down. It seems like he did not see Liu Yi as he smiles and says, “Ma Yixuan ah, do you know there are still a number of guys in our class who are still single waiting for you!”

“Hehe, who asked me to be stuck onto Liu Yi, this dung.”

Although Ma Yixuan’s vision is high, at this moment she silently pulls out her hand and hooks it around Liu Yi’s arm, “My Liu Yi is still not bad. Although right now he is still nothing much, after university, he will definitely be successful. I am confident in him.”

Hearing what Ma Yixuan says, Liu Yi is slightly shocked.

In Ma Yixuan’s heart, she actually has such expectation of me?

I thought that Ma Yixuan had always been looking down on me.

“Haha, Ma Yixuan’s vision has always been unique. Fine then, let’s stop talking about this anymore and go in. The entire third floor is booked by our Young master Ling!”

“Young master Ling is still that well-off ah.”

Ma Yixuan says this rather faintly. Liu Yi is able to see that she is still very yearning for this kind of luxurious lifestyle.

“That is of course. After all his father is a principal who earns quite a bit. Ah talk about the person and he arrived. Look over there, isn’t that young master Ling’s car!”

The class monitor points towards a white BMW that is driving over slowly. The white color is very eye-catching under the sunlight attracting the eyes of a lot of people.

“Tsk, tsk…MBW…that Wang Yuzheng is rather fortunate…”

Ma Yixuan’s words carry jealousy.

Liu Yi’s heart turns anxious and is unwilling to look on.

The BMW steps in front of the bar and Ling Huayan and Wang Yuzheng gets off at the same time.

The current Wang Yuzheng is wearing luxuriously and everything she is wearing is branded. The entire person has a slight pearl light aura.

A black long skirt which reveals two long legs underneath is very eye-catching.

Although she had worn so many jewels her natural beauty is still uninfected by the tackiness, instead it makes her looks even nobler and stylish making the class monitor stare at her.

Why Ling Huayan by her side has a young master aura. Along with his white western suit, when he gets off the BMW it makes him looks like a prince charming.

The two of them standing together really is quite well-matched.

When Liu Yi sees the two of them holding their hand together, his heart starts trembling and his face turns pale.

They…are indeed really together…

Ling Huayan leads Wang Yuzheng who did not speak over, but his eyes are only looking at Ma Yixuan as he smiles and says, “Ma Yixuan, Liu Yi, Class monitor as well, it had been a long time since we last meet.”

“Us old classmates have been separated for so long, I really do miss you guys slightly. During year 3 Yuzheng’s grades dropped and transferred over to your class and received the care of you guys. As her boyfriend, today let me toast you guys a few cups as thanks.”

“Young master Ling is regarding us as outsiders.”

Ma Yixuan smiles, “All of us are students. Although we are not from your class, we can be considered as familiar.”

“That’s right, this time around coming back, we must get together properly.”

Ling Huayang takes out a name card and passed to Ma Yixuan, “On it is my phone number. If you want to meet up just give me a call. My treat.”

“Then thank you.”

Ma Yixuan did not say anything much as she keeps the name card. While in Wang Yuzheng’s eyes there is clearly some trace of disgust.

Looks like….their relationship does not seem to be real harmony.

What Wang Yuzheng hates the most should unfaithfulness, and Ling Huayan just had to be a dissolute young master.

“Let us not chat here and go up! Thank you young master Ling for being the host and giving us the chance of gathering together!”

The class monitor immediately says, “Later when everyone is gathered, it will be lively.”

As they are going up the stairs, Ling Huayan says, “Haha, today I heard that miss Murong and our young master Lan will also come which is giving me young master Ling face.”

“Usually when other people host this kind of gathering the two of them had never attended.”

The class monitor immediately says, “Aiyah, the two of them are already upstairs!”

“Oh? Young master Lan and Miss Murong actually arrived so early! They are really giving face. Let us head up faster!”

Ling Huayan immediately pulls Wang Yuzheng upstairs. Seeing the two of them holding hands, Liu Yi is unable to bear the rage.

But right now he does not know what he should say, because the fate is already different.

Wang Yuzheng and he did not interact with each other, and no longer have any relationship.

He…does not have any choice nor do he have any grounds to care about this. Even if his heart is on fire!

Seeing that Liu Yi’s complexion is ugly, Ma Yixuan asks, “What is the matter with you? Is your body uncomfortable?”

Liu Yi smiles drily, “Nothing….perhaps it is because yesterday I did not sleep well…”

“You stayed up all night to play LOL again right! You loser!”

Ma Yixuan pinches Liu Yi’s waist, “Why can’t you just work hard to move upwards!”

Taking advantage that the two of them had yet to reach 3rd floor, Liu Yi suddenly stops walking and asks Ma Yixuan, “Ma Yixuan, you…will not despise me right?”

“How can you think like this?”

Ma Yixuan rolls her eyes at Liu Yi and then snorts, “Since I became your girlfriend, then I will not do those matters like eating from the bowl while looking at the pot! I admit that I am slightly mad about money and hope to be able to live a luxurious lifestyle. But which girl does not? Who does not wish to be able to live better? I also wish to take advantage while I am young to wear branded clothing to display my beauty! Usually, I am very strict with you, is to motivate you okay? You take a look at the current you, every day you only know how to play computer games and don’t even have any heart to progress yourself! The current you, how can I be relieved to marry myself to you?”


[TL: ‘eating from the bowl while looking at the pot’ means avaricious and insatiable]

Ma Yixuan’s words touch Liu Yi.

He did not expect that Ma Yixuan actually has this kind of side…

“Come on, we should go in!”

Ma Yixuan hooks her arm around Liu Yi’s arm, “Do not let those inside look down on us!”


Liu Yi nods his head and walks into the 3rd floor with Ma Yixuan.

Instantly he sees the entire hall.

The few tables in the hall are already full with people sitting around it. Among which Murong Die, Lan He, as well as Ling Huayan, Wang Yuzheng are sitting around a table. The rest of the students are sitting among other tables. Basically, they are sitting with those they are close with.

Behind Lan He is four bodyguards. Each of them is burly and wearing black western suits, black sunglasses. They are not moving, standing there like statues attracting the attention of the surrounding students.

Murong Die, as usual, has the aura of a miss around her as she sits at the main table. She carries a kind of natural formidable aura making the surrounding students not daring to look at her, they can only peek at her secretly.

Lan He sits by her side, although he is the young master of Lan Family, at this moment he can only smile at Murong Die.

Seeing this scene, Liu Yi cannot help but snort coldly. Although this young master Lan is already engaged to Murong Die, before t,heir marriage he can only try his best to curry  .

As for whether they are going to marry, it is still up to Murong Die to decide.

“Xiao Die, what is the matter, are you unhappy attending your class reunion?”

Realizing that Murong Die’s face is not that happy, Lan He immediately starts pampering her, “Do you want to go back?”

“Nothing, the class reunion is okay. But I hate that you always bring around so many bodyguards everywhere you go.”

Murong Die says faintly without even looking at Lan He.

Lan He carefully smiles and reply, “Isn’t it for our safety…when we go out, we must always make our safety the priority!”

“Up to you.”

Murong Die did not say any more. While a guy stands up from the table at the left corner and waves his hand

“Liu Yi, Ma Yixuan, come over here and sit!”

Liu Yi instantly looks over and it is none other than Chen Cai.

At that instant, Liu Yi nearly asks how is Dragon Group doing right now…but he quickly caught himself and recalls that they are already no longer members of Dragon Group.

Right now Liu Yi and Chen Cai are only two ordinary university students that’s all.

“Quickly come over. I have reserved seats for you guys!”

The me in this fate perhaps the only friends that I made in high school…is only Chen Cai and Ma Yixuan.

The two of them walk over immediately and start chatting with Chen Cai.

While Liu Yi is chatting he suddenly realizes that there is something wrong…

He keeps feeling that there is something wrong and right now he finally understands.

“You guys sit here. I’ll go and have a chat.”

He immediately stands up and walks towards Murong Die.


Chapter 586  [Class reunion]

Go and snatch Murong Die!!! GO GO GO!!!

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